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Table of Contents
Introduction Part I: Atlantis and the Ancient World The Legend The Creation Poseidon and Cleito The Twins The Brothers Explore The Founding of a Nation The Empire Corruption and Decay The War for Atlantis The End .............•...•. Atlantis & the Classical World ....• Atlantis ..................•• The Kingdoms i •••••• The Empire Foes Atlantean Culture Atlantean Citizens Family Childhood Marriage Death Religion Law , Slavery Social Order Clothing & Fashion Architecture Food Art Worldview Magic 4 5 5 5 6 6 7 8 9
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Part 2: Characters and Equipment Race Atlanteans Noble Atlanteans Half-Atlanteans Bastai Prestige Classes Artificer Orphean Resonant Spellbane ., New Skills New Feats Classical Weapons Magical Equipment New Spells ....•....... ,

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Part 3: Atlantean Campaigns Getting Started Racial Concerns Level Class Designing Adventures Monsters Adventure Seeds

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Spartans, poised

and Egyptians


to vanquish

their would-

be oppressors Your characters mystical Resonance a society

once and for all. will have the of the to save course


at their sides, but on a collision

will even this be enough with disaster?

How to Use This Product
The mere mention inspires of Atlantis began the imagmatlOn.

The island empire

as the enemy of the ideal state in two of Plato's Dialogues, the Critias and the Timaeus. Plato told of a nation against greatness ly lost, beneath

that vied Athens for and ultimate-

disappearing he did not know an enduring legend. has been portrayed and the home however, or unknown finds Atlantis a chance to it collapsed the

the waves in a single

night. :Through civilization, Atlantis different. before Alexander, before history the of of These a race of people founded TWILIGHT explore during battling characters a glimpse TWILIGHT


that he was creating the ages, Atlantis an ancient its various as a lost continent, of super heroes. Despite

adversary, a sunken expressions,

the site of alien colonization, portrayed storytelling or rising as something frequently offers

Before the Romans, mightiest empire was even truly recorded, of the Atlantic They spawned ever known. They ruled the entirety Africa thousands with a wealth of Poseidon. to its knees. of their

is typically Modern

being rediscovered

out of the waves.

ATLANTIS, however, night.

what it might one cataclysmic against

have been like before Rather

and dominated a great culture,

than assuming

years before Moses knowledge exceeded

would bring Egypt only by the tragedy

role of explorers

discovering a monolithic

the lost island or soldiers evil, this book casts player themselves. of Atlantis It offers players might have their downfall. tells the

as the Atlanteans

demise. These were the people TWILIGHT System cataclysmic characters attempting culture

were the Children of Atlantis.

at what the citizens

been like and what might for your d20 before Atlantis' your desperately

have caused

ATLANTIS is a setting

ATLANTIS is divided and the Ancient detailing destruction of most

into three sections. World," the formation of Poseidon. its culture,


It places the action scions

The first, "Atlantis story of Atlantis, of its culture, and its eventual Everything

fall beneath to become

the waves, allowing of the Empire,

its creation, at the hands

its conquest

of the known world,

to stave off the inexorable

decay of their The Athenians,

and its loss of world dominance.

you need to know about Atlantis,


and its people is given here. This section also includes information technology, on the Classical and where Atlantis World, notes on its There are for playing fits in it. characters.



Atlantis and

the Ancient World
The Legend
The legends of Atlantis philosopher, of a fallen civilization spanning originate thousands with the Greek of years before his a knowledge and in Plato. His works, Critias and Timaeus, tell

PART 2 gives rules for Atlantean for use in the campaign. one is also provided. Open Content. some adventure

new prestige classes, new spells, new feats, and new races Game information in a Classical setting instead of the usual medieval fantasy All the material in this section is game mastering campaign plus Finally, PART 3 contains an Atlantean seeds to get you started.

time. It is the story of an empire both old and majestic, the seas and possessing of Atlantis power now forgotten. Plato tells the history and its founding established by the Critias. He presents a civilization

tips and ideas for running

Mythic History
Despite this being a fantasy product,

it is set in a of


of Poseidon

and Cleito, a mortal woman. It their government, the structure of

mythic time period pre-dating TWILIGHT

our own recorded history. Greece.

relates how their five sets of twin sons came to rule an empire. He describes into corruption would destroy Timaeus destruction. recounts the society, and the land itself. He speaks of their fall and decadence their empire. Atlantis' fall and eventual as the enemy of Atlantis is presented and of the great war that

ATLANTISis drawn from the writings

Plato and is based on the legends of Ancient The saurian Lemurians,

bestial Mue, and feline Bastai themselves

(see PART 1), are mythical creatures that do exist within the context of this setting, and the Atlanteans are the offspring race of people throughout of Poseidon. However, the predominant the world is human. The action Earth where

Ancient Athens, one side of a great and yet forgotten war that spanned fall beneath the known world. In this account, of the island and its Plato details the final destruction the waves.

takes place here on Earth, albeit a mythical true. Consequently,

many of the legends about which we read are actually there are no elves, dwarves, or other fantasy races to which players might be accustomed except for those explicitly laid out in this book. Further, the technology of the Classical World was in to that which is typically available some equipment may not be as well as equipment most respects inferior

The Creation
In the beginning, the reaches the sea god, Poseidon, Ocean. controlled He desired He created ocean and it watched of the Great Western around

in a fantasy RPG. Thus, a discussion of bronze,

a land of his own and used his divine power to raise the ocean floor a series of islands. and the exposed Poseidon this land from the islands floor, and he named the land adapted become verdant plains. oceanic source island a beautiful Frequent

available. See PART 2 for restricted every case, these differences period in question.

the chief metal of the time. In accurately reflect the time

it Atlantis. country,

As time passed

to the surface,

fair and rich, possessing and windswept and rich a great so the land was lush he sensed unique to the withand

hills, noble mountains, storms soil covered of power: the plains

swept the island, the earth, metal

and green, and beneath

a mystical

that had been drawn upwards of humans simple started leading

along with the dwelling

land. Small groups in his country, fishermen. and hardy folk. Poseidon

lives as farmers

was pleased,

for they were a fair


Poseidon and Cleito
Near the fertile plain on a small, lone mountain, happened enamored radiant upon the home of the mortal and their daughter, strong manifested with Cleito's Poseidon his wife, Leucippe, spirit, Cleito. Poseidon Becoming and for the created was man, Evenor,

To provide pure springs surrounding manner

for the needs of his love, he created in the center plains, of the mountain: the mountain, The mountain a mortal could fragrance marble

twin the itself he

one hot

and one cold. He then populated of plants and animals. bounty in which

and the rest of the island with all the world had to offer. live with and most of exotic in the by the finest

will, fair features, respect

before her and asked

graced with the richest Here were gardens no cares or worries, succulent flowers. center divine fruits He raised of the garden

her to be his bride. Having Desiring barriers unknown to protect

a profound

sea and knowing it would be a great honor, she consented. his newfound love, Poseidon Shipping of water around the mountain.

surrounded a shrine

and the enchanting

of white

to serve as both a home for Cleito place for his own the emblem his trident

at that time, and, thus, the waves made an channels conduit creating around the mountain. He

and her family of his office -

and as a resting as a symbol

effective blockade. The sea god shaped the earth, digging three deep, circular excavated depressions, between another ocean, letting from these rings to the rush into the of land a series of three ring-shaped with portions

form. He gave Cleito

of their bond.

the waters of his domain thereby the mountain

The Twins
In the years that followed, Gadeirus, Autochthon, and Diaprepes. a power They blessed mind. them humanity instilled Ampheres Partly Cleito bore Poseidon Mneseus children and possessed five pairs of twin sons, their names being Atlas and and Evaemon, divine, these Elasippus and Mester, and finally Azaes that of mortal humanity. days were of taught mother's Cleito

canals enclosing them.

and grace beyond with great physical

grew slowly but from their earliest They also possessed and temperance in them the ways of the land, their mortal of character. both that

power and strength

sea, and sky and themselves their physical mystical and

a need to better

and the world. As they grew older, they discovered and mental before upon than strength was matched power. The secrets the mechanisms birthdays, evident that of any human extended, changed nature by their

of magic came easily to them, spells and dwelling arts. By their power greater of the arcane each possessed magician. that both from their for, although

long they were weaving


As the years passed, natural life spans reached in aspect. to her purity did she too having

it also became were greatly maturity, husband's contained not match among Cleit o herself

they remained divine

fit and youthful long exposure While

and the unearthly gardens. beauty of her children,

in Poseidon's the majestic strength

her features

came to possess the mortal to trouble experienced

of body and mind unrivaled of time ceased from the gardens passed benefiting

world, and the rigors

her. Her parents, greatly extended

but not from such close proximity from the world.

to the god himself,

lives but eventually

The Brothers Explore
As the children of Poseidon reached adulthood, they began to look beyond their mountain home. They used arcane arts to traverse the length and breadth of the island where they found small pockets of humanity thriving on the bounty of the land. These mortals soon revered them, for the twins wielded unmatched power. The young sons of Poseidon set themselves up as kings among the people, each choosing a portion of the island as his own. They chose women from among their subjects and raised children with them. This second generation also displayed the marks of divinity, though not quite so strongly as their fathers. Eventually the brothers grew bored with the simple life in their kingdoms and began searching for something new beyond the confines of the island. They again turned to their arcane power to travel across the oceans to lands far distant. There, they separated, each exploring as the winds of fate would take him. While abroad, the 7

brothers found people both different and strange, and they began learning the ways of civilization. From the reptilian Lemurians in their empire south of Asia, Mneseus learned the secrets of crafting stone buildings larger than the tallest tree. Autochthon wrested the craft of metallurgy, including the secrets of bronze, from the dark half-men of Mu. Elasippus stayed for some time in the growing acropolis of Athens and acquired the arts of shipbuilding, but the goddess, Athena, eventually expelled him for attempting to bring the land under his control. For several centuries they traveled, enjoying their freedom and the breadth of the world, but eventually the brothers tired of the long voyages. Longing for home, the kings returned to Atlantis. They discovered upon their return that a civilization had arisen from the seeds they had sown as youths long ago. Generations had passed, and their offspring had spread the divine bloodline throughout the people,

settlements, grown. wonders returning

the culture had barely experienced the world, the the simple and base.


of the outside kings found

The Story of Orpheus
In the years prior to the Great Expansion. there lived a renowned musician. Orpheus. grandson of Evaemon. His music was celebrated throughout the nation, able to call birds from the trees and to make even the hardest heart weep. The happiest day of his life was his marriage to his love. Euridice. Tragically, on the day following their marriage, she was bitten by a viper while running through the gardens of their home and succumbed to the poison. Orpheus refused to accept the death of his beloved. He started studying the arts of magic. seeking some method of freeing her from death. Eventually, he was able to use his arcane arts to open a gateway to the bowels of the Underworld. Presenting himself before the god. Hades, he sang about his love and his loss. So moved was he. the God of the Underworld consented to allow Orpheus to leave his domain with Euridice. However. he placed a challenge before the great musician and wizard. Orpheus would leave the Underworld on foot. and Euridice would follow. The famed musician could not look back at her for the entirety of his trip. or she would be drawn back into the Underworld, there to dwell forever. Orpheus traveled forth. Tired and weary. he nevertheless persevered. It was only at the end of the trip as he beheld the exit from the labyrinthine tunnels and the warmth of the sun before him that he began to doubt. Fearing betrayal. he glanced back. only to watch as the spirit of his wife was pulled down into the gloomy depths. Overcome by sorrow and cursing Hades with every breath. he stumbled out of the depths of the Earth and began to sing. So resonant was his song. so full of the ache in his heart. the very ground began to shake, the air rippled. and the trees crackled with energy. Eventually noticing the impact of his song. he stopped in amazement and watched as the effects faded away. Even after. an aura of great power hung in the air. Quickly returning home. he began to study the changes his music had wrought. He discovered that his song had resonated with the very fabric of the world. and that everything possesses a natural harmonic that joins together the essence of life. magic. matter. and thought. It was through his efforts that the principles of the Resonance came to be known. and. through them. he found a way to spite Hades. trapping souls in the world of the living and giving them new life in the form of an Orphean.

hovels and farms primitive

The Founding of a Nation
After taking counsel with Cleito, they decided to build on the island a civilization anything journeys. to rival and surpass encountered during their They spent a year in the their discoveries their among themselves kingdoms.

garden examining and sharing accumulated re-establishing showing

lore before leaving for Quickly the their authority,

their individual

ten sons of Poseidon sea travel, construction,

began to teach, bronze, and the people

their people the secrets of

magic. They commanded this knowledge as Poseidon

to build towns and cities and to use to reshape the land had done. They the it into the himself

created great canals throughout central plain, transforming rich farmland. creatures and elephants structures sprawling intricate They tamed

of the island, using oxen as. beasts of burden They raised joined by an

and construction. towns

of stone and clay, creating system of roads. Azaes, one of

Two of the kings, however, had found special purpose. the youngest, strange, during busied himself with a for usable he

red metal he had discovered some excavations it "orichalcum,"

stone. Naming

found it possessed of channeling leaving all the inhabitants of Poseidon's sheer might descendents returning the nature heritage. of the first of the island with touches While not possessing the few generations, their purifying perfect and containing material for magical

mystical properties

unlike any before seen. It was capable raw magical forces, Azaes prethem. This made the metal a construction. and the kings made

sented his findings twin, Diaprepes, domain

to his brothers,

still bore the marks of power, including for the arcane. Yet the Despite the change in of their and the number sons were appalled. of the people

plans for great mines to acquire the rare metal. Azaes' took charge of this task, for his and rich in natural resources. and his people together was mountainous

long life and an aptitude

The eldest son, Atlas, gathered 8


them to the water-encircled He and his children


home of the City of to calling

a stopover supplies.

for traveling

vessels and a repository and securing


his mother. Atlantis. people

began to build what

From there, they spread up and down the the waters new territory. of Africa, interior and with the cat elemental of the that of Atlantis grew by leaps and bounds '. The vast stretches its verdant mighty

would become the greatest Using bridged

city in the world:

coast, charting The Empire people creating

their arcane arts in addition

upon the divine power of their father, Atlas and his the canals with great arches of stone. the finest building materials from the homes and temples, a network to serve They conjured libraries

of Poseidon settlements



subjugating worshippers

the natives.

