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Session no.

2 April 14, 2012 Minutes of the Meeting Venue: Loyola Conference Hall, Magis Student Complex Time Started: 9:00AM

Agenda: Preliminary GPOA making, preliminary re-alignment of Co-curr organizations GPOA Presiding Officer: Princess Kimberly V. Ubay-ubay, SBMSC President A. B. C. Prayer Kamustahan Updates: 2nd year-Strategic Planning 3rd year-Future Planning for Events of 3rd year, System for Selecting People for the Core 4th year- Structure,Will conduct core interview JPIA- Upcoming Activities, no activities for summer since summer camp is not approved. ABECS-Tentative dates for activities, letter for sponsorships of activites so as not to rely on memebers Leadership camps sponsored by SACDEV- for this summer Project for Summer-Zero budget BOLTS- june 1 and 2 for ABECS D. Secure copy of Academic Calendar E. BOLTS- Basic Orientation Leadership Training Seminar SUGGESTED DATE: MAY 5 AND 6 MONEY: depends on what was turned over last year Previous Admin will organize the BOLTS One whole day plus an overnight F. SLDP of Co-currs DATE: 28-ORSEM VOLUNTEERS TRAINING 28-31 ENROLMENT 30-JUNE 1 ORSEM JUNE 4 FIRST DAY OF CLASS G. Summer of Service together with KKP-SIO How to save H. Summer Tide together with Japanese student leaders to inculcate vision of the next SBMSC I. Freshmen Welcoming Event DATE: Awareness of College "Freshie Guide"-manual kit, new teachers, map of university (Freshmen Manual Guide)

More on Info but FUN!

Purpose: 1. Entertainment 2. Connect with them Awareness of Majors- creative presentation to present their course to know what to expect from their course Make faculty present Project Head: Harold Laborte and Malin Castillo J. Book Sale K. Magna Carta Drive (c/o office of Communications) Done every two weeks L. Scholar's Night Leadership Training Activity M. Tindahan on Relocation Site share knowledge on business benefeciaries? right family to handle?budget? FS type N. Staff Recruitment Mass produce Application Form today Distribute on Monday Start interview on Friday It can also be submitted online O. President's Report Previous Structure CENCOM-VICE REP, YR REPS, CO-CURRS EXECUTIVE UNITS -DEP'TS,OFFICES, ENTREP JUDICIAL-ASSOCIATE JUSTICE OF EACH CO-CURR DACA Coordinate co-currs about activities of council recognition for SBM Honors Scholar's Night Recognition of Errors DSSW Borrow calculatorr- leave ID Monitor facilities Social issues and concerns Surveillance Camera DMSA Tindahan Building Summer of Service Summer Tide Office of Communications Clear and Consistent Activities

Consultations and Address Concerns

Office of Budget and Finance Monthly Status of the Council Office of Research Every Activity has Evaluation OAA Cleanliness, BOLTS, Mid-year, Year-end Events Committee Multimedia Technical Committee

Entrep Committee President Faculty Meetings Constitution and all Documentation pass to her Executive Secretary Day-to-day operations of the council Handle issues and other concerns of council Monitor proposals Year Level Representatives Represent level in central committee Year Level Vice Representatives Rights and Welfare of students (addresses concerns of activities) P. Executive Secretary Report Q. Officers constitutional functions by SBMSC Associate Justice A.Supreme Constitutional Court B. Impeachment and Suspension -2 weeks -suspension only for Co-currs C. Role of Supreme Court 1. Read Constitution D. Power of Judicial Review 1. Process of Bill 2. Hierarchy of Court E. Rules 1. Original Jurisdiction Formal letter to ask what the words in the constitution mean 2. Change of Venue 3. Promulgate Rules 4. Power to appoint officials F. Officers Constitutional Function 1. President

a. Enforce rules

b. Make committees c. Appoint department undersecretaries c.1 See application process in constitution with qualifications d. All signatories 2. Vice-Representative a. proxy b. convener of Cencom c. appoints secretary general within 15days d. delegates power 3. Executive Secretary a. Day-by-day b. Appoint Associate

c.Minutes of the Meeting 4. Year Level Representatives a. Planner of Activities G. Presidential Offices H. Budget officer I. Cencom 1.consider CSG Constitution R. JMA GPOA Presentation 1.JMA Priviledge Card a.Distribution this Monday 2. FS Bazarre 3. Redefine- general Assembly of JMA members a.Scholars Recognition b. Distribution of JMA priviledge cards in companies 4.Marketing Academy Plus a.extends knowledge to a community about FS b.Modules 5.2nd CDO-JMA a. assembly of JMA in different schools b. contest 6.Marketing Tour 7.Fund Raising Acitivity a.JMA Perya-for 2nd yr fund raising 8.2nd JMAGIS awards a.Mid year-evaulation 9.Regional JMA a. attended by whole marketers in the region of different schools 10. CDO Conference a.action part of green-minded

b.issues in the city to address it

11.REDEFINED a.end party of JMA Admin b.recognize new officers 12. JMA Sportsfest a. collaboration with other schools b.together with Regional Conference *OTHER ACTIVITES ALREADY HAVE PROJECT HEADS S. ABECS GPOA 1. increase number of blocks this year 2. INVOLVEMENT 3.UNITY 4. RECOGNITION

