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Prof. Dr. Madhavan
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Abstracts, Excerpts and Proceedings of
1 day Seminar on

Ancient Wisdom of Health


On: Sunday, 12th August, 2007

At: Spastics Society of Karnataka – Bangalore
By: UNESCO clubs – Vimanapura, India

Co – Sponsors
Rohini Institute of Alternative Medicine – Chennai
Shantanu Astanga Ayurvda Nilayam, Bangalore
Bangalore Indiranagar SKY Trust
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Prof. Dr. Madhavan
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Prof. Dr. Madhavan . P

Managing Trustee - Bangalore Indiranagar SKY Trust
Director – Institute of Mind Management

1. Acknowledgement

My grateful Thanks to those Saints, Philosophers, Scientists, Doctors,

Engineers, Managers & Leaders who lived and living, guided me in making
this presentation. My Pranams and gratitude to a 97 year lived Legend
Siddhar, Doctor, Philosopher, Scientist Vethathiri Maharishi from South India,
who guided me in my life as my Mentor and Guru.
This presentation is a reflection of many renowned Teachers as understood by
me with my limited knowledge & experience. Therefore I am open & willing to
learn from any sources further.

2. Introduction

Management is a term broadly used in all areas, more so in Businesses.

However it is an integral part of everybody’s life whether it is Personal,
Career, Profession, Business, or Service. It is a situation where one has to
take the best decisions or actions among the worst alternatives available.
Every minute each one of us is making decisions to act. Or we will be just
duplicating decisions made earlier, called Habits in a personal level and
Systems in a hyped business level.

Management becomes necessary where the situations are not conducive to

get the desired results. Management is redundant where things work like a
clock work or computer or mathematics. This equally applies to the very life
we are living. The best may not be happening every day in our office,
relations or personal life. If yes, are we going to resign the job or divorce the
relations or commit suicide? No. We just manage the situation in the best
possible manner.

Therefore Management is a continuous process of “R 2 R” – Resources to

Results are those we want, desire, retain and achieve. Resources are the 3 M

Man (Mind), Machine (Body) and Materials (Nature). While the Nature belongs
entirely to the unknown Almighty Force (many country leaders claim it as
their own; look at the way they exploit and pollute it) the Mind and Body
belongs partly to the individuals. Now, the individuals (people like us) have
the responsibility to make the best use of Resources (Mind Body) to achieve
the desired Results (Health, Prosperity and Peace).
This very life is a gift of God – not our wish or work. Though it is free, we
cannot give it up so easily. We learn, think, work, experience and face
challenges for satisfaction till we meet the end. The whole process is
Management – Mind Body Management, whether it is Personal, Career,
Profession, Business, or even service.

3. About BODY

Body is the front end. Mind is the Operating System. Universe is the Back
Results are delivered by the body. The same is also enjoyed by it.
Without Body, living is meaningless, as there are no deliverables, as joy and
Therefore Body is precious – let us Value it, Respect it & Exercise it.

Body is a mass. A Mass, made up of 5 elements of Universe.

Body is seen as the Earth, the 5th element in the form of skeleton, flesh &
bone. It is
energised for movement by Akash energy the 1st element which is unseen in
the form of
Life force ( Prana )

In between are the 3 elements, which are the Circulation bodies effectively
transferring the
Life force to Body mass.

They are 2nd Element Air circulation – Respiratory system

3rd Element Heat circulation – Nervous system
4th Element Water circulation – Blood Circulation system

Therefore Human Body is a system networked with the Universe. It is a

Universe by itself,
but in a micro scale.

Elasticity – The Body Strength

Body is always in motion – within & without.

Body in motion needs energy. Energy flow gives motion. Stagnant energy
decays the
body. (Like stagnant water)

Physical Exercise is a systematic way of ensuring proper flow of energy.

SKY exercises are proved to be one of the best in the world. Because it is
simple; No strain
and no pain is its principle. Anybody from the age of 8 to 80 can easily
practice. It
encompasses the best of all systems in the world. It takes less than 30 minutes
a day. It
covers the entire body system. It is taught free at our BIST – Indiranagar

Body is fundamentally elastic; Ageing makes it plastic & rigid, susceptible for
and fracture. Therefore Body exercises assure better elasticity and motion.
availability of body, is one of the important resource for achieving results.

Life force (Energy) – The Body Fluidity

Fluidity of Life force ensures proper energy flow for the Body movement.
Vethathirian Kaya Kalpa Exercises help in this fluidity. KKE is one of the best
Ancient Anti Ageing Therapy. KKE need hardly 10 min. /day. It balances the Life
receipts & expenditure. The key benefits are Immunity, Youthfulness and

This is a boon for mankind to assure ‘Free Health for all”. BIST provides a half a
learning workshop for KKE.

