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December 2008

In This Issue From the Commodore

Well, winter is upon us and the EYC is all tucked in. We
From the Commodore .................................................... 1 pray you all had a festive Thanksgiving and preparations
for Christmas, Hanukah, and New Years are going well.
State of the Club Report................................................. 2
Looking back on 2008 brings fond memories of
Director's Report ............................................................ 3 celebration and fun both on the water, on the dock and in
our newly refurbished clubhouse. Once again thank you
103rd Ephraim Regattta ................................................. 5 to all those who contributed in time and treasure to this
much needed and utilized project. We have given future
Clubhouse, Fleet & Education Reports......................... 8 generations a wonderful gift! As we look to the
uncertainties in the world of 2009 we should all count the
Personnel Report ............................................................ 9 blessings we have in our little EYC community of friends
and fellow sailors. The EYC is a wonderful oasis and we
2009 Flying Scot NAC News ...................................... 10 will all find it gleefully waiting for our return.

Bridge & Bunco .......................................................... 13 The 2009 Flying Scot North American Championship
Committee is hard at work organizing and planning for
Junior Activities ........................................................... 14 this once in a lifetime event. Our hosting of this event is
not only an honor but also many years in coming to Eagle
Bratfest, Explorers and Teens .................................... 15
Harbor. It is good for the EYC to support the Flying Scot
First Mates ................................................................... 16 fleet that has been our primary boat for so many years.
Please consider taking on a role if you have not already,
EYC Gear, Instructor Housing, Thank You's & Racing many hands do truly make light work.
Results........................................................................... 17
I am excited to announce that Christian Pillat will return
Memorials/Tributes & Communications ................... 18 for the 2009 season and a number of the 2008 team are
leaning our way. We look forward to great leadership and
an even more experienced team.

As we continue to make the club easier to manage and
operate, more changes will occur. We are doing well on
posting more timely information on the site and have
EYC Officers & Directors, 2008-2009 added EYC groups in Facebook, MySpace, Linked In and
David Sauter (Commodore) Plaxo. We have video on YouTube and a large and
Paul Pillat (Vice Commodore) growing photo library on Flickr. What a great way to stay
Max Robinette (Rear Commodore) in touch over the long winter months.
Marsella Fults (Secretary)
Paul Pillat (Treasurer) If there is anything you want to share or have questions or
Rich Bierman comments in the off-season, please contact myself or
Quinn Brennan another Board Member. We had a great 2008 and are
Nancy Claypool looking forward to the 2009 season!
Andy Huey
Jay Lott
Scott Pearson
George Reynolds June 1, 2009: Opening Day!
Donna Scattergood

© Ephraim Yacht Club
P.O. Box 331, Ephraim, WI
Eagle’s Cry – December 2008

State of The Club Report Our club is well insured and our fleet fully registered after
DAVID SAUTER – DELIVERED AT ANNUAL MEETING many tedious years of work by Brud Sturgis. Thank you,
The Ephraim Yacht Club is in tremendous shape due to
the diligence and foresight of the Board, our membership Our scholarship program is operating well with six
and many dedicated individuals that have volunteered students this season. It provides great community and
countless hours to get us to where we are. good will. Thank you to Kirk Brown for helping to get
this program off the dock!
First, I wish to acknowledge Christian Pillat for running a
smooth and efficient operation this summer, he and his Our lease is solidly in place and our future insured.
team have done an exceptional job at making the club a Thank you to Max Robinette for having the foresight to
cool hang out as well as a fine educational and racing make this a priority.
facility. The power of the club is its sense of shared
community and that is more evident now than ever before. Our education program continues to make great strides.
We taught over 200 student sessions with the level of
Thank you again to this year’s Instructor Team and our quality and fun continuing to rise again this year. Online
quiet but ever dirty Equipment Manager Drew Witteborg! registration was a huge help in removing confusion and
extra hours of administrative work. Donna Scattergood,
Bill Hoag was the fundraising chair and Quinn Brennan with input from the Instructors, will undertake curriculum
was the man in the trenches that made the dream of a changes that will incorporate Sailboat Cruising for those
revitalized clubhouse a reality. Again, thank you from the not as interested in racing. We encourage more adults to
membership! While we have additional enhancements participate as well as youth that do not get the racing bug
planned, Bill and Quinn brought this huge project in on but want to stay on the water under sail. We are even
time and under budget. Our contractors provided exploring sponsoring some big boat races and acquiring a
consideration for the club and we encourage you to larger keelboat for instruction! Many of the enhancement
consider them in any project. They are Baylake Electric, ideas over the last few years have come directly from the
Concrete Forms, Inc, Paul Malmgren Architect, Instructors.
Bridenhagen Landscape and Rachel Chomeau Landscape.
We have many traditional events and activities that once
George Kraemer and Paul Pillat are undertaking again made this summer one of fun and camaraderie. In
additional dock enhancements to help us improve the addition, we added some new ones to the program. Liz
safety and usability of the dock for the 2009 season. We Gheorghita got the Teen program going. Explorers are
have tested a few things such as the arrangement of the growing for our youngest members and we added
boats and the catwalk docks. We are learning and will put Monday night ladies BUNCO. There are a growing
more efforts into practice for next season. number of adhoc gatherings occurring amongst club
members and we have more hanging out happening on the
Racing and Regattas were well attended and well raced. dock and around the clubhouse with our swim platform
Our fleets are growing and skills are increasing. We will and brightened ping-pong area. Junior Activities continue
continue to improve what and how we keep the spirit of to see tremendous participation. Thank you to Allison
competition alive at the EYC. Huey for leading this the last two years. Thank you to all
who help make these events happen and to those who
Carol Claypool, Jay Lott, Ryan Malmgren and Nancy participate.
Claypool are hard at work with many others to make the
2009 Flying Scot North American Championships the Our merchandise was again fabulous. Unending thanks to
best ever. There is much more to come but if you have Susan Reynolds-Smith for her tireless efforts to outfit
not stepped up or been approached to help, please know most of Door County! She again outdid herself, which
that we need you! resulted in a contribution of almost $8,000!
We continue to improve our equipment. The fleet is in I have one housekeeping issue; our seasons are short and
better shape than ever with additional upgrades planned. packed with activities. So, if you see something that
We will complete the refurbishment of our sails this concerns you or have a problem or suggestion please
winter and go into next season in fine shape with the help contact the staff that can help. If you feel a procedure
of Mad Sails and Ryan Malmgren. Thank you, Ryan. change should be considered immediately, contact the
Commodore by either email or phone. We want and need
We currently have 357 paid members at various levels. to know issues and concerns in order to address them
There are 13 new members this year so far. We continue promptly.
to have a healthy active membership.
Eagle’s Cry – December 2008

