Origami Dragon Step 1: To make this origami dragon, start with the origami bird base. Fold the opposite corners of the diamond to the centerline as shown.

Origami Dragon Step 2: Now fold the rear flap down and back:

Next.Origami Dragon Step 3: Fold the corner A upwards. fold the corner B back and downwards: .

Origami Dragon Step 4:Now fold the corner C from left to right. around the dotted line: .

by fold the edge E-F to the vertical position. as shown below right: .Origami Dragon Step 5: Now fold corner D backwards to give the result shown below left. It's now time to start making the dragon wings.

. then repeat on the backside.Origami Dragon Step 6: Repeat this fold on the backside to form the second wing. Fold corner E upwards.

Follow the next ten (10) photos to make the neck of the dragon. The reverse fold is explained in detail in the origami flapping bird instructions.Origami Dragon Step 7: Now it's time to start folding the neck of the origami dragon. . using a sequence of three (3) reverse folds.





Origami Dragon Step 8: Now make two more reverse folds to form the mouth of the dragon: .

Origami Dragon Step 9: Now use reverse folds again to form the tail of the dragon: .


Origami Dragon Step 10: Almost there! Now use simple back-and-forth pleat folds to make the wings more dragon-like: .


Origami Dragon Step 11: And there you have it! A fearsome. cool looking origami dragon! .


take one of the four corners of the base and squash fold it as shown below. Do check out their photos on Page 2 (more recent) and Page 1 then fold one yourself! The origami lily is not too difficult to fold but beginners may find the petal fold slightly challenging.We've received many photos of the origami dragon folded by readers. If you're giving your origami lily to someone as a gift. Next. Start with a 6 inch square piece of origami paper. do use an extra special paper such as these gorgeous Fabric Textured Origami Paper Or use these Washi Origami Paper with raised patterns and subtle gold flecks. and fold it into a water balloon base. If you prefer video. . check out our origami lily video instructions. Just take your time and follow each step slowly.

. to give the kite shape shown below.Repeat the squash fold for the other three corners.

then unfold. . Fold the top corner down. then unfold.Now fold the lower edges of the kite into the centerline.


Place your finger under the lower point of the kite. . that will be used in the next step. and fold upwards as shown.You will now have crease marks on the piece. This is a petal fold.

smaller kite. .Now repeat the petal fold three more times to give another.


Now fold one point of the kite downwards as shown. Repeat 3 more times for a diamond shape. .

Repeat three more times.Next fold the upper edges of the diamond into the centerline. .

Repeat this motion several times to cause the paper petal to curl. Start folding out the four petals of the flower as shown. You can create a nice curling effect in the petals like this: hold the base of a petal in your left fingers. we've omitted the left hand for clarity). Your thumb is in front and the pen in the back. then run your right thumb and pen (or pencil) along the length of the petal. .Now turn the piece upside down. (In the picture below.

And now your origami lily is complete! .

Check out the readers' photo page. Readers have even folded and used origami lilies at their wedding! .The origami lily is very popular and has been folded by many visitors of this website.


Sacramento. this is not the best of origami to start with.Other fun facts about camellia . CA is nicknamed the Camellia City and Camellia is the state flower of Alabama! This is not a straightforward origami due to the multiple squash folds. You might want to start with something simpler like any of the easy flowers or the lotus blossom or rose with leaf. So if you're a beginner and are not familiar with squash folds. .

Origami Camellia Step 1: Start with a 6 inch square (15cm x 15cm) origami paper. one along each diagonal axis. Origami Camellia Step 2: Make 2 triangle folds. . color side down. Crease well and unfold. Origami Camellia Step 3: Fold point A to meet the diagonal crease.

.Origami Camellia Step 4: Now fold point B to meet the other diagonal crease.

which is not difficult.Origami Camellia Step 5: Now we'll need to make a squash fold. You just have to know where to crease the paper. .

Press down the fold. .Pry open paper. Then crease along the edge shown.


Origami Camellia Step 6: Now fold point C to meet the line D-E as shown in the pictures below.

Origami Camellia Step 7: Now we have to make a squash fold again, like we did in Step 5. Pry open paper and crease along the dotted line shown below.

Once you've made the crease, it's pretty easy to squash down the fold.

.Origami Camellia Step 8: Fold point F to meet point G.

Pry open the paper and crease well along the dotted line. . This time we need to crease along the dotted line shown below.Origami Camellia Step 9: Time to repeat that squash fold.

Then make a squash fold. .

Origami Camellia Step 10: Almost there! We now need to bring the bottom flap to the top... . Then bring point H to I. First. lift up the top flap.

The bottom flap comes to the top. . Swivel point H to meet I...Then pry open the bottom part of paper.

. Then make a squash fold. Origami Camellia Step 11: Here comes another squash fold! Crease well along the dotted line shown below.Press paper flat.


Origami Camellia Step 12: Bring point H back down and tuck it in as shown. .


.Origami Camellia Step 13: Now we'll tuck in point J as well.


.Origami Camellia Step 14: Some finishing touches. and your origami camellia is complete! ..make 4 small creases for the "petals".

.Here's another origami camellia with a different paper.

From Amy in Edmonton " This is my first time. Amy. " Thanks. for the photo and compliment! . this is a awesome site.

I really enjoyed this project. This is a great site for simple instructions! " . " From Kristin in Ironton " These were my first two camellias.From reader in Turku Finland " I want to thank you for great origami instructions! Everything is explained very well and in detail so it's very easy to follow them! Here is one flower origami I made using paper from magazines.

i think " Glad you didn't give up! . Audrey! From reader in Rawalpindi " this is my camelia. at first it was difficult.i didnt know how to do the tuck in stuff or that other stuff.From Audrey in Lewis Center " this website is ausome. pretty good for my first try. and i almost gave up on it. cause this website is so awesome!!! Thanks for the compliment.but luckily this website came to the rescue and gave the best directions a person could ever want. but your instructions were amazing and here is my completed camelia.The first time i tried to make this.

where they will become a beautiful quilted paper garland for my friends' wedding. these origami camellias are going on an incredible journey! .From Amber in Ventura " These camellias are traveling with me flat through Europe. Thanks so much! " Wow. We'll fold out their centers in the Czech republic.

From Ashley in Korea " This was just the right kind of easy origami flower I was looking for! Thanks a bunch! " Did you make this origami? If so. You can login with your Facebook. . upload your photo via the comment box below. Google or Yahoo accounts. Twitter.

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