Even the conflict

ground, using them to construct and shipyards,

of the Nile, who wielded overcome The Empire spread

roads and walls. They interlaced creating their capital

sorcery, was quickly Bastai cat warriors. the entirety Ventures

by the creation

the city with veins of orichalcum, of arcane power, for they intended not only as the political ilization shaped In the following but as its mystical centuries, the land, building their growing and economic

so quickly

of the Atlantic


and its bordering however, were much fell under colonies coast of onward, planted

center of their civof Poseidon unmatched in

lands was soon under more problematic. Atlantean become control, along the southern

their dominion. Africa quickly

heart as well. the Children a civilization

into the Mediterranean, Northern and the empire

scope. They cultivated ily feeding deeper, claiming minerals, including viding Atlantis stone

vast farms on the fertile plain, easpopulace. The mines grew ever and useful The City of across the markets, as well as proof precious

coast of what would eventually continued further

Spain and France and on the western a civilization

vast quantities

Italy. But when explorers they encountered of Atlantis comparison off Atlantean empire own. Atlantis evenly matched for Athena

the fabled orichalcum, Sprawling

that gave even the might while paling in the power to hold comparable to their

for their great constructions. universities, temples,

pause. The city of Athens, to Atlantis, expeditions. possessed possessed with strength

itself grew enormous. it contained There, within the channel

landscape, utilizing

Never had the burgeoning great arcane power, but it was Olympians Spartans Orpheans held Athens possessed in martial

and shipyards. at the docks surrounding The Atlanteans discovered

a great fleet was constructed to the sea for passage and mooring the protected arts both rings of ocean

faced a people

against the divine magic of the Athenians, with their blessings.

the holy mountain. researched arcane and divine life energy as well Orpheus, discovered spiritual, nation They beings the physical, the patterns of the world. They

and the other

high regard and favored its denizens Additionally, surpassing Atlantis; of war. Unsure contend how to with this to their decided the region the neighboring even the greatest of see PART skills beyond any the Atlanteans arcane warriors

and began unraveling secrets as the weather. the principles the Atlanteans' a strength reshaped of stone society. control,

for manipulating linking

had thus far encountered, (the resurrected

The great scholar, of resonance Combined mystical

and arcane worlds.

with the metal, orichalcum, on the Earth.


power gave the growing

and Bastai in the arts

and a vision unrivaled

the land as they saw fit. They created and magic to labor and fight, They brought governing the very elements and the advancement

leaving them of their under their

more time for study

new threat Atlanteans to isolate Athenian

way of life, the

the weather themselves.

just as they governed

the land around

The Empire
Perhaps inevitably, the people began to look outside began sending out using their arts of their vessels at their island home. The Atlanteans expeditions weather crossing great port to explore the world, control and seafaring

from the rest of their territory. Seven of the greatest weather drawing Atlantean workers, upon

to propel

great speed. They spread where they established

out upon the waves, quickly the seaport in under of Cyrago. The

the vast gulf of ocean to the coast of Africa, was constructed a year to serve as

great magic, created the eternally swirling maelstrom

the confines Mediterranean. The Atlantean

of the Eastern Empire Empire prospered from to the east of of wind and By the the nearly and of

For many years, the Atlantean conquest ground to a halt in the northern lands of Africa. Around the great northern river that would come to be known as the Nile, the explorers encountered a tribe of humans able to control the elemental forces of magic to a degree surpassing even that of Atlantis. Excited by the prospect of assimilating this newfound power, the Atlantean explorers attempted to make peaceful contact with the Egyptians. They were shocked when the natives were not cowed into submission by their superior technology and arcane power. The insular tribe stopped the Atlanteans from entering their land, refusing to even speak with them, and, when the explorers tried to force the issue, the natives called on their elemental powers to drive away the newcomers. The invaders found themselves stymied, not only by native warriors but also by the very land and sky. Sandstorms arose and blasted their encampments. The river flooded and swept away their ships. Bolts of fire and sand were launched from the shadows of the jungle, decimating the foreigners. Yet the Atlanteans needed control of these lands so that they might make use of the mighty river to continue their expansion. Abandoning diplomacy, the Atlanteans attempted to invade and take the lands by force. Teams of Atlantean war-wizards assailed the natives with their arcane power. Orphean warriors engaged the native defenders, but the power of the Egyptian sorcery and the sheer ferocity of its warriors drove the Atlanteans back. For over a year, the Empire found itself at a standstill, suffering from the natives' covert tactics. The Egyptians lurked in the grasses and the jungle during the day while their shamans called upon the land and sky. Then they would strike hard at night when the invaders were at rest, sinking their ships, poisoning their food and water, and blasting them in their sleep with elemental sorcery. Finally, finding their continuing losses unacceptable but refusing to acknowledge defeat, the Atlanteans chose a new course of action. Their spies discovered that the Egyptians revered cats as servants of their goddess, the mighty Bast. Drawing upon this knowledge, the generals of the Atlantean armies sent a request back to the wizards of their island home. The spell-weavers used their awesome life magic to create a race of cat-warriors loyal to the Atlanteans. The first of the Bastai were born. Humanoid in form yet possessing a feline aspect, the Bastai were both graceful and deadly. Quickly growing to maturity, they were trained from an early age in the arts of war and became masters of personal combat. Egypt fell to the Atlanteans soon afterwards, for the natives refused to fight beings bearing the visage of their goddess. The Bastai, looking upon the Atlanteans as their parents and serving as their protectors, enabled the Atlanteans to finally meet with the natives and bring them into the fold of the Empire.

and grew despite the Lemurian


Africa and the wizards fire of the Fertile end of the Great Empire Europe, South of Atlantis

Crescent. Expansion, controlled

all of Africa, more than half of and much of Central America. No enemy could this great nation deadliest

truly challenge

the waves. The empire's

enemy would prove to be itself.

Corruption and Decay
Years passed people like days for the great Lifted above the mortals, the of ordinary Some in arcane study. hours to of details of Atlantis.

cares and worries they spent richness absorbed Others sculpture spent With perfecting

their lives enjoying themselves the minute and painting. patterns

of the world.

devoted uncountable

Years were for tapestries. at


the wealth of the Empire studies, the

their disposal Atlantean themselves Poseidon opulence, struggles brought Where

and the power granted surrounded

by their advanced people

in luxury. forgot what it was like to by such the

In time, however, the People of live a life of toil. Surrounded it was easy to forget and ambition the people

that had

them to their lofty position. once took pride in and their Empire, for saw generations

both themselves granted. no further challenging of Charybdis forming opposite the great beast, Scylla, thus that few ships could the powerful a watchful sorceress, eye on the daughter, for the glory of their people The people themselves. with citizens approval

they began to take their positions Successive need to press onward, themselves

and the world amongst for the

and their sire, Poseidon. came to rule the society and grasping

a channel

of destruction

face. Further, Gadeirus' Athenian people

of Atlantis Factional

began to squabble politics

Circe, was charged with keeping

vying for prestige

and with preventing

them from leaving

of one or more of the Ten Kings. Even the

sons of Poseidon fell victim to the decadence that had begun to permeate their society. Where once they saw each other as compatriots, they began to compete with one another, each feeling his vision to be the best for the Empire. Tension grew between the kings, pulling the nation's loyalties in different directions. With the people's focus lost and their attention diverted by petty squabbles, Atlantean culture began to decay. Laws were made to benefit whomever had the lawmaker's ear at the moment. Armies of servants set out to war on isolated tribes merely to further commanders' political aspirations. Seeing themselves as above reproach, Adantean wizards explored realms of arcane lore shunned even by the gods. Their arrogance angered the Olympians. Athena in particular found the Atlantean pride offensive.

began moving against them. The Athenians, with the prompting and blessing of their patron deity, raided Atlantean shipping, disrupting trade throughout the Eastern Mediterranean. Atlantean warships sent to deal with the problem failed before the might of the Athenian Fleet and its divine magic. The Atlanteans did not respond to this threat with the combined focus seen in the past. Adantean naval commanders, fearing for their stations, kept the truth of their failure from their superiors at home. Thus, the beginning of the war was completely unknown to the people of Atlantis. Within a year, the militaristic Spartans joined the Athenian cause. The combination of their martial expertise and the Athenians' naval skill created an alliance actually capable of threatening Atlantean rule. The combined forces spread outward, quickly conquering Tyrrhenia and the island of Crete. The sorceress, Circe, attacked the Athenian fleet as it '. attempted to navigate past the .•g~eat maelstrom, ,.~j<. Charybdis, and (t:~~iiiii.~) forced the Athenian "'~w,arships into retreat . . ;i' ',.,She told her father, Gadeirus, of this new rhreat. The insolence of the Athenians and the deception of his admirals outraged the king. He sent a massive contingent of ships and troops, which quickly brought the Athenian-Spartan Alliance to a standstill. Alliance soothsayers consulted the oracles for ways to break the Atlantean hold on the region but received no answer. However, an opportunity soon arose in the lands of the Nile. The Egyptians had long resisted the cultural changes the Atlanteans imposed. Consequently, Egypt had been . .... ;gu~rded and secured by a large :..;g~rrison of Atlantean and ;; stai soldiers and a circle of ,'~wizards to protect the Empire's 'forces from Egyptian sorcery. The

The Warfor Atlantis
While the Atlantean people turned inward upon themselves, the world

Athenians used the opening presented by the Egyptians North
to sail along the

African coast. dodging and Circe to pursue the Atlantean fleet. found the way sorcerers down ships and the Pillars of Atlas,

An Atlantean Timeline
Year 21.000 15.300 BC BC Event Poseidon raises the Island of Atlantis from the ocean. Poseidon weds the human woman. Cleito, and the Ten Kings are born. The island is remade by the power of Poseidon. The Ten Kings journey abroad. The kings return home. Construction begins on the City of Atlantis. is completed.

Charybdis retreating Upon


the fleeing Atlanteans

home barred by Egyptian from the cliffs, sinking sending overcome troops The Egyptians,

who rained fire and lightning

15.150 BC 14.801 BC

to watery graves. having long since the

14.800 BC 14.182 13.940 13.273 13.117 BC BC BC BC

their reverence of the

feline form, even slaughtered option, troops caught the Atlanteans

The City of Atlantis Cyrago is completed. Orpheus

cat-like Bastai. Having no other continued to land armada the assault and attempted to re-take the cliffs. the Atlantean forces in the quickly The arrival of the Athenian midst of another collapsed.

discovers the Resonance.

The Bastai are created. and Egypt is conquered. Charybdis is created. Gods turn against Atlantis.

13.074BC 8.701 BC 8.697 BC

The Olympian

landing. Beset from

Egypt revolts, and the Atlantean Fleet is destroyed at the Pillars of Atlas. Cyrago is captured. Poseidon destroys Atlantis. and the Great Flood begins. End of prehistoric civilization.

both sides, the Atlanteans one, putting

The victors spared no the entire army to the warships managed the pillars defeat. magic, ships. He of the rest Politics,

8.696 BC 8.694 BC

sword in an orgy of vengeance. Only a few Atlantean to force their way through survivors Gadeirus, events of the devastating divination

and out into the open ocean, the sole who had been watching that mere humans


was flabbergasted people of the Nile had not been idle during the years of occupation, Atlantean knowledge though. wizardry Their best sorcerers and incorporated had studied warriors sessions and some of its had destroyed called upon his brothers of the Atlantean

an entire armada of Atlantean to give him control Fleet to crush this uprising. his reports.

into their own arts. Egyptian their practice

however, had come to rule the council, and the other kings denied him, discounting to believe that a coalition as They refused of humans could rival the

watched the Bastai during

learned much of their martial artistry. When the conflict escalated in the north, much of the Atlantean garrison was drawn into the conflict took advantage reinforcements. The Egyptians and

might of Atlantis and accused him of bearing false tidings. Even if it were true, they held, the Empire would be better Cleitos possess Atlantean served by keeping the fleet at home, protecting opinion differed from that of her sons. She of her children and the the island that was the center of their civilization. believed Gadeirus. the arrogant Being human herself, she did not attitudes sorcerers

rebelled, finally unleashing The oppressors The Egyptians northern blocking

their skills in sorcery and Atlanteans.

combat upon the token force of remaining once again controlled the lands of the Nile.

were quickly destroyed, and the Egyptians next sent ships to the west along the to the Mediterranean Sea. With The

People and saw the Alliance as a grave threat. and knew the extent of accounts of Spartan martial

coast of Africa to seize the Pillars of Atlas, the entrance retreated.

She had met Egyptian

their power. She had studied

their supply lines cut, the Atlanteans

prowess and the might of the Athenian priests. The

Atlanteans she realized, Cleito Atlantis created distant construct

had grown too degenerate to truly combat

and self-serving, of

this new danger. the power of the to her, she to scattered them to her people

The End
What happened next is somewhat unclear. The Alliance attacked Spartan sorcerers pummeling the port city of Cyrago warships blockaded foot soldiers countered surrounded the defenders' and placed it under the harbor, and the city. Egyptian magic and began siege. Athenian

began preparing

a means by which the people had entrusted transport

could be saved. Utilizing her husband that could gateways countries.

sacred trident

She contacted

the colonies

the city walls with arcane force. Still, the of Poseidon was somehow

across the lands far to the west and instructed great mystical arches of stone populace, serve as exits for the fleeing them far beyond In the meantime, added Egyptian from the pillars Northern traveling inland

gates held, and the city endured At the same time, the Trident and spirited away to Cyrago. stolen from the temple in the heart of the city of Atlantis The siege held for several managed warriors to slip inside recovered the fell quickly, but more days until Alliance during trident the fighting and brought agents

that would thus placing now having overcame

the reach of the Alliance. the fleets of the Alliance, sorcery to their might, rolled outward

the city and open the gates. Cyrago Atlantean the Atlantean

into the ocean. They quickly their supply the Atlantean

the token forces on the mainland Africa. With northward hope of reinforcement, into the verdant

of Spain and lines cut and no garrisons fled, and of Akadius

the sacred relic home. fleet met the Athenian battle itself that lasted and Alliance Storytellers

Soon afterwards, armada troops

to the cold reaches heart of Africa.

on the high seas. In a pitched landed on the island of Atlantis

for days, the Atlantean

navy was destroyed,




," f:;





. ~.J;::.. ..:
I '~;


• I


•• ~., .~""


.: .••












.. 'j.




say that Gadeirus father


to employ

the trident wanted

of his to use and went

to repel the invaders, people

while Cleito

it to power the gateways Atlantean during the argument

that would allow the was slain by the trident. at the site of his beloved's and snapped carrying nation it over his the City of in the fury were so The

to escape. The two quarreled, Cleito

New Monster: Lemurian
Challenge Rating: Size:
Large (Humanoid Aquatic, Reptilian) 3d8 - 3 (10 hit points) + 2 (Dex) 30ft. 17 (+5 Natural, +2 Dex) or 24 (+ 5 Natural, + 2 Dex, + 5 Breastplate, + 2 Large Wooden Shield) Bite +4 melee (Id6+2) or Great Trident +4 melee (3d4+2) 5' by 5'/10' (15' with Great Trident) Fort +0, Ref + 5, Will + 1 Str 14, Dex 15, Con 9, Inr 12, Wis II, Cha 8 Usually Neutral Craft: Stonemasonry 4 or Profession: Swim 8 Architect Balance 8 4

Seeing his bride killed by his own icon, Poseidon insane with fury. He appeared demise, grabbed the trident,

Hit Dice:
Initiative: Speed: AC:

knee. With the power that held it on the surface broken, the island plummeted Atlantis, the people world, and the besieging The raw forces unleashed fleets of the Alliance Floodwaters Sea smashed covered human downward, of the greatest

army beneath by Poseidon's

the waves forever.

great that the world was rocked with cataclysm. high crushed the city of Athens and scatterd cycle. In a single stroke, again for several thousand the grief-stricken years.


were swept away. A wave miles its remnants. God of the the world for more than a lunar civilization, which would not arise

Face/Reach: Saves: Abilities: Alignment: Skills:
Jump 7

Atlantis and the Classical World
Because it dominated time, Atlantean shaped culture most of the known world at the both influenced its people, and was Presented Culture. their worldview, World.

by the ideals of the Ancient

below is a look at Atlantis,

and how these relate to the tenets

of Classical


Ambidexterity Dodge or Phalanx Fighting

Atlantis surface is an unnatural island raised and kept on the It 600 miles long became the by the divine power of the god, Poseidon. from a chain of islands to south, Plains. and 400 miles wide. The sea the islands island, coast. Mountains cover the northern and another of hills a shielded into A cluster forming