The state of our club is now on a more solid foundation. Jillian Brown fulfilled the role of Activities Director this
We look forward to many summers even better than this year. She went above and beyond my expectations. Not
one! once this summer was I ever worried about an activity not
running smoothly. I want to thank her for the excellent
Director’s Report job she did and for all of the extra hours she put in to
CHRISTIAN PILLAT make all the Activities at the club a success.

To begin with, I would like to thank a number of people
that made it possible to make this one of the most
successful years for the EYC in recent history. First off,
thank you to Bill Hoag and Quinn Brennan who worked
so hard throughout the year to finish the clubhouse
renovation. The new clubhouse made many of the
teaching successes we had possible. I would also like to
thank David Sauter, Donna Scattergood and Sara Latreille
for all of the time they put into this club. Lastly, and most
importantly, the staff this year was incredible. Jillian, Liz,
Julian, Alex, Ted, JP, Sarah, Matt, Olivia, and Woody
were all spectacular.

Staff: The staff this year consisted of nine people who
grew up around the EYC and three that did not. Being Liz Manley took over the role of Racing Director. She
able to recruit college sailors from outside of the program brought an enthusiasm about racing to the club and I am
at the EYC has tremendously improved the level of happy to say that Opti and FJ races happened almost
instruction. All of the instructors this year were US every scheduled racing day. This is quite different from
Sailing certified. This is something the club should strive the past when the staff would fight over who worked
for in the future because the US Sailing Instructor course those nights because it was almost always guaranteed a
not only makes sure the instructors are competent sailors night off.
but it also teaches the instructors how to teach. It gives a
number of ideas for games and activities to play on and Clubhouse: I again want to thank Bill Hoag and Quinn
off the water, rain or shine. Brennan for all of their off-season efforts. The new design
is very effective for our lessons program. The open area
allows the instructors to sit down with their kids and have
a lot of room to chalk talk. We also installed two
whiteboards that make up a majority of the east wall
downstairs. These have proven to be a great area to talk
before the kids go out on the boats.

This summer, we also experimented with Junior
Instructors. This was also a success. Woody, Matt, and
Olivia all had double duty. They not only had to keep the
clubhouse clean but they were going on lessons as well.
The idea was to have them going on lessons with
instructors in the beginning of the season so they could
learn some teaching methods. I am happy to say that all The instructor office is a big hit with all of the instructors
three of them showed enough maturity, confidence, and but I also think it was much needed. It utilizes the space
competence to take out their own groups for session D. much better than the old clubhouse and there is enough

Eagle’s Cry – December 2008

storage inside the office for all of the tools, spare parts, The Optis continue to be a great teaching boat but it is
and all other things that are frequently need. We do have usually harder to get kids to race in them. I am happy to
another storage area for parts, paints, and other things that say that in the closing two weeks we had six boats for the
are less frequently used. second to last week and eight boats in the last week of
racing. This tells me that we should add more optis to the
One of the very few things that we could use is more fleet because some kids were switching on and off the
storage for the Flying Scot racing sails. An idea would be committee boat.
to put another storage bench in somewhere. It will add
seating and it would allow us not to leave our sails out in
the open.