BIST – An acronym for ‘Bangalore Indiranagar SKY Trust’

Life force Inadequacy – Cause for disease

Life force is a vibratory vital force, caused by the Bio Magnetism, Electrical
impulses & Chemical ions. These are responsible for Body Molecules, matter &

Problems in Life are due to - Disease in Body & Devil in Mind. These are results of
violations of Natural Laws in Thinking, breathing, eating, dressing, working, and
resting as well as in conduct of moral, sexual & social behaviors.

Primary causes for Diseases are:

- Lowered Vitality ( due to excess indulgence )
- Blood abnormalities ( due to Food & Pharma )
- Accumulation of Morbid matter ( due to Life styles & Habits )

Remedial measures are:

- Return to Nature
- Economise on vital force
- Eliminate Toxins from Body / Mind
Body Health - Youthfulness

These are some of the 15 ways to check your youthfulness

1.Aerobic (Oxygen intake) capacity, 2.Anti oxidant levels, 3.Auditory / Visual

4.Hormone levels, 5.Immune functions, 6.Metabolic activity, 7.Temperature
8.Blood pressure, 9.Blood sugar, 10.Body Elasticity, 11.Bone density,
12.Cholesterol / lipids
13.Skin thickness, 14.Muscle mass, 15.Stamina levels

B A Y (Body Ashtanga Yoga)

1. Think, Feel, Talk & Walk Younger.

2. Take Healthy, Fresh, Nutrient balanced foods.
3. Give Body its Exercises.
4. Give Mind its Meditation practices.
5. Cleanse Toxins in Body / Mind
6. Forget the past, Work for the future
7. Soak in Love to Serve
8. Align always with the Almighty

4. About MIND

Mind first, Body next.

Body exists because of Mind. Mind decides Body performs. Mind is the Master &
Body is a Slave. Mind has the power of universe; Body is a speck of dust in the

Mind is what really matters, Matter doesn’t really matter.

Mind is the greatest of greatest and tiniest of tiniest.
Speed of Mind surpasses speed of light. Therefore Mind is a powerful converter of
energy into mass and vice versa.

Do you have the mind to understand mind?

MIND – Speed & frequency

Mind interacts with the subatomic particles of Body cells. Cellular malfunction is
the start of any disease. While the modern science pursues the secrets of
diseases, our ancient wisdom gives us the secrets of health practices.

What sciences cannot accomplish, your mind will. Mind is a Miracle machine.
Mind @ excited ‘beta’ level interact with material aspects
@ lower ‘alpha’ levels interact with psychic aspects
@ zero ‘delta’ level interact with Divine aspect.
In Chemistry, Elements table show all heavier elements at the bottom and lighter
elements at the Top. Mind @ high speeds capture heavier elements, but misses
all lighter elements.
Mind @ lower speeds can capture lighter elements also. Heavier elements are
earthly matters and lighter elements are divinely matters.

MIND – Matter or No Matter

Heavy is heavy, but not powerful.

Light is light, but most powerful. Take examples of Atoms and Waves. A big bang
seemed to have produced the entire Universe. Einstein gave us the relation
between matter (mass) and non matter (energy). The big bang has created light
and noise (both are no matter). Mostly non matter is the source of matter.

Mind is a non matter. It is the source of matter.

Map is not the territory. Like wise Body is not the territory. Body is symptom of
greater Mind.
We cannot measure force, but only its effects. Effects are evidences and not the
real. But they show / represent / prove the existence of Real.

Search for the Real. Capture it. You will become one with it. This is the very
purpose of Life.

MIND - Physics

Particle has velocity. But velocity has no meaning without a particle. Is it velocity
a shadow of the particle or vice versa? I think particle is a shadow of the velocity.

At low speeds materials exist and at high speeds non material (energy) exists.
Low speeds cannot become high speeds unaided, but high speeds can become
lower naturally. Therefore energy can become matter easily. Matter is to be
excited with energy, to become another form of energy and not otherwise. Is this
not a fundamental law of Thermodynamics?

Intent is therefore what becomes content. Intention is more of mind and content
is more of material. Imagination has the ability to bring the Image. Thinking has
the ability to bring Things.

Mind brings matter to this world.

MIND - Energy

People say ‘Seeing is Believing’.

On the other hand if you are able to Believe then you will be able to See. Thus
‘Believing is the beginning of seeing things in real’. Believing is also called faith.
To believe is to Think, Feel, Visualise, Talk, Walk, in what you believe.

Beliefs create Biology. Self affirmations (sankalpas) are good examples. If you
think you can, you can and if you think you can’t, you can’t.
Everything has a source – Almighty. This is considered to be the source of
energy, conserving all energies. It progressively transforms into Mind energy,
Nuclear energy, Atomic energy, Molecular energy, Matter energy, Bio energy,
Sensuous energy, Intelligence energy, Emotional energy, Intellectual energy and
back to Mind energy to the Source of energy.
Mind, thus is closer to the Almighty – the source of all energies.