The lush, volcanic land of Lemuria rises out of the ocean between Africa and Australia. Its inhabitants, a majestic race of intelligent saurians, were among the first truly advanced cultures Adantean explorers discovered during their travels. Though early encounters with the Lemurians were peaceful exchanges of knowledge, the rise of Atlantis eventually led to tension. Lemurians are tall, powerfully built humanoids, standing on average eight feet in height. They have saurian heads, resembling those of monitor lizards, heavy, long tails, and bodies covered with green or bronze scales. Lemurians use their tails for balance and to propel them through the water at great speeds. They are excellent swimmers and can hold their breath twice as long as a human can. Though they are warm-blooded, the Lemurians lay eggs and require warm places to incubate them.

was formed from north Great quarter occupies drains

floor that had lain between Central of the teardrop-shaped the southeastern

chain runs down the western flood plain within the interior


of the island that River, which empties hot and humid

into the great Samure

the ocean in an enormous summer,

river delta in the northeast. in the storms to pass the

The island has a balmy climate: are frequent but usually Lighter turned showers

cool and damp in the winter. Tropical are allowed

aside by the Atlantean

weather-workers. Plants island. and animals Herds

over, keeping the farms of the central plains well-watered. of every description populate of elephants roam the undeveloped 14


of the interior amid wild vines, berries, and cover the mountains, Wheat, barley, grapes, and of the farms. Coral

huge flowers. Jungles in the south teem with monkeys and exotic birds. Woodlands which are never snow-capped. tree-fruit

are the primary produce

New Monster: Lemurian (cont.)
These giant reptilians are renowned as master builders and architects. They craft their cities out of volcanic rock, sometimes carving them out of the sides of mountains. All Lemurian homes have complex basements that descend several stories below the ground. Connected to thermal vents and hot springs, these vaults protect eggs until a new generation is ready to hatch. Lemurians mature quickly by Atlantean standards, reaching adolescence at 20 and adulthood at 30. They are long-lived with middle age not coming until 70, and old age setting in at about 100. Venerable members of the race average 150-years old, and some Lemurians can live to be over 200. Lemurians wear very little in the way of clothing, but many own large collections of well-crafted jewelry, which they seem to love. They are an advanced people who craft bronze weapons and armor, practice a powerful, animistic form of divine magic, and maintain an efficient, wellorganized citizen-militia. Lemurian government is traditionally divided between the spiritual and the secular with females choosing the former and males the latter. Typically, secular authority is concerned with the day-to-day operation of the state, and the advice of spiritual leaders is highly respected. Combat: Lemurians are fierce fighters, particularly when their communities are threatened. Armed Lemurians typically wear bronze breastplates and fight with Great Tridents. Many are trained to fight in phalanxes, and a group that does so makes a fearsome opponent. Those that are unarmed use the natural advantages of their reptilian form. Lemurians are fast and dodge blows easily. They will pummel opponents with their fists, attempting to move close enough to bite with their strong jaws. Skills and Feats: Due to the balance afforded them by their tails, Lemurians gain a + 6 Racial Bonus to Jump, Swim, and Balance checks. They are also steeped in the knowledge of building. Thus, Lemurians have either the Craft: Stonemasonry or the Profession: Architect skill. Additionally, all Lemurians are ambidextrous, thereby gaining that Feat for free. Favored Class: Lemurians are a deeply spiritual people with a reverence for the things around them. Females thus tend towards the Cleric class, in keeping with the gender split of Lemurian Society, while males gravitate towards Fighter. The Lemurian race adds two class levels to any character.

reefs to the south make for rich fishing and supplement the already abundant crops of the island, easily feeding the Atlantean populace. In the southeast, touching mountain alongside the cluster of hills and City of the small on the central plains, lies the majestic is built around originally where Poseidon

Atlantis. The metropolis

took Cleito as his

bride and the Ten Kings were born. On top lies a large marble shrine that is home to Cleito and is the central temple of Poseidon. Though her parents are long dead, of Cleito still resides within, serving as chief priestess the temples throughout himself occasionally takes material

the Empire. It is said Poseidon form and resides in are the vast gardens

the shrine with his wife. Within

Poseidon created before the birth of the Empire. So rich is the mystical fruit, that those who partake of it age slowly and rarely become ill. The base of the mountain is surrounded by the first of three canals of seawater. The city itself is built on the divided circles of land formed by these great waterways. Cleito's mountain Enormous occupies the innermost circle of land. The next ring outward houses the leaders of the Empire. estates dominate this region, and, from here, this circle councils decide the fate of the Empire. Within Businesses and craft houses dominate

also lies the estate of King Atlas, lord of the city. the outer ring. The city's massive port lines its edges, and within it sits the University of Atlantis. The homes and businesses of the common people blanket the surrounding forming the largest community Connecting the three watery channels flooding countryside, in the Empire. is a large canal during high the

that runs out to the ocean. Sea walls have been built around the rings to prevent tides. The outermost orichalcum. orichalcum wall is covered in bronze, in hammered inward,

middle in gold, and the innermost that channels

Beneath the city streets is a vast web of magical energies

causing the city to throb with its power. Magie within the outermost ring is enhanced, and any Arcane Spell cast there automatically fluctuations has maximum effect. The massive of power, however, prevent teleporration elsewhere.

into the city itself, causing such spells to misfire and drop the recipient


The Kingdoms
The Island of Atlantis is divided into ten kingdoms, and the most to make of the city. and or else itself and the strives

New Monster: Mue
Challenge Rating: Size: Hit Dice: Initiative: Speed: AC: Attack:
Medium +2 (Oex) (Humanoid) 2d8 (9 hit points) 30 ft. 18 (+20ex, +5 Breastplate, + I Small Wooden Shield) Bite +2 melee (ld4) or Bronze Batrleaxe + 2 melee (Id8+ I) or Javelin + I ranged (ld6+ I) 5' by 5'/5' Fort +3, Ref +2, Will-I Str 12, Oex I 3, Con I l, Int I 2, Wis 8, Cha 9 Usually Neutral Craft: Blacksmithing 4 or Craft: Armorsmithing 4 or Craft: Weaponsmirhinc 4 Balance 4 Intimidate 4 Tumble 4 Power Arrack Fire Resistance 5

each ruled by one of the ten sons of Poseidon Cleito. Atlas rules the City of Atlantis countryside. Widely he continually surrounding considered

noble of the brothers, his land hospitable Gadeirus oversees He considers the island's stagnant. of military Ampheres reaches agriculture of providing Mneseus, architecture greatest western

and beautiful, the region to the south the pinnacle conquests of civilization, must continue

Atlantis civilization

believes that Atlantean Disappointed action

will turn in upon itself and grow that his people the kings. govern the northern of methods have put aside proponent he is the greatest

their expansionist

desires, among

Face/Reach: Saves: Abilities: Alignment: Skills:

and his twin Evaemon and continually who originally to the island,

of the interior

plain. Both excel in matters search for better brought

for the needs of the people. the arts of Lemurian holds many of the of the Empire. reaches of the the mighty and His brother, of the Central food tapestry His within mountain and is the the island orichalcum. reigns over the hills to the

east of the capital. estates Autochthon

His domain

and vineyards

is in charge of the southern His lands contain and shaped. reaches

Feats: Special Qualities:


forges of the Empire, Elasippus, of burden caravans Mestor

within which orichalcum

other metals are purified

The Nation of Mu lies in the highlands and mountains of South Central Asia. The denizens of this land, the bestial Mue (moo-ay), arc an ancient people. It was from these strange creatures that Autochthon wrested the secrets of metalworking, knowledge the Mue hold sacred. Atlanteans are not welcome in Mu and are killed (and sometimes eaten) on Sight. Mue are short, powerfully muscled humanoids. averaging 4'9" In height. They arc very broad-shouldered and walk with a hunched-over posture. Their bodies are covered in deep brown, almost black, short fur. and their faces are flat and feral with gleaming. yellow eyes and sharp, fang-like teeth. Though the Muc walk on two legs, they often usc their long arms to touch the ground and help their balance when they run much like a gorilla does. Clothing consists of furred animal skins tied to the body for warmth and strips of tree bark lashed to the soles of their feet for protection. The people of Mu live in small tribes secluded in the rifts and valleys of their mountain homc. Mue communities live in vast warrens of caves and sguat huts made of mortar and stone. They worship the fire god, Posakh, whom they believe created them and granted them the secrets of metallurgy. Tribal leaders are priests of Posakh and arc the chief smiths of the tribe.

rules the southern that

Plain to the west of the capital, carry the weight ranches, are indigenous. controls

where the many beasts of the great yards.

His land is a rolling and cattle

of open plains,

the river delta in the northeast. most of the fruit consumed share the northern in lush forests

kingdom provides the nation. chain. Azaess territory

Finally, Azaes and Diaprepes

land is covered

greatest source of usable timber for the island. Diaprepess is dotted with mines and provides the mystic with stone and metal, including

The Empire
Beyond the borders Arlantean world, Atlantis people one million Empire. subjects channeling of the island itself lies the vast

It spans much of the known
its wealth back to the island. Over live within its borders, single giving of collection

rule over the largest on Earth.



of Africa -

from the stormy


islands control. of the On

to the Pillars of Atlas the northwestern trade

is under Atlantean

coast, 800 miles southwest passes through

Pillars of Atlas, lies the port city of Cyrago. All Atlantean and shipping this metropolis. ships, and its to feed the It Its harbor can hold over one hundred

New Monster: Mue (cont.)
The center of each community is a great forge, which serves as a center for worship, warmth, and weapons. Male Mue act as warriors and hunters, and the females prepare food and care for the children. Both genders can serve as priests and smiths. Mue live short, rough lives, reaching adolescence by the age of 8 and maturity at 15. They are middleaged by 25, old at 35, and venerable by the time they are 50. Few live longer than 60 years. Combat: Mue are among the most savage fighters in the known world. The combination of their strong muscles and their delight in hurting others make for deadly foes who give absolutely no quarter. Unarmed Mue will beat opponents with their arms and try to bite them with their sharp teeth. Those with weapons typically arm themselves with bronze battleaxes and javelins. Their fur is short and fine enough that they can wear armor comfortably, and most choose to don bronze breastplates when going into battle. Mue are not particularly organized when they fight. They gang up on the strongest foes and generally pick targets they believe they can dominate when choosing individual combatants for themselves, but that is largely the limit of their tactical expertise. A Mue fight resembles a brawl more than a battle, and such donnybrooks are easy to win for skilled tacticians. Still the absolute savagery with which the Mue fight is unequalled in the world, and, for this very reason, sensible people leave them alone. Skills: The Mue are masters of the forge and work metal with a skill rarely seen outside their brutish land. While they spend little time crafting jewelry or other finery, their weapons and armor are quite excellent. All Mue know one of the metalworking crafts: blacksmithing, armorsmithing, or weaponsmithing. Owing to their long, powerful arms, the Mue are also adept at balancing and moving. They enjoy a +4 Racial Bonus to Balance and Tumbling skill checks as a result. Special Qualities: Fire Resistance: Years of living and working with the forge have made the Mue more resistant to its natural element, the fire. Their bodies secrete oil that makes their fur less susceptible to burning. Thus, Mue ignore the first 5 points of fire damage from any attack. Favored Class: The savage Mue are most at home in the Barbarian class. Their Clerics worship Posakh and may choose from the Fire, Strength, and Earth Domains. Mue have no understanding of Arcane Magic, however, and thus Wizards, Sorcerers, and Bards are very rare.

warehouses store enough food and supplies entire island for a decade. Atlantis eventually Tyrrhenia, blocking Colonies Akadius, also governs become the coastal

lands of Europe.

has charge of the rich fields and hills of what will Spain and France, and reigns over peninsula. waters. in glaciers. of Charybdis, the western Athenian coast of the Italian

To the south

lies the great maelstrom

travel into Tyrrhenian they are covered

exist in the far north even though

on the snowy lands of

Small settlements

have also been placed in the lands The voyage is too though, making self-sustaining. travel possible,

far to the west across the Atlantic. far to make continual these satellites

sparse and by necessity

Atlantis might. has several enemies The city-state expertise Atlantis able to stand possesses up to its shipbuilding with a the holds of Athens manipulation. other

and sailing entire

can only match

great deal of magical Olympian society

In addition, than Poseidon


the city in high regard, A warrior lives to the south Lemurian Empire

giving it awesome at Sparta.

divine power. can match

with skills no Atlantean of Athens thrives. the southern Inhabited

Far to the east, around

tip of Africa, the by a lizard-like when Atlantis are masterful through lies beneath of in In

race, they were already an ancient first rose from the depths the best stone-crafters carving techniques spires the hardest the towering Finally, within Mu. Populated metalworking eating


of the ocean. Lemurians to tunnel

in the world, possessing and an ability they construct beast-like of their empire

of rock. Much the interior by strange

on the surface. people, hostile they possess elsewhere to outsiders, upon. by into

of Asia exists the Nation any found

skills far beyond or Atlanteans

the world. They are exceptionally any humans addition, Atlantean they wield a shadow-magic the Empire

they happen

undetectable from reaching

senses, which makes them a very dangerous

enemy and discourages their lands.


from ordinary. proud.

They are well educated, of knowledge,


and spending

They lead lives of luxury to be a master

and comfort, pleasure,

their days in pursuit Each is expected whether

and politics.

of some trade or craft,

it be architecture, expertise

art, or arcane spell weaving. For value in society is determined not is the exception to this, being

the most part, an Atlantean's by personal profession. The largest Poseidon's human Expansion Arcane mastery career. of citizens group brought

and past accomplishments,

a highly respected

is those with no trace of usually the Great case, they

blood. These people are foreigners into the fold during and their descendants. during In either

are now full citizens were encountered

of the Empire. When native peoples the Expansion, Atlantean and offered usually peoples they quickly Atlanteans. simply and

came under the rule of the more sophisticated Force was rarely required. displayed the wonders to the natives acquiescence of the conquered to be educated were expected explorers of the Empire,

both magical to teach them.

Atlantean Culture
Atlantean ideas and values have influenced World. Likewise, a large portion into of of the Classical its own culture. many ideals of those

mundane, Awestruck brightest to Atlantis Education, to Atlantis


The best and back

were brought

the empire has subjugated Atlantis view themselves

have been incorporated

in the ways of the Empire. not only to learn but also to continued to grow and returned Within home, a

Below is a look at how the people

however, did not come for free. Newcomers

and the world in which they live.

teach. In this way, Atlantis

Atlantean Citiztns
Atlantis citizens. can be divided The Noble into four distinct groups of Atlanteans, characterized by very but most to gods in

evolve. Moreover, human Thus, growth majority Atlantean Their enjoyed abroad, Closer generation

when the newcomers or two (a short humans

they were placed in positions of Poseidon),

of authority.

time for the Children became Atlantean. by birth, to the role to play in the now make up the Having one as

the native culture

close blood-ties noteworthy

to Poseidon, almost

are the smallest exclusively. Closer

while foreign

are not Atlantean

set. The Ten Kings and their close descendants their life spans can be measured of the Atlantean

they nevertheless

had an important

make up this group than to mortals, thousands as reminders

of the Empire.

Many chose to return

island later in life, and their offspring of the labor force of Atlantis. are the final group and one human parent, Half-bloods

of years. They are the backbone of the divine origin to be paragons

of the culture, way of life and Nobles and suited.

serving both as defenders

of its people. of wisdom

of citizens.

hold almost all top positions They are expected strength, Though influence Common inhabitants diluted, features a position within

of power within the Empire.

they are accepted the years of study As a result

part of Atlantean shorter

society, yet live largely apart from it. Atlanteans. they lead travel world.

to which they are uniquely

life spans preclude

not above the law, they possess a great deal of society, and their word bears much are the descendants Their divine blood though They possess of the original the second-largest is much more still long-lived more delicate higher of the citizens in

by ordinary serving racially

much more dynamic

lives. They frequently to the outside

heavier weight than that of any other citizens. Atlanteans of the island and comprise them mortal humans

as emissaries to humans,

they are less likely to be

seen as alien.

group of citizens. making comparison intelligence.