Dock: The dock is becoming more and more accessible
for people of all ages. With the addition of the four
catwalks in session D, it became much easier for the
students to get onto the optis and FJs. I would recommend
adding catwalks to the entire dock in future years. The
catwalks also allow people of all ages to easily access the

One thing that should happen on the dock is the clearing
of the larger rocks in front of private boats. For all who
are not young and agile it is very difficult to lift the boats
from on top the big boulders in on which they put the
tongue of their trailer.

The biggest improvement this year was having three Scots
on lifts. Every one of these boats was taken out everyday
because it is much easier to get on the water faster.

Fleets: The Flying Scot fleet is in constant repair and is
on the way to being prepared for Nationals next year. We
have repaired three centerboards that were delaminated to
the point where they were peeling back and showing lead.
I am starting to believe that they are hitting ground
somewhere in the harbor and being torn up. By next year,
we should remove and repair all of the centerboards and
shimmy all of the centerboard trunks. This is just as
important as the new sets of racing sails we bought. I
would recommend replacing Flying Ghoti next year and
replacing it with a newer Scot.
This year, we ordered spares of every part that commonly
The FJ fleet is probably our weakest fleet. While it is breaks. This will keep more boats in the water at all times,
good for advanced and racing, it is becoming an which will help keep a boat available for members.
antiquated fleet. The 420s are taking over in much of the
US and are already the top boats in the world. In the The quality of our safety fleet has greatly improved from
college sailing world, FJs are becoming extinct. All of the last year even though we have not added any new boats.
higher competition regattas are now sailed in 420s and it This year all of the staff got training and tutorials on all of
would be great to prepare our youth to be competitive in the boats and engines and the upkeep has been much
boats that are more popular. better.

If we decide to keep the FJs, we should get racing sails The biggest issue with the fleet this year has been the
for them. When the FJs are used for lessons, they are propguards. While they may be much safer, they decrease
consistently capsizing and luffing the sails. This causes maneuverability and speed. The problem with both of the
the batons to fall out and it is very hard to keep the sails caribes’ is that they now cannot keep up with a reaching
race ready. FJ or Flying Scot with a spinnaker. It is hard to teach
from a boat that cannot keep speed with sailboat that is
being coached.
Eagle’s Cry – December 2008

The Jet Ski was especially useful. It is very easy to relay the absence of John Peterson (who with Deanna, Isak and
messages or get kids out that show up late. It also helps Stefan took the summer off to cruise Lake Superior in
me get on the water quickly if a boat is in distress. I Charrette, their 38-foot Beneteau. John will be back next
recommend that the club keep a “fast boat” for that year to work on the North American Championship).
purpose. Ryan Malmgren worked with John Archibald and his
crew to get off five races. This was a challenge with
103rd Ephraim Regatta constantly changing conditions. The racers experienced
dead calm to shifting winds, people sailing into holes,
changes of course, and wind bringing the back of the fleet
The 103rd Ephraim Regatta was a great success on all to the front. No two races were alike.
fronts -- for the racers, the spectators, and all the club
members who volunteered and otherwise participated in Our regatta meals chairperson, Karen Brown, and her
the social activities. The good news is that we continue to team made sure that all the racers had breakfast in the
attract good, out-of-town Flying Scot racers who look mornings and lunches for the water. On Saturday, the
forward to racing with the sailors at our club and also racing moved quickly and the racers were able to get in
enjoy the opportunity to be racing in a fleet of 30+ boats. early with time to spare before heading to the 33rd
The regatta provides competition for our junior sailors Bratfest hosted by Bill and Rosie Klein and family.
who may not otherwise have the opportunity to travel to Thanks go to Susan Reynolds-Smith for regatta apparel,
compete against others. As one new crew to the Ephraim Quinn Brennan and his committee for towing and safety
Regatta said, "I've never raced in a fleet this big!" Yes, boats, Jay Lott for publicity, and Joani Lewis for trophies.
our regatta is good racing.
The winner of the Vail Cup, which is awarded to the
winner of the first race, was Hugh Haggerty in Big Tex.
The winner of the Wisconsin Cup, the highest overall
standing after the first three races, was Hugh Haggerty.
The winner of the Charlie Sauter Memorial Trophy,
which is awarded to the winner of the first race on
Sunday, was Randy Adolph of Madison, Wisconsin who
started at the starboard end of the line next to the race
committee boat, got out in front and stayed there. The
winner of the Peder Knudson trophy for the highest-
ranking boat with a wife husband team was Frank Gerry
with his wife Marianne from the Delavan Yacht Club
sailing in Helga. The winner of the Sturgis Trophy for the
Our regatta weekend started with the welcome party highest ranking skipper under age 18 was Matt Smith in
hosted again by Jay Lott. As we all know, Ephraim is a Malcolm II with his crew Robert Harlan and Will
destination. After our out-of-town racers drive to Gheorghita, the "KC Crew" (they are all from Kansas
Ephraim, it is a great opportunity for them to have a City). The overall winner of the Ephraim Regatta was
chance to socialize with competitors, renew friendships Hugh Haggerty. The complete results are on the right.
and meet club members. As with all EYC functions, the Remember, "There Will Always Be An Ephraim
welcome party is open to any member. Jay did another Regatta."
great job of providing local fare for the sailors.