MIND – Suffer or Joy

Body has taken the beatings of the past. They create experiences. Mind is
interpreting the past experiences to the present state as perceptions. The
Universe holds the future based on your needs / expectations. Thus the past (if
negative) is drag on our future.

Therefore we need to break away from the “Habitual Thinking patterns” of

suffering & sorrow. It is time to change to “Freedom of positive uplifting
thoughts” of Joy & Happiness. Think, Feel, Talk & Walk towards Joy & Happiness
of future. Immense possibilities exist. Choose one, even a miracle.

Agitation to Mind Body accelerates ageing.

Relaxation to Mind Body makes you younger.

Meditation is a wonderful Tool for Relaxation Awareness. It is one of the best to

get the results you want.

MIND – Thoughts

Mind in totality is Almighty.

Mind in fractions are called in many ways as Thoughts, Ideas, Feelings, Emotions,
Creative, Critical, foolish, Analytical, Abstract, Positive, Negative, Constructive,
Jumping, Monkey etc.

As defined by Vethathiri Maharishi, following are the 10 steps that form one set
of Mind.
1. Feeling; 2. Need; 3. Zeal; 4. Action; 5. Result; 6. Enjoy; 7. Experience; 8.
9. Realisation and 10. Conclusion.

Mind is built up with past / present experiences & future expectations

Thoughts are a major part of mind. Thoughts reflect mind. Analysis of Thoughts
is the beginning of cleansing the mind. Changing to 6 virtues forms the Mind’s life
Wishing well (Blessings) for others, nurtures the mind.

Meditation practices aligns the mind to Almighty. The Life game now starts with:
Keep well, Love all, Empathy all, Serve all and Live well.
VAY (Vethathirian Astanga Yoga) for MBM

For a better Mind Body Management, the following 8 steps will be useful.

1. SIMPEX KAY ( Simplified Physical Exercises and Kaya kalpa )

2. MED MIND ( Mind Meditation Practices )

3. I AM NEW ( Introspection )

4. BLESS ALL ( Blessings to all including enemies )

5. CHANGE SIX ( Change from 6 vices to 6 virtues )

6. U MAGNET ( Understand Magnetism )

7. GRAVITY GYAN ( Understand Science of God the Gravity )

8. LIWEL N SERWEL ( Learn, Love, Live and Serve )

You are most welcome to use the facilities at BIST to learn and practice some of
these techniques and systems.

5. Summary

1. Body is an extension of Mind. Mind is an extension of Almighty. Almighty is

2. Almighty has blessed us with energies of Body & Mind, for Happy, Purposeful
& Satisfactory life.
3. MBM is a process of management to achieve R2R.
4. Fix your expected Results for achievement in Life.
5. Make the best of your Body Mind Resources.
6. Upkeep Body energy for Elasticity, Life energy for fluidity, thro’ Exercises &
Kaya Kalpa.
7. Align Mind energy for Connectivity with Almighty thro’ Meditation.
8. Banish your bad habits thro’ Introspection & 6 virtues.
9. Strengthen your Body Mind thro’ Learning, Loving & Serving.
10. Realise the Greatness in you and become ONE with it.

“May the Whole World enjoy Prosperity, Happiness, Wisdom and Peace”.

P.S. Your comments are most welcome. email:

Prof. Dr. Madhavan, Managing Director of ‘Train 2 Win Consultants’ for Management and Training in
Bangalore. Basically a mechanical engineer with management qualifications worked in Multi national
Organizations in senior positions for more than 30 years. Also associated with Vethathiri Maharishi for
more than 20 years in disseminating his teachings and techniques to the world.

Dr. G. Alagar Ramanujam PhD

Vice President, World Community Centre, New York, USA

Every living being is a combination of body Physics and Psychology mind. Mind is the
operating agency and body is a system that is being operated.

It is a matter of scientific fact that the operating agency is a wave complex and the
system that is being operated is physical. For example : A Radio Box is operated by
electro magnetic waves; a T.V.Box is operated by waves from T. V. Station: a Cell
Phone is operated by waves from another Cell Phone. Accordingly, Maharishi
Vethathiri asserts that the mind that operates the body has to be a wave complex,
which it is called as the bio magnetic waves.

Our thoughts and experience modulate the bio magnetic waves and the modulated
waves accordingly operate the body.

The methodology of modulating our mind waves (or bio magnetic waves) by proper
thoughts and experience is called software of the mind and knowing the cause to
change its frequency is called hardware part of the mind. The hardware part and
software part of the mind, put together form the physics of psychology.

