Shadvargadhipa and Dwadasa Varga concepts


Shadvargadhipa and Dwadasa Varga concepts – A comparison
Shadvargadhipa (6 special divisional lords) The six lords considered in Shadvargadhipa system are - Kshetradipa, Horadhipa, Drekkanadhipa, Navamsadhipa, Dwadasamsadhipa and Trimsamsadhipa. That is, the lords of 1st-2nd-3rd-9th-12th-30th divisions as per the special rules suggested. In Shadvargadhipa system- lords, deities and special names (such as Mridvamsa, Karalamsa etc) are ascribed to the divisions and the derivation of results is based on the same. Special names given to divisions, and special names given to varga Yogas (such as Gopura, Parijata etc) becomes important. Vimsopaka bala of planets calculated based on shadvarga also becomes important. Skandahora does speak about Shadvargadhipa (Six divisional lords) concept - evident from the fact that it speaks about Kshetradipa, Horadhipa, Drekkanadhipa, Navamsadhipa, Dwadasamsadhipa, Trimsamsadhipa - i.e. all the six elements of the Shadvargadhipa system. Garga, Daksha etc also speak about the same only. Lomasa Samhita states that Shadvargadhipa concept (possibly by sage Surya) got elaborated into Saptavargadhipas (7 divisional lords), and then Brahma elaborated it into Dasavargadhipas (10 divisional lords). Lomasa and Parasara elaborates it into Shodasavarga (16 divisional lords) concept. The evidence for sage Surya’s use of Saptavargas comes from the following quote of Surya Jataka लÊनं होरा ]भाग ादशांश तत स ांशो नवमांशकः। (Surya Jataka, Rf. HR) [The seven Vargas are - Lagna (Kshetra/sign), Hora, Tribhaga, Saptamsa, Navamsa, Dwadasamsa and Trimsallava] It is notable that this quote uses the word ‘lagna’ for sign, Tribhaga for Drekkana, and Trimsallava for Trimsamsa. Even though it is said here that ‘these are the seven Vargas’, the intent is that ‘these seven varga lords should be used in the Saptavargadhipa system’. In the following quote, Sage Surya confirms that considering Saptavargadhipa (instead of Shadvargadhipa) is a system created by himself. ओजराशौ वरा या ा युगमे स मतो मता।
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ंशãलवः स कविग[का॥

Vasishtha. This development itself shows that Parasara and Lomasa are later day sages. Accuracy of calculations etc). Special lord for Kshetra: None. Further I am not sure how accurate LS is in placing Brahma doing further development on Vargas after Surya. and later Parasara and Lomasa elaborated it into the Shodasavargadhipa system. because Skandha refers to Shadvargadhipa system only. Use of Vargas higher than D-30 or so becomes very unreliable due to the possible inaccuracy of Birth time and calculation issues (such as Ayanamsa used. Kausika. Clearly Skanda ascribes special Varga lords only for Hora. Special lord for Trimsamsa: Mars-Saturn-Jupiter-Mercury-Venus as Trimsamsa lords in order for 5-5-8-7-5 degrees respectively in odd signs and in even signs the same in reverse order starting from Venus. Sage Surya introduced Saptavargadhipa system. Special lord for Dwadasamsa: None (Different rules are suggested by other Acharyas) 6. Thus I am introducing the Saptavargadhipa system (to you) systematically] Thus it is clear that the sages such as Skanda. Special lord for Drekkana: 1-5-9 lords (Different rules are suggested by other Acharyas) 4. and in even signs from the sign 7th from it. Brahma elaborated it to Dasavargadhipa system. 2. Traditionally Brahma is considered as the teacher of Surya and as such the above arrangement does not look good. All rights reserved © Sreenadh OG & Veneet Kumar . The available quotes of Skandahora too do not refer to any division higher than D-30. As per Shadvargadhipa system mentioned by Skandahora 1. Special lord for Hora: Sun for odd Hora and Moon for even Hora 3. Garga etc follow the Shadvargadhipa system only. HR) [In odd signs the Saptamsa should be counted from that sign itself. Drekkana and Trimsamsa only. Special lord for Navamsa: None (Different rules are suggested by other Acharyas) 5. Daksha. In this text we will speak only about Shadvargadhipa system and will not be discussing higher Vargadhipas at all.Shadvargadhipa and Dwadasa Varga concepts स मांशािधपतयः सàयक् सूत मयो दताः॥ 2 (Surya Jataka. and it should also be remembered that these two are to be blamed for deviating from the path shown by Skanda and his followers. Rf.

