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Develop chance of Lithuania

For this four month I made positive opinion about Vilnius, and Lithuania left on me very good impression. Before I applied for exchange I just knew where Lithuania is positioned and that you have good basketball national team, I was always mixing up whit Latonia and one time I tough that capital of Lithuania is Riga. But when I learned more about this state and when I buster all the myths I understood that this is excellent country which has chance for bright future. I would like to start my analysis whit geographical aspects: Lithuania is well positioned on Europe map, and how I like to say, that it is a bridge between east and west. Also it is not just continental country and Klaipeda is a sea gate of Lithuania to others part of the Europe. Sometime it may be able to cause some political problems but generally the position of the country territory, is not crucial, but it could be one of the positive aspects in economic growth. Main questions that trouble all post-soviet countries are transition in free market economy. My opinion is that Baltic States made best job and finish, of some might say finishing, that process whit positive results, and also to be honest I dont know much about privatization in Lithuania, but I notes some good examples. I saw that for majority of all Lithuanian commercial banks main correspondents are stabile banks from Scandinavian states that is good for the entire economy because banking sector is supporting wall to all anthers sectors. And those partners like Swedbank, SEB, and DNB which seem as serious partners who are willing to be here for long-term cooperation. And I also note a lot good examples of cooperation whit European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Some aspects like importing energy recourses, especially electricity, might cause some problems in the whole system and make country more depended on others. Like we all know this days energy is the main natural recourse, and who have it, that have the power too. The Ignalina Nuclear Power plant was main electric giants in Baltic area and it could supply all Lithuanias demand for electricity. I read somewhere that this facility and exporting of electricity helped Lithuania not to have such turbulence transition period like others ex-soviets republics had. But Lithuania agreed to close the plant, due to the plant's similarities to the failed Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, as part of its accession agreement to the European Union. Unit 1 was closed in December 2004. The remaining Unit 2 which counted for 25% of Lithuania's electricity generating capacity and supplied about 70% of Lithuania's electrical demand, was closed on December 31, 2009. Proposals have been made to construct a new nuclear power plant at the same site.1 If that happened Lithuania would have the turnover in energy international trade balance. One of the best positive sides of Lithuanian strategy for future is focusing on knowledge based economy. Peoples are the main recourse of each country and investing in knowledge is the best way to supporting the growth. Good performance of Lithuania in develops of information and information society shows that it has good chance in future international competition. Lithuania is high rated on knowledge based economy index, but although it still dont reflect on GDP per capita like in develop countries such as Scandinavian, in the future it will be the best opportunity for develop.