We inherit the features of our body and the modulated mind waves from our parents.
The initial modulation of mind waves gives us the thoughts and experiences of our
parents and their ancestors and it is called Sanchitha Karma. After our birth, by our
experiences and thoughts, we continuously modulate our mind waves and this
modulation is called Praraptha Karma. The bio magnetic wave complex has both
modulated imprints through parents and modulation by acquired imprints. The
nature of action of a person depends upon the relative strength of sanchitha Imprints
and Praraptha Imprints.

Up to the animals stage, they are guided by Sanchitha imprints only; but in human
beings stage by Praraptha Karma, the effects of Sanchitha can be modified or in
other words, man is not bound by fate (Sanchitha) alone. This ability of man to
change himself is a great boon if he changes in the right way or it is a severe curse if
he changes in the wrong way.

Introspection of our own behavior and their consequences enlightens us the right
way to change and meditation gives the ability to missed to change the way we have
to change. Introspection and meditation are the main components of the mind.

Coming to the hardware part of the mind, let us see the effect of meditation on the
structure of the mind wave complex. The bio magnetic mind waves are a bundle of
frequencies ranging from 1 to 40. Any information which agitates our thoughts gets
imprinted in the wave complex, at low frequencies.

During the meditation as the brain generates lower and lower frequencies, peaceful
imprints in the wave complex get into action and thereby our personality increases.
In this case, our action produces peaceful reactions. With no meditation, the brain
generates relatively of higher frequencies, with such higher frequencies, agitative
thoughts come in to action, leading to bad reactions.

At low frequencies, since the mind becomes subtle, its creativity increases. Thus
meditation leads to magnanimity and creativity. Through Meditation Mind
Psychology, the healthy Physics body would result.
Dr. Alagar Ramanujam is a retired Principal of Arts & Science College in Tamilnadu with a PhD in Physics.
Right from his young age having deeply involved in Spirituality and Philosophy of all religions has acquired
immense knowledge in Vedanta, Siddanta, Jainism, Buddhism etc. A good orator both in Tamil and English
and his writings are published in Books & Magazines both in science and spiritualism. Also made many
presentations in National / International seminars about Vethathirian Gravity, Magnetism and Genetic

Dr. Asokan B.S.M.S.

The most future diseases of the world will not be caused by the viruses but, Stress.

Stress is a reaction to a physical or emotional stimulus. It is not necessarily a

negative phenomenon, as long as it is a Positive stress that keeps us on our toes and
enhances our performance. But it becomes a source of illness and disease when it is
a Neurotic stress coupled with suffering, addiction and affects our performance. It is
the dynamic force that distinguishes between the active living and passive existence.

Stress is not just a mental or emotional state. Scientific studies have shown that
stress increases blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It increases the permeability
of arterial walls to cholesterol, i.e. arteries absorb more cholesterol. It also decreases
the "good" cholesterol (HDL). It decreases estrogen levels, leading to irregular
menstrual cycles and an increase in the incidence of heart disease in women
(normally women are "protected" from heart disease till menopause due to the
presence of normal levels of estrogen). It also causes an increase in blood clotting
(which can lead to a heart attack), more smoking, drinking and food intake and a
rise in arrhythmias (irritability and irregular beating of the heart).

Heart is the place where the body, the psyche and the spirit all converge. The heart
disease presents a rich model for examining the relationship between one’s lifestyle
and health. There is an alarming increase in the incidence of heart diseases in
modern times. Increasing levels of stress have played an important role in this
modern "epidemic".

The ideal reaction to a stress situation is to respond to challenges or difficulties fast

and efficiently and then to relax. It is when we lose the ability to return to the
baseline — to relax — that the stress response becomes chronic. When this happens
stress hormone levels remain high, causing anxiety, insomnia, coronary artery
spasm and increased blood clotting.

There are basically two ways of dealing with stress. One is to avoid it — but this is
not always possible or even desirable. The other way is to change how we react to a
situation — react in a positive and healthy way by increasing our stress threshold
and making us live longer. Stress has to be managed so that it becomes a positive
force in our life. We must learn to relax, not how to become lethargic. We must live
in the world more fully, not withdraw from it. Only when we take care of ourselves
can we also give more fully to others.

The body has a great capacity to heal itself when given a chance to. People tend not
to give the body a chance to recover from one stress before hitting it with another.
And many people compound the problem by smoking, consuming alcohol, taking
drugs and leading a sedentary life.
Apart from regular exercise, yoga, meditation, good food habits and healthy life style
which helps the body mind relaxation, it is found that regular intake of AROGH multi
herbal drink makes the heart stronger, improves oxygenation, regulates blood
pressure reduces weight, increases fat metabolism, produces sound sleep and
increases stamina. Some of the Scientific studies proves the point.