Rf.] होरारवीÛ ोरोज¢ समभे चÛ]सूययोः। [ यु]े काणा लÊनपÑचनवराशी राः \मात॥ ् All rights reserved © Sreenadh OG & Veneet Kumar इÛदोः \मशो £ेया जÛमिन चे ौ तेषामिधपतय रािश तÙ]े काण त×पÑचमनवमभवनपतयः व व]े काणगा बिलनः॥ . Rf. HR) [In even signs for each Hora Sun and Moon are the lords. Rf. If the Sun are the Moon are placed in their own Horas at birth. of the fifth sign and the ninth sign respectively. होराकÛ ोरोजराशौ युÊमभे चÛ]सूययोः। [ लÊनपÑचनव¢े]नाथा ]े काणपाः \मात॥ ् (Kasyapa Hora. the lords of the Horas are Sun and the Moon. The lords of the Drekkanas are the lords of the sign. the lords of the Horas said to be reversed by the knowledgeable people. The one-by-third part of a sign is called a Drekkana. The lord of the second Drekkana is the same as the fifth lord and the lord of the third Drekkana is the same as the lord of the ninth house. In the even signs. Tribhaga and Trayamsa are also words used to refer to Drekkana. For odd signs for each Hora Moon and Sun are the lords. HR) [In the odd signs the first Hora belongs to Sun and in the even signs the second Hora belongs to the Sun. HR) [O Suta! In the odd signs. then it is considered beneficial. In English decanate or decan refer to Drekkana. The Drekkana lords are 1-5-9 lords respectively] ओजेषु रवेह रा थमा युÊमेषु चो रा शेषाः। वहोरा थौ॥ युः। (Satyacharya Hora. Planets placed in their own Drekkanas are considered powerful.Shadvargadhipa and Dwadasa Varga concepts Lords of Shadvargas होरािधपोऽहं चÛ] रािश वषमे व प रािशषुः। ागंशािधपित तनोः मृतः॥ भुः। युÊमे åय त विधः सूत होरो ा भदलं बुधः॥ ै भागा ]े काणाः अिधपोऽथ तीय यः पÑचमािधपितः 3 एवमÛय ]भाग य नवमािधपितः (Surya Jataka. The other Hora is said to be ruled by the Moon.] Dreshkana and Drekkana mean the same. The lord of the first Drekkana is the same as the lord of the sign.

HR) [In even signs Sun and Moon are the respective Hora lords. The Drekkana lords are 1-5-9 lords respectively] D-1 lords D-1 = 30 deg Sl Ar 1 Ta Ge Cn Le Vi Li Sc Sg Cp Aq Pi Sa Sa Ju Ma Ve Me Mo Su Me Ve Ma Ju D-2 lords D-2 = 15 deg Sl Ar 1 2 Ta Ge Cn Le Vi Li Sc Sg Cp Aq Pi Mo Su Mo Su Mo Su Mo Su Mo Su Mo Su Mo Su Mo Su Mo Su Mo Su Mo Su Mo Su Sun Hora deity = Deva (demigods) Moon Hora deity = Pitir (ancestors/spirits) D-3 lords D-3 = 10 deg Sl Ar 1 2 3 Ta Ge Cn Le Vi Li Sc Sg Cp Aq Pi Sa Sa Ju Ma Ve Su Ju Me Mo Su Ma Ju Ju Me Ve Sa Sa Ma Ju Ju Me Ve Sa Sa Ma Ve Me Mo Ma Ma Ve Me Mo Su Me Ve D-9 lords मेषकस रचापानां मेषा ा नवसं£काः। े वृषकÛयामृगांशा मकरा ा नवांशकाः॥ All rights reserved © Sreenadh OG & Veneet Kumar . Rf. For odd signs Moon and Sun are the respective Hora lords.Shadvargadhipa and Dwadasa Varga concepts 4 (Naradapurana.