Atlantean society is based on the extended family. The and eldest member, called the Si'an, leads the household requests,

to humans. These

than normal

and typically

are the ordinary standards,

governs day-to-day

affairs. The Si'an declares the food fit and governs

island. By outside

however, their lives are far 18

to eat at meals, decides all marriage

all large expenditures of money. Resolving interfamily conflicts is his or her responsibility in addition to representing the family to the rest of society. Since the Si' an is often quite old, a younger member of the household is appointed as intermediary. This Si' ai passes on any larger issues facing the family. A Si'an is rarely encountered outside the family compound, leaving such affairs to the more youthful Si' ai. Generally, Si' an are given great respect and treated like nobility.

family. Apprentice labor is cheap and the quality of university education is high enough that students are rarely rejected. In fact, prospective masters often query university faculty for the identities of particularly promising students to approach when their schooling is finished. Students who are not accepted by any master must travel until they can find one, even if that means leaving the island. At this point some Atlanteans join the armed forces and begin training for a life of war. An apprenticeship is traditionally 20 years long, during which apprentices are expected to follow their master's every dictate. The first few years are spent in hard labor, doing menial work the master is not willing to perform. This treatment, while seemingly harsh, forces the pupil to develop patience, discipline and self-reliance. As time wears on, the master relates more and more of the trade until at last the young adult is worthy of being known as a Journeyman. When the apprenticeship ends, the youth is expected to spend the next 30 years abroad, traveling and learning just as the ten sons of Poseidon did. The growing Atlantean wanders the breadth of the Empire, learning its secrets and the ways of its people. Those who joined the military, however, do not travel so freely. They are stationed abroad to learn the arts of war in the Empire's garrisons. The fully educated children return home on their one hundred and tenth birthdays. The Si' an personally greets the wanderer at the door with the warmest affection. Another party, larger than the last so long ago, welcomes the new adult and signifies his or her official inclusion in the family. Members of other households are invited since the event is a point of pride and provides a chance to show off the new member to the community. Even those in the armed forces are given special leave to return home. Afterwards, soldiers choose whether to return to the military or to stay home. Most go back, having made friends and become accustomed to that way of life. Those returning from non-militaristic travels usually set up businesses as masters and take apprentices of their own.

Atlantean childhood is a long, drawn out affair. By tradition, the first two decades of an Atlantean's life are spent at home, enjoying the pleasures of youth. Children are expected to master reading and writing, the daily prayers, and to be able to tend to their own grooming during the first decade. In the second half of childhood, they begin taking part in the chores of the household: preparing and serving meals, cleaning the walkways, airing the bed linens, running messages, and doing simple shopping in the marketplace. Mastery of the basic etiquette and customs of Atlantean society is also expected. On the morning of their twentieth birthday, the Si' an tells the children that they represent the family to the world and their behavior and performance reflect upon the household. This is the first time in his or her young life that the Si' an acknowledges a child's existence, a momentous occasion. A party honoring the child is thrown that evening to accept him or her as part of the family. The young Atlantean receives gifts of clothing and jewelry, and partakes of the finest food and drink the family can provide. The next day, the child packs his or her belongings and leaves for one of the fine Atlantean universities. The next twenty years are dedicated to the study of a wide variety of subjects. History, spell-craft, religion, philology, cartography, and literature are all part of the curricula in addition to basic trade skills such as carpentry, pottery, stonework, and weaving. The arts of war are also included; the growing Atlantean acquires rudimentary knowledge of weaponry, tactics, and strategy. At the end of this tutelage, the Atlantean has acquired experience in a wide selection of fields and, hopefully, has shown talent in one of them. After attending university, Atlanteans are expected to find a master and to petition for apprenticeship. Though some try to return home, they are turned away and told they are not yet ready to rejoin the

Marriage is an occasion seldom celebrated in Atlantean society, as Atlanteans enter into lifelong commitments with the greatest of caution. Most wander through a string of lovers over the course of their lives, remaining attached for years but separating when the

relationship trysts father's common, strictly Among because


to sour. Children


by these family

is considered bathe While

holy, and every Atlantean the existence

is expected of other


are always considered identity. though forbidden. Relationships

part of the mother's prejudice within siblings

in it at least once a year. they acknowledge gods, do not pay them homage. Small shrines to ancestral Prayer to other gods deities within the

and are raised as such without never between within

as to their a family are or parents is

Atlanteans be erected. homes

is allowed on the island, but only temples to Poseidon may of immigrant humans are allowed and respected,

and children.


a single household

those who do marry, adultery the penalty for such behavior and their spouses doesn't matter,

is nearly unknown is permanent from the island. for any failing in exile

but the Cult of Poseidon is the national religion.

of both offenders Who was unfaithful the marriage Marriages

The Atlantean discuss speaking, causing legal system is straightforward. in the Garden Each to year, the Ten Kings gather that may require within direct of Cleito

is considered

the fault of both parties. and both individuals Thus, any damage is a great sin. family.

are highly respected,

gain great status to the relationship

for the commitment. and its institution badly on the entire

any issues that have arisen during the creation the borders murder, of Atlantis,

the past year those acts assault, under and

of new laws. Generally welfare of another are crimes

After all, it reflects

harm to the personal of violence temple

Death is taken very seriously Funerals deceased's of Poseidon are solemn affairs family is expected by the long-lived to participate. anointed Atlanteans. At a temple, by priests trident in which the whole of the is ritually

are illegal. Thus, and other Atlantean Penalties making forms

rape, arson, burglary, and theft priests

law. Chief usually

serve as judges order of disputes.

the Ten Kings resolve the highest the judgment

follow the" eye-fer-an-eye" suit the crime. Murder of the perpetrator,

formula, is punished by to the return

the body of the departed hands are placed around linen embroidered comes forward

and then laid out on a pyre. The corpse's a meticulously crafted in the finest The Sian is placed

by the execution

theft is penalized

a period of service to the victim in addition of the goods or recompense When a dispute individuals of different arises between families, Priest

of select wood, and the body is wrapped with prayers

for their value, and so forth. two uncompromising it falls to their Sian If the Si'an cannot of Poseidon the situation is called. to the to one of

to Poseidon.

and speaks of the deeds of the fallen, both large and small. The character are not mentioned very personal the to would affect are considered

reviewing his or her life in detail. Great emphasis on accomplishments and personality because memories and subjective, the Si' an lights of the deceased

to meet and resolve the problem. resolve the issue, a Chief Should satisfaction of the parties priest. this also fail to resolve

those impressions


it may be redirected to resolve

and their disclosure

to a higher-ranking disputes. because, settlement, approval accept

The chain continues

of those assembled.

As final words are spoken, are expected

of the Ten Kings, who have final authority both parties to resolve it before parties judgment of a priest must a King's of those the decision

the pyre. The assembled there. Mourning

For the most part, it is in the best interest a King is consulted agree to a priest's is final and requires refusing When to an reflects while both

stay until the fire dies, after which the ashes are carried to the sea and deposited lasts one day for every ten years the departed was alive.



In addition, their families).

Given that they are the direct Atlanteans forefather. Atlantean by offering are predictably Throughout view Poseidon descendants of a god, people. They a very religious the day, Atlanteans as more than just their deity; he is their pay homage ways. A cool sea breeze causes an One greets a stranger meal, the a place is though

badly on both consulted. esteem in


(and consequently, true Atlanteans

individual Generally, judgments,

lacks a Si'an, a priest is automatically are held in greater of humans.

the eyes of the law and tend to receive more favorable much to the regret

to him in myriad

to pause and give thanks.

him or her water. At the evening

Slavery is legal within the Atlantean Empire and serves of slavery as a major source of basic labor. The condition

head of the table is always left vacant, set, and a few drops are deliberately of water or wine to return

spilled from a serving

to the sea. The ocean itself

is never inherited, considered



are automatically because for failure to the blood of

of years of experience, The long-lived human lifetimes

their natural

talents place them

free of their parents'


above nearly everyone else. Atlanteans generally fill the second rank of several fill the Humans of the social structure, lowest rung, although humans with sufficient These individuals accomplishments having the expertise

slavery is a penalty given to an individual pay debts, as a judgment for sedition. Common However, those possessing

for a crime, or as punishment to slavery. Thus, Noble and and other lesser races. Married slaves

at their disposal. natural

Poseidon cannot be committed Atlanteans which is reserved for humans physical well-being cannot be separated

there have been a few unusual talent to rank higher. for their social

are exempt from this punishment,

are highly respected

A master must provide for slaves' basic needs, and their must be maintained. from their spouses, and children

despite their race. Bastai and other from the ordinary

created races remain separate and disengaged

order of the Empire since they tend to remain aloof from the rest of the community.

cannot be taken away.

Social Order
Atlantis is, in very many ways, a meritocracy. Citizens and are judged not by what they do, but how well they do it. This reflects the Atlantean control. Those who produce and are true masters the highest positions. drive for perfection the highest quality work usually hold

Clothing and Fashion
Atlantean comfortable, favor ornately clothing befitting styles are rich but loose and vests that leave the chest the island's balmy climate. Males


exposed, loose leggings, and sandals. Woman wear long, flowing gowns hung from the shoulder, which are often tied with a sash around the waist and slit partly up the and comfort. side of the leg for ease of movement

of their craft are given greater Not only do they possess hundreds

respect. For this reason, Noble Atlanteans


colder weather, women wind long sashes of warmer fabrics around their limbs to form a skin-tight men add a sleeved undershirt garment, and to their usual ensemble.

Vibrant blues and greens are the favored colors of leisure, with earthy browns used for work clothing. . employed Reds, purples, and yellows are as highlights, usually in the

form of sashes and shawls, while black, white, and gray are reserved for undergarments. sometimes Elaborate embroidery is common, often including silver, gold, and thread in typi-

even orichalcum

the designs. Such enhancements cally feature eye-pleasing patterns rather than images. Footwear consists

of thin hardwood

sandals, carved and shaped to fit the sole of the wearer's foot. A simple pad of leather provides a buffer between the skin and the wood of the sandal. Long ribbons or leather straps that often run all the way up the calf tie the shoe to the wearer's bottoms Atlantean foot. Intricate swirls and whirls are etched in the to provide traction. footwear is designed to and cool while

keep feet comfortable
,1'1' ....

not interfering

with swimming.


Jewelry is very common

and worn during earrings

everyday life.

formal affairs. Most of the best Atlantean skilled herbalists preparation determined and serve as doctors

chefs are also food

Rings and amulets featuring polished metal and gemstones are favored, though Intricate which tend to be straight are not uncommon. hairstyles, among typicalclasps and pins ordain Atlantean

when not cooking

since they believe most illness is due to improper and an unhealthy by the quality very high demand

diet. Skilled cooks are in

and shoulder-length

since the measure of a house is often of the table it sets.

both men and women. Tattoos the natural commonly

are also popular,

ly in the form of small, patterned

designs that enhance styles. Most are are

flow and fall of clothing

drawn with deep black ink. Facial and head tattoos any scars acquired in the line of duty.

Atlanteans designs Buildings are a very artistic people. Ornate paintings and other and carvings adorn the walls within their homes. These usually depict the sea, mountains, are constructed natural scenes, making the interior seem larger than it is.

worn by those in the military, incorporating

Atlanteans can outlast build structures the buildings to endure. As a people for of normal humans. Atlanteans whom a generation can span a century, a single lifetime marble and other

with alcoves and wall niches to please the eye. the

for statuary, Artistic

and every curve and angle of the structure

is shaped and polished

tastes favor complex designs that suggest

prefer to build with stone, primarily Atlantean household structure homes are designed consists connected

subject to the viewer rather than boldly tell it. Atlanteans believe that art should require careful attention its meaning. being too pedestrian, with each viewing. Atlantean musicians favor the flute and harp as well as called the halista. Played with yet haunting of flute, harp, of the great Atlantean for a quartet a five-stringed are sound instrument Many easily forgotten, to convey as Simple images and carvings are scorned

hard rock. When wood is used, only the hardest will suffice.
to be very open. A

of a single, multi-storey to numerous outbuildings

central through

and ignored. A

work of art should capture the eye and give new meaning

covered walkways. The dwellings themselves have a central meeting hall and work areas on the first floor. Bedrooms are on the second and higher stories. Arched windows abound, allowing the free movement the dwelling. During hung throughout of air throughout and colder seasons, ornate curtains

a bow, it is well known for the resonant, it produces. compositions and melodious, are written reminiscent

the house, covering doorways

windows to trap heat within. In larger cities, massive aqueducts flow overhead. The runs straight upper floors of many taller houses have access to these sources of water. In some cases, an aqueduct through morning the house. Solid waste is carried away each in large clay urns, while liquid waste is emptied that run in alleys behind these channels are flooded keeping them clean and Periodically,

halista, and a single vocalist. The music itself is flowing of ocean waves cresting upon layered. the shore, remarkably complex and intricately

The descendants of Poseidon see themselves as masters of their world. They are driven to control and shape every aspect of their lives. An architect is willing to chop down a forest just to improve the view from a new structure. The world is moldable clay, a suitable base from which one can craft what one needs, rather than a complete creation. Having traces of divinity running in their veins,

into covered sewer channels the structures.

with water from the aqueducts, free of obstruction.

Saltwater fish are considered the most perfect of food, and a coming as they do from the domain of Poseidon, prayer of thanks is given before partaking have numerous recipes for preparing up and combined of their meat. cooks

Atlanteans and culture.

view themselves

as the pinnacle of civilization in origin. Rather, they believe into their culture and are capable. Atlanteans a task be found. culture.

This is not to say that they see no value in be assimilated

that which is not Atlantean such things should then perfected

No part of an ocean fish is wasted. Atlantean the bone is ground

every part. Even with several other on salt and

as only Atlanteans

place great value on study, for only through understanding can the proper way of accomplishing The struggle for perfection True mastery 22 exemplifies Atlantean

spices and flour to make a rich bread called macah. Food is delicately seasoned with an emphasis garden-grown herbs. Imported spices are reserved for

of an art or craft is not only a worthy

goal, it is all that is worth tool-users, shaping Atlanteans the creation continually the world.

doing. They are the ultimate new methods for by

Orichalcum, has a strange channels

the mystical metal indigenous property that naturally making By crafting energies,

only to Atlantis, and material into an carefully


stabilizes it a perfect orichalcum In addition,

Life itself is a tool, as evidenced warriors. more even a race often


of the Bastai and the Orphean have no need to struggle studies. -

for magical construction. item, a skilled artisan natural structured

with a task when it, freeing to impress though humans,

can cause it to draw upon the

they can create a tool to accomplish time for important egotistical people for whom twenty apprenticeship. justifiable, are often Atlanteans treated creates it is difficult superior

energies of the environment.

They are a proud,

webs of the metal can create closed loops of arcane energies and life forces, which makes warriors (see below) possible. A carefully Resonance as resonant properties. to a particular While

power, trapping Crystals shaped pattern

years of experience attitude, tension

is seen as an who

the creation of the Orphean have peculiar crystal


with ordinary children.

can be attuned

as pretentious

to focus spellcasting. reservoirs

not as powerful

are very image-conscious. to behold.