Stress management is a holistic approach and the following are the best 10 ways to
deal with stress

1. Organise yourself. (Be proactive and not passive)

2. Be positive to your environment

3. Exercise regularly

4. Meditate

5. Relax. (7-8 hours’ sleep is essential)

6 Beware of neurotic stress signals — distress signals are insomnia, headache,

anxiety, upset stomach, lack of concentration

7 Avoid burnouts, avoid getting angry at trivial matters

8. Eat a balanced diet — do not poison yourself

9. Avoid smoking, excessive tea/coffee intake, alcohol

10. Drink AROGH regularly.

Dr. Asokan is an accomplished Siddha Doctor and a Pharma graduate. After serving
in the rural areas for more than 10 years and now settled in Chennai metropolis and
effectively spreading the Ancient wisdom of health to the society through Rohini
Global P Ltd.
Prof. Dr. Shanmuga Kani, is an Aeronautical Scientist / Engineer, practicing Vethathirian
yoga & Meditation for the last 20 years. A Doctor in Alternative Medicines and an
Astrology Specialist. Hundreds of people are benefited by his advice and therapies.
Spiritualism – The fundament of Health
Dr. Chinmaya Bhat BAMS, Director – Shantanu Astanga Ayurveda Nilayam, Bangalore

Prof. Dr. Madhavan, Director – IMM, Bangalore

Human beings are just extension of Spiritual beings with Human experience. Forgetting one’s
spiritual nature is forgetting oneself that lead to sufferings in life, including ill health.
Spirituality is a deep feeling and understanding of Unity in diversity or Oneness in many or
Self Actualisation.

(Sat + Chit + Anantham) is a way of representing spiritualism. Sat, meaning, the Satyam
(Truth, Almighty, God, Unified force, Permanent etc.,) when combined with Chitt, the energy,
(prana, life force) results in Anantham, the nature in many varieties of species, life etc. in the
Universe. A good understanding of this concept is the spiritual path leading to the fulfillment of
life’s purpose.

Spiritualism is the source of Philosophy and Philosophy is the source of science. Science starts
from the nature as we see it and trying to discover its origin and ultimate, using known
instrumentation, computation and inferences based on Science Lab studies. Yet Scientists are
not successful yet, as the debate on what is inside of quarks /waves/ energies as well as what
are all there beyond the Universes, still continues. However as the discoveries of nature are in
progress, there were many secondary discoveries like gravity, mathematics, and magnetism
etc., made our living seemingly comfortable and convenient. Have they made us Healthy and
Happy? – is a question very uncomfortable to answer.

One third of deaths in US are caused by the effects of modern medicines either by overdose or
wrong medicine or side effects of medicines or hospital procedures. Thus we are also affected
by the discoveries of science. Worse is that nowadays there are many “Make Believe” science
reports are made with the support of Business corporations with big investments to reap
bigger returns. Therefore think again whether present Health systems focus on nature or their
business returns.

Philosophers on the other hand start from the origin of nature as One Unified concept using
their intuitive thinking power to arrive at the cause of nature as we see it. They gave us many
theories and concepts including Spiritualism. The definition and details of the one single source
Brahman is called Vedas, and those details of Life force is called Siddhas and the therapies are
called Ayurveda. Thus our Saints, Rishis and Sages have brought the concepts of health to this
world in more than 5000 years ago.

Health is not merely the absence of disease and infirmity but is a state of complete physical,
mental and social well being which leads to a social productive life. Whereas the Spirituality
being the complete knowledge (understanding-living with it) of the spirit-atman-living force-
life energy in its active state.

Spirit-atman –life energy-living force or whatever name we call it, is the Alma matter of all
that one can see-touch-hear-smell-taste and think of / conceive of, including human health.
Understanding or trying to understand any knowledge/thing without losing the basic tenets is
what constitute spirituality be it health/medicine/engineering/math/physics/…etc.

With respect to health, we should take a look at, how the life energy translates itself into all
that we know and ourselves (residents in a human body). Understanding of health with
spirituality as its foundation will help us to obtain and maintain the optimum state of mental
and physical well being with the required adaptability to the changes in the present life style
in a very harmonious manner without any discomfort what so ever.

Human beings are products of nature and not the product that comes out of science labs.
Therefore they live best when they are in harmony with nature or they do suffer when in
disharmony with nature. The other name for nature is Almighty or God or Universal Energy or
Unified Force etc. Thus the Spiritualism helps in healing better and faster.
Sufi Meditation

Healing thro Love

Prof. Dr. Madhavan – Director, IMM, Bangalore

Sufi Ways are spiritual ways, the ways to the Heavens. If you like, you may follow
them, so that your soul is in Paradise before you die. Then dying will only be like a
change from one place to another, so easy- opening a door and being welcomed." -
Sheikh Nazim

In the field of a religion based upon the revelations through the Prophet Muhammad,
the practices (or yoga) and fulfillments of the Sufis were and are entirely saturated
with the doctrine of Islam, which is resignation to God, or rather delighted union of
the will of man with the will of God. This fundamental principle of acceptance of
God's will among the religious becomes the reception of God's being among the

In the efforts and attainments of these mystics must be recognized therefore two
operators—God who is trying to give himself to man, and man who is trying to give
himself to God. The second of these factors, the human efforts, naturally takes on
the aspect of yoga practice—purification of the self from worldly desires, mental
defects and selfish motives, often by means of frequent deep and prolonged
meditation, and even by physical asceticism, intended in some cases to reduce the
body to submission, and in others to demonstrate submission achieved.