Dwadasamsa (D-12) Lords ादशांश य गणना त ×¢े]ो िन [ शेत। ् तेषामधीशः \मशा गणेशा यमाहयः॥ (Parasara Hora. That of Cancer. Scorpio and Pisces begins with Cancer. Ashwini Kumaras. The lords of the divisions are respectively Ganesha. That of Taurus.] D-9 = 3 deg 20 min Sl Ar Ta Ge Cn Le Vi Li Sc Sg Cp Aq Pi 1 Ma Sa Ve Mo Ma Sa Ve Mo Ma Sa Ve Mo 2 Ve Sa Ma Su Ve Sa Ma Su Ve Sa Ma Su 3 Me Ju Ju Me Me Ju Ju Me Me Ju Ju Me 4 Mo Ma Sa Ve Mo Ma Sa Ve Mo Ma Sa Ve 5 Su Ve Sa Ma Su Ve Sa Ma Su Ve Sa Ma 6 Me Me Ju Ju Me Me Ju Ju Me Me Ju Ju 7 Ve Mo Ma Sa Ve Mo Ma Sa Ve Mo Ma Sa 8 Ma Su Ve Sa Ma Su Ve Sa Ma Su Ve Sa 9 Ju Me Me Ju Ju Me Me Ju Ju Me Me Ju Starting from the sign under consideration. Ashwini Kumaras. That of Libra. Rf.] All rights reserved © Sreenadh OG & Veneet Kumar . Ganesha. Rf. Virgo and Capricorn begins with Capricorn. the 12 signs lords from it rules Dwadasamsa. Leo and Sagittarius begin with Aries. BPHS) [Dwadasmsas of signs begin with those respective signs themselves.] वभा×सूयाशकशाः युग[णेशा यमाहयः। े [The lords of the Suryamsas (D-12) begin with the own sign. Yama and Ahi.Shadvargadhipa and Dwadasa Varga concepts तुलािमथुनकभानां तुला ा नवभागकाः। ुं ककटािलझषाणां च ककटा ा नवांशकाः॥ [ [ 5 (Garga Hora. Yama and Ahi are the deities (in a cyclic order). HR) [Navamsas of Aries. Gemini and Aquarius begins with Libra.

Saturn.Shadvargadhipa and Dwadasa Varga concepts 6 Ascribing deities to Amsa could be a laterday development. Mercury. Saunaka Hora etc. The same is not found in available quotes from texts like Skandahora. 30 min. HR) [5-5-8-7-5 degrees belong to Mars. But found in BPHS and Lomasa Samhita. BBJ. पÑचाथ पÑच चा ौ स पÑचैव स च पंचव चौजभवनेषु। ै धर णसुतमंदसुरगु बुधशु\ाßयां \मेणांशाः॥ चा ौ पंच च पंचाथ युÊमभवनेषु। (Srutakeerti Hora. Ar Ma Ve Ta Ve Me Ge Me Mo Cn Mo Su Le Su Me Vi Me Ve Li Ve Ma Sc Ma Ju Sg Ju Sa Cp Sa Sa Aq Sa Ju Pi Ju Ma 1 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Me Mo Su Me Ve Ma Ju Sa Mo Su Me Ve Ma Ju Sa Sa Su Me Ve Ma Ju Sa Sa Ju Me Ve Ma Ju Sa Sa Ju Ma Ve Ma Ju Sa Sa Ju Ma Ve Ma Ju Sa Sa Ju Ma Ve Me Ju Sa Sa Ju Ma Ve Me Mo Sa Sa Ju Ma Ve Me Mo Su Sa Ju Ma Ve Me Mo Su Me Ju Ma Ve Me Mo Su Me Ve Ma Ve Me Mo Su Me Ve Ma Ve Me Mo Su Me Ve Ma Ju 11 Sa 12 Ju Ju Ma Ve Me Mo Su Me Ve Ma Ju Sa Sa Sa Ma Ve Me Mo Su Me Ve Ma Ju Dwadasamsa (D-30) Lords The following quote from Srutakeerti Hora speaks about the number of degrees each of these five planets are ascribed for Trimsamsa while calculating varga lords as per Shadvargadhipa system. Jupiter.‘पÑचैव ओजभवनेष’ and ‘गु बुधशु\ाणां’ ु All rights reserved © Sreenadh OG & Veneet Kumar भागा भाग[वशिशसुतसुरेÏयशिनभूिमपु]ाणाम॥ ् . Saturn and Mars respectively in even signs] HR reads . Rf. Mercury respectively and Venus in odd signs and 5-7-8-5-5 degrees belong to Venus. Sl. Jupiter. D-12 = 2 deg. Brihat Prajapatya.

