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A BYTE OF LIFE Monday, December 15, 2008

10 09
Brad Pitt on his ‘creative facial hair’ Sridhar eyes January comeback

Two decades of
single-minded de-
dication have
given Biju Phi-
lips a rather
enviable col-
lection of old
currency, fos-
sils, stamps,
palm leaf scrip-
tures and fossils
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Six Sense
In this week’s First
Innings, Ergo caught
up with the Chennai-
based health start-up
that promises to go
great guns with their
medical devices

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02 NAMMA CHENNAI ERGO Monday, December 15, 2008

Xmas surprises
Gati Limited, the express distribution and supply chain solutions provider, has introduced a special
service called ‘Gati Santa Goodies’. As a part of the service you can send cakes to your loved ones.
The flavors offered are black forest and pineapple at a price of Rs. 699. Gati’s santa claus will deliver
the cakes on December 25 in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and Kottayam.
Call 180 – 0- 180 - 4284 or 09860354284 for details. Orders can be placed till December 22.

Christmas with
crocodiles Traffic
A new and chic traffic umbrella
has come to the aid of traffic
cops of our city. The stylish
umbrella, which will replace the
conventional ones, could be a
saviour for the men in white and
khaki regulating vehicular traffic
in the scorching heat and rains.
The umbrella was recently
installed on Beach Road, opposite
the Presidency College. With an
in-built fan above the head, set of
lights, a plug point and storage
Volunteers at Madras Crocodile Bank. space with locker, these umbrellas
look different. The cop on duty
can also enjoy a cushioned and

t should be a Christmas with a lot of fun foldable seating inside his
and adventure. The Madras Crocodile cylindrical workspace. More
Bank Trust (MCBT) is organising ‘Christ- umbrellas are likely to come up in
mas with Crocs’ for children between other traffic junctions, say police
December 24 and 28. The highlights of the sources.
programme include: A special presentation Despite all the advantages, the
on gharials, guided tour, photo ops where umbrella has a big disadvantage.
one can hold a snake or a baby croc and play “The entire umbrella becomes like

games that teach about endangered gharial. a hot frying pan in no time when
Also, there are plenty of goodies that you can the sun is beating down,” a traffic
take away. cop said. ■
Fee for the half-day session is Rs. 150 per Ergo Correspondent
person. For information and registration,
email Or call
27472447/ 2747 2953.

Just for an actress Doping cops

A well-known Kollywood ac- A drug dealer from Chetpet,
tress had gone to meet Mahendra who was recently in news for fre-
Singh Dhoni, who is in the city as quent paroles from Puzhal Pris-
part of the ongoing test series. on, is back in jail now. Reliable
She wasn’t allowed entry into the prison sources say that the con-
hotel where the cricketer was vict is running his drug business
staying as her name didn’t fea- inside prison in a big way. His
ture in the visitors list which is clientele include not only prison-
given to the security officials pri- ers but also some drugee khakis.
or to the tour. Therefore the
player himself came down to the
reception, recommended heavily
New entry
and accompanied her to his The new entry in bribery in the
room. police force is to transfer and
post ‘A’ grade constables to ef-
Investigation in Chennai. The victim had over
360 clients and an order to inves-
fortless duties like being order-
lies and computer operators. The
menace tigate all of them by a senior in-
vestigating officer has irked his
fresh breeds are ready to pay big
sums as bribes in order to evade
Police seems to be going juniors. The small khakis are bit getting posted as guards and
through tough times in the proc- relaxed after the matter subdued stand for hours in a given
ess of cracking the mystery be- after the Mumbai attacks and the location.
hind the murder of a beautician cricket match security here.
Monday, December 15, 2008

Counting on his passion

Two decades of single-minded dedication have given Biju
Philips a rather enviable collection of old currency, stamps,
palm leaf scriptures and fossils

us tickets, matchboxes,
movie tickets, marbles,
stones, pebbles, stamps
and coins. As a child, we’ve
collected at least one of them,
treasured those collections in a
It’s not just coins that capture Biju’s imagination big shoe box and flaunted them
all the time for everyone to see.
Biju Philips has been doing it for
20 years; only on a much larger
Biju has been collecting coins,
currency notes, stamps, fossils,
British postal envelopes/letters,
semi-precious stones, palm leaf
scriptures and ancient hundis for
the last two decades and has
amassed over 50,000 coins, one
lakh stamps, 20,000 letters,
10,000 palm leaf scriptures, 1,000
hundis and 20 fossils. At 28, he is
now a certified numismatic and
philatelic expert.