The constant thought or remembrance (dhikr) of God that was considered the means
to Union (tauhid) with Him, in which there was the passing away (fana) of all the
human qualities or human nature, the only continuity (bava) being then the
continuity of God Himself. Students of comparative yoga will see in this a similarity
to Buddha's doctrine of Nibbanna, or Nirvāna, in the achievement of which every
vestige of what man can think or feel himself to be entirely disappears. This
transformation of the Sufi could take place during life, with Universal love.

Music and gentle dance plays an important part in the life of most of the Sufis in
India, following the Mevlavi Order established by Maulana Jatal al-Din Rūmī. It is not
only through the eye that things can tell us of their essential being. To go along with
the experiences in perfect harmony, even unity, is the height of a sort of meditation
which conveys experience beyond thought and reason. Every being acts from its own
character, and usually the seeing or experiencing is limited to the material gain—so a
worm sees a tree in one way, a bird in another, a monkey in another, a worldly man
in another. But a spiritual man must see it in another way, without the antagonism
and reasoning of mind, but with acceptance, harmony and flowing—with, in short, a
sort of meditative ness which excludes reason. On this account the allegories of Love
and Wine came to fill the poetry of the Sufis. This sort of meditative ness or love full
attentiveness there is experience above reason, above expression in words. This
brings union with God then Healing is automatic and powerful.

Acupressure – The Zero cost therapy
Prof. Ravindran – Chairman, YANTRA Foundation, Bangalore

Acupressure has been in this world for many thousands of years unknown to the
history. The origin is said to be from India / South Asian countries. Buddhist monks
have taken this from India to the eastern countries like China, Japan and Korea. Now
it has caught up with the western countries too. It has become one of the most
popular and simpler therapy.

The techniques of Acupressure may vary from place to place and person to person.
This only demonstrates its dynamism of growth and adaptability. However it lacks
the support of propagation popularity and media splash. Because, it is a zero cost
therapy and has no great interests of Business Motives.

My approach and practices of Acupressure is based on Dr. Devendra Vora World

renowned Acupressure Therapist. It is his inspiration and my association with him
made me learn and practice this therapy as a service to common man. His book
“Health in your Hands” is a wonderful guide on this excellent therapy. Many million
copies have been sold and they are priced at affordable level, costs less than 50% of
most similar books.

Acupressure is based on the theory of transformation of energy between the

universe and the humans. It works on the coordinated and integrated energy
network of human body. According to Indian and Eastern Philosophies channels of
energy runs thro the human body. This energy is invisible and infinite not cognizable
to sensory organs and latest scientific instruments. This is called the life force or
chetna or prana or ooyir. This subtle energy runs thro our body, nourishing all our
organs, tissues and molecules. Any type of obstructions or stagnations or eddies in
this energy flow is the cause for all illnesses starting from pain, towards disease and

Acupressure is a science and an art of living healthy life. Acupressure is applying

pressure at the knots of energy obstructions in the body, mostly in the palms and
easing out for a free and normal flow. It is one of the best integrated therapy that
helps a person to prevent, diagnose and treat most of the common diseases. This
Acupressure therapy does not involve buying drugs, administering injections,
surgical procedures, expensive scanning, hospitalization and medicinal side effects.
There is no wonder people call it a Zero cost therapy.

World Health Organization is convinced of Eastern Health Procedures offering most

cost effective therapies that can provide Health for All. Acupressure is a WHO
recognized Alternate therapy amply proves its worthiness. Dr. Devendra Vora’s book
“ Health in your Hands” is so simple that any lay man can easily learn, understand
and practice.
I have started this practice for my own family in 1997 and now I have treated
hundreds of people with success. I believe that Mother Nature is kind to all and has
provided all that is necessary to keep us healthy as long as we live. I am grateful to
my Guru Vethathiri Maharishi and Dr. Vora for what I have achieved to day.

It is time that we understand the simple effective practices of health and therapies
like Acupressure what it can do for the Humanity. In the interest of the our future
generations health, all benevolent Institutions, organizations, Governments and us to
spare some time and efforts in propagating the effective Zero Cost therapy to all
parts of the world.

May the whole world enjoy prosperity, happiness, peace and wisdom. Thank you.

