Computer shop business is one of the most in demand small scale businesses here in the Philippines. Nowadays, internet cafes are really in demand because of the fast changing technology that the people embrace. Some have their own laptops and bring it to coffee shops so that they could relax and at the same time prepare their assignments and paper works. The people today are very busy and would want to do their jobs in a beautiful and innovative environment that could satisfy their needs and lessen their stress due to busy schedule. Name of the Firm The proposed name of the firm is “RR Power Net”. The owner will register the firm with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and Local Government Unit (LGU) concerned. The firm will be registered as single proprietorship. The business is about computer shop. Location The business will be renting a space near the university belt in the city of Manila. The target consumers are students, teachers and office workers. The two hundred (200) meter radius requirements as provided in the existing zoning code law and other applicable rules and regulations wherein computer shops and other similar establishments and places of amusements should be put up or constructed at least two hundred (200) meters away from the church, schools, hospitals and other government offices shall be strictly complied with. Long Range Objectives of the Project The RR Power Net looks forward to be the most competitive shop in the university belt. The proponent dreams of making profit and help jobless Filipinos by staying long in the business. For operating and establishing “RR Power Net”, I am having some objectives. 1. 2. 3. 4. To earn profit at less investments To satisfy our customers providing best quality service at effective price Providing the service at low cost by providing the best quality at affordable price. To know a fair return on the capital invested by the owner.

Feasibility Criteria The following are the most important criteria by which almost every subject is being measured; 1. Raising Funds or Capital – this is the number one need of a businessman in putting up a business. Whether he will produce the money by his own pocket or he will have a business loan in a bank.

Counter-Strike. Service Description RR Power Net will provide its customers with full access to the Internet and common computer software and hardware. Enhance the availability of the company – the company will become stable if it has the ability to compete and ability to continue operations yet there are expected risks in a business. offices. Some of the Internet and computing services available to RR Power Net are listed below:     Surf the web at warp speed. easy and affordable access is quickly becoming a necessity of life. friends. Have a video conference with a business associate. Market Strategies To penetrate the target market. IRC or Pal Talk. Chat online using Instant Messenger. up to date. . I will offer promo’s to attract the consumer like cheaper rate for computer rental. People tend to enter into this kind of business because of their expectation to earn money or have an income. schools. and innovative environment that “RR Power Net” provides. promoting the opening of the computer shop and to let the people know that there will be a new Computer Shop on the vicinity. I will put a tarpaulin on the place itself where the shop is located. I will keep developing my skills by attending seminars to improve my knowledge and to be updated in this business. Furthermore. People of all ages and backgrounds will come to enjoy the unique. It helps the economic growth – this company will give a job opportunity to the jobless Filipinos. family member or friend. and relatives. 3. 4. Yahoo. Warcraft III. Battle realms and Dance Audition and Autojam (3Mbps downstream and upstream) with outrageous ping times.2. Recognize profit from the business – the main reason of a person for going into business is profit. Games and services offered will be displayed on the store window. Experience hot Internet games like World of Warcraft. different marketing strategies and promotions will be considered. “RR Power Net” will provide its clients with the ability to access the Internet and share Internet experiences in a comfortable environment. bus and jeepney stations. Market Study As the popularity of the Internet continues to grow at an exponential rate. Leaflets will be distributed and handed out to various business establishments. and membership card.

            Hook up your laptop to our Internet connection via Ethernet cable. Multi-player gaming is quicker and more exciting when you and your friends are able to do battle with no lag and plenty of bonding for everyone. Hotmail or any other web-based service. It has fast internet connection. letters and term papers with Microsoft Word. Type resumes. Eating and drinking in the gaming and typing area is not allowed. Send and receive email using your home or business account. they are only allowed to eat and drink in the waiting area. Guidelines of Business     All malicious sites are blocked. One person for unit to maintain orderliness. Ambiance    Not too dark and bright because we want the shop more encouraging to work and play. Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft Publisher and print them in color. Fully furnished with furnitures. Create your own greeting cards. weather. you’ll be visiting all your favorite sites in record time. Download shareware programs in the blink of an eye and copy them to a CD or Zip disk. We’re not allowing inserting flash drive or any storage device without the consent of the shop staff. Check out continuously updated news. flyers. or set up a free email account using Yahoo. . Send and receive faxes on RR Power Net’s color fax machine. You can even send a print job from your laptop to our network color laser printer. Find that dream job using CareerBuilder or Monster Jobs. Plan your next vacation or print out driving directions. sports highlights. Listen to music clips and watch videos from your favorite performers with iTunes. Our friendly staff is ready to help with your computer needs. You’ll appreciate surfing and gaming at RR Power Net. Our computer tables have a board between users for privacy purposes. school reports or presentations using Print Shop. YahooMusic or RealVideo/RealAudio. Scan a picture using one of our self-service photo scanners and send via email. You can even join a yahoo league. and stock quotes. Enjoy quiet online board games from Yahoo.

of 17 songs) Factors Affecting the Market Factors that I consider while putting up internet shop.     Location – picking a good location is an advantage. The following services are: Amount Internet/Games Printing black & white (short) (long) Colored (long size) Photocopying (short) (long) Scanning CD burning (max.00 .00 35.00 10. Php.00 8. Competition – most business minded people think of competition as a race to charge the lower prices in order to win the customers.00/hr 4.Price Study It is one of the considerations of the customer that enhance them to rent computers. because pirated OS can eventually damage the system.75 1. 15.00 0.00 5. Software Licensing – it’s really important to have an original operating system. If the price is lower they will rent. In this case a well tabulated financial statement is my major concern. Expected ROI – investing money in a business is a risk.

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