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28-gun frigate, Revolutionary War era

Characters and ships from Dewey Lambdin’s Alan

Lewrie novel, The French Admiral.
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HMS Desperate. Frigate. 28-guns. 9-pounder main battery.

HMS Barfleur.

HMS Richmond

HMS Iris

HMS Charon

HMS Guadeloupe

HMS Dandelion

HMS Bonettta

HMS Roebuck.


Commander The Honourable Tobias Treghues. Captain of the HMS Desperate.

David Avery. Midshipman. 17 years old. Close friend of Lewrie.

The Honourable Francis Forrester. Midshipman. Cater cousin of Commander Treghues.

Nephew of Commodore Sinclair. Captured at Yorktown.

Monk. Sailing master. HMS Desperate.

Railsford. First Lieutenant. HMS Desperate.

Cheatham. Purser. HMS Desperate. Friend of Lewrie.

Cuttle. Captain’s coxswain. HMS Desperate.

Toliver. Bosun’s mate. HMS Desperate.

Carey. Midshipman. HMS Desperate. 13 years old. Captured at Yorktown.

Lady Jane. Madam. Charleston, SC.

Mose. Lady Jane’s black butler.

Della. Prostitute at Lady Jane’s.

Bess Rodgers. Prostitute at Lady Jane’s.

Commodore Sir George Sinclair. Squadron commander. Uncle of Midshipman Forrester.

Captain Bevan. Flag captain to Commodore Sinclair. Was the officer who pressed Lewrie
in The King’s Coat.

Freeling. Mess steward. Midshipman’s mess.

Dorne. Surgeon. HMS Desperate.

Lieutenant Peck. Royal Marines. Commands Marine detachment on HMS Desperate.

Tulley. Gunner’s mate. HMS Desperate.

Sitwell. Quarter gunner. HMS Desperate.

Hogan. Carronade gun captain. HMS Desperate.

Gwynn. Gunner. HMS Desperate.

Norman Coke. Bosun. HMS Desperate.

Maple. Seaman. HMS Desperate.

Weems. Bosun’s mate. HMS Desperate.

“Chips.” Carpenter. HMS Desperate.

Cony. Seaman. HMS Desperate.

Knatchbull. Gun captain. HMS Desperate.

Coe. Seaman. HMS Desperate.

Fletcher. Seaman. HMS Desperate.

Hogan 1. Gun captain. HMS Desperate.

Sitwell. Gun captain. HMS Desperate.

Hogan 2. Loblolly boy. HMS Desperate.

Tate. Quartermaster. HMS Desperate.

Micah Sedge. Master’s Mate. HMS Desperate.

Burney. Midshipman. HMS Desperate.

Feather. Quartermaster’s mate. HMS Desperate. Killed at Jenkins Neck, VA.

Nat Queener. Carpenter’s mate. HMS Desperate. Killed at Jenkins Neck, VA.

Daniels. Seaman. HMS Desperate. Mortally ounded at Yorktown.

McGregor. Master’s mate. HMS Desperate. Captured at Yorktown.

O’Hara. Senior officer of the Guards Brigade at Yorktown.

Gouvernour Chiswell. Lieutenant. Royal North Carolina Regiment.

Burgess Chiswell. Ensign. Brother of Gouvernour. Royal North Carolina Regiment.

George Chiswick. Younger brother of Gouvernour and Burgess. Killed by Patriot militia
at age 14.

Caroline Chiswick. Sister of Governour and Burgess. Aged 18.

Seawallis Chiswick. Father of Gouvernour, Burgess, and Caroline. Late 50s.

Mammy. Chiswick family slave.

Knevet. Corporal. Royal North Carolina Regiment.

Mollow. Rifleman. Royal North Carolina Regiment.

Hatmaker. Rifleman. Royal North Carolina Regiment. Killed at Jenkins Neck, VA.

Heros von Muecke. Feldwebel-leutnant. Hesse-Kassel Jaegers.

Kniemeyer. Feldwebel. Hesse-Kassel Jaegers.

Sarah Hayley. Widow of Elihu Hayley. Owner of plantation on Jenkin’s Neck, VA.

Nancy Jane Ledbetter. Sarah’s sister.

Rodney Hayley. Son of Elihu Hayley. Killed by Gouvernour and Burgess Chiswick.

Sookie. Slave on the Hayley plantation.

Daniel. Overseer on the Hayley plantation.

Art and Literary References

Atlantic Neptune by de Barres

A Rake’s Progress by William Hogarth

Joseph Andrews by Henry Fielding