Genetic codes and Bio Magnetism

Keys to Health
Arunvel Thangamani – Engineer / Scientist, Bangalore

Health is a real broad term that is not only associated with body but also with mind.
A healthy mind leads to a healthy body and so is the vice versa. One of the often
heard terminologies in the field of health sciences is ‘Hereditary Diseases’. There are
many diseases such as diabetics which pass through genes and affect the offspring’s
generation. The term Gene is not only significant in terms of body, but also in terms
of mind, the collection of one’s own thought waves. The mind, at the
time of birth of a child is by default pure or polluted, as a function of one’s own
genetic nature.

humans often realize that it is quite difficult to change their mind in a desired way
when one’s genetic codes are not favorable. This particular work, in the field of
Vethathirian Bio-Magnetism Science, builds the fundamental idea of ‘What is Genetic
Code?’ and ‘How a Genetic Code evolved in this Universe?’ - As stated in clearly in
the field of molecular biology genetic code can be explained as Deoxyribonucleic acid
(DNA) that contains the genetic instructions for the development and
function of living organisms. DNA is stored inside the cell nucleus in animals, plants,
and humans. The main role of DNA in the cell is the long-term storage of
information. DNA is often compared to a blueprint, since it contains the instructions
to construct other components of the cell. The specific DNA segments that carry
genetic information are called genes.

The cell is the structural and functional unit of all known living organisms, and is
sometimes called the ‘building block of life’. The nucleus in which the DNA is stored,
was the first organelle to be discovered, by Franz Bauer in 1802. It was later
described more in detail by Scottish botanist Robert Brown in 1831. Brown was
studying orchids microscopically when he observed an opaque area, which he called
the areola or nucleus. The cell nucleus acts like the brain of the cell. It helps control
eating, movement, and reproduction. If something happens in a cell, the nucleus
certainly comes to know about it. The nucleus is not always in the center of the cell.
It will be a big dark spot somewhere in the middle of all of the cytoplasm.

Life Force Particles in Bio-Cells:

In about 1766, Galvani began investigating the action of electricity upon the muscles
of frogs. By observing the twitching in the muscles of frog legs suspended by copper
hooks on an iron rail, Galvani was led to the invention of the metallic arc. The
metallic arc was made of two different metals, such that when one metal was placed
in contact with a frog’s nerve and the other in contact with a muscle, a contraction
would occur.

Galvani’s investigations later led to the birth of a new scientific terminology ‘Bio-
electromagnetism’ (bioelectricity) which refers to the electrical, magnetic or
electromagnetic fields produced by living cells, tissues or organisms. Examples
include electric currents that flow in nerves and muscles and brain waves.

Recent application of this theory includes the invention of Electroencephalogram

(EEG) that can represent an electrical signal from a large number of neurons. EEG is
capable of detecting changes in electrical activity in the brain on a millisecond-level.

The specific gravity principle ensures that the heavier particles move inward and
form a clustered vortex. Such a clustered vortex is sometimes highly compressed
that the particles in that region form a separate part – Such a part which is formed
in living organisms is cell nucleus. Cell nucleus is found in the inner regions of the
‘loosely packed particle clusters’ called as cytoplasm.

In micro-organisms mostly the nucleus development is not complete the DNA is

freely floating as a ‘heavier particle cluster’, in the inner regions of cytoplasm. In
case of Eukaryotes where the nucleus exits, the manifestation of specific gravity is
very effective that a separate region called nucleus can be identified. Such a nucleus
consists of the genetic code [DNA] of that cell.

Every atom in a cell is consisting of vethans which are spinning and orbiting. Also in
a cell vethans are running in between atoms and molecules to form newer
compounds. Also such newer compounds sometimes release vethans and become as
prior atoms. In all these events energy [magnetism / yogons] is released or obtained
or divided. This causes the whole cell to have a magnetic field. Such a magnetic field
consisting energy particles [vethans and yogons] is called as bio-magnetism of a cell.
Further, this magnetic field develops a vortex for itself as per specific gravity

At the vortex all the magnetic waves [energy particles in motion] are clustered due
to the high compression of the specific gravity. Such a dense clustering causes a
‘magnetic wave packet’ to be formed in that region. In case of a single celled
organism, such a ‘magnetic wave packet’ is formed somewhere in the inner region of
the cell. This ‘magnetic wave packet’, having the properties of all molecules in a cell
is called as ‘Genetic Center’ of that organism. This is possible because magnetic
waves from all molecules are a part of that ‘wave packet’.
The ‘magnetic wave packet’ formed in the inner region of a cell, impacts the
atoms/molecules in that region. This impact takes place through the 5 wave
functions [Clash, Reflection, Refraction, Penetration and Interaction]. As a result the
magnetic wave packet is imprinted in the molecules of that region. Such imprints
formed in the molecules of that region where the magnetic wave packet exists are
called as ‘Molecules carrying all the Cell properties’. Such molecules are invented to
be the DNA of a cell. Hence DNA is nothing but a set of molecules which are
impacted by the ‘Magnetic Wave Packet’.