6-10 deg is of Saturn. 21-25 deg is of Saturn and 26-30 deg is of Mars. 612 deg is of Mercury.e. The order told for even sign is just the reverse of that is told for odd signs. Swamsa). Odd Signs Degrees (5) 0-5 (5) 6-10 Ar Ge Lo Li Sg Aq Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Sa Sa Ju Sa Ju Sa Ju Sa Ju Sa Ju (8) 11-18 Ju (7) 19-25 Me Me Me Me Me Me (5) 26-30 Ve Ve Ve Ve Ve Ve Even Signs Degrees (5) 0-5 (7) 6-12 Ar Ve Ge Ve Lo Ve Li Ve Sg Ve Aq Ve Me Me Me Me Me Me Ju Sa Ju Sa Ju Sa Ju Sa Ju Sa (8) 13-20 Ju (5) 21-25 Sa (5) 26-30 Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Benefit of considering Shadvargadhipas More Vargadhipas (divisional lords) becoming the same planet is good. In even signs 0-5 deg is of Venus. Rf. the planet or longitude) is in swa-varga (own varga. it is said that it (i. ]या द व प पदाथषु थतः वेषु ववग[गः। (Garga Hora. 11-18 deg is of Jupiter. 13-20 deg is of Jupiter. HR) [If (out of six) at least three Vargas are own. If (four or) five Vargas are the same then too it can All rights reserved © Sreenadh OG & Veneet Kumar पÑच वग[गतोऽÜयेवं \हो भवित नाÛयथा॥ . Both are tabulated below. 19-25 deg is of Mercury and 26-30 deg is of Venus.Shadvargadhipa and Dwadasa Varga concepts 7 That means in odd signs 0-5 deg is of Mars. especially if that planet is placed in that varga.

Drekkana. This quote points to the fact that Sage Garga too accepted the same Shadvargadhipa concept itself. but certainly it is a possibility. Rf. Some quotes that speaks about the mixing of sign results are given below – About the mutual mixing of sign results Sphujidhwaja speaks as follows – राशौ तु ये ]ंश×वसं ादशभागसं थाः सैः सैः फलैः संकलय Ûत रािशं। ु फलेषु सू माः चारनीचोÍच वधौ वकाराः॥ (Sphujidhwaja Hora. But all six varga becoming the same is impossible] All six Vargas belonging to one planet is impossible because . Drekkana. and Dwadasamsa and their lords are well known and would be clear from various places in this text where they are referred to. whereas for Trimsamsa Sun and Moon cannot be Trimsamsa lords.for Hora only Sun and Moon can be Vargadhipas. Since the results of the 30 degrees related to each sign gets interAll rights reserved © Sreenadh OG & Veneet Kumar .e. we cannot be sure whether this was the intention of Skanda or not when he uses the word ‘swavarga’. Therefore it is right to say that six Vargas can never be of one and the same planet. Out of these we know for sure that Skandahora speaks about Hora. whatever planet is Trimsamsadhipa) such would be the qualities of the native] The benefits of Kshetra. SpH) [Signs have 12 divisions. Navamsa and Dwadasamsa. 12 Divisions of Sign (Dwadasavarga) Twelve divisions of signs is a standard method used by ancient Rishi Horas to mix the results produced by each sign and thus to derive the specific result that should be ascribed to specific degree areas within the sign.Shadvargadhipa and Dwadasa Varga concepts 8 be said (that the planet or longitude is in swa-varga). In the absence of relevant quotes about this from Skandahora. Navamsa. HR) [In the Trimsamsa of whatever planet (i. Rf. य य ]ंशांशकग ाहं तदगुणो जातको भवेत। ् (Surya Jataka. The results indicated by these 12 divisions inter-mixes (and thus results deviates). Vargadhipa concept can be used as a measure of Sthanabala (positional strength).