First coins
“As a kid I used to collect bus
tickets and matchboxes. Well-
wishers directed me towards col-
lecting coins when I was eight

and I never looked back. My very

first coins were my dad’s box of
annas and dumdis. In them, I
picked out my first sun and lotus
20 paise coin. It started as a hob-
by then and later grew into a pas-
sion. Now I can identify any type
Before there was currency, there were memos and hundis of coin of Indian origin starting we meet once in a while to ex- Biju has authored three books
from 3rd century B.C. to 2008,” he change coins and other collecti- on Indian coinage but all three
explains. bles. I also travel once a month to are yet to be published due to fi-
Couple of enormous duffel increase my collection,” says Bi- nancial constraints. His voice
bags in hand, he jovially exclaims ju. goes down a key and he looks
that those are just a tenth of his Till date, he has participated in away as he states that he is on the
entire collection. Coins from the and conducted over 200 exhibi- lookout for someone to sponsor
Mohenjodaro, Chola and Mughal tions and is a regular at schools, the publication of his books.
periods; you name it, he has it. where he gives lectures on coin- “Right now, I want to publish
His oldest coin and pride is a Ro- age and stamps. He is also a my books because many coins
man coin of Emperor Augustus’ member of the numismatics and collectors across the globe want
period, roughly placed at 365 B.C. philatelic societies. to know about Indian history by
His stamps date way back to the studying coins. And there has
1800s and his hundis are over 200 Beyond coins been no Indian who has authored
years old. “Right now I’m working as an books on Indian coins. I used to
This part-time assistant direc- assistant director for a movie have a website on Indian coins
tor and full-time exhibitioner has with director Cheran. I’m also which was placed fourth in the
won numerous national awards working on a museum for a pri- Asian coins Website rankings,
for his vast collections in various vate school in Bangalore. This rated by the international coin
competitions. museum will be the largest pri- club polls but I haven’t been able
vate museum in South India to renovate it in years. My long-
Give and take when it’s done,” he says proudly. term goal is to open a showroom
“Friends, strangers, foreigners, on paintings, antiques, Forex and
old antique stalls; they were all other types of Indian and import-
my sources. I scouted around to “I can identify any ed collector’s accessories under
collect these coins. I placed ads type of coin of Indian one roof. But due to financial
for people to send in any rare constraints these ambitions ap-
coins or stamps or anything to
origin starting from pear to be mere dreams”
me. I am also a member of a com- 3rd century B.C. to Biju is on the lookout for trad-
munity on Orkut, where collec- 2008” ing and collecting coins and can
Coins from the Chola dynasty tors like me have discussions and be contacted at 9884512227. ■
04 KALEIDOSCOPE ERGO Monday, December 15, 2008


Tax planning demystified

Winner gets a free Personal Finance Health
Check up from Finerva.
1. What is the rate of Income Tax for a per-
son with salary between 3, 00,001 and
A. 15%
B. 21%

– PART 1 A five-part series

C. 20%
D. 33.33%
2. Which is the only type of mutual fund
given below which will gives you tax benefits?
on Income Tax
A. Mid-cap funds
B. Income Funds
C. Monthly income planss
D. Equity Linked Savings Schemes
Send your answers to or SMS
your answers to 92813 98889. For example if you
choose A as the answer to question 1 and B as
the answer to question 2 type it as 1A2B and
send it.

Word power
Find out as many as possible words which
can be made using the letters of the words
given below
Words should be at least 4 letters long.
Proper nouns do not count. Duplicates
don’t count.
Money, Income, Wealth, Invest
Answers A.1 meno 2 money 3 mony 4 nome
5 omen
B.1 cine 2 cion 3 coin 4 come 5 cone 6 coni 7
emic 8 icon 9 income 10 meno 11 mice 12
mien 13 mince 14 mine 15 monie 16 nice 17
nome 18 omen 19 once
C.1 eath 2 haet 3 hale 4 halt 5 hate 6 heal 7
heat 8 late 9 lath 10 lathe 11 tael 12 tale 13 teal
14 tela 15 thae 16 thaw 17 thew 18 twae 19 wale
20 weal 21 wealth 22 welt 23 whale 24 what 25
wheal 26 wheat 27 whet
D.1 inset 2 invest 3 neist 4 nest 5 nets 6 nevi
7 nite 8 nites 9 nits 10 sent 11 senti 12 sine 13
site 14 snit 15 stein 16 tens 17 ties 18 tine 19
tines 20 tins 21 vein 22 veins 23 vent 24 vents
25 vest 26 vets 27 vies 28 vine 29 vines 30 vise