Hugh Haggerty (former EYC Sailing Director, who is
gainfully employed after graduating from college)
appeared out of nowhere on Saturday morning ready to
race in Big Tex. It turns out that his crew was his uncle,
Mike Haggerty, a nationally ranked sailor, who was
making his first appearance at the Ephraim Regatta in
many years. (Mike's most recent accomplishment was
being crew for the Austin, Texas team that won the 2008
U.S. Men's Sailing Championship for the Mallory Cup in
September at the San Francisco Yacht Club.) It was nice
to see Mike back racing in Eagle Harbor.

Ryan Malmgren took a sabbatical this year from racing
and, instead, served as the Race Committee Chairman in
Eagle’s Cry – December 2008
Eagle’s Cry – December 2008
Eagle’s Cry – December 2008

Clubhouse Report I am happy to say that in the closing two weeks of the
year, we had 6 to 8 boats participating in Opti races.

Our newly renovated clubhouse was very well received Education
by the membership. Much of the enhanced functionality DONNA SCATTERGOOD
and safety was used to its fullest extent throughout the
summer by the staff, students and club members. We had a great season with much thanks to David Sauter,
Socially, the clubhouse was enjoyed for events, BBQ Christian Pillat and the EYC staff! Christian has class
picnics and day fun. On any given day, you could find tallies in his report; I want to focus on what we
swimmers and people having fun on the dock and around implemented this year and what we aspire to in the
the club. As planned, the use of maintenance free coming years.
products and materials will lower cost and the enhanced
design should keep it dry and organized for a long time to Most significantly, we have enjoyed a great staff group
come. that reported a good esprit de corps that has influenced the
atmosphere during sessions most positively!
We have a few plans for the coming year to further or
On-line registration was implemented this spring. This
finish a few things we did not achieve. We would like to
greatly improved the registration process by minimizing
add stone pavers to the parking area, another sail storage
volunteer time requirements, allowing for greater
box and the concrete floor needs to be polished and
management of class sizes, scheduling and revenue
sealed. In addition, we would like to update the electrical
in the upstairs as well as the lighting in the trophy lounge. collection. The service had been effective for
We are discussing retractable awnings for the water our needs and has additional service options that we may
explore in coming seasons.
facing west side to add shade during the day we have
heavy sun.
The season now includes four two-week sessions with
both morning and afternoon options, and a fifth one-week
If any member knows someone who can help design and
session. We have sailing camp for those who have
paint a floor mural of Eagle Harbor, complete with bluffs,
completed first grade, levels I – IV, and ARTs (advanced
docks, and landmarks like Horseshoe Island; please
racing tactics.) All of this resulted in 205 student sessions
forward their contact details. We are planning to
this past summer.
complete a scale drawing of the harbor to help with
racecourse design, race strategy and sailing instruction
(and it would look really cool).

We are happy to report that the fleet is in good and
improving shape. We continue to focus on the Flying Scot
repairs and are well on our way to being prepared for
Nationals next year. Mad Sails will assess all our sails this
fall and give us a plan and estimate on various
improvements. We added three sets of Flying Scot Racing
sails this year and have three sets on order for 2009.

The Flying Junior (FJ) fleet is in good shape but currently
under review for replacement by 420s. It is our current We are now providing a report card to parents for all
intent to ready the FJ fleet for the 2009 season by youth participants that provides information on the skill
purchasing new sails and making minor hull repairs. We level achieved and recommendation for the next class.
will look to replace the FJ’s with 420s for the 2010 This has facilitated communication between staff and
season. parents that has been met with satisfaction from parents.

The Opti’s remain in great shape. We did not add any new We developed and implemented a follow-up survey for
boats this year but are considering adding two next year. parents of participants to provide consistent feedback and
The Optis are a wonderful teaching boat and provide and to continue to fine-tune our program. The survey goes out
effective introductory racing platform for younger sailors. via email after the students have completed the two-week
session. Respondents have been very positive and have
Eagle’s Cry – December 2008

We continued to assign leadership roles amongst the staff,
such as activities coordinator, adult education coordinator,
technical support coordinator, etc.

We are now emailing the activities of the week to

We began a teen activities program for those who have
completed their first year of High School.

The Red Cross certified all Instructors for First Aid and
CPR (adult and child). Senior Instructors are all US
Sailing certified.

There are many planned initiatives for the future. They
include further defining the junior staff role, updating the
sailing curriculum as needed, exploring a cruising
program to complement the racing program, adding a link
for the curriculum and staff profiles to the EYC website,
refining the report card and land drills. We plan to revisit
session fee rates, staff compensation and scheduling of a
regular daytime off on occasion for staff. We would like
to developing a racing association for various class boats
with handicap scored racing and develop a collegiate level
(or advanced high school level) EYC sailing traveling
team if there is interest. We will be refining the adult
instructional curriculum, record keeping and scholarship
criteria. Lastly, we will be updating our medical and
safety policies and adding a laptop computer with off-site
data storage and access.