But the point to be noted here is that the numerous divisions gains importance not only because every sign is a mixture of numerous such divisions. but also because of the effort from the part of the astrologer to know more and more about the sign.Shadvargadhipa and Dwadasa Varga concepts 9 mixed the end results gets subtly altered. and causes the rise or fall of the native (based on the quality and nature of this inter-mixing)] It should be remembered that fundamentally the full results as indicated by the natal chart are derived from a mutual mixing of divisions. Rf. To determine the individual result of each such division is impossible like measuring the waters of the ocean. One (an excellent astrologer) should know the quality of (nature and results caused by) every one of these minutes within a sign] This much excellence is impossible for a normal astrologer. Regarding results. SpH) [In this way (to know the nature of signs) divisions are imagined (visualized). About this result mixing effort and associate difficulties Sphujidhwaja further states इ×येवमेषामवक ãपतानां \या वभागाथ[मुश Ûत ऱािशं। अÛयोÛयसंयोग वकãपनािभ रदं समु]ांबुवद मेयम॥ ् (Sphujidhwaja Hora. SpH) [The 30 degrees of a sign is equal to1800 minutes (30 deg x 60 min = 1800 min). Every one of these minutes (within a sign) has their own unique nature and quality. every sign is a combination of numerous signs (sign divisions). since they are too complex with the mutual join and separation (mutual mixing)] शतािन येऽ ादश िलि कानां ]ंश ु ये तेऽ प समानयोगाः। येऽ मन ् यथा ये िनयता वशेषाः वैः वैÊगुणै तेऽÜयुपधारणीयाः॥ [ (Sphujidhwaja Hora. For example Hora = Longitude x 2 Drekkana = Longitude x 3 All rights reserved © Sreenadh OG & Veneet Kumar . Multiplying the longitude with the division number will give us the corresponding varga. Rf. and the single natal chart as a whole uniquely represent an individual (there is no extra ‘charts’ needs to be considered). and Vargas (divisions) are not separate charts but the divisions of signs present in that very same single natal chart which should be applied/considered together with natal chart alone.