his five-part series will demysti- ute to achieving your financial goals. tax reliefs.
fy everything you wanted to Every decision has to contribute to- Your investments in ELSS with a 3
Gold Rush know about Income Tax.
Tax planning has been a
wards your life goals. year lock-in period helps build the
capital markets, over a period of
year-end issue filled with anxieties. A Tax benefits time. This in turn brings more in-
time when auditors, tax consultants, The basic concept of giving relief vestment and foreign exchange into
insurance agents, your office ac- is that, the investments expenses in the country, thus developing the
countant and so many others certain instruments can be used to economy as a whole.
pounce on you for investments. And build the nation’s resources and in- Your expenses for the education of
at the same time the government is frastructure. By building a house you your children, reduces the govern-
eager to take its share of your salary. help industries like cement, steel, ment’s burden to provide them with
The problem is that you end up banks and brick making; and pro- education. You get a tax relief. This is
with a plan which is not synchro- vides employment to many skilled the reason only specific instruments
nous with your long-term financial and unskilled workers. So you are in- give you tax relief.
plans. People borrow money at 18% volved in the development of the na- The bottom-line: The choice of the
to invest in bonds giving 8% returns tion. Thus reducing the instrument and the quantum invest-
to save tax. government’s burden and to that ex- ed/spent should depend on your fi-
The question is, do I invest only tent you are given relief from paying nancial goals and not just based on
쒀 A saleswoman displays a diamond ring
for the sake of saving tax? The an- taxes for spending your money. your tax-liability. The next articles
worth Rs.1.5 crores and bangles worth
swer is a big no. In fact, there are By paying insurance premiums will help you take the decisions relat-
Rs.50 lakhs, at the Vijayawada Gold and
situations when it is advisable to pay you are sharing the government’s ed to your income tax. ■
Diamond Jewellery Fair-2008 that began
your taxes rather than getting into an burden to give financial security to V. Ramachandran, Branch Manager,
investment which does not contrib- its citizens. You are rewarded with
Monday, December 15, 2008
Websites of the day
Learn about the circle
The fun and games of Monkey Magazine http://

Six sense
A bunch of former GE Healthcare professionals use their
expertise to tap the growing medical space