When in doubt, let it out.        -

Personnel Report

We had an excellent season. Our team did an outstanding
job! Christian will return as Club Director but we are
There were six scholarships awarded this accepting applications for the following positions:
• Full-Time Seasonal Instructors
• Part-Time Instructors
• Full or Part-Time Junior Instructors
• Facilities and Equipment Manager
• Club Manager and Head Coach
• Specialty Directors

Eagle’s Cry – December 2008

Regatta Chair for 2009 Flying Scot 2009 Flying Scot North American
North American Championships Championships
DAVID SAUTER EYC will host the Flying Scot North American
Championship (NAC) from Saturday, August 1 through
The Ephraim Yacht Club Board of Directors is pleased to Friday, August 7, 2009. This regatta will be very exciting
announce the appointment of Carol Claypool as the chair for both members and visitors. All EYC members are
of the 2009 Flying Scot North encouraged to sail in the regatta, volunteer to help with
American Championship that the regatta (and the parties!) and/or provide housing to
will be hosted by the Ephraim visiting sailors and race officials.
Yacht Club, August 1-7, 2009.
The event starts Saturday and Sunday with measuring and
In addition to being a member registration. All competitors' boats and sails must be
of the Ephraim Yacht Club, measured to comply with the Flying Scot Sailing
Carol is a member of the Lake Association’s class rules before being registered to
Norman Yacht Club in North compete. A Junior Championship and a Women’s
Carolina. There, she serves on Championship will be held on Sunday. Qualifying races
the Race Committee and has played an active role in the for the NAC will take place on Monday and Tuesday to
following events: divide the competitors into a Championship Division and
a Challenger Division. The Championship and
• Flying Scot Husband-Wife National Challenger Divisions will race Wednesday through
Championship Friday.

• MC Scow National Championship (over 80 In the evenings, there will be several dinners and parties
boats) to which everyone in the club will be invited. In addition,
• Southeast Regional Opti Championship (over the Flying Scot Sailing Association (FSSA) will also be
110 boats) presenting awards for achievements by fleets throughout
the country, contributions to the Flying Scot class'
• High School Regattas/Championships -- 26 races magazine, Scots ‘n Water and service to FSSA.
over 2 days

At Lake Norman, she is a member of Flying Scot Fleet 48
where she serves as the secretary, treasurer and scorer for
the fleet and assists with the food and beverage
responsibilities for the annual Spring and Fall Flying Scot

Carol is the regular crew for Bill Ross, the Immediate
Past Commodore of the Flying Scot Sailing Association.
She raced with him in the most recent Flying Scot North
American Championship.

Carol’s vice-chair will be Jay Lott, 2007 EYC Regatta
winner and devoted sailor and racer.

A lot of organization is required for an event of this
“…a fast boat anyone can sail.” magnitude. The Flying Scot class provides guidelines and
- Gordon “Sandy” Douglas, Flying Scot Designer recommendations, and they have a National
Championships Committee (NCC) whose job it is to
oversee all of its nationally sanctioned regattas. (These
include the Midwinter Championship, the Husband/Wife
Championship, the Masters Championship and the NAC.)
All host clubs must work closely with the NCC to make
Eagle’s Cry – December 2008

recommendations and organized a number of committees. of-town race committee personnel and judges. If anyone
The Committees and their chairs are listed as follows: is willing to house race officials or sailors, or can provide
space for camping or an RV, please contact our housing
Committee Chair chairs. We thank you for your support.
Race Committee John Peterson We are also looking forward to as many of our members
PRO & Judges Carol Claypool as possible participating in this event. Unlike many other
Registration Nancy Claypool high-level regattas for other classes, the Flying Scot NAC
Measuring Donna Scattergood is open to anyone who wants to participate. Because
Launching Paul Pillat there is a Championship Division for skippers with
Towing & Safety Quinn Brennan greater racing skills and a Challenger Division for
Merchandise Susan Reynolds-Smith skippers with lesser racing skills, everyone can feel
Food Sue Volkmann comfortable competing. If you do not have a boat, there
Trophies Suzanne Lisle will be sailors looking for crew, and there will be a Crew
Publicity Jay Lott Finder section on the NAC website where you can post
Sponsors Scott Pearson your information.
Housing George and Linda Carey
Hospitality Marsella Fults As additional information becomes available, it will be
Meeting Facilities Max Robinette posted at We will try to provide as
Village & EYH Liaison Bill Hoag much information as possible regarding the schedule,
Website David Sauter activities, eligibility requirements and answers to
Budget Carol Claypool frequently asked questions. For example, did you know
that only half of the competitors will be on the starting
Planning is in progress for all committees, and a number line during the qualifying or NAC races? Please check
of members have already volunteered to help on one or the NAC website often to be sure you have the latest
more committees. Thank you to those who have information. In the meantime, if you would like to
volunteered so far. If a committee chair asks you for your volunteer or have questions, please contact Carol
help, we hope you will say “yes” and help EYC put its Claypool, NAC Chair at or Jay
best foot forwards so our guests will be sure to have a Lott, Vice Chair at
great time and be glad they traveled over a thousand
miles, in many cases, to our neck of the woods.