Dwadasamsa (Dwadasabhaga) etc. LPHS) [One-by-third of the sign is termed Drekkana and they are 36 in number. Drekkana = L x 3)] It is also worth noting here that possibly the ancient name for Hora was ‘Dwibhaga’ or ‘Dwiteeyamsa’ and Drekkana was ‘Tribhaga’ or ‘Tritiyamsa’. LPHS) [Hora completes two cycles (of rotation) starting from Aries (i.e. LS) [Dwibhaga (half of a sign) is called Hora. BPHS. Rf. S) [If we multiply the longitudes such as that of Lagna. in tune with the uses such as Navamsa (Navabhaga). Hora = L x 2).] रािश ]भागा ]े Èकाणा ते च षळ ]ंसद रताः। प रवृ ]या तेषां मेषादे \मशो भवेत॥ ् (Parasara Hora. which proves that this was the only method used to derive divisional longitudes.e. प रवृ यं तेषां मेषादे \मशो भवेत॥ ् (Parasara Hora.Shadvargadhipa and Dwadasa Varga concepts Navamsa = Longitude x 9 Dwadasamsa = Longitude x 12 Thus in General Divisional Longitude = Longitude x Division Number 10 Except this there is no other method proposed by Rishi Horas to find the divisional longitudes. and Tritiyamsa (one third of a sign) is called Drekkana] Later day texts like Saravali also support the above standard methodology of deriving Vargas/divisions with the quote लÊनाद नां िल ा £ेया वगृहा दवÊग[संगु णताः। (Saravali. The following quote from Lomasa Samhita indicates this भागं चा] होराÉयं क् सं£ं ]ृतीयंशकम॥ ् (Lomasa Samhita. with the division number and then divide it by 1800 (then we can know in which sign starting from Aries the divisional longitude will come) and thus avail the divisional longitude] All rights reserved © Sreenadh OG & Veneet Kumar अ ादशशतभ ा लÞध याद Üसतो वÊग[ः॥ . BPHS. Rf. Texts like Parasara Hora support the above method with quotes such as the following while discussing Hora and Drekkana. Rf. Drekkana completes three cycles (of rotation) starting from Aries (i. Rf.

if the Lagna longitude is 7-9-9 (i. since its words are well in tune with the words of ancient Rishi Horas.217. it demands special respect among the numerous laterday texts. 65. Similarly since we get (13149 x 2)/1800 = 14. then 7 x 30 x 60 + 9 x 60 + 9 = 13149 min If we want to find the Navamsa ka longitude for this lagna longitude then (13149 x 9) / 1800 = 65. It is said that भवनािधपै सम तं जातकफलं विचÛतयेÛमितमान। ् एिभ व[ना न शÈयं पदम पगÛतुं महाशा ैः॥ All rights reserved © Sreenadh OG & Veneet Kumar . in Virgo. i. logical and systematic guidance to use the formula . that people use today to calculate divisional longitudes and divisions are against the opinion of the sages. in Taurus. Such things points to the fact that even though Saravali is a later day text. the author the 10th century text Saravali.Shadvargadhipa and Dwadasa Varga concepts For example. special names etc are not used.e. In Dwadasavarga system. in short mixing of sign based results.5 which means that the Navamsa longitude falls in the 6th sign from Aries . But at times it is very difficult to arrive at results without considering the sign lords. Sincere students who are trying to learn this ancient branch of knowledge following the sage told path should drop such modern methods for creating divisions and divisional longitudes that we use today and go back to the clear. Rasi-Hora-Drekkanadi Swarupas. 9 deg 9 min in Scorpio).i.e. It is evident from the above quotes that this is the opinion supported and suggested by both Sage Parasara and king Kalyanavarma. That means.745 11 That means starting from Aries in 66th Navamsa the Navamsa longitude falls. Therefore even those who use Dwadasavarga system also will have to consider sign lords even though deities.e. the divisional longitude should be calculated by multiplying the longitude with the divisional number and also that the lords of the divisional longitudes would be none other than the sign lords starting with Aries itself.605/2 = 1. From this all it becomes evident that.e.Divisional Longitude = Longitude x Division Number. It is also evident that the here the Hora lord is Venus since Venus is the lord of Taurus. 9Sc9. it is evident that the Hora longitude falls in the 2nd sign from Aries.i.745/12 = 5. Cara-Sthira sign classifications and the results derived based on them are given more importance . Thus certainly the methods other than this.605 and 14.

