Introduction to Pick Up

by L.A. Tripp

. You see a couple of hot girls talking to each other about whatever it is that girls talk about. you see more groups of people carrying on. and the girls focus their attention on the single guy that just entered. That would be completely rude. Her body turns into him slightly. some standing around with serious looks on their faces. let’s talk about you. All the energy in the room shifted . Is he a movie star . like she is amazed he’s taking his time to talk to her. But. . music singer . Her eyes get wider. watching people interact with each other. Her friends laugh. as you’ll soon find out. and you’re wishing that you were the center of their attention.Introduction to Pick Up You know the guy. . After all. laughing with their friends. smiles at a group of three girls. You wonder if she even notices. Some look just as terrified as you secretly feel inside. a famous model? He’s barely inside the doorway. He is very stylish. you’ll give him that. just standing there. you can’t interrupt. The first girl that gave him attention. The guys suddenly seem nervous. for now . For good reason too. . and laughing. there’s another group of people. you just don’t understand. have a noticeable change too. but you’re too shy to approach them. If only you were in his shoes. . Mr. seemingly without reason. Smooth. Suddenly. . As soon as he walked through the door. but for some odd reason the idiot is ignoring her. some laughing. taps one of them on the shoulder like he knows her. So you look at this guy to see what the big deal is. You’ve seen him. It’s like he became the magnetic center of all the interaction. . to him. she would have your attention. He remains silent as his eyes slowly search left and right. Why not? That’s how he comes across. Glancing to your right. the one with two guys and two girls. He says something you can’t hear. You sense something else. but you don’t recognize him as being famous. . You’re casually standing back. . The other group. All eyes mysteriously focus on him. a brunette. The two girls you thought were hot look like they are about to drool all over themselves. . This one has a couple of girls and a couple of guys talking. He takes two steps to the left. She laughs. for the sake of this discussion. We’ll call him. Across the room. this guy walks into the room. What is it? Something . . You can’t put your finger on it. seems to be trying to get his attention more.

. or know. This is your official introduction to the Art of Pick Up. the short answer is. Probably wondering who he is. strangely. that you don’t? Well. Smooth. Does he know her friends? Probably not. friends. this strange magnetic center of attention suddenly takes off with the first brunette that gave her attention to him. Then. but again. Well. a social life. He’s completely comfortable. How many times have you seen Mr. Then what is he doing differently to get these girls to walk away with him within just a few minutes. friends. clings to it as if it’s precious. all vying for his attention. the fact is. and families. With this. . wait. He makes them laugh more. Smooth. studies it. while you turn and study the rest of the room again. when you saw the interaction. No. on the two friends. They have jobs. he’s moving between her and her two friends. At least. then ignores whatever she said and makes another comment to her two friends. He’s got a job or career. the three of them are in front of him. but the guys seem to be trying even harder to keep the girls’ attention. . In a twist of events. They just seem to want to know what’s going on over in the corner. but now there’s more giggling involved. This man appears to start telling a story to the two friends. They are people just like you. looks at the brunette. who laugh . he’s just like you too . The other group of four people are still talking.He focuses. He gives the brunette something. He cocks his head to the side. . social lives. And Mr. The two girls standing near you are still watching Mr. sort of. He disappears somewhere else. but he KNOWS a lot that you don’t know. and a family. Smooth and wonder just why in the world girls are so gullible? Well. out of nowhere. while struggling to continue their own conversation. where Mr. yet again. hopefully you will understand that there is a lot of information available to help YOU become Mr. . He slightly turns his body away from the brunette. Does he know this girl that left with him? Not likely. Smooth? Well. out of sight. They are very intelligent people. a LOT. So. what does this guy have. He slides through them and leans back against the wall. not necessarily. not before that night. he may not HAVE what you don’t have. most of these girls aren’t gullible. They know what they’re looking for. She holds it in her hands. This continues for a few minutes. Does he know everyone else in the venue? Perhaps. Smooth is.