an innovation be far be-
hind when six former
GE Healthcare profes-
sionals come together
with a common goal and pas-
sion? No! The result was Per-
fint Healthcare Pvt. Ltd – a
health start-up founded in
October 2005 with an invest-
ment of Rs. 1.87 crore, which
included angel funding.
B.D. Vijaya (a.k.a. BDV), S.
Nandakumar, K. Puhazhendi,
N. Kannan, K. Guruswamy
and G. Sekhar make up the
six-member team who quit
their respective positions at
GE to pursue their separate
interests. So while Nandaku-
mar and Puhazhendi spent a
brief stint with Cognizant and
Scope respectively (exploring
the services sector), others,
too, left the healthcare space.
But, passion for healthcare
brought them together, inci-
dentally in Chennai, where Boosting others’ health: At their office in South West Boag Road. PHOTO: R. RAVINDRAN
they sowed seeds of their en-
trepreneurial plans. bringing us one by one to the product service company, ning for the team with a “big problem of credibility while
Perfint (for ‘Performing healthcare space,” says Nan- where they manufacture, de- vision”. “We will next be tak- meeting clients, given the
with Integrity’) is an aggres- dakumar, CEO. Perfint Engi- sign and deliver medical de- ing projects in the nano and years of experience we had
sive team, with an average neering Service was the result vices. biotechnology space; that’s with us.” Another achieve-
age of 38, promising to make of brainstorming over end- the future of cancer treat- ment to their credit is that
a dent in the global health- less cups of coffee at Sarava- Team play ment,” says BDV, who calls two years after starting, they
care devices market. na Bhavan and Murugan Idli Apart from the core team, Perfint an ‘Emerging Society have also raised funding from
“We wanted to touch and Shop for about six months. In Perfint’s journey in the initial Enterprise’. early state venture capitalists
feel technology and see how the following months they days was supported by a pan- firms.
it impacts people’s lives, knew they wanted to be a el of 21 doctors who shared Starting troubles
their expertise in developing How has their journey Future plans
medical equipments. “Or, been in the last three years? Perfint will soon be explor-
Kannan is always there to Three of them going without ing emerging markets like In-
In a Minute play the role of a ‘semi-sur-
geon’,” others quip.
salary for at least six months
and the firm having difficulty
dia, Middle East, Latin
America and Eastern Europe,
Company: Perfint Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. PIGA, a tool positioner for in hiring have all been part of to name some. Until then,
Started: 2005 facilitating image-guided the initial troubles they have “this defensive sector where
Founders: B.D. Vijaya, S. Nandakumar, K. Puhazhendi, N. minimally invasive proce- overcome. the effect of recession is less
Kannan, K. Guruswamy, G. Sekhar
dures in CT environment, “Our journey has been tur- than in other industries” is
Team Size: 32
was the first product from bulent but enjoyable,” says sure to sail smoothly. ■
Focus Areas: Product service
Funding: Series A their stable. “About seven Nandakumar. Guruswamy, (If you are an entrepreneur
Website: units have already been in- director-sales, recalls their with a successful business
Contact Nos: 4550 6412/ 2434 1246 stalled,” they say. first marketing assignment to model or know one, write to us
But, that’s just the begin- Chandigarh. “There was no at
06 VILLAGE ERGO Monday, December 15, 2008

Gun-toting gran
A grandmother from England was stunned
to unwrap a package sent to her in the post
- only to discover it was a machine gun
intended for a police station.

Obama set for Somali president sacks

most star-spangled prime minister
Somalia’s President Abulahi Yusuf sacked his prime minister on
inauguration Sunday, saying he had failed to bring security to the chaotic
country. “I have dismissed Prime Minister Nur Abdi and will
appoint a new one within three days. His government failed to

he inauguration of Presi- mony itself, including Anne
dent- elect Barack Obama Hathaway, Susan Sarandon, Mar- extend the federal system and security to the nation,” Yusuf
on January 20 is going to be cia Cross, Tim Robbins, Seal, told members of parliament at a meeting attending by media.
the most star -studded event Adrian Grenier, Ashley Judd, Jane Hassan Hussein Nur Adde has been prime minister for one year
in US history with die-hard fans Krakowski, Rachael Leigh Cook, but and has been embroiled in a spat with President Yusuf
wanting to be part of the wa- Spike Lee and Ron Howard. over Yusuf’s rejection of some cabinet ministers. They have also
tershed event. Die-hard Obama supporters disagreed on the direction of peace talks held in Djibouti,
Celebrities from all over the en- like Oprah Winfrey and Bruce where moderate opposition signed an agreement allowing
tertainment spectrum are plan- Springsteen are in talks to per- them to join government.
ning to flock to Washington, D.C., form at Obama’s inauguration Reuters
to welcome 47-year-old Obama, ceremony, so as A-listers like
the first black-American as the Beyonce, Diddy and Mary J Blige,
44th US President.
Stars at an inauguration ball
according to New York’s Daily
News. Some say the lists of stars
Beijing holds drill for
hosted by the Creative Coalition
on January 20 include musicians
would be longer as the fact is that
even celebrities are having trou-
Mumbai-style attack
Sting, Elvis Costello and Sam bles that regular Obama fans are Police in Beijing held a drill on Saturday for a
Moore, reported. grappling with as the inaugura- terrorist attack similar to the one last month in
The group says it has already tion nears. All the hotel rooms in Mumbai, state media said on Sunday. The drill
confirmed a bevy of big- name Washington, D.C., are sold out. ■ followed a scenario that terrorists had “rocked the
guests to the inauguration cere- PTI city with a series of explosions and kidnapped
hostages” at an international hotel used for the
exercise, the government’s official Xinhua news
Die-hard Obama supporters like Oprah Winfrey agency said. The Chinese capital held the drill to
and Bruce Springsteen are in talks to perform “boost its response capabilities against Mumbai-style
militant attacks,” the agency said. The agency
at Obama’s inauguration ceremony showed photographs of the Beijing Special Armed
Police Unit using a helicopter and abseiling ropes to
drop commandos into the hotel and rescue hostages.

