❒ Blindfold (you could use two children instead of one) ❒ Script: explain or give the script to your teacher “actor” ❒ Picture of Jesus (preferably a large, framed picture for impact) ❒ Easel (optional) ❒ Fabric, blanket or something to cover up the Picture of Jesus ❒ iPod & Speakers with the song “If the Savior Stood Beside Me”, music & flute
version only (optional)

❒ Flip Chart: display the words in order to the first verse on the board up high with
the “?” covering them and the corresponding pictures displayed at the bottom of the board, not in order. Leave space between the FC words to place the pictures that will be matched to them.

❒ Question Mark Covers ❒ Hand out of Jesus with a spot for the child to draw or adhere a picture of
themselves to.

❒ Magnets and/or Magnetic Sheet Protectors with the FC pages inserted ❒ Select a child to come up front to help with the demonstration

The answers below that are listed for the child are only for reference to show how this object lesson should flow. Have the child answer in his/her own words.

Child is standing in front of you.
YOU: CHILD: YOU: CHILD: Where am I? The child will answer something like, “You are right there.” How do you know? Because I can SEE you.

Place the blindfold over the child’s eyes and face him/her to the primary. You quietly move away to another part of the room a distance from the child. The teacher will now participate from where he/she is sitting. The teacher should also make sure the child doesn’t remove the blindfold or peek out.
TEACHER: CHILD: TEACHER: CHILD: YOU: CHILD: YOU: CHILD: Where is Sister your name ? I don’t know. Why? Because I can’t see her. (Call the child by name and ask) child’s name You are over there. How do you know? Because I can HEAR you.

, where am I?

Walk back up to the child and stand right next to him/her so the child can feel you and/or you could put your arm around the child.
TEACHER: CHILD: TEACHER: CHILD: Where is Sister your name She is right next to me. How do you know? Because I can FEEL her next to me. ?

Remove the blindfold from the child. YOU: —One time you knew where I was because you could SEE me. —Another time you couldn’t SEE me but you could HEAR me to know where I was. —And the time you couldn’t SEE or HEAR me, you knew where I was because you could FEEL me beside you. Even though you did not know where I was, I KNEW where you were the whole time because you never left my sight. We have someone very special in our life that is always there for us. We may not always be able to SEE or HEAR or FEEL Him, but He is always there. Listen as I sing a song to find out who this is.


 Standing next to the covered picture of Jesus, play the music to “If the Savior Stood Beside Me” on the iPod and sing along or have the pianist accompany you. Sing while using ASL and/or other actions for key words (optional.)  After singing, receive their answer to your directed listening question you asked at the end of the object lesson. [Jesus Christ, our Savior]  Uncover the picture of Christ & explain that the Savior is near them, even though they can’t see Him.

Have the pictures to the first verse from the FC displayed at the bottom of the board and the words from the FC displayed above with the “?” covering them. Leave space between or below the FC words to place the pictures that will be matched to them.
 Ask the children to listen for a question as you sing the first line of the song.  1st [If the Savior stood beside me, would I do the things I do?]  2nd [Would I think of His commandments and try harder to be true?]  3rd [Would I follow His example?]  4th [Would I live more righteously?]  5th [If I could see the Savior standing nigh, watching over me?]  Receive the answer then remove the “?” off of the correct question.  Have the child who answered correctly to come up and find the matching picture and hold it for the Primary to see. You may want to make suggestions in helping the younger children find the picture, such as, “Which picture shows Jesus doing something very important that we should follow his example and do?”  Sing the phrase again and then have the children sing the phrase with you a few times until they become familiar with it.  Place the picture next to the question part of the FC & let the child sit back down.  Repeat the process for each phrase.  Finish by singing the whole first verse through together.  Make sure you explain any words as needed such as “nigh”  When teaching the rest of the verses now or later, you can repeat the process.  Other options in teaching other verses:  Egg Shakers  Rhythm/Movement Scarves  ASL  Bear your testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ, and how thinking about Him helps you make good choices and although you may not always feel like you can SEE Him, HEAR Him or FEEL Him, he is ALWAYS near you. You could also mention how:  We can SEE Jesus through His good works.  We can HEAR Jesus’ words through our prophets and through the scriptures.  We can FEEL Jesus in our heart and through the Holy Ghost.

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