We are pleased to be able to announce at this time the
Principal Race Officer (PRO) and judges who have been
approved by the NCC. The PRO, who will be in charge
of the racing, will be Jim Tichenor. Jim is a US Sailing
Certified National Race Officer from Houston, Texas, FS NAC ’09
plus he also is a US Sailing Senior Judge. Jim has years
of experience with national level regattas for keelboats,
Housing Request
centerboard boats and one design classes including Flying
Scots. This last summer he also ran all of the U.S.
Olympic qualifying races that determined which U.S. The FS NA Championships will
sailors competed in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. take place at EYC next summer,
from approximately August 1-9. Several members have
The Chief Judge will be Harry Foote from Cherry Hill, already volunteered to house some out-of-town judges,
New Jersey who is a member of Ocean Gate Yacht Club. dignitaries, and sailors, but we need to locate more rooms
He has previously served in this position for a Flying Scot that are available. If you would be able to provide
NAC and has served as a judge at several other regattas. housing for this week in August, please contact George or
The two other judges will be Dean Cady, a Senior Judge Linda Carey via email and let us know what
from Milwaukee Yacht Club, and Dan Goldberg, a Judge- accommodations you are able to offer.
in-Training (and FSSA Member), from the Moraine
Sailing Club in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Please contact us at or
Although lodging information has been made available to
all regatta participants, there is a long tradition of sailors
staying with other sailors when they travel to regattas.
This helps to defray costs for them, and it is a great way
for local club members to get to know some terrific
people. Our club is expected to find housing for our out-

Eagle’s Cry – December 2008

Parking Shuttle “services”
FS NAC Sponsorships
DEB RITTER Audio Visual Equipment: Microphone, speakers, podium,
speaker’s platform.
If you would like to be a sponsor of the 2009 FSNA
Championships, we welcome you! If you would like to Beer, wine & water bottles.
highlight your business or simply represent your family as
a supporter of the championships, please contact Scott Breakfast and lunch items: Chips, cookies, sandwiches,
Pearson at 630-677-6385 or Deb Ritter at 630-918-4476 muffins, pastries, coffee, juice, etc.
Tents, tables and chairs.
If you happen to know someone or a business that might
be able to provide any of the items listed below, we would Trophies
also appreciate any leads you can provide!
Thank you gifts for officials and volunteers.
We are looking for the following items:
Giveaways for racers
Signal Flags: A, B, C, H, I, L, M, N, P, R, S, V, X, Y, Z,
General Recall, AP, RC flag, blue, orange (Extras are “Freebies” for all competitors who register.
needed for some letters)
Giveaway/raffle items for sailors and non-sailors
Racing Marks: One “set” of yellow 5 ft. marks
(cylinders), Alternate set of 5 ft. orange marks Cash donations
(tetrahedrons), Offset marks & Start/Finish marks


Weights for marks

Lines for marks

VHF radios

“Family”/short distance radios (inexpensive ones
available at Wal- Mart)

Cranes: Need two. One two lift and weigh boats. The
other to launch boats – possibly at Anderson’s Dock.

Portable launch ramps

Launch Vehicles, ie. Modified golf carts with hitches,
ATV’s or cars with hitches.

Gas for boats

Stick-on Bow Numbers: 2 sets per boat

Streamers & safety pins

Bow numbers: Need 2 sets per boat.

Streamers and safety pins to be attached to mainsail clues.

Office supplies and equipment: printer, copier, lots of
paper, pens, pencils, erasers, staplers, clipboards,

Registration bags or folders.
Eagle’s Cry – December 2008

EYC Bridge Ladies Bunco

The ladies of the EYC and their friends now have a
The bridge offerings at EYC were well received and well
wonderful entertainment option on Monday nights - ladies
attended this season. Both open play and lesson formats
bunco. Sara Latreille, Laura O'Rourke, and Nancy
were offered. We continue to receive calls from
Koneckny had a successful kick-off to the new ladies
prospective members who then join for the primary
bunco night this past summer. Bunco is an easy dice
purpose of taking bridge lessons or just to have a playing
game that is fun for all ages. Whether you are a bunco
veteran or novice, you and your guests will have fun
Open play was held on Monday afternoons beginning at getting to know other members of the EYC and winning
1:00 p.m. Attendance has been consistently good and the great prizes. This past summer the "most wins" prize
group played into September. included dinner gift certificates at The Whistling Swan,
Mission Grille and T. Ashwell's. In addition, the "most
Couples’ bridge continued again this year. The group bunco's" winner received a $40 gift certificate for EYC
plays on Tuesdays at 4:00 p.m. and optionally gathers at a Gear. So come see what all the hoopla is all about. Join
nearby restaurant for dinner after bridge. Please note that us Monday nights at 7:30 (we will hold a place for those
couples need not be married! Playing on either Monday that are sailing Scots) and bring $10 and your favorite
afternoon or Tuesday afternoon does not require advance beverage. Be prepared to have a fun time.
registration or sign-up. All club members are welcome.
Volunteers are needed to host Bunco nights next summer.
Norma Hammerberg again taught two eight-week courses All you need to do is set up the tables, coordinate the food
this year, with enrollment just over 40 people between the and provide ice. For further information, contact Sara
two classes. One class filled before the season began and Latreille, Laura O’Rourke or Nancy Koneckny.
the other had just a few openings.