UK tells Pak it’s time for

action, not words
In a stern message to Pakistan in the wake of the
Mumbai attacks, Britain on Sunday asked it to act
against terrorists operating from its soil saying “time
has come for action and not words” and offered it a
comprehensive US$ 9 million pact, the largest of its
kind ever undertaken by the UK, to combat the
menace. British Premier Gordon Brown, who met
President Asif Ali Zardari, said that three-quarters of
major terror plots investigated in the UK had links to
al-Qaeda in Pakistan. “We will work to ensure that
everything is done to make sure that terrorists are
denied any safe haven in Pakistan,” Brown said.

Castro to hold more talks

on visit to Venezuela
Cuban President Raul Castro was to hold talks with
diplomats and military officials Sunday during his
symbolic first official trip to Venezuela, Cuba’s vital
political and economic ally. The visit is the first by Raul
Castro, 77, outside Cuba since he formally took over the
presidency of Cuba in February, after replacing his ailing
brother Fidel, 82, more than two years ago. Initially set
to last only a few hours, the trip was extended until
Monday morning when Castro will fly directly to Brazil
to take part in a Latin American summit, diplomats and
officials said on Saturday. Castro was also to meet with
Cuban specialists working in Venezuela.
Monday, December 15, 2008

Miss Russia Ksenya Sukhinova crowned 58th Miss World, Miss India Parvathay Omanakuttan First runner up, and Miss Trinidad and Tobago Gabriel Walcott crowned
second runner up wave at the 2008 Miss world pageant held in South Africa. AFP PHOTO

Quote of the day

In India and
South Africa
people are warm and
warm-hearted. I felt at
home in
Presence of two great
leaders Mahatma
Gandhi and Nelson
Mandela have
influenced millions of
people in both the

India’s Parvathy Omanakuttan,

said during the final round of
Miss World 2008 beauty pageant.

Parvathay Omanakuttan, Miss India, waves on Ksenya Sukhinova from Russia blows a kiss on
Saturday after being crowned the first runner Saturday after being crowned Miss World 2008
up at the 2008 Miss world pageant. AFP PHOTO at the miss world pageant. AFP PHOTO
08 SPORT ERGO Monday, December 15, 2008

Barca down Real

Samuel Eto’o and Lionel Messi scored in the final 10 minutes to
give Barcelona a 2-0 win over Real Madrid, spoiling the Spanish
league return of the defending champion’s new coach Juande
Ramos. Eto’o, who had missed a penalty 13 minutes earlier,
deflected the ball home from close range in the 83rd minute.
Messi then chipped past goalkeeper Iker Casillas in injury time.

CA expects billion-dollar ERGO CORRESPONDENT punches. the Indians, including Akhil, go-
“I had worked out a defensive ing down to Cuban pugilists.
plan and it seemed he had a simi- Jitender Kumar also lost to an-