They will go to Buildings are works Swords are

orichalcum, temporary spell pattern though Priests especially

precisely cut, high quality crystals can serve as of arcane power, storing use. by some Atlanteans, as the arcane. Atlanteans a particular for future

great lengths

to make every aspect of their lives pleasing curves and angles that draw the of the construction. with designs Atlanteans imperfection; and glyphs. Scars are

to the eye and a wonder of art with sweeping eye to the best aspects intricately surrounded worked embossed

Finally, divine power is wielded of Poseidon possess expects rely upon

it is not given the same emphasis over the sea and weather.

a large degree of power, However, them to be self-supporting weakness. They feel divine their god too much, gifted his children priestly might is with

by complex tattoos with the flow of the blemish pride themselves pre-existing to accept

into their design.

believe that Poseidon power makes people worshipping Atlanteans

on their refusal

and that he does not tolerate

flaws are seen merely as tools with which to work.

The civilization Messages network, glistening controls foreign of Atlantis is built upon the mystic arts. a magical pulse ride the waves in and awe in that are are relayed across the Empire through and powerful chariots spellcasters

out of need rather than respect and devotion. believe that Poseidon To rely upon him for power is to scorn and rarely called upon for tasks other than control.

their talents. uncommon healing

what he has already given. Thus, and weather

of force and water. City streets magic manipulates by those in ways that inspire of impossible

with arcane power. Atlantean the environment

mages but are taken for granted by arcane might. intelligence They possess Practically

reside there. Buildings held together With have achieved Classical their innate World.


and long lives, Atlanteans in the for it, a natural affinity

a mastery

of magic unmatched of magical every citizen magical

and can sense the presence focus properly. arcane implement principles musician, resonant vibration, making powerful. Resonance,

auras if they has some minor

that aids his or her daily life. power is based on the and in the to a certain this The famed scholar that everything is attuned



in Atlantis

A large part of Atlantean Orpheus, vibration. Atlantean the casting

of the Resonance. discovered

and Equipment
Role-playing and benefits equipment offers some unique challenges for player characters. To recreate the Classical ATLANTIS imposes certain racial and skills and to is detailed Open Game classes unique restrictions, setting. provides some additional All of this information World, TWILIGHT feats, and presents the Atlantean Content

world, both magical

and physical, By manipulating spellcasters

and channeling

can shape their spells resonance of the target, through the

to work in time with the natural

several new prestige

much easier and the spell more by the powerful arts used

Life energy can also be altered as demonstrated

below. All of the text in Part 2 is designated for license purposes, sidebars. special Open Content 23

not just the material in the

to create the Bastai cat-warriors.




• ·c.-

.. ',,'





• 'f,",




~ .' .

.. .




• .


. .~.

4 ....



. ...



'-:'~ ..,f, .,"

.; :..."


.: .:


.....' . ~. ',-

~ .:- ~ .~~

~ •• t,~


, .v . ~ r, '.~


., '~










~ .....


.... ...



-. ~ .




. '" . ,,~

.." .w;








-: .


.. ,"


..$ • :.~.


















•. ",1".:'; '. .'

..' .... '.'.. ~.
'~ ',_,




" ~. •




'e;:' ','"'w.~
• .: r- ':'. ~~
' , .. :" "~"

. .......~








. ..
.' , I

A.r.' " ~,' ~V" '
.. '.* •~ , • • ,. ¥

" ;..


~-i: .

1<, "




".' ;


"' .







.. .






. .,







~ ,',,'


Characters in TWILIGHT OF ATLANTIS may choose from five races. The first is human, using the standard human racial traits. The remaining four are detailed below.

-2 Constitution,

2 ..1: Atlantean

Racial Traits

+ 2 Intelligence. Atlanteans value intellectual pursuits over physical labor and often rely on the efforts of their servants and minions to do most manual work for them.
Medium Sized. Adanteans Atlanteans have no special modifiers due to size. have a base speed of 30'. Magic" as a Spell-like Ability at will. in

The Atlanteans are descended from a union between mortal and god. Consequently, they are a calm, orderly people that rarely display extremes of emotion, befitting their impressive longevity. They are naturally curious and often amused at the actions of short-lived outsiders. Though others may mistake the Atlanteans' demeanor for laziness, they are, in fact, quietly intense. When pursuing a goal, such as an important mission or a complex experiment, Atlanteans

Atlanteans can cast "Detect Cas ter Level is 1.

Low Light Vision. Atlanteans can see twice as far as a human poor lighting and can still distinguish colors.

Magic is an integral part of the Atlantean way of life. All Adanteans may take Knowledge: Arcana and Use Magic Device as class skills. Atlanteans whose classes already have access to those skills gain a + 2 Racial Bonus to all skill checks with them.

+ 2 Racial Bonus for Listen, Search, Spot, and Swim checks. Adanteans are highly observant and often notice details that others miss.
Adanteans have the innate ability to speak with aquatic animals as per the Speak with Animals spell. This is an Extraordinary Ability. Automatic Languages: Atlantean. all human languages. Bonus languages include Aquan and

Favored Class: Wizard. Adanteans are natural scholars. Their long lives and superior intellect make them well suited to arcane studies.

relentless but prefer to take their time and look at things from a very broad perspective. Physically, they are smaller than humans, averaging around 5'6" in height and about 125 pounds in weight. Men are only slightly larger than women. A Mediterranean people, Atlanteans tend to be oliveskinned and dark-haired. They do not grow facial or body hair and have fine, delicate features that many humans find eerily beautiful.

:~, ,<":

.... t·

...•.- .



Atlanteans remain children for about 74 years, during which time they mature slowly, rarely growing taller than 4' 6" or heavier than 65 pounds. During their long childhood, they choose paths they will follow for the rest of their lives. By the time they reach adolescence, which lasts from about age 75 to 110, many have already


short life spans, but they admire the humans' intensity and believe that has made their more something their own civilization



Noble Atlantean Racial Traits

human neighbors than the outsiders

+ 2 Constitution, + 2 Charisma + 1 Natural AC Bonus + 2 Racial Bonus to All Saving Throws + 2 Racial Bonus to Gather Information,
Knowledge: Nature, and Swim skills

who now threaten

their very existence.



Noble Atlanteans
The passage of time has diluted most of Poseidon's Atlantean influence on are blood. Though they have

Noble Atlanteans can Water-walk at will as a Supernatural Ability. They can also employ Water-breathing at will as an Extraordinary Ability. Low Light Vision. Nobles can see twice as far as normal in poor lighting and still distinguish colors. Acid, Cold, and Electricity Resistance 5 humans

extremely long lives, Atlanteans

still mortal. A few, however, remain blessed by their divine blood. Noble Atlanteans wisdom centuries Nobles' rule the island with of practice. Due to the and skill gained through longer life spans, many Noble

The Noble Atlantean race adds 1 class level to the character, thereby gaining an additional hit die (d8). Thus, a 10th Level Noble Atlantean Wizard is actually an 11 th Level character.

humans believe these plane-touched rulers to be truly immortal. Atlanteans gained one or more Class Levels. It is during od that they truly begin to physically adulthood. Atlantean adolescents mature, this periultimateas common Atlanteans, mature at the same rate but their life Outsiders

spans are ten times as long. Because they are planetouched, Noble Atlanteans are considered rather than Humanoid.

ly reaching their full height and weight before entering continue to advance and often seek advice from their elders on how to bear the weight of a centuries-long in around life span. Middle age sets

175, old age at about 265, and those of 350 years or more are considered venerable. The longlived can reach as much as 400 years old.
Atlanteans uncouth view most humans dullards as unrefined them. barbarians and refuse to believe that these can overthrow current residing This att itude has led to most of the island nation's problems. in Atlantis, Humans

however, are

viewed with much greater respect. True Atlanteans pity them for their





Table 2'"3: Halj-Atlantean Racial Traits
Medium Size. Base speed of 30'. Detect Magic at Will. This Level 1. is a Spell-like Ability with the Caster

Middle age is approximately 60, and old age sets in by 95. Those who reach 125 are considered venerable and can live as many as 50 more years. Because they age more slowly than humans, Half-Atlanteans usually appear younger than their human peers.

Low Light Vision. Half-Atlanteans can see twice as far as humans can in poor lighting conditions and can still distinguish colors. Half-Atlanteans have sharp senses. They gain a Listen, Search, and Spot checks.

Atlantean explorers often returned home with bits of foreign cultures assimilated into their own beliefs. On one such expedition, they encountered humans who venerated a powerful cat-goddess. These people proved to have an innate understanding of arcane energies. Their sorcerers prevented Atlantean attempts at further contact for decades and even waged a brief but bloody campaign


Racial Bonus to

Automatic Languages: Atlantean and one Human Language of their choice. Bonus languages include all human languages. Favored Class: Any. Half-Atlanteans are adaptable like their human parents. When determining whether a multiclass Half-Atlantean suffers experience penalties, the highest-level class does not count.

Sometimes, Atlanteans and humans conceive children. Though such relationships usually end quickly, they leave behind half-breed children as a reminder. The lives of these offspring are often difficult since they are not truly at home in either of their parents' worlds. Those born on Atlantis do not live long enough to learn the intricacies of Atlantean society, though, like all citizens, they are judged by their abilities and expected to contribute to the wellbeing of the island nation. As a result, many native half-breeds push themselves relentlessly, seeking to live up to their Atlantean heritage. A few have even become great heroes. Those raised among humans must often deal with prejudice. They are frequently shunned because of their obviously inhuman appearance and slower physical growth. Though human-raised Half-Atlanteans may find their way to Atlantis, most remain in human lands, feeling like outsiders throughout their lives. Half-Atlanteans always look foreign. To human eyes, they appear alien, and to Atlanteans they seem too human. They average between 5' and 6' tall and weigh between 90 and 180 pounds. Men are taller and heavier than women, although the difference is less obvious than in humans. Half-Atlanteans mature more slowly than humans. Puberty does not begin until 16, and they don't reach adulthood until 25. 28

against several Atlantean colonies. In response, the Atlanteans created

the Bastai for the dual purpose helping protecting powerful Uplifted to control Atlantis enemies. from the hunting these humans against

of and

magically cats that Africa, They and hands sharp for

Table 2--4 Bastai Racial Traits
-2 Constitution and Intelligence, +2 Dexterity and Wisdom. The Bastai are graceful and better suited to bursts of energy than feats of endurance and are more inclined to rely on instinct than intellect. Medium size. Base Speed of 30'. Bastai have claws, giving them a + 2 Racial Bonus to Climb checks if they are barehanded and barefoot. Bastai can also choose to use their claws and teeth in unarmed combat, giving them the option of doing lethal slashing damage instead of subdual without suffering the -4 attack penalty. Bastai may purchase the Multiattack Feat. Low Light Vision. Bastai can see twice as far as a human in poor lighting and can still distinguish colors. Bastai are natural hunters, instinctively adept at stalking prey. They gain a +2 Racial Bonus to Balance, Hide, Jump, Move Silently, and Listen checks. Acute senses and highly tuned whiskers allow cat-warriors to detect the presence of creatures that would normally be concealed. Consequently, Bastai gain the Blind Fighting Feat for free. Basrai take half damage from any fall if they succeed in a Reflex Save with a DC of 10 + I per 10' fallen. Because they rely on their whiskers for many of their exceptional abilities, if they are ever severed, the Bastai loses its innate Blind Fighting ability and suffers two points of Dexterity damage. Severed whiskers regenerate once the Dexterity damage is fully healed. Automatic Languages: Atlantean. all human languages. Bonus languages include Aquan and

roam the wilderness have golden

of North

the Bastai are humanoid


eyes with slit pupils

coats of fur that range from tawny to solid black. They have humanoid and feet for manipulating combat, modified tools, teeth and claws for a natural balance and awareness. Atlantean light, loose fabrics required

edge in

and long tails and whiskers fashion. that don't

Bastai dress in a They favor rub against

their fur, and wear only the minimum by propriety. They have tough and pads on the palms of their hands gloves or shoes. Enchanted and footwear

soles of their feet, and thus rarely wear handwear take the for Bastai usually

form of wraps that leave their fingers and toes exposed but lighter Atlanteans. Atlantean human Atlantis felines aloofness counsel. tectors and their claws free. On average, to the Halfquickly by Bastai are built heavier than Atlanteans than humans. They mature standards they have a build similar

and have a normal the culture of

life span. to suit their own needs. The understand and often of Atlantis the Atlantean keep their own and tend to view

The Bastai have adapted

Favored Class: Monk. Like their wild ancestors, Bastai are patient and determined, well suited to the study of complex martial sciences. They have developed their own combat forms and practice them with the same devotion the Atlanteans bring to their magical studies. Bastai attack movements are graceful and fluid, often invoking images of great hunting cats.

They accept their role as proas elders to be respected over. In return, people, they enjoy the admiration and awe at the physBastai sometimes creators rather see themselves as better than their gifts who treat them with a combiowing to their reliance than tools and magic. on their natural

their creators and watched nation

of the Atlantean

of pride in their handiwork

ical grace with which the Bastai seem to be born. The cat-warriors who sometimes don't understand get along well with Half-Atlanteans, view them as kindred the common the Atlanteans admit parents. spirits. The Bastai desire to they races. Half-Atlantean

J>resti~e C7Zasses
Atlantis is a land of magic. Immortal blood flows in the the worldveins of its people, and they aspire to emulate wizards are widely regarded their mastery as the greatest

be closer to their Atlantean like the distance nor the Atlanteans personality Nobles, conflicts.

For themselves, neither

keep from other

shaping abilities of their divine ancestor, Poseidon. Atlantean in the world and with good reason. They have gone to great lengths to improve of the magical arts. These prestige classes offer more options for Atlantean characters.

It suits their own natures, and although
Some Atlanteans, as well-trained

the Bastai

it, the separation

prevents pets, and the


view the felinoids


2 4 5 6 7 8

2--5: Artificer Class Features
+2 +3 +3 +4 +4 +5 +5 +6 +6 +7 Class Features
Arcane Undersranding, Bonus Item Creation Transfer Bonus hem Crearion Reforge Bonus Irem Creation Enhance Bonus hem Crear ion Fear Efficienr Enchantment Fear Fear Fear Crafr Bonus, Idenrify Item Fear

Attack +0 +1 +1 +2 +2 +3 +3 +4 +4 +5

Fort. +0 +0 +1 +1 +1 +2 +2 +2 +3 +3

Ref. +0 +0 +1 +1 +1 +2 +2 +2 +3 +3


Bonus It em Crearion

The art of enchanting pursuits for Atlantean many of the powerful masters of enchantment. is one of the noblest wizards, magical for it is they who create Artificers workings are of

Level Wizard/2nd Level Wizard. add. classes must choose

Level Artificer

casts spells as an I I rh spellcasting levels


with multiple

to which class their Artificer

magic items that the Atlanteans their empire. Their of the intricate specialized skills reflect

use to forge and protect a deeper understanding enchanters.

Craft Bonus (Ex): The Artificer
her class level (round also attempt Craft ter is not trained. down) checks

may add half his or skills, and may

to all Craft

in areas in which the characa magic The item careabout

magic items that sets them apart from lesser

Feats (Four Enchantment Feats), Spellcasting (Seven

Item (Ex): By examining
can attempt function. check against and general item

Requirements: Any Craft skill (10 Ranks),
Item Creation

fully, the Artificer its purpose powerful makes a Spellcraft powerful

to gain insights character

spells, at least one of which must be 3 rd Level).