5. ACTIVITIES a. June to Sept a.1 BOLTS a.2 Org Trip a.3 Price Monitoring Board-update regarding current prices in CDO (EVERY 2WKS) a.4 General Assembly a.5 Team Building and Sportsfest a.5.1First Sem -only BusE a.5.2Second sem -inter major sports fest a.6 Econ Quiz Bowl -Econ 20 and Econ 65 a.7 Career Opportunity Seminar b. Second Sem b.1 Fun Run b.2 Outreach Program -no charity yet b.3 Company Tour- Davao or Cebu b.4 Educ Tour- Singapore T. JPIA GPOA Presentation 1. June a. JPIA camp what is JPIA? career orientation factory tour for 3r yr Accountancy students

b.JPIA Promotions

c.Sponsored Mass 2.July a. Academic Forum(Retention Grades) b.General Assembly c. Academic Varsity 3. August a. CCJPIA-city wide b. JPIA Sportsfest 4.September a.Mid year Convention-Regional Part b.Tutorials before Major EXAMS 5.October a. Evaluate monthly 6. November a.JPIA Mass b. Testimonial Dinner-recognition for new CPA'S 7.December a.projected business tour

b.Jpia Christmas Party 8.January a. Tutorials b.Annual Regional convention 9.February a.Tutorials b. MoAs- for high school and winner will receive full scholarship program and 2nd place will recieve half scholarship. c. Election U.2nd year U.3rd year 1. Bonding 2.General Assembly 3.Seminar on FS V. 4th year 1.Core Team Assembly 2.Name card to get infos about students during enrolment 3.June a.4th yr general Assembly b.Mark it up

c.batch t-shirt

d.face block (block representatives for each course) e.monthly discussions on issues and concerns f.facebook/twitter/mobile/ media communications 4.October a.Sports Fest 5.Senior's Night a.Acknowledge students who excelled. b.coordinate with 3rd yr as tribute. W.Comments 1.Be Approachable. 2. Be Responsible of dissimenating informations in your year level. 3.Photocopy contact informations 2 copies from the registrar. Divide number of students in your core to be the contact number. 4.Core-at least 10 max 15-20. 5.Be visible. X. Batch Group in Facebook Y.Like Page Z. Recruitment Photo-tag at least 50 persons AA. Authorized people 1. Finance Officer -Cash book -more on budgeting

2.Treasurer -facilitates cash inflow and outflow -administrative expenses report -petty cash p1500 per month 3. Internal Auditor -valid receipts -sees to it that liquidation reports are made properly -copies of liquidation report 4.Forms/ Reports to be used 5.SBMSC Logo-letterhead of each forms 6.Signatories 7.Documentation Report 8.Liquidation Report 9.Cash Advance Form 10. Transportation Report 11.Application for Solicitation or Sponsorship and Report

12. Application for Ticket Selling and Report

13.Application for Selling and Report 14. Counterpart Collection Report 15. Student Organization Official Receipts Form 16. Acknowledgement Receipt for Honorarium 17.Process a.Procedure 1.Project head -project proposal (3) 2. Finance Officer-signs for approval 3.President 4.Moderator 5.SACDEV-get proposal in the next day 6.Make form A4 (3)WINDOW 6 give to treasurer 7.project head is assigned to withdraw from PTA 8. Treasurer give appropriated amount to project head 9.After implementation, make liquidation and documentation report 10. Signatories b.Forms (white, yellow, pink) c.option to choose between SOF-for small projects (P90,000 /SEM) and PTA-if project costs above P50,000(P 300,000). d.Not to sign if money is not yet returned. e.Know guidelines for this f.15 days liquidation report g.every project must have a project head and a finance officer BB. Presentation of Vice-President Vision CC. Project Head for BOLTS-Chinkee Ballesteros DD. New Furnitures and Fixtures : Counterpart P10,000. Deadline on Monday. Letter for Cash Advance Time ended: 3:52 PM Attendance Present: 1. Princess Kimberly Ubay-ubay - President 2. Chinky Ballesteros Vice President 3. Russel dela Pena Executive Secretary 4. Cary Cempron - Treasurer 5. Dennis Talipan - 3d year representative 6. Lailanie Disomimba 3rd year vice representative 7. Harold Laborte 2nd year representative

8. Malin Castillo 2nd year vice representative 9. Dwayn Ramos 4th year vice representative Absent: 1.. Fitz Maglacion 4th year representative

Reason: attended a conference in Manila

Prepared by: Russel dela Pena Executive Secretary Noted by: Princess Kimberly Ubay-ubay President