. Ranging from the “natural” style. Smooth? That’s the beauty of the “Art of Pick Up”. Yes. He. but. your entire social experience. first and foremost. creating something that will indeed work for everyone. is a man who calls himself Mystery. as you need to commit to anything in life that’s worth pursuing. Your commitment to this will improve. lays the groundwork for everything else to build upon. in my mind. He explains what the attraction switches are that you need to flip to have a girl become attracted to you. so you can become Mr. No one method is foolproof for every person. what if a method doesn’t work for me? What if my personality is not like theirs? How will little ‘ol me become Mr. So you may be thinking . He’s put together a system he calls “The Mystery Method”. Get down and dirty and do some mental digging to find parts of your life that will appeal to the type of girl you really want. Sure. and I do mean EVERYONE. The Art of Pick Up. your body language. each one of you has your own distinct personality. There are guys we call gurus who have figured out these social interactions and teach them to you. Maybe rework some of your life stories for a bigger impact. and your speech. but also affects your entire social life.In fact. to knowing every detail of each interaction you are involved with. That’s a good thing. Of course. not only affects your ability to pick up girls. He’s written a book called The Venusian Arts Handbook. Smooth. no matter where you come from. in truth. can achieve this. who are these gurus and what can they teach you? Well. you CAN have the success that you desire. this is the first place you should start. . You will have to change yourself. Some methods are much more effective on certain types of women. both guys and girls. in essence. In this book. So. . But. We are not called PUA’s or Pick Up “Artists” for nothing. Some methods are much more effective with certain personality types of men. If you’re willing to commit to this. you CAN have the success you want. the beauty of this ‘art’ is that we can blend methods together. Smooth. or your success or lack of it in your past with women. you may have to work on things like your appearance. sometimes drastically. Mystery breaks down each detail of the first few minutes of your social interactions with other groups of people. In my opinion. there are many different “methods” available for you to use to become Mr. Everyone. you will reap rewards you can’t even fathom at this very moment. and in most people’s opinion.

He learned directly from Mystery and Ross Jeffries until he came into his own. Savoy. also known as Neil Strauss. . This process will help you to achieve that goal too. you soon find out that there is much more to the process. Then there’s a man we call Style. You may be looking for a different girl for each night of the week. with the intention of taking them home and having sex with them. He is known for a method called “The Caveman”. Eric). Ok. famous for his Cocky and Funny teachings. You may be looking for that one right person for you. A sort of deprogramming what society has done. He explains how you can have or develop a cocky and funny attitude that goes a long way with girls. . or Neuro Linguistic Programming. Steve Piccus. There’s also David DeAngelo. .From there. That is. once you start learning how to actually make that happen. There is one major misconception people have when they learn about the art of pick up . who emphasizes a “natural way” of interacting. Hypnotica (Von Sydow. There’s someone known as Ross Jeffries. or sex. True . We have Juggler. Zan Perrion and Vin Dicarlo. He wrote a book that’s also used for pickup called The Game. whether that be email. Some of the other notable PUA’s are: J-Dog. Shark. The truth is. you have several ways you can go. IN10SE (or Twotimer). fair. Another guru that we hold dear is called Matador. If so. and false. we have to bring out our natural core. Of course. most guys DO enter this art for the purpose of picking up hot girls. Your goal might be to achieve more overall success with interactions with people in general. Carlos Xuma. guys are in it for easy sex. phone number. PlayboyLA. Tyler Durden. . He created what is known as Speed Seduction using a technique called NLP. this process will definitely help increase your overall social interactions. Badboy. we all have to be natural to our core selves in order for any of this to work. The methods these gurus teach usually cover everything from the initial approach that you will make to start talking to a woman. He has also now created a school of learning called the StyleLife Academy. to the closing. Sinn. but many things from this technique are used within other techniques. However. . and with people in general. kiss. This process can help you find that person. It’s basically a more physical method to be incorporated into the pick up process. Swinggcat. It is at the heart of many controversies.

say. the art of the pick up can help you to achieve those things. a week. And remember. the PUG. which is where most guys want to end up as a result of learning the Art. These guys are the ones that have mastered the art to the extent of hosting workshops around the world. and it may take them a few months to get to the point of being able to pick up a woman. no one. Your growth will be a continual process. teaching guys in the field. you should not limit yourself to a time frame on your growth. or one-on-one for more in depth training. Those are the guys that were mentioned above. To maximize your potential for success. That’s Pick Up Guru. which is where most guys start when they come into pick up. In addition. either in a group setting. this process will help you with that too. whatever your specific goals are with women and with other people. there are terms you need to become familiar with to fully understand what is going on in the art.If you simply want to have many. In doing so. and I mean NO ONE. hence the reason for pick up to begin with. But. can pick up ANY woman he wants. for the mPUA the chances of picking up almost any woman in almost any venue are very. some guys have to grow a little more. And. . Initial growth varies too. Lastly. very high. For instance: AFC means Average Frustrated Chump. many interesting female friends hanging around you all the time. mPUA means Master Pick Up Artist. or the first night they learn a technique. Wherever you are. they hope to be able to pick up most women in most venues. Some guys are able to start picking up girls within. On the other hand.

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