It should be clearly understood that Shodasavargadhipa (16 lords) concept is NOT a modification or an extension to the fundamental Dwadasavarga (12 divisions) concept.Shadvargadhipa and Dwadasa Varga concepts 12 [An intelligent astrologer should try to derive all results utilizing on House lords. In Shadvargadhipa concept the sign lords are also of supreme importance. as such is not discussed in the available quotes of Skandahora. Dwadasavarga and Shadvargadhipa comparison Apart from the Dwadasavarga system. varga Yogas etc are important while in Dwadasavarga concept they are not. while some get confused without understanding this difference. the Shadvargadhipa concept gives importance to SIGN LORDS rather than signs. the deities and the special names used. 1-5-9 lords for Navamsa etc). Without utilizing the house lords (and thus the results they point to). “Shodasa varga adhipa system” (16 divisional lords) etc. the Vargadhipa system doesn’t use longitudes at all. The concept of Dwadasavarga gives importance to SIGNS and the mixing of results due to their intermixing. but instead an elaboration of the Shadvargadhipa (6 divisional lords) concept. Some effectively mix and use these two methods (Dwadasavarga and Shadvargadhipa) together to arrive at results easily. Both these concepts are extensively used in prediction. they are not of primary All rights reserved © Sreenadh OG & Veneet Kumar . I am not going to the details of it here. but uses the Vargadhipas itself for judging the results. Since this subject of 12 divisional (Dwadasavarga) longitudes. it is very difficult to move even one step forward in this great subject (known as astrology)] Even though the results are generated based on the ‘mixing of signs (through divisions)’ this is the very reason that even the followers of Dwadasavarga system are compelled to use the sign lords as well. since the sign lordship is also inherent and fundamental to the nature of signs. where as in Dwadasavarga system even though sign lords are also used. is also not without use. the current popular system of calculating special varga lords (such as Sun and Moon for Hora. That is why in Shadvargadhipa concept and in Shodasavargadhipa concept. If the Dwadasavarga system focuses on divisional longitudes. instead of following the general rule of Dwadasavarga system. It is not a deviation from the Dwadasavarga system. But it should be remembered that such “special divisional lords” become important only when we try to follow the special methods such as “Shad varga adhipa system” (6 divisional lords).

One should instead use n-number of special lords suggested by various Acharyas in the respective context they suggest . Actually the inclusion of the divisions Hora. as is evident from Skandahora quotes dealing with the concepts of both (i. and about the use of longitudes (such as Navamsa longitude and Dwadasamsa longitude). Drekkana. We should remember that. there is no inherent contradiction here. since these divisions are used in Shadvargadhipa system as well. the Acharyas are free to suggest different special lords and use them accordingly since the system itself suggest the same. And naturally confusion followed. From the period of Skandahora itself. and by the time of Sphujidhwaja etc (3rd century AD) the system became so divergent. Whether to use these two systems independently or to mix them atleast in case of common divisions that comes in both these lists such as Hora. it was not enough to clear the confusion. That is whenever divisional longitude comes into play what is intended is the use of L X D (i.Shadvargadhipa and Dwadasa Varga concepts 13 importance. for example Dwadasavarga from the reference to Drekkana issues here. Navamsa ka and Trimsamsa lords). longitude x division number) only. and Shadvargadhipa from the reference to Hora. Even though Skandahora speaks about the use of Drekkana Swarupa etc (which is related to Dwadasavarga concept).e. It should be remembered that BOTH these systems (Dwadasavarga and Shadvargadhipa) were in existence from the unknown past itself. and concepts such as assigning Chaturthamsa lordship to 1-4-7-10 signs etc came into place. Drekkana. Navamsa etc is a thing of personal choice. Navamsa ka. intermixing of sign classifications and nature are given primary importance in Dwadasavargas. Dwadasamsaka in both these lists is the prime reason for their special All rights reserved © Sreenadh OG & Veneet Kumar . As stated earlier the divisional Swarupas. The thing that should be remembered here is that 1) One shouldn’t mix the special lords suggested by various Acharyas and start using them out of the suggested context and get confused. 2) We have no right to suggest special longitudes for divisions since only one kind of longitude is suggested and used by the sages and they are unanimously in use. It is also worth remembering that from the time of ancient texts such as Parasara Hora itself this concept of Dwadasavarga lost its preference.