DC 20 for a very or petty one. inforNo specific are revealed, power to to have a its of

Hit Die: d4 Skill Points: 2

or artifact,

25 for a moderately learns some general in question. attack bonus) relative


magic item, or 30 for a minor the character the object as a weapon's regarding (such

Int Bonus per level

If successful, mation details

Class Skills: Alchemy, Appraise, Concentration, Craft, Knowledge (Any), Spellcratt, Use Magic Device. Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Artificers
tional weapon tures described or armor proficiencies. benefits from the class feagains these advancontinues to study level for a 9th 30 gain no addi-

but the ability be gauged.

does allow the item's

Class Features: An Artificer
tages at a rate indicated

Transfer (Ex): This ability allows the Artificer
another creation. required mundane person share the experience the person amount The other magic item, typically experience. compulsion.

below. The character on Table 2-5.

cost of creating

who commissioned is half the number person

Arcane Understanding: The Artificer
the arcane arts. The character's the class level of his or her prior determining

The maximum


level adds to

must be willing


to do so and may not be under

any form of magical or

spell access and caster

level. Thus

Reforge (Ex): With a successful
the Artificer the enchantment. The character minor

Craft could,

check at DC 25, disrupting for example, to the item those Bastai catabilities


after death. This requires where it spends During

a successful within

Alchemy to the Temple of flesh necro-

can alter magic items without

check at DC 20. The body must Atlantis, Cleito. mancers of Poseidon and one month

then be returned the Temple Atlantean

one month within

alter a pair of magical boots wearer. The DC assumes in question. same boots warrior, Major alterations,

to resize them for a new alterations such as changing

these two months,


the body, replacing


into ankle wraps for a barefoot the DC to 3 o.

and bone with orichalcum. wire mesh designed the body and to magically into the skin to prepare character's or her body.

Then they weave an orichalcum sustain the new Orphean period, the


both to hold the spirit within the body to accept its spirit summoned back into his

Enhance (Ex): The Artificer
than the usual double.

can add additional

to a magic item for only a IO% increase

in cost rather

once again. At the end of this two-month soul is magically

Efficient Enchantment (Ex): Spells count as one level
lower (minimum zero) for· the purposes an item. of determining costs when enchanting

Requirements: Base Attack Bonus of +7 or greater. Hit Die: dIO Skill Points: 2

Not all Atlanteans dedicated nation. necessary afterlife sustained, To become mixture warriors follow the wizard's and devoted path. Some are of the island is often some of magically protectors


Int Bonus per level Jump, Listen, are proficient and the

Class Skills: Climb, Concentration,
Search, and Spot. and martial

The world is a harsh place, and violence to solve problems. soldiers deathless to continue For this reason, of Atlantis warriors. the character

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Orpheans
with all armor, simple Great Trident. weapons,

the greatest

are called back from the

to serve as Orpheans

Orpbean Changes: Necromancy
unchanged things, Orpheans


leave the character to this.

from how he or she was in life. As with all benefit from a

an Orphean,

must die in battle, with a special

there are good and bad aspects

and his or her body must be preserved of herbs and orichalcum


gain in their Constitution

salts no more than 24

scores, and they no longer

need to eat or breathe.



Orphean Class Features
+2 +3 +3 +4 +4 +5 +5 +6 +6 +7

+1 +2 +3

+2 +3 +3 +4 +4 +5 +5 +6 +6 +7

+0 +0 +1 +1 +1 +2 +2 +2 +3 +3

Class Features
Orphean Changes Immune

Fatigue, Natural Armor + 1 1


4 5 6 7 8 9 10

+4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10

Great Fortitude, Natural Armor +2 Fortification 2

Spell Resistance (15 + 1 per level), Natural Armor + 3 Enhanced Strength Iron Will, Natural Armor +4 Immune to Paralysis Deathless, Timeless, Natural Armor + 5



they suffer

a -2 loss to their Charisma to all Swim checks. is immune

scores to to

Deathless (Su): Death Magic no longer has any effect
on the character.

and have a - I 0 penalty the effects of Fatigue.

Immune to Fatigue (Ex): The character Fortification
the effects Rogue's

Timeless (Su): The Orphean
for aging and has a 700-year

ceases to suffer the penalties natural life span.

(Ex): The Orphean

is more resistant

of critical

hits or special abilities

such as a

Sneak Attack.

such a hit is scored, normally.

Magic defines study needed is a science to the Atlanteans. In many ways, it wizards Only a the current such a their perception the magic inherent of reality. Atlantean in many disciplines. the depth the Resonance:

the character has a 25% chance to ignore the special effects of the attack. Fortitude In such cases, roll damage

Great Fortitude (Ex): The character
Feat for free.

gains the Great I, except that now can now begin to

rare few, however, possess

of understanding

to reach out to touch learns to affect single-use

Fortification 2 (Ex): As Fortification
the chance to resist is 75%.

of magic itself. By understanding character Resonants metaprisms trained are most famous

the Resonance,

it directly. for their ability magic items the effects to produce that allow of their of

Spell Resistance (Su): The Orphean
gains the Spell Resistance Orphean class level. Thus, 21. Spell Resistance ability

resist the effects of spells cast at him or her. The character at 15


his or her has


to enhance

a 6th Level Orphean gains a

spells. Each rnetaprism any Metamagic caster equipped

can store a single application

Feat that the Resonant Doing so applies

knows. A spellits power the effeccan use Metamagic

Enhanced Strength (Ex): The Orphean
Racial Bonus to Strength.


with such a device can expend the stored raising next spell without training,

as a free action.

Iron Will (Ex): The Orphean
for free.

gains the Iron Will Feat may now Paralyze

Feat to the caster's a metaprism

tive level of the spell. Although with the proper have the necessary tion, see below. understanding

any spellcaster

Immune to Paralysis (Ex): The character
automatically him or her. resist any effect that would

only Resonants and their construc-

of magical theory to

create them. For more on metaprisms

Table 2--7: Resonant Class Features
Level Attack Fort.

+0 +0 +1 +1 +1 +2 +2 +2 +3 +3


Class Features
Arcane Understanding, Bonus Metamagic Improvised Spell Prism Suspend Magic Bonus Metamagic Superior Improved Disrupt Feat Feat Prepare Spell Create Metaprism

2 4 5

+0 +1 +1 +2 +2 +3 +3 +4 +4 +5


+0 +0 +1 +1 +1 +2 +2 +2 +3 +3



+2 +3 +3 +4 +4 +5 +5 +6 +6 +7


Counterspelling Spell Prism Magic Feat

Bonus Metamagic


Requirements: Craft: Gemcutting
Spellcraft Wondrous Spellcasting 3rd Level).


Ranks), Knowledge: Arcana (10 Ranks),

(I a Ranks),


(Craft Feats), be

Item, Resonant two Metamagic


[see below],

(Seven Transmutation

Table 2,..8: Metaprism Caster Level Requirements
Effect Level Minimum Caster Level

spells, at least one of which must

Hit Die: d4 Skill Points: 2



Int Bonus per level Arcana, Scry,

Class Skills: Alchemy, Concentration,
Knowledge: Spellcraft, Resonants and Use Magic Device. gain no additional weapon

5 7
11 13

Weapon and Armor Proficiency:
or armor proficiencies.


Arcane Understanding: The
Resonant's understanding of the arcane arts enhances Resonant his or her ability

to cast spells. The character's level adds to the class level level for determining a 5 th Level spellcasting begins classes levels add. his or her casts spells as an Sth Level level. Thus of his or her prior spellcaster spell access and caster Wizard/3 Wizard. Characters rd Level Resonant character match must expend additional memorized spells to a Resonant one casting Metamagic spells in of the the spell,

the increased

level of the spell. Thus, Fireball by expending

could cast a Maximized of Fireball spell levels. Casting is a full action.

with multiple

and three other

spell levels for a total of six who prepare

must choose

to which class their Resonant by learning

spells with Improvised

Create Metaprism (Ex): The character
study of the Resonance particular for crafting form. The Resonant a Metaprism follows

Only Resonants

to lock it into a the same process Level x of levels a Quicken creating Level level

advance can use this ability.

Prepare Spell (Su): By fixing particular
Resonance character prepare in his or her mind, a sorcerer to help shape spells more quickly. a single casting


as if he or she was creating

a new magic item. The cost is 25 gold x Caster the spell. Thus,

can store them


Effect Level. Effect Level is equal to the number by which the Feat increases Spell meta prism Therefore, a Quicken formula would have an Effect would Level 4.

may set aside one daily spell slot and use it to of a metamagic-enhanced account for both the level of the spell could devote a 6th a spell that spell Fireball. Preparing

but the slot must

a 5th Level Wizard/3rd Spell Metaprism to determine Level (4)

Level Resonant

and the Effect Level. Thus, a Resonant Level spell slot to a Maximized takes one minute is a standard spells in advance action.

use the following a the caster

the cost: 25 gold x Caster

per total spell level. Casting Only Resonants can use the Prepare

(8) x Effect Metaprism


800 gold. Creating Thus,

who do not prepare Spell ability. thereby

is no mean feat, and requires to pull off effectively. minimum

a certain

of understanding must be of certain Metaprism Metaprism given Effect Metamagic without

Spell Prism (Su): The character
gem that can be attuned enhancing selects Metamagic of number

can now craft a small

levels to create a Table 2-8: details the minimum of any can apply it is not the

to the Resonance,

at each Level of Effect. Caster Level Requirements Level.

Feats. To do so, the Resonant Feats he or she knows cannot is class level. Once spell level increase can be reduced Attunement to less than of Feats chosen

of Metamagic The number Feat's Resonant

caster level necessary

to create a Metaprism

for adjustment. attuned, reduced benefit

exceed the character's the Metamagic

Improvised Metamagic (Su): The Resonant
some cost. To use Improvised

Feats to spells on the fly, however,

by one. No increase from a Spell Prism.


0, so those

Feats that do not add spell levels cannot lasts for a

number requires stored.

of hours

equal to the Resonant's wear off. Creating

class level, a prism
10 levels

Arcane spellcasters learned talented discovered to harness are not the only ones who have the power of the Resonance. of Atlantis, the nature As part and a few magically

after which the effects Thus

a gem valued at 5000 gold per spell level a Spell Prism would require capable of storing a gem worth 50,000 gold.

of Metamagic benefit

of their role as guardians Bastai studied that it touched abilities spellcasters,

The caster must hold a Spell Prism for him or her to from its magic. can prematurely Thus, end the of any spell he or she has cast simply by the support of the Resonance. this is normally

of the Resonance

not only arcane magic but of the Bastai Monks as well. that it could be a powerful and these elite masters techniques designed powers. is to defend the wrath of to their to

also the mystical weapon developed deprive Though Atlantis spell To do against

Suspend Magic (Su): The Resonant
the duration withdrawing

Some of them discovered

a body of martial the purpose from magical

character could end a Wall of Fire spell before its duration had expired even though impossible. can strip


of their unnatural of this discipline threats, fearing

Superior Counterspelling (Su): The Resonant
away the magical energy that supports by driving away the Resonance so, the character counters

the Bastai have not made see it as a threat

an incoming

their discovery those Atlanteans power. Thus, Monks invited Bonus

widely known, who would only a handful

for a brief instant.

with a spell that is one or more and maximum and

of Bastai and Half-Adantean

levels higher and is of the same school as the target spell.

know that this path exists, and even fewer are to walk it. Base Attack Strike, Arcana Great (5 ranks). ability, +4, Feats (Improved Unarmed Evasion

Improved Spell Prism (Su): The duration
capacity of the Resonant's

Spell Prism is doubled, on the Resonant's

Requirements: Bastai or Half-Adanrean,
Fortitude, Improved Initiative),

it no longer needs to be held for the caster to draw on its benefits. person, It must be somewhere however. can create a barrier aside the spells of of 15 within the his or her


(8 ranks),


Disrupt Magic (Su): The Resonant
of pure magical energy that turns other casters. character Resonant can grant Spell Resistance

Hit Die: d8 Skill Points: 4

As long as he or she concentrates,


Int Bonus per level Craft,


Class Skills: Balance, Climb, Concentration,

class level to any creatures


Escape Artist, Hide, Jump, Knowledge: Arcana,

Table 2--9 Spellbane Class Features

+0 +1 +2

+2 +3 +3 +4 +4 +5 +6 +6 +6 +7

+2 +3 +3 +4 +4 +5 +6 +6 +6 +7

+2 +3 +3 +4 +4 +5 +6 +6 +6 +7

Class Features
Martial Training, Nerve Strike Disrupting Throat Attack Dispelling Arrack

4 5 6 7 8 9 10

+3 +3 +4 +5 +6 +6 +7


Great Leap, Ki Strike + I Spirit Bane Diamond Improved True Sight Negate Magic, Ki Strike + 3 Soul Dispelling, Ki Strike + 2







Swim, completely training. abilities, their


makes a Fortitude penalty

Save instead character

of Will. If the suffers a 50% Unless stack.

and Tumble.

Saving Throw spell failure otherwise and armor in favor of physical or weapon have the following are Monks,

fails, the target

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The Spellbanes
eschew weapons They gain no additional armor

for the next 2d4 rounds. all spell failure This but the result magician chances



Throat Strike
as Disrupting Throw immune one round.


ability works exactly the same of a failed Saving mute for that are into his bonus is struck

Class Features: Spellbanes
which are gained


at a rate indicated focuses

on Table 2-9. though

is that the target to critical

Martial Training: Spellbanes
study of the Resonance ways. Thus, class levels together Attack and Unarmed Damage, AC Bonus, and Unarmored Level Monk/3 Level Monk bonuses.

Like Nerve Strike,


their energy in different and Spellbane of determining Unarmed Saving Throws, a 6th class as Monks as a 9th Monk the

hits are unaffected. By channeling the Resonance can jump great distances.

they may add their Monk for the purpose Attack Stunning Bonuses, Attacks,

Great Leap


or her own body, the character to all Jump rolls.

The Spell bane adds ten times his or her Wisdom

Speed of that class. For example, rd Level Spellbane is treated of determining

Ki Strike
Resonance material

for purposes

(Su): As the Spirit Bane (Ex): The



of the same name. of the the can see and Attacks.



now allows him or her to reach outside plane of existence. creatures The Spellbane with his or her Unarmed


of other classes are treated

of the same level as the character's

Spell bane level. upon the Resonance to Attacks. Once per Attack.

strike ethereal

Dispelling Attack
to scatter round, magical dispel enchantments


By drawing

energy, the Spellbane can attempt with Unarmed may declare a Dispelling damage and works

Diamond Soul
or her Wisdom Dispelling


As the Monk ability of the same name.

Improved Disrupting
bonus Attack


The Spellbane may add his caster level of the vision into and

the character

to the effective

This must be done before the attack roll. The Dispelling Attack does normal targeted Spellbane Dispel exactly like a Magic spell cast by a Cleric of caster Monk level. The character's number of times a day and can

ability. So keen is the Spellbane's by illusory effects

True Sight
creatures Mirror without


the Resonance

that he or she can now see objects and may attack

level equal the character's this ability can be used.


like Invisibility, them may create

level is the maximum

Image, or Displacement the usual penalties.

Nerve Strike


Knowledge magical

of the Resonance energy, the Spellbane

Negate Magie
an Anti-Magic


Once per day, the character Spell bane level.

how it is tapped

can also be used to harm those who of an enemy spellcaster. Once may declare a Nerve come before the attack Strike. roll is

Field. The effective

caster level is equal

use it. By scattering per round,

to the character's

strike the nerve clusters the character must This declaration

made, and the target attacker's

must be a spellcaster,

If successful,

the victim must make a Will Save at DC 10

Spellbane level



the for one from the can be

the attacker's normal


bonus to avoid having his or her arms Paralyzed round in addition cast and the target number immune to suffering damage attack. No spells that have somatic components

loses his or her Dexterity

bonus this

while under the effect of the Nerve Strike. The maximum of times per day the Spellbane to critical hits are unaffected can employ by Nerve ability is equal to his or her class level. Creatures Strike.