Sailing is just the bottom line, like adding up
the score in bridge. My real interest is in the
treme ndous game of life. - De n nis Con ner

Eagle’s Cry – December 2008

Junior Activities Update

The Junior Activities program (for children completing
first grade and up) had a successful season this summer.
Each event saw huge turnouts. Yacht club members'
children, grandchildren and friends were invited to join
the fun.

The activities included an evening at Northaven, where
the Konecny family graciously hosted us again for a
cookout along with swimming, volleyball, basketball and
tennis. Thank you, Konecnys! We also had fun at The
Sister Bay Bowl, The Red Putter, and The American
Folklore Theater. Thank you to these local businesses
that welcome us year after year. A good time was had by
all at Game Night at the EYC. Thank you to Laura
O'Rourke, Sara Latreille and the other moms that helped
with this event. The Barn Party at the Pillats was a big
hit. Music, Dance Contests, Ping-Pong and Volleyball
were the highlights. Thank you to the Pillat family for
(once again) inviting us over!

Jillian Brown was the Junior Activities Staff Assistant.
She did an awesome job. Her enthusiasm and
organization was much appreciated. Thank you Jillian.
Also, thank you to the staff for attending the events. You
add a lot of fun to the activities. We had many parents
volunteer their time to drive kids to events, chaperone,
bake brownies and be scorekeepers for games. Thank you
to all who participated!
Eagle’s Cry – December 2008

33rd EYC Bratfest

354 adults and children attended the 33rd Bratfest. It was
our good fortune to have so many who came to help; First
Mates, Officers and Directors, members who support and
encourage, the sailing instructors who are always
enthusiastic and more than half a dozen members who
just wanted to do anything helpful. The Claypool family,
my wife Rosie, our sons Bob and John, daughter-in-law
and granddaughters were busy before, during and after the
party. Very much of our financial success is due to the
generosity of our beer donors…remarkable supporters of
the club. We owe them our sincere Thank You as well as
the listed members named above. After paying all known
bills, the sum of $851 was presented to the Treasurer. In
closing, your help and support has made the event much
Bratfest Statistics
EYC’ers consumed…

590 brats, 41 dozen ears of corn, 60
gallonsof Michelob and 264 cans of soda!


The Explorers was again successful at serving our
youngest members. We had events at Sand Bay and the
Sister Bay Beach.

Teen Activities

The Teen program (High Schoolers) got off the ground
this year with a lot of help from our instructors. We had a
bunch of events from movies, games and a band at Fred &
Fuzzys. It is nice to keep our kids involved at the club as
they get older.

Eagle’s Cry – December 2008

First Mates Karen Brown chaired the Regatta Lunch this year. She
had lots of help with the sales and handing out of food for
both lunches and the continental breakfasts. Thank you
The first mates of the Ephraim Yacht Club did another Karen and all the volunteers. Karen you put on a really
great job this year handling the social events. Following nice spread!
is the annual report of our activities.

We began the season on June 21st with our Opening
Social & Clubhouse Christening. It was fabulously
organized by Prilla Beadell & Sue Volkmann. They had
everything in place. Bill Hoag had the honor of
“smashing” the enormous champagne bottle against a new
post in the clubhouse to christen it. Thank you Prilla &
Sue, and to all the members who helped with greeting,
nametags, “pouring” and brought wonderful hors
d’ouevres to enjoy. Prilla has been doing this job for
many years and would love to have someone begin to take
over the responsibilities next year…with her help of

July 6th was ice cream day. Our Ice Cream Social
proved to be a fun event, thanks to Steve Chomeau & Brat Fest Prep was on the Friday morning before Brat
Stephen Sauter’s families chairing the event. Thanks to Fest and was very well attended this year! Thank you to
all who brought toppings for Sundaes, and special thanks Suzanne Lisle for calling and checking with all the
to, for donating the ice cream! volunteers who signed up to help. As we all know, many
hands means light work. Thank You to all the women
July 10 saw our celebration of Founders Day. Joani for helping get the prep work done. I know the Klein’s
Lewis chaired this event once again. Joani ordered the and Claypool’s appreciated it.
cake. Everyone who attended brought their own meat to
cook on the grill and delicious food to share. Thanks July 30th was the EYC Ladies Regatta. This was the
Joanie for your faithfulness to the club. seventh year for this event, chaired by Donna Scattergood
& Liz Gheorghita. Thank you, Donna and Liz, for all
Di Tallion and Laura O’Rourke chaired The First Mates’ your care in seeing that the Regatta was well attended.
Potluck Dinner on July 16th. We thank them heartily for We had nine boats this year with great wind conditions
another memorable evening. There was a record turnout and a wonderful social following the races. It is always
once again filling up the entire upstairs of the club. It was loads of fun to watch the joy that the lady sailors derive
an evening of enjoying delicious food, fun games, from this event. I recommend that you all consider
awesome prizes and great conversation. Nice job ladies! spending some time on the dock extension watching next

