March 14, 2012 My name is Glenn Hill, owner number 1004.

I am a former Board member, having served for 8 &1/2 years on this board of Directors. Never in my 25 years of being a member/owner of AFC, and in my many years on the Board, have I seen such a blatant disregard for the rule of law, demonstrated by an AFC Board of Directors and GM. You have willfully chosen to violate Federal Labor laws, with thirteen charges that the NLRB has decided have merit and supporting evidence to back them up. (And remember, ignorance of the law is no excuse). Your efforts to prevent and disrupt worker led union organizing efforts, and your open Toleration the GM`s illegal efforts in this regard have smeared the good name of the Ashland Food Co-op, before the entire nation. Make no mistake, you as the Governing Board Members, and Richard as the General Manager have indeed been found Guilty of violating Federal law. This is not some "misunderstanding" or "technical "thing. You have been found guilty, via supporting evidence, of acts in Violation of Federal Law. You are also in violation of your own AFC Code of Ethics. “Directors shall be responsible at all times for discharging their duties in good faith , with the care that an ordinary prudent person in a like position would exercise under similar circumstances and in a manner that they reasonably believe to be in the best interest of the Co-op ( By-laws section 4.7 Standards of conduct)”. Numerous violations of Federal Law are not duties discharged in a “responsible “way, or in “good faith”, nor are breaking Federal laws “in the best interest of the Co-op”. A number of Co-op owners and myself, tried to warn you about this back at the September meeting. In response you threatened me with legal action. I recommend that individual board members, who Do Not agree that Federal Law violations are responsible behavior, should Now speak up and be heard. I suggest that you immediately remove from the Board, the two leaders who via the Executive committee have led you to this violation of law, Board President Gwyneth Bowman and Treasurer Guy Nutter. This action, followed by the termination of the General Manager`s contract, would go far in restoring the owners faith in the law abiding nature of the Ashland Food Co-op. The remainder of the Board can respond to these NLRB charges with remedial actions and changes in the store in compliance with the direction of the NLRB, to ensure that our worker`s rights are respected, and that will ensure them a chance for a fair and democratic election. In cooperation with Federal Law, and the Co-op principles, Glenn Hill

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