Bio-Magnetic Field:

• In human body, vethans are whirling and running in large numbers within
atoms and in between atoms.
• Such a cumulative motion causes magnetism to be generated in human body
• Such a magnetic field generated revolves in and around the cells.
• This magnetic field is called as ‘Bio-Magnetism’.

Genetic Center:

• Vortex of a bio-magnetic field where all the magnetic waves are at a

compressed state as imprints.
• This is caused as per ‘Specific Gravity Principle’.

A better understanding of these Vethathirian concepts of ‘Bio Magnetism’ and

‘Genetic centre’ would pave way for a new & simpler approach to Health. BIST in
Bangalore is providing support in this regard for those who are interested.

I am sure this will be of some thought provoking ideas for which we all are highly
grateful to our Guru Vethahtiri Maharishi. Be Blessed by the Divine Bliss! Thank ypu.
This is a part of the presentation in the “MINDBODY MANAGEMENT” seminar on 12th August 2007 in Bangalore


Dr. Bhikku Bodhipala PhD
Professor – Tamilnadu Theology Seminary, Madurai

5. Introduction

 The goal of Buddhist practice is to:

- develop the mind to its fullest potential
- involving the perfection of compassion and wisdom.

 Buddhist practice includes practices of both

- precept and
- meditation.

 The goal of precept practice is the transformation of speech and action. (The precepts
are; not to kill, not to take what is not given, not to indulge in sexual misconduct, not to lie
and not to consume intoxicants. The is a key support to the practice of meditation.
 The goal of meditation practice is the transformation of consciousness. Buddhist
meditation is composed of both tranquility meditation and insight meditation.

 Meditation allows the cultivator to see clearly, beyond a limited self view and facilitates
positive change through heightened awareness.

 Buddhist practice supports upkeep of health to attain the purpose of life

2. Disease Types

Physical Disease
 An imbalance of 5 primary elements. ( as well as in their 5 sensory organs and

Elements Senses Sensations

1. Earth Nose Smell

2. Water Tongue Taste
3. Fire Eyes Seeing
4. Air Ears Hearing
5. Ether Skin Touch

 Patients relationship (harmony level) with Cosmos is primary for healing.

 Some examples: Fever – Excess of Fire element; Cancer – Deficiency of water element;
Tumor – Excess in Earth element
 Modern Medicinal care is disease oriented. It is better to be Person oriented.
 Each one is different in Mind and therefore the results and efficacies of therapies will also
be different.
 For best results, Mind First, and Body next. Then the therapies will work wonders.
Etheric Disease
 Healthy person should have an Etheric sheath, of around 4 -6 inches.
 Buddha had an etheric sheath of 36 km.
 Uneven etheric sheath is an indication of disease. It may be hollow or uneven
or even weak projections

Psychic Disease
 It is not a mental or psychological disorder (like depression, phobias etc.,)
 It is the effect of Karmic forces (of past & present)
 It can be the root cause for physical and etherical diseases.

3. Physical Health / Healing

Human Health, is the summation of:

- Physical
- Etherical and
- Psychical health.

Physical Health
 It is a proper balance of 5 elements in the body
 Healing is thro’ Food habits and Correct Breathing Techniques
 Switch to Sattivic food
 Correct Breathing mechanism helps to balance 5 elements in the Body

Correct Breathing
 16 -18 breaths per minute
 Breath change between nostrils every 2 hours
 Effortless breathing
 Uniform force of Inhalation / Exhalation
 Lucid flow with feeling @ throat and filling of lungs
 Anapanasti (watching breathing in & out) is the solution

4. Etherical Health / Healing

 4 – 6 inches of etherical sheath around the body

 No hollow or non uniform and weak projections
 Golden thick color, the best
 Other colors
- Golden thin; Better
- Blue thick; Good
- Blue thin; fair
- Violet; bad
 It must be cleansed and energized for healing
 Bad chakras are to be plucked out.
 Combing, sweeping and energizing are the methods of healing
 Energizing solar plexus (Navel region)
 Treating with Reiki like symbols

Energizing solar plexus (Navel region)

 A simple, effective practice.
 Done on empty stomach
 Pay attention to navel point and pull stomach backwards as much as possible
 Slowly pull out to original position
 5 times is good enough to get energized
Some Reiki Sybols

5. Psychic Health / Healing

 It concerns with the core inner being

 Affects physical and etherical health
 Leads to chronic and incurable disease
 Regression method, is a remedy

6. Conclusion

 Human beings are not just physical, but more and more subtler beings.
 Subtler qualities are also called Spiritual
 Some of them are: Love, grace, morality, kindness, appreciation, admiration, blessings,
joy, equanimity etc.
 These qualities are to be kindled and practiced in daily life, to humanize and Divinize.
 This is the Healthy path, manifesting of Buddha hood – Buddha Chittam / Buddha Mind.