The final party of the season was the Commodore’s
Cocktail Party, chaired by Di Tallion and Laura
O’Rourke. It was held at Bay Ridge Golf Course. Peter
and Diane Trenchard took care of many details, for which
we are grateful. Thank you, Di & Laura, for a great job of
organization. Thank you to the volunteer wine pourers,
entry greeters / cashiers and all members who provide a
delectable array of appetizers. We all hate to say good-
bye to one another and to summer, but the schedule for
2009 is already being considered, so we will look forward
to another delightful season!

I heartily thank all the chairpersons and all the volunteers
who gave lots of time so happily. Next year will be busy
with the FSNAC, so we will need all hands on deck to
make 2009 an even more successful year.
Eagle’s Cry – December 2008

Membership Statistics Instructor Housing Needed Next
2008 Membership stands at 357. The breakdown
is as follows: MARSELLA FULTS

Every summer, we need to house a few Instructors. So,
• Family Membership: 227
I’m starting the search early. If you can spare a room
• Honorary Membership: 4
• Life Membership: 23 anywhere from a couple weeks to the whole summer, I
• Senior Membership: 85 would love to hear from you! Please contact me at 214-
• Single Membership: 18 794-9971 or

Thank You…
"Sailors, with their built in sense of order, service To our contractor’s who provided consideration in the
and discipline, should really be running the build out of the clubhouse, enhancement of our fleet’s
world." sails and ice cream! They are…

Baylake Electric, Concrete Forms, Inc, Paul Malmgren
- Nicholas Monsarrat
Architect, Bridenhagen Landscape and Rachel Chomeau
Landscape, Mad Sails/Ryan Malmgren and
Please consider them in the future!

Summer Racing Results

We conducted various successful regattas and series races
this year. Although our racing fleets are improving we
need to review all our operations, safety factors and

We are also exploring sponsoring some special big boat
races in Eagle Harbor.

There were a few incidents surrounding insufficient
staffing for high wind racing. The race and personnel
committees will review procedures to assure quality and
safety. Current options are to staff for 2 on race times or
have an on-call staff member for heavier winds or high
EYC Gear turnout. Congratulations to all our racers!

We had a banner year for EYC merchandise and
accessories helped in part to having samples posted on
our website. As a result, inventory is really low with a
sell out of shirts, regatta t-shirts and burgees.

Early in 2009, you will be able to see the latest EYC and
Regatta wear and products that will be available.

See the new gear at

Eagle’s Cry – December 2008

Opti Regatta – July 12
Fox Valley Sailing School (FVSS)

Camille FVSS: 1, 2, 4, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 = 12
Connor FVSS: 3, 4, 2, 2, 4, 4, 2, 2 = 23
Taylor FVSS: 5, 1, DNF, 3, 3, 6, 4, 3 = 32
Brian Ritter: 2, 6, 5, DNS, 2, 5, 3, 4 = 34
Will Gregg: DNF, 3, 1, 4, 5, 2, DNF, DNF = 36
Jack Brennan: 4, 5, 3, 5, 6, 3, DNS, DNF = 40
Charlie FVSS: 6, DNF, DNF, DNF, DNF, DNF, DNF,
DNF = 55

FJ Regatta – July 19
Woody Heidler: 1, 1, 1, 2, 1 = 6
Julian Slagter: 3, 2, 2, 1, 5 = 13
Katie Huey: 2, 4, 3, 4, 3 = 16
Matt Smith: 4, 3, 5, 5, 4 = 21
Scott Pearson: 5, 5, 4, 3, 5 = 22
Megan Bierman: 7, 6, 6, 6, 6 = 31
JR O’Rourke: 6, DNF, DNF, DNF, DNF = 38

Richie Hall Jr. FS Regatta – July 27
Woody Heidler: 1, 1, 1, 1, 2 = 6
Matt Smith: 2, 2, 2, 2, 1 = 9
JR O’Rourke: 3, 3, 3, 3, 3 = 15

Ladies Regatta – July 30
Nancy Claypool: 1, 1, 1 = 3
Sarah Lisle: 3, 2, 3 = 8
Liz Manley: 6, 4, 2 = 12
Olivia Demarinis: 4, 5, 5 = 14
Jillian Brown: 2, 6, 6 = 14
Donna Scattergood: DNF, 3, 4 = 15
Liz Gheorgita: 5, 7, 7 = 19

Memorial Gifts & Tributes
Thank you for all the Memorials and Tributes that have
helped support the club this year and last. Please
remember to keep the EYC in mind.

Email & Website Communications

We continue to send out and post announcements on the
Dockside Blog and Email and will continue to do so
throughout the season. If you have an event or
announcement that should go out to the membership,
please submit it to
Eagle’s Cry – December 2008

Eagle’s Cry – December 2008

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