Cricket Australia is expecting a ndian boxers failed to make it lar strategy. We both remained other Olympic medallist and Cu-
turnover of one billion dollars in past the semi-finals at the AI- cautious and though I lost I can ban Hernandez Laffita in the 51
the next four years but the BA Boxing World Cup in Mos- proudly say I gave it my best,” Ak- kg (flyweight) category. Though
financial windfall does not cow. The four Indian fighters hil told PTI. “It hurts not to have he began on a positive note by
guarantee any major pay-hike for in the fray settled for bronze and won the gold medal that I always taking a 4-2 lead, he conceded
the players. Cricket Australia’s prize money worth USD 2,500 af- aim for but I am happy that I the advantage as Laffita got the
newly-appointed chairman Jack ter losing their respective semi- could give an Olympic silver better of the Indian, beating him
Clarke has made it clear that CA finals bout. medallist a run for his money. It by a scoreline of 14-6.
will pay only as much as it can Only senior pro and bantam- was an exciting fight which I en- In the featherweight (57 kg)
afford because the money will also have to be made weight (54 kg) fighter Akhil Ku- joyed thoroughly. Anyways, my category, A.L. Lakra had a mar-
available to state sides. mar put up a stiff fight and might motto in life is get up and keep ginally better showing but lost to
“We have 568,000 players in Australia, and we plan consider himself unlucky. The moving until you achieve your Cuban Idel Torriente 3-6. The
to boost that to 750,000 by 2013. CA is responsible gritty 27-year-old countered his goal.” worst, however, was reserved for
for paying the elite, but equally it has so many Cuban opponent well and ex- The more accomplished Cu- light-heavyweight Dinesh Kumar,
other areas to consider when slicing the pie,” Clarke changed punches blow-by-blow bans were a thorn for the Indians who was forced retire in the sec-
was quoted as saying by Herald Sun. “People always and was tied at 4-4 at the end of in the semi-finals with three of ond round after receiving a heavy
think they are worth more than they are getting. the four rounds. But to Akhil’s beating from burly Russian Ar-
They are entitled to seek what they are asking. But disappointment the ensuing thur Beterbiev, who had already
you can only pay players what you can afford,” he countdown to pick the taken a 10-1 lead.
added. winner by the judges The pedigree of Cuba shone
Clarke said CA has to support domestic competitions found him trailing through with all eight of its
the cost of which will keep escalating every year. “It Olympic silver med- boxers advancing through
is not just about them. We have a secondary allist Leon Alarcon to the final. ■
competition, the Sheffield Shield, that incurs massive Yankiel in the With inputs from
losses, but that is vital to the structure of our overall tally of Agencies
national game. Then there is maintenance and
ground rental, local cricket competitions that survive
mainly because of volunteers. If everyone put out
their hands, there would be nothing left,” he
pointed out.
Clarke said CA was also aiming to promote the
game in countries where it is not as popular which
would also require some funding.

ECB to monitor Mushtaq’s

phone calls
Under pressure from the ICC to keep an eye on
Mushtaq Ahmed during his stint as England’s spin
bowling coach, the ECB may have to monitor the
phone calls of the former Pakistan player, who was
implicated in the 2000 match-fixing scandal.
According to a report in The Daily Telegraph, ICC
and the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB)
have agreed upon a monitoring system for
Mushtaq, who was found guilty of having links
with bookmakers during an inquiry in Pakistan.
“Monitoring procedures for England’s new spin
bowling coach Mushtaq Ahmed have been agreed
after discussions in Chennai between the England
and Wales Cricket Board and the International
Cricket Council,” the newspaper reported. “On
Saturday the ICC’s chief executive Haroon Lorgat
and the managing director of English cricket Hugh
Morris, verbally agreed on the
monitoring procedures for

nocked oout,
Mushtaq, which can be expected

to include extra surveillance of

his mobile phone calls,” it added.
Mushtaq was to join the English
squad during the ongoing Test

4 ttimes
imes oover
series against India but he
couldn’t, reportedly because the
ICC had objected to his appointment due to his
tainted past. The ECB, however, maintained that
the reason for the delay was that he had not
received his work permit, a claim that was refuted
by the Home Office, which stated that the Pakistani
had been granted a work permit on November 26. All four Indians in the AIBA Boxing World Cup semi-finals
lose to Cuban-dominated opposition
Monday, December 15, 2008

When these two neighbouring countries (India and Pakistan) can’t play
against each other then why should we expect other teams to come and
play in the subcontinent? When England can accept assurances from the Indians
and return why not the same policy for Pakistan?
Inzamam-ul Haq

Raring to go
‘I don’t regret playing Olympics with injury’

ce shuttler Anup Sridhar says his “I think I have been forgotten to a
ankle injury would have healed large extent, but more than that the
faster had he given the Beijing thing bothers me is that I have not
Olympics a miss, but insisted been able to reach my goals for the
that he doesn’t regret risking his ca- year. But I guess, at the end of it all, I
reer for playing in the world’s biggest am stronger in my mind than I was
sporting extravaganza. “I would’ve before and I know that this will show
healed quicker if I’d given the Olym- on the court when I get back to play-
pics a miss, specially since I then ing,” Anup added.
wouldn’t have taken a cortisone shot
which delays complete recovery,” Looking ahead
Anup, who beat Marco Vasconcelos of Although yet to regain full fitness,
Portugal in the first round before go- Anup is gearing up for the 2009 season
ing down to Shoji Sato of Japan in the and hopes to play in the forthcoming
second round in Beijing Games, said. super series in January. “At the mo-
“But I had a shot at the biggest compe- ment, the strength and stability of my
tition in the world and if I had to do ankle are back to normal, its the mo-
things over I would still go ahead with bility of the ankle that still needs a lot
the cortisone shot and participate in of improvement. I am planning to play
the Olympics games,” he added. in the two super series (i.e. the Malay-
sian and Korean super series in Janu-
Heavy price ary),” Anup said. “I know it will not be
Though his dream of representing too easy to get back to my original lev-
India at the Olympics materialised, el, but it’s hard to say when that will
what followed was a prolonged period happen as I have never been injured
of frustration as he was forced to stay before. After the two tournaments in
away from the court for more than January, I’ll decide further,” he added.
three months, owing to his injury. “It “Initially I will go easy on myself as far
has been a very tough time in my life. as results go, maybe for the first few
My whole life revolves around bad- tournaments that I play. But I have al-
minton and if I’m not even sure of get- ways set myself high standards and I
ting back to full fitness, that’s a very have some big things I want to achieve
hard thing to deal with. I haven’t been next year,” he said.
out of the court for even two weeks at a His injury lay-off has also taken a
stretch in the last three years or so and toll on his world ranking as the Olym-
this has been the hardest thing for pian shuttler has slipped from world
me,” Anup said. “Initially after getting number 14 to 45, according to the lat-
back from Beijing, I tried to get fit a bit est BWF ranking. However, Anup re-
too quickly, and paid the price for it. I mains unperturbed. “I don’t like to
even tried taking rest for a few weeks look at the rankings anymore and see
but that didn’t help either. I’ve been how far I’ve dropped, but I know that
forced to figure things out for myself it’s only a matter of time before I’m
like who’s the right doctor to consult, back higher than ever. I need maybe
what kind of treatment routine to fol- six months, and I will be in the top 20,”
low etc. So that has made it quite he said. ■
hard,” he said. PTI

10 FLICK ERGO Monday, December 15, 2008

Wonder in Dancing with the Stars?

Stevie Wonder may soon be seen shaking a leg on Dancing
with the Stars.
Although the hit-maker is reportedly in talks to star in the
eight season of the show, he hasn’t confirmed the news.
“It’d be fun. It’s not impossible, but right now it’s just a
thought,” he added.

‘No competition within

the family’
H rithik Roshan is his brother-in-law, Fardeen
Khan is his cousin and he has veteran actor
Feroz Khan as his dad, but actor Zayed Khan says
that there is absolutely no competition within

‘I won’t play a
the family.
“If you are a truly well-meaning brother and
family member, words like competition have no
consequence. I am a well-meaning person,” says
Zayed, who recently starred in Yuvvraaj, adds: “I

musician or singer’ always want the best for my family and well-
wishers. That’s the honest truth and I don’t let
negative things cloud my mind.” ■

Adnan Sami on Yash Chopra, Indian citizenship and films Green Reeves
K eanu Reeves is apparently jealous of Hugh
Jackman – because he lost his dream role in

f you’ve heard Sukhvinder sons who has endorsed my ap- love. When she approached me I X-Men to the Australia star.
Singh singing ‘Haule haule’ plication for my citizenship in was physically equipped for it. Reeves, who is a long-time comic book fan,
for Shah Rukh Khan in Yash India. I won’t say anything be- But now I’m 140 kgs down. It’s a was quite keen to play
Chopra’s Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, yond that.” brilliant script. But no more right the role of Wolverine
you would immediately spot its The application for Adnan’s In- for me unless you get me special in the movie series.
similarity to Adnan Sami’s ‘Kabhi dian citizenship is under consid- effects from Hollywood to make However, the part
nahin’ number from a private al- eration. “I’m as Indian as me look fat.” went to Jackman and
bum. But Adnan won’t talk anyone. I’ve been here for 10 Adnan is sure about one thing. Matrix star is not quite
about the apparent similarities. years. Mumbai is my home. The “I want to play something that happy about it.
And for a very special reason. procedure to acquire an official the public hasn’t seen me do yet. “I had a little actor
It now appears that Yash Cho- citizenship is still on. And I don’t I won’t play a musician or singer. envy when Hugh
pra is a primary architect in want to jump the line. Or jeopar- I can do that in my music videos. Jackman got to play
building the London-born Pakis- dise it in any way.” It’s so clichéd for me to play a Wolverine and I
tani singer’s home in Mumbai. Adnan is all set to finally turn musician when I turn actor. didn’t,” Contactmusic
Speaking reluctantly on the an actor. “I know there was a lot We’ve musicians-turned-actors quoted him as saying.
sensitive issue Adnan says diplo- of talk on me doing Bela Sehgal’s like Frank Sinatra, Barbra Strei- He added: “The
matically, “I love Yashji very film. The point is, she came up sand and Cher who did roles that claws are cool and I
much. He’s very special to me, with an idea to do a film like Ed- were not music-related, and very liked his fortitude and
and not just as a filmmaker. But die Murphy’s The Nutty Profes- successfully.” ■ honour.” ■
also because he is one of the per- sor where a fat man looks for IANS ANI
Monday, December 15, 2008

Tom Cruise to reprise ‘Les Grossman’ character for

online videos
Tom Cruise is drawing plans to reprise new material relating to his Golden Globe-
nominated Tropic Thunder character, Les Grossman. Cruise said that both he and Ben
Stiller (who had produced the 2008 action comedy) had decided to team up again for a
string of hilarious online videos based on the character.


HAIR, IT SEEMS photographed couldn’t
afford a photographer

rad Pitt’s favourite ac-
cessory these days – a
scruffy thin mous- C ate Blanchett has revealed that she would
love to don the wedding gown one more
time – because she regrets having no
tache – has raised
many eyebrows, and the ac- pictures of the special day.
tor has defended the criti- The Academy Award-winning
cism by calling the facial hair Australian actress had tied
“fashion”. the knot with playwright
While the two-time ‘Sex- hubby Andrew Upton in
iest Man Alive’ title-holder is 1997 and is a proud
used to people dissecting his mother of three children.
looks, the actors sure knows The star said that she
how to take criticism in his would be keen on
stride. recapturing the
“It’s fashion. Who am I moments of D-day
without creative facial hair?” since she had no
People quoted him as say- photographs to
ing. revisit her memories.
And for those who do not “The only moment
approve of his facial add-on, of my life I would
he added: “I consider it very possibly recapture is
brave.” getting remarried
Pitt is donning the mous- again because we
tache for his role in the didn’t take any
Quentin Tarantino movie, photographs,” the
Inglorious Bastards. When Daily Telegraph
told his pal George Clooney quoted her as
is also sporting facial hair, saying.
Pitt quipped: “I cannot get “We didn’t have
this guy out of my slip- any money at the
stream. He calls me up and time and we
wants to know what I’m couldn’t afford a
wearing – and then he shows photographer,”
up in the same thing. Next she added. ■
thing you know he’s going to

have six kids. Just got to tell
you it’s getting really old.” ■

May not the

best ad win
A ctress Meryl Streep criticises the practise of campaigning
for awards because she hates the idea of seeing the star
with the best ad grabbing the top prize.
According to, Streep, who has won the
Oscar twice, is a favourite to win another this year for her
performance in Doubt. Streep, who just picked up a
Golden Globe nomination, doesn’t want to buy any
advertising space to promote herself.
She said: “I hate the campaigning thing. It’s unseemly. You
should be honoured for something. It shouldn’t be for
whose campaign was better.” ■
12 ERGO Monday, December 15, 2008

Friday’s Question: I would like to invent a magic

stick, which gives houses to all
people, who lives in platform
If you were a
Shantha Kumar, RR Donnelley
scientist what
I would invent a machine to
would you like to know what others think
Padmini, CSS Slash Support
invent and why? I would invent a machine that
Would invent Nimbus 2000 freezes time. It will help us be
for multipurpose as babies throughout our life
Annapoorani M, TCS Vignesh C, Cognizant
I will invent a chemical to
make me invisible, so I can go I will invent a substance which
to all strange places would vapourize the garbage,
Arun, CGSL human wastes, and drainages
without harming the
Robot like me to go to office environment
Jayakumar R, Infosys, Shabber R.Viswanathan, Hexaware
I will invent 10 clones of I will invent a flying machine
Sachin which can make me cross 1000 Praveen Babu T of Hewitt Associates nominated his friends for the column.
Ahalya TCS miles in just 5 minutes The photograph was clicked at Aguda Fort in Goa.
Rakshita Sreenivasan, Wipro
Ponnuga manasula enna dhan
irukungradha kandupudikara I will invent medicine to