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HOW | TRAINED for 1958 evens by - REG PARK 1988 Profesional Mr. Universe class V com ‘stants: Wy | Ener the 1958 Profesional Mr. Universe contest ‘The 1951 Me. Universe contest which I won, was ou will recall joint contest. by this | mean that amateurs and frofesionate competed forthe same title. T have alas. fen tis how the Mr. Univene contest, which fs run 10 ‘cermine who is THE WORLD'S BEST DEVELOPED. MAN. should be run, In 1952 when separate contests Were rn to determine amateur and. profesional Mr. Universe winsrs. Iwas even more pleased thatthe previous year ha boen a combined cones, particularly. as I fet it oud only confine the fue to have two. men sinning (Mr. Universe titles even if one was professional and the other amateur * ‘After winning the 1981 vile, which as 1 said, was for professionals and amateurs |" had nomenon of ever Entering anoiher contest, which was the policy the three previous winners, amely. Steve Sunko. John Grimek and Eicre Reeves had adopted and I rightly or wronsly fk this wat what was expected of me by the PLC. follwing. ‘Earl Clarke, 1958 Amateur Mr. Universe. Bruce Randall (UA), runner-up class, Pra Mr Hovever, when the AB.C. Television introdaced the recent ‘Adonis contest with + £350 fest prize, I must confess 1 vas father sorry I bad decided not to enter any more contest, land was surpsed when fends suggested that rater than Judge the T-V. contets—I should enter them, partiulrly E350 a sake This wa what fi somed the Seeds in ‘Many new converts 10 weight ‘withthe Knowledge that the Mr. Universe contests slit Into two tiles and. now nothing of lt being 2 combined ‘oniest.” Severil ofthese sew converts were of the opinion that | bad only won the amateur ile and for the last year In parcular I have recived smany request fom them #0 center the professional Mr_ Universe contest ‘Several of my associates pointed cut that whereas the real enthusiast knew of tru standing inthe PC. world ‘Sxhers. and ft parteular the general puble, wete apt to ‘Comins on pace 33) 12. Upright Crucii, 310, ‘The arrangemen! and performances pltte eens ay ert you. A {mentioned carter had not done rch calf work a T feat 1 put this fst ‘ould put more concentration and effort, Into it. T used. #00 1b. cn the call Scbine undergone whe ° fe'wnth me forthe donkey sie. Prone hypers 1 always like to do as they Knit my fumbar and glteous and ftv great tone tomy lower back—a Fepion where most body builders are poorly developed. ‘The elevated front squats were pri arly to pack on more muscle above the Knee Jolt, Deadifis T performed 35 sn all round "tying" Cree ere chan gwtieen aren” sie co god rate bulk ty cxerching he The lower repetitions on the bench theexpente of the smaer and weaker we because Teonsdered my inc pore Merten stb 0 ep Peron facerremny enibabier évew Si Soke oe worm ate ean i 100 Sai ta es aoe ‘elfhenmnierebyney dort make 7 Sto eae 10. Beams | SS er iy Wit deeded, and tet et Teould sford to Teave this exerise out, “Tuesday, Thureday, Saturday. Bartel curls, 4 10. F pene a ei Sigeed een oetocinc >” | | eet ecaabh ace ete 44. Standing barbell triceps cuts, 4 eatin S$ tinponvetconcon 10.” | ee ane tow ew Kawa omens | See © Pig nahin To Seer s From previous experience I knew the | Soka etawonananing ty wee Sat eee | eee ae einem ene | ereereerces Sos eee | eee 0 Sees Sage asd" prpeion ad maura ms up my mind '0 enter’ Secondly well developed musculature. “Micheal Felon anipears Me Unnene oneal ive Fiore tat hove trned eq | De Seg maps ee Prior the contest immediately |on'reps for strength traning I found | Seige GMA heath si apd we pins ind the : fooca baer Euaere if fe 3 ale a i i route’ ous ay Savening ore wo as tren or ising by 10 Ginter fa wat ony foro 10. Pres tehind neck, 436, Bie‘Uimiens: Vining be worth Skea Gumi pea 3<8, Son yeu?