Thus when it is required to refer any of these “Lords”. since Vargadhipa concept is a convenient and useful special rule proposed by the sages and not All rights reserved © Sreenadh OG & Veneet Kumar . Navamsa. Dwadasamsa and Trimsamsa (except in the case of Kshetra). it is better to use the term NDL while referring to the Dwadasavarga style divisional lords and SDL while referring to the Shodasavarga style special lords.both of which can boast to be in existence since antiquity.Dwadasavarga (12 Divisions) and Shadvargadhipa (6 divisional lords) were in use from the ancient period of Skanda Hora itself. For example Skanda ask us to consider 1-5-9 lords as Drekkana lords. Hope that this will help us note only in delinking and understanding these two systems and two types of divisional lords better. How to distinguish these two? If we don’t define a specific and clear terminology. and then selecting the Signlord. calculated based on various differing special rules given by various ancient teachers. but also aid in avoiding the confusion that might be caused by mixing two of those unique and different techniques . about there use as per both these systems). Let us call them Special Divisional Lords (SDL) Results can be predicted based on them both. Drekkana. This is natural as well. where as Yavanacharya asks us to use 1-11-12 lords as Drekkana lords. 1) To derive NDL for any longitude use the formula L x D 2) To derive SDL for any longitude use the special rules suggested by the sages (depending on your tradition) Please note that SDL are suggested by various astrological traditions differently.e. there is every chance that we may confuse these two and end up with a total misunderstanding. Such differences can be found related to SDL of any of the six divisions such as Hora. Let us call them Normal Divisional Lords (NDL) 2) The special divisional lords (Vargadhipa) that sages told based on Shadvargadhipa system. almost for every popular division we are faced with two types of Divisional lords 1) The generic divisional sign lord (Varga Rasiadhipa) that we get based on Dwadasavarga system calculated after finding divisional longitude based on the formula L x D.Shadvargadhipa and Dwadasa Varga concepts 14 importance in result derivation (because more quotes are available regarding the same i. Normal Divisional Sign Lords (NDL) and Special Divisional Sign Lords (SDL) Since it is evident that two unique systems such as .

For Hora. Anyway in this commentary to available quotes of Skandahora we won’t be speaking about or referring to NDL at all in the coming pages. And possibly this is the very reason for Skanda mentioning and using these six Vargas (along with their majority accepted special Vargadhipas) only. and none else. HR) [Kshetra. Drekkana. The generic system is to use Dwadasavargas and NDLs. Hora. Rf. Sage Gargi states ¢े]ं होराऽथ ]े काणो नवांशो ]ंशांशक ादशांशकः। (Gargi Hora. वग ऽयं सव[ य समुदा तः॥ All rights reserved © Sreenadh OG & Veneet Kumar . These Vargas are accepted by all] Note that possibly even though both Dwadasavarga and Shadvargadhipa concepts were prevalent at that time. Also note that among these six Vargas. Trimsamsa are the (six) varga under consideration. Skandahora speaks about the six Vargas only. The Dwadasavarga and Shadvargadhipa classification and the use of NDL and SDL lords and consensus on the use of L x D longitudes is an inference we make based on the available quotes from Skandahora and other ancient Rishi Horas which follows the footsteps of Skanda. these six Vargas along with their Vargadhipas are selected because there was a common agreement among sages about the use of the same. The system followed by Skandahora Whether it be from Dwadasavarga or Shadvargadhipa perspective. Dwadasamsa. the concept of NDL needs to be drooped and SDL needs to be accepted only for Hora Drekkana and Trimsamsa (for all others NDL and SDL remains the same as per the consensual opinion).Shadvargadhipa and Dwadasa Varga concepts 15 a generic rule. Navamsa. Drekkana and Trimsamsa we are advised to use Hora and Trimsamsa longitude as per the general rule but lords as per the Special (SDL) rule. BBJ. but only to SDL. What is the proof for the argument that Skandahora suggests or follows such a system? The only proof available to us regarding this is that the available Skandahora quotes speaks about the use of these six divisions only and do speak about the special Trimsamsa lords.

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