Disrupting Attack
ability to channel

(Su): Spellbanes

can also use their

knowledge of the Resonance works exactly like Nerve

to interfere with a spellcaster 's energy into spells. This ability except that a spellcaster



Table 2~lO: Extraordinary Requiring Charioteering
Turning sharply at high speed Driving over rough terrain Jumping chariot over low obstacles Passenger attacking Driver fighting from chariot without penalties

Actions Checks




from chariot without

penalties line at current speed)


(chariot may only move in a straight

New Skills
In addition also purchase to the usual list of skills, characters Charioteering. may

Imbue Tattoo [Item Creation]
Prerequisites: Craft: Tattoo
Craft Wondrous Item are very fond of tattoos. the body's magical to crafting They natural tattoos. any other the First, (8 ranks), Brew Potion,

Benefit: Atlanteans

Charioteering (Dex)
Before the development a viable option, method character pulled normal actions Chariots typical usually of choice of stirrups chariot made heavy cavalry was the fast-attack battlefield. of driving A a chariot for the armored


them a way to enhance

grace and believe tattooing Creating caster powder, magical tattoos

to be high art, which some is similar

have taken to a new level by crafting

on the Classical

with this skill is capable riding, but may be needed

magic item, but there are some differences. must mix special paints the right mixture consisting blood, a bit of the recipient's

by two light horses.

Rolls are not required for extraordinary on Table 2-10.

of orichalcum

and exotic herbal painting it with the

such as those presented are available chariot an archer

dyes. Finding enchanting tattoo magical becoming orichalcum

takes up most of the

for a cost of 100 gold. The Charioteering and Rogues. is a

time. The final step involves

can hold one driver and one passenger, or spellcaster, Clerics,

on the recipient's permanent.

body and imbuing The caster must

power. The new tattoo to completely

sinks into the skin, use enough point cost magical abilities do not

Class Skill for Fighters,

pay the experience Because tattoos

New Feats
Close Quarters Fighting [General]
Prerequisites: Base Attack Bonus
Proficiency: this fighting long weapons the weapon's Hafted

of the enchantment, may only affect occupy

and the tattoo's

the recipient.

an item slot, the enchanting

cost is doubled.

+ 1, Weapon
warriors developed of gets inside with such as of weapon the weaknesses characters

Reach Weapon

Elemental Independence [MetamagicJ
Prerequisites: Spellcraft
(8 ranks) Benefit: Atlantean development spell casters credit Orpheus with the damaging force. This elemental, to one of this technique, aspects which allows them to of certain (8 ranks), Knowledge: Arcana

Benefit: Bastai and Half-Atlantean
style to help overcome

that arise once an opponent reach. As a free action, and attack at all.

this feat can shift their grip on a hafted a glaive or longspear suffering being unable to attack only a -1 penalty to attack

strip away the elemental technique is very useful creatures,

an adjacent


spells and replace them with pure magical for battling and fiendish 36 which are often

rolls instead

celestial, immune

or more types of elemental damage. A spell modified with Elemental Independence uses up a slot two levels higher than the actual level.

Phalanx Formation [General]
Prerequisites: Base Attack Bonus + I, Weapon Proficiency: Hafted Reach Weapon, Shield Proficiency: Tower Shield) Benifit: Originally developed by Greek generals and since adopted by other Mediterranean cultures including Atlantis, the phalanx is a powerful formation that relies on closely packed ranks of foot soldiers with tower shields and long thrusting weapons such as longspears. This Feat allows a character to wield a longspear in one hand and to ignore cover penalties for attacking from behind friendly combatants.

Focus Energy [MetamagicJ
Prerequisites: Enlarge Spell, Empower Spell Benifit: This spell allows a caster to concentrate the elemental energy of certain spells to a tightly focused beam. Any attack spell that does elemental damage over an area of effect and allows a Reflex Saving Throw to reduce damage, such as Burning Hands or Lightning Bolt, may be converted to a ray spell. Instead of automatically hitting and granting a Reflex Save, the new ray spell is cast as a ranged touch attack which can only affect a single target, but grants no saving throw. Focus Energy increases a spell's effective level by one.

Resonant Spellcasting [General]
Prerequisites: Arcane Spellcasting, Spellcraft (5 ranks), Knowledge: Arcana (5 ranks) Benifit: The famous bard, Orpheus, is believed to be the first to discover the power of the Resonance. Characters with this Feat have the ability, though unrefined, to briefly touch the Resonance in order to boost their magical power. Once per day, the character may spend a move equivalent action to open himself or herself to the Resonance. The next arcane spell he or she casts is powered by the Resonance itself and does not count against the caster's daily spell allotment. Wizards do not lose the prepared spell, and Bards and Sorcerers do not expend a spell slot. Channeling the Resonance without the proper training is dangerous. When this feat is used, the caster must make a Fortitude Save vs. a DC of 10 + the level of the spell being powered by the Resonance. A failure deals I point of damage to the caster for each level of the spell.

Classical Weapons
The Classical World featured some unusual weapons. One, the Great Trident, is listed below as a new weapon. The others are given equivalencies for other more common weapons.

Great Trident
(Exotic Weapon, Cost 30 gold, Damage 3d4 [Piercing], Crit 20 [x 3 l- Weight 15 lbs.) This large polearrn consists of a long shaft with a hefty trident head mounted on the end (see cover illustration). Longer than the standard trident, this two-handed weapon provides a 10' reach and is a favorite of the regular armies of Atlantis. 37

Bronze was still the metal of choice for tools and weapons when Plato began telling stories of Atlantis. The typical soldier wore a bronze cuirass, helmet, and greaves, and carried a bronze sword and bronze-tipped spear. Bronze fittings reinforced his shield, and bronze tools helped farmers cultivate the fields that kept him fed. Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin. It is easy to work into a variety of shapes, but it is very soft compared to iron or steel. This does not mean that bronze weapons were ineffective, however. Mediterranean smiths forged weapons to compensate for the frailties of their medium. Bladed weapons were kept short because long swords would bend or break too easily. The leaf-shaped blade of the hoplite's sword and the heavy, reverse curve of the falcata were designed to add force to a swing. They were every bit as deadly as their iron and steel successors, simply not as durable. A properly forged bronze weapon is a perfectly serviceable instrument of war. A soldier trained in the use of a hoplite sword or falcata is fully capable of delivering terrible blows with deadly accuracy. Therefore, Classical bronze weapons (as opposed to bronze versions of medieval ones) impose no attack or damage penalties. However, bronze is a soft metal that breaks easily. Bronze objects have only 2/3 the hardness and hit points of their steel counterparts. This also means that bronze is easy to work. Forging items from bronze grants a + 2 Circumstance Bonus to Craft checks.

This one-handed splitting sword has an inward curving cutting blade that delivers a tremendous blow capable of to a longsword.

Atlantean Scale Armor
Veteran soldiers are often gifted with this suit of magiis masterBonus to cally enhanced scale mail as a reward for their dedicated Atlantean Scale Armor a +4 Deflection

shields and armor. It is equivalent

service to Atlantis. AC, a

work scale mail that grants

This heavy. curved blade is commonly ple of the Nile valley and is designed chopping attacks. used by the peoto deliver

+ 30 bonus
Freedom Breathing,

to Swim checks, of Movement etched and Water Walking.

and the Spell-like Each individual runes that

Abilities Water

(when underwater),


It is equivalent

to a greatsword.

scale is painstakingly Atlantean enchanted Scale Armor

with orichalcum

tell the story of the owner's by their owners,

deeds, so no two suits of making each suit a truly

A long spear that is used in deadly formations phalanxes. It is the equivalent
to a longspear.

are alike. Many are even further craftsmanship.



work of magical

Caster Level: 8th Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms & Armor, Freedom
Movement, Shield, Water Breathing, Water Walking of

Magical Equipment
Atlantis is a civilization based on the mastery cultures. of arcane in magic. Consequently. magic is much more common items available that magically equipment. 38

Market Price: 97,000 gold Cost to Create: 48,500 gold (the orichalcum
the armor negates the experience used in cost of creation).

everyday life than in other cum makes simple magical zens of Atlantis Prestidigitation boil are popular the Atlanteans' or stones

The use of orichalto the citiheat water to a of

for a reasonable items. Following more esoteric

price. Rods that cast are some examples

Caes Eye Bracelets
The feline Bastai find gloves and boots so some have devised These stone cut to resemble Dexterity and a magical the slitted a +4 items fine silver bracelets are adorned uncomfortable, with a car's eye Bonus to attack an towards and to replace them.

Restricted Equipment
The technology of the ancient Mediterranean world lags behind the technology of standard medieval fantasy settings. For this reason, some items from the standard equipment list are not available to characters in TWILIGHT OF ATLANTIS. Unless otherwise indicated, all items listed below are not available.

eyes of the Bastai. When Enhancement

worn as a pair, they grant

+ 1 Luck

Bonus to unarmed

damage rolls. The Luck Bonus is not considered Enhancement breaching Bonus and, thus, does not count reduction. damage

Caster Level:
Divine Favor

Item, Car's Grace,

Bastard Sword Crossbow (Any) Lance (Any) Longbow (Any) Rapier Guisarme Halberd Ranseur Scythe Kama Nunchaku Siangham Gnome Hooked Hammer Ore Double Axe Dire Flail Two-Bladed Sword Dwarven Urgrosh Shuriken

Chain Shirt Chainmail Banded Mail Half Plate Full Plate Buckler Armor Spikes Locked Gauntlet Shield Spikes

Prerequisites: Craft, Craft Wondrous Market Price: 26,000 gold

Cost to Create: 13,000 gold and 560 experience.

Created currents by Atlantean Resonants, these small gems help the underlying World. feat. the Ancient spellcasters tap into the Resonance,

Class Tools and Skill Kits
Water Clock (Available only on Atlantis)

of magic that permeate may discharge right before feat stored its effective can be found

Each metaprism Spellcasters as a free action the metamagic without raising of a higher Resonant

holds a single use of a metamagic casting within

the energy in the metaprisrn a spell. This applies the use of the the gem to the spell on the creation

Courtier's Outfit

level or requiring in the description

level spell slot. Information prestige class. Characters



Mounts and Related Gear
Heavy Warhorse Military Saddle

of meta prisms

with the Craft

Spyglass (Available only on Atlantis)

Wondrous by paying . metapnsm


Feat can recharge

used metaprisrns

the experience . In question.

cost of the specific

This rare metal, found surface of Atlantis, to work as bronze Orichalcum's Atlantean process enchanters to reduce of refined only in mines deep beneath in consistency. magical nature. that the is reddish-gold but much harder in color. It is as easy

true value is in its innately the personal orichalcum point

refine the metal in the item creation cost in experience Every 5 gold into the item cost . . of Orpheans worked magic items.



they pay when creating worth counts as I experience

of the enchanting


is also used in the creation

highly detailed the duration

maps worth

at least 100 gold each. For on board the vessel stars, which leads unerringly These Insight stars remain visible the day. Astral Bonus to all rolls and during

of the spell, anyone destination. conditions

will see a trail of brightly-lit to the voyage's under Guide any weather

gives the crew a

+ 20

to avoid getting

lost and to stay on course.

~ ~

Chariot of Poseidon Evocation (Water)
Level: Cleric 4, Travel 3, Water 3 Components: Verbal, Somatic, Casting Time: 1 action Range: See text Area of Effect: See text
into the arcane arts has produced otherwise indicated, the they Focus

New Spells
Atlantean following research new spells. Unless


1 hour per caster level (harmless)

are all arcane in nature.

Saving Throw: Reflex negates Spell Resistance: No


this spell causes a large chariot made of seawater,

to rise out of and dry.

the sea. Though

it is sturdy

It will safely carry the caster and one other passenger per three caster levels over the waves as if they were gentle, flat terrain, parting waves harmlessly as it approaches.

Astral Guide Evocation (Light)
Level: Bard 2, Sorcerer/Wizard Components: Verbal, Somatic, Casting Time: 1 hour Range: Touch Target:
1 vehicle

A team of four horses, also made of seawater, draws the
2, Travel 2 Focus chariot at a base speed of 90'. The chariot Reduction from all weapons and Saving Throws and horses of 20/+ I are a single unit with a Damage and take half damage fluid nature. caster's. level and hit points Chariot They have an Armor of Poseidon

due to their

Class of 10



equal to the

is a Divine Spell.

Duration: 1 day per level Saving Throw: None Spell Resistance: No
Atlantean spellcasters developed this spell to help relying of with simple spell has guide their ships across the open sea without on landmarks for navigation. explorers of advanced This enabled Atlantean open sea without their knowledge Atlantean Under (harmless)

to cross vast stretches lost. Combined impact on mathematics

Choir of Orpheus Transmutation
Level: Bard 3, Sor/Wiz Casting Time: 1 action Range: See text Area of Effect: See text
40 3 Focus

fear of getting

and cartog-

Components: Verbal, Somatic,

raphy, this spell has had a significant expansion.

a clear night sky, the caster must plot the vessel's foci: an astrolabe and a set of

course with the spell's

Duration: Concentration Saving Throw: Will negates
This spell was developed to rally around Resonance a powerful (harmless)

this spell enabled seas. Enterprising normal war wizards the Casting this conditions,

Atlantean captains

ships to escape becalmed soon discovered that under made their ships a pinch of sea sails. If there

Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)
to allow Atlantean spellcaster by touching and lend their

the spell actually

move faster. Casting

this spell requires

salt, which the caster blows into a ship's normally sufficient for the spell's duration.

is no wind when the spell is cast, the ship may move If there was already by 10% per wind, the ship's speed increases of 100%.

own reserves of inner strength spell requires four casters five spellcasters: must surround

and using it to link all involved.

four who must know as the focus. The standing They directions.

caster level to a maximum

this spell and one who is designated exactly five feet away at the cardinal must reach their positions means that each participant action position, (through caster with the lowest the casters note. The final chord nimbus maintain of blue light. audibly -

the focal wizard,

at the same time. This in the spell must hold an until the gets to act. Once in the Resonance and forms in a

the Ready or Delay action) initiative touches

each strike a chime with a different all five spellcasters

Curse of Helios Evocation (Light)
Level: Sor/Wiz
Casting Time: Range: Medium
3, Sun 3 Focus

the magical link, surrounding The chord persists the focal character greater power -

Components: Verbal, Somatic,
I action

as long as the four casters While the spell is active, of an arcane spellcaster

their concentration. usually



10' per caster level)

Area: Sphere, 20' radius Duration: Instantaneous Saving Throw: Reflex for half damage, Fortitude
negates blindness

may draw upon the magical energy of power from if the Thus,

the four to fuel his or her spells, drawing one or more of the other participants. focal spellcaster was casting

an Sth Level spell, he or

she could draw eight spell levels from one participating caster, four from two, or two from each of them. The focal spellcaster of the other may also use his or her own reserves of them with those magical energy but may not combine four participants.

Spell Resistance: Yes
By magically amplifying the ambient spellcasters light within the area of effect, Atlantean inflicts
I d4 points

are able to sear their

foes and blind them for a short period of time. This spell of damage per level of the caster as all those caught within the area Reflex Save halves the damage. the area of effect must also make for 2d4 rounds. the intense light burns within

of effect. A successful Any characters a Fortitude

Save to avoid being blinded

Cleito's GUiding Hand Conjuration
Level: Sor/Wiz
Casting Time: Target:
I vessel

2, Travel 2 Material

Components: Verbal, Somatic,
I minute

Range: Close (25'


5' per 2 levels)

Fires of Etna Transmutation
Level: Sor/Wiz
6 Material, Focus

Duration: 1 hour per caster level
When Atlantean explorers found first began to travel over the themselves at the mercy of open seas, they often

Components: Verbal, Somatic, Casting Time: See text Range: Touch Area of Effect: One masterwork

fickle winds. By creating magical wind and water currents,

metal item

Duration: Permanent Saving Throw: No Spell Resistance: No
Named magically after the mountain harden where Haphaestus use this magical forges ritual to tools of the gods, Atlanteans believe that this spell formed rites that enable the deathless the Underworld Casting orichalcum orichalcum (cost powder to fight again. a special forge lined with and 100 gold of of metal to be treated. item in the special orichalcum into the of metal maintained The treated 1 point 10,000 gold) per pound this spell requires


a way to incapacitate

a foe by vastly amplifying of his or her own heart are considered for any actions cause 2d6, standard This spell does not such as

the sense of hearing. to sounds Deafened performed inflicts action function causes tremendous

A victim of this spell is so sensitive

that even the beating and take subdual for the duration partial actions

agony. Affected creatures damage actions damage. spell.

of the spell. A free action deal 3 d6, and a full round

their metal tools. Many Orpheans the basis for the magical warriors to return from

1d6 subdual, inflicts

and move equivalent

4d6 subdual

where all sound

has been suppressed

inside the range of a Silence

The caster must heat the desired forge, slowly feeding flames. The process thus treated. and require of Hardness Weapons prized item becomes the powdered

Hermes} Cup
Level: Bard 3, Clr 4, Sor/Wiz Components: Verbal, Somatic, Casting Time: 1 minute Range: See text Target: One specially prepared Duration:
1 minute/level

takes one hour per pound complete attention.

The flames must be constantly the caster's harder and more durable, treated



and 2 Hit Points

per three caster levels. and often reddish fetch high used in the tint, making symbol

and armor

with this spell are highly The orichalcum and armor a status

4 Focus

for their extra durability

prices on the black market. magically treated weapons

spell gives bronze items a distinctive among non-Atlanteans. This

spell works a physical with further enchantment


change that does not interfere and may not be magically


Saving Throw: None Spell Resistance: No
Outsiders say the Atlanteans fascination to support think themselves the equal of gods. Their Atlantean with stories where mortals the mortal of the gods, Shortly before a to invite boy

best the gods tends

this view. A popular

story tells of how Ganymede, to be the cupbearer god, Hermes. the messenger Poseidon.

Furies} Scream
Level: Bard 6, Sor/Wiz Casting Time: 1 action Range: Close (25' Target: 1 Creature Duration:
1 round

taken to Olympus outwitted 6 Focus his brother message great gathering

on Olympus,

Zeus neglected offered

He asked Hermes

to fetch the sea to take the on his at raced goblet. had

Components: Verbal, Somatic,

god to avoid a snub. Ganymede faster than even Hermes at their servant the fleet-footed home, he found Ganymede arrived, gods laughed

could carry it. The arrived Hermes


and sent Hermes messenger

5' per two caster levels)

way. When Poseidon's message

the god already had the spoke into a magical cup the gods' cupbearer Ganymede

per caster level

and was ready to go. While

Saving Throw: Will negates Spell Resistance: Yes
The legendary Furies are the servants to wrongdoers. shrieks, of the gods who by the wizards Atlantean bring harsh justice Inspired

down Olympus,

and caused his image to appear inside Poseidon's By the time Hermes already delivered Poseidon the invitation.


gave the cup to Hermes, from then on.

who used it to talk with

sound of their soul-chilling


This spell allows two people to speak to each other over long distances through large, specially prepared orichalcum cups. By concentrating other properly is limited. prepared over such an instrument, vessel of which he or she image can the caster can create an image of himself or herself in any


the Difficulty component

Class of the Saving Throw. of the spell is a tiny trident (worth at least 500 of

The material

carved from a piece of blue topaz the ritual. Each member the material component.

gold), which is cast into the sea upon completion

of the ritual team must have

knows. The caster can see out of the cup, but the view Anyone who sees the caster's converse with him or her by speaking to it.

Sea King's Wrath Evocation (Water)
Level: Drd 3, Sor/Wiz
3, Water 3

Song of Orpheus Abjuration
Level: Bard 6, Magic 7, Protection Casting Time: 1 full round Range: Personal
per caster level) 6, Sor/Wiz 7

Components: Verbal, Somatic, Focus

Components: Verbal, Somatic, Material Casting Time: 10 minutes Range: Long (400'

+ 40'

Area of Effect: 30' radius Duration: 1 minute per caster level Saving Throw: Will negates (harmless) Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)
Adanteans credit the legendary Orpheus with the discovery of the Resonance and believe that he was the

Area of Effect: 1 wave Duration: Instantaneous Saving Throw: Reflex for half damage, see text Spell Resistance: No
Teams of Adantean spellcasters use this powerful spell to lash out at their enemies with their patron's unstoppable fury. From the safety of an Adantean cities. After establishing Atlanteans may summon for an amphibious warship, a caster lone they can of can call forth a wave to batter armies and drown coastal naval superiority, small waves to clear the way A single caster can create a wave

first to harness its power. In his honor, this spell is named for him. By taking one full round to concentrate and focus his breathing, Resonance chord that centers the wizard touches the of 12 and draws it forth in the form of an eerie on the caster. For the duration

assault. Acting in concert,

the spell, the caster may grant Spell Resistance Caster Level to any creatures The focus for this spell is an orichalcum proper tone.


devastate the landscape.

inside the area of effect. chime worth the

10' wide by 2' high per caster level to a maximum the magical wave breaks, dealing level (maximum the wave's size. I od6)

IOO' wide by 20' high. On impact with the shoreline, Id6 damage per caster over an area of effect equal to

1000 gold, which the caster must ring to produce

When multiple casters combine their efforts, the awesome power of this spell becomes apparent. Working together, a team of casters can dramatically size and destructive caster increases determines working 100d6 up to 1000' the ritual increase the 10

power of the wave. Each additional level of the entire ritual team 10 casters deal could create a single wave high that would in the area of effect. Take for the entire group to 43

the spell's casting time by another

minutes, but the combined for 100 minutes wide by 200'

the wave's size. For example,

damage to everything

the average ability modifier


3: Atlantean Campaigns
campaign is slightly different is Iron Age fantasy one. This section

Putting might Whether

your players' the Atlanteans


at the center

of it

A Bronze Age Atlantean from a standard the differences.

make for interesting

adventuring. you

are the good guys or the villains you'll want

aimed at giving you some tips on how to accommodate

is up to you. Just keep in mind that the decision make here will affect the types of characters to include.

Getting Started
You'll want to give a little thought want to run your campaign. designed with Atlantean characters to exactly how you

Racial Concerns
Remember that this campaign is set in the mythical history while Adanteans fantasy and the Bastai are most people in the world are. There TWILIGHT ATLANTIS is of our own Earth. Thus, are not human,

in mind, but there's or Spartans garrison, but, you

no reason you have to approach just as easily have your PC's fighting Egyptians including instead against the Empire. attempting

it that way. You could

no elves or dwarves or other may be accustomed. encountered

races to which you are best Atlantis. are or perhaps

be Athenians

The Mue and the Lemurians

They could also be the Adantean

only in their homelands

to overthrow

the Bastai cat-warriors. to set the game in Atlantis, campaign, intrigue. currently of the usual high adventure

Where you set your campaign fairly cosmopolitan there, but other might in terms

might have some influence and Cyrago unlikely and Bastai of the races you can find in Athens,

on what races you allow as well. Atlantis

It's also possible could run a court deal of politicking

cities are not. It's extremely Atlantean

After all, there is a great splintering the Empire.

you would see a Noble be rare outside

of the Nile River Delta.


Keep in mind too that each race looks on the Atlanteans (and therefore Atlanteans pushing interacts with them) differently. wishing Halfto be attempt themselves to live up to their divine heritage, hard and constantly parents. with other Bastai tend to be more aloof races much less. The as closer to perfect



It makes little sense to encounter that are appropriate


in Egypt.

Likewise, place your minotaurs

in Crete, not

Spain. Monsters

to their location creatures) but and

will not only give each location will lend your campaign Remember Cyrago, strange creatures

a more exotic feel

like their Atlantean Atlanteans

(since they each have their own unique

and thus may interact

a sense of authenticity. are unlikely to be tolerated. The

look upon themselves None

too that, except in places like Atlantis Lemurians

than other races. This can cause tension in a racially mixed group of characters. want to think about to have a character of this is bad, but you might before allowing a player such things

Even the civilized upon as monsters archetypal all gathering especially However, human fantasy

and Bastai will be looked communities. races of creatures part of the setting, of humanity. to a or threatens that is

in most human

of any race he or she likes.

bar with numerous is not a proper nature appropriate


An Atlantean campaign can feature characters of any level.
However, you may wish to consider having characters begin at mid- to high-level. setting will require is a nation ruled Such opponents The prestige classes unique Further, to the Atlantis advanced by powerful characters. wizards

given the xenophobic it is entirely a monster

for an adventure

be set around blockading

that occupies

community a port.

such as a sea serpent

and sorcerers. weaker characters. up to this stature.

may easily overcome work themselves

Adventure Seeds
Presented started. below are some ideas to get your campaign Each is a little different, thinking and all of them may not however.

Still, there is no reason why you can't start at I st Level and have your PC's

work for the type of game you'd like to run. They should

While there are no class restrictions, Atlanteans prefer any god. They revere Poseidon, be appropriate restricting in your campaign, remember that than it to rely on their own gifts rather but they consider Clerics

get you started

in the right direction,

Oricbalcum Heist
Characters: Atlantean Setup: An enormous
heisted has been traced Heroes

wrong to appeal to him for aid. Thus, their Domains.

may not

or you could consider

Goal: Recover a stolen cache of orichalcum
shipment of orichalcum has been metal from the Northern to Atlantis Mines. The precious

Designing Adventures
There are no specific plunder for guidelines. rules for designing adventures for the Classical World, but there are some sources you could A review of Greek Mythology of exploits quests that In particular, to defeat will give you a good idea of the sorts are germane to the setting. dread monsters or for fabulous Fleece) court intrigue (such treasure as Perseus's

itself, but from there it has agents believe that the for use before Just where they will hand the of the Empire to find the

disappeared. thieves material against stolen

King Diaprepes's for Cyrago,

are headed them.

over to the enemies

King Atlas asks the PC's

goods and bring them back to Atlantis the PC's in this adventure is simple.


of Medusa) of the Golden as well.

they fall into the wrong hands. Involving have Atlas hire them for the task. They could, however, be employees search. While of King Diaprepes, Atlantean agents continuing are reasonably their certain for

(like Jason's pursuit

are highly


The aforementioned entertainment

makes for engaging

When placing monsters monsters in your campaign, perspective. try to keep legends, some my tho-historical A great many of the

that the cargo is headed exactly who the recipient the port officials The characters Port Authority. The big questions what do they intend 45

for Cyrago, intercept

they can't be sure when it comes in. based from the and

is, which makes it difficult

to simply

will have to trace the shipment they receive at Cyrago

in the game are drawn from human correct locales. A couatl

on the information

but they are all mixed together. their culturally opponent for your PC's,

Try to place foes in makes a fine in

are who stole the orichalcum, to do with it? Perhaps

but only if it is found

a cell of

Egyptian Atlantean

revolutionaries garrison,

plans to overthrow

the qualities

However PC's

you set this adventure

up, you'll want to neutralized. despite Force the so the and the villagers)

and then use the resonant metal to enhance goddess,

make sure that Arcos is somehow to save him (and themselves of the major NPC's. that they are at the center motivations

of the mysterious through

their own elemental have unlocked and need the some Or perhaps

magic to keep the Atlanteans their patron the secret of creating orichalcum madman masters is planning

out. Maybe the Athenians, Athena,

of the action,

their own Orpheans the process.

to complete

to give it to the Mue metallurgical

The Underwater Railroad
Characters: Human

as part of a larger scheme.

Goal: Rescue a slave

American AngUish
Characters: Atlantean
South America Heroes or Wandering of an Atlantean Adventurers colony in

Setup: The Greek general,
defeated in battle. execute than simply

Hippcl ites, has been
government, rather him to slavery will now spend have been him. Such a of

The Adantean destroy

Goal: Prevent the destruction
Setup: Acrimon,

him, has sentenced the Empire to liberate it. The PC's

he who would

the rest of his life serving a Half-Atlantean father, willing Arcos. Wizard/Resonant to live up to the hired daring Atlantis. by Hippo lites's ploy would


of great power, has always struggled ideal of his Adantean Arcos was perfectly but always considered Half-Atlantean spent

not only free him from a life of a blow to the prestige the great general itself, making is impris-

It seems that
species. His Acrimon deeds that

hard labor but also strike Unfortunately, Atlantis indeed. this adventure oned within ous mission Obviously, characters. though sympathetic his

to mate with a human, no higher. to perform

them a lesser

this a very dangerplayer or

son was regarded but could

his whole life attempting

calls for anti-Atlantean Half-Atlantean

would please his father up his standards. seemed not to matter.

never seem to come of the Resonance one too many of his

Most of the party should, therefore,

be human,

Even his mastery Now, spurned

there could be a disaffected

Bastai in the group to aid with the penetration can get in easily enough, out him away. You could extend a harrowing series of chases

times, he has decided

that the only way to impress demonstration he, a puny Halffather.

of the island. The characters of bondage from Atlantis and then spirit by creating

father is to offer the greatest power that he can: specifically, Atlantean, spectacular Unfortunately, cost innocent his madness

but they will have to find a way to break Hippolites this adventure

is going to kill his Atlantean demands a manner as possible,

that he do it in as going to

all the way back to Athens.

and that's

lives. His father

has come to South

America in what will one day be Rio de Janeiro to see the farthest reaches of the Empire. A small Atlantean colony there serves as his current intends destroy campaign friends to trap his father it utterly. get involved depends on the type of or you are running. journeymen, They could be servants wayside. Acrimon in the village and then

How the PC's

of Arcos on tour with him. They might also be out seeing the world prior back into the family. They could also

young Atlantean
to being accepted

be a group of adventurers that just happen to be in the same part of the world when this occurs. Whatever the situation, they are in the wrong place at the wrong is so focused to interfere, might upon on he initially. time. The good news is that Acrimon The bad news is that once they attempt will turn the full force of his mystical them for attempting

his father that he won't pay them any attention

to deny him his revenge.




History and Myth

Come Alive!
In the sea of 020 is noted Winners products Origins available, Awards Avalanche Press' line of supplements and fun play. Game that hordes Thor of the is 020. pour of the last and for historical of multiple accuracy, incredible artwork for Best Historical Year, we've married Stand through colonists Odin, China alongside that expertise with the phenomenon emperor Unravel quests Hand as Turkish alongside Disciple the last Byzantine Fulfill worthy the walls of Constantinople. of Greenland. quests mighty Iron following (Touch the mysteries of your own Saga. Travel to Mythic or the dreaded Practitioner. awaits: most dreaded from son litters the landand become a Sword of Death) Saint,

Dim Mak

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a new adventure

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of LAST DAYS OF CONSTANTINOPLE. plot threatens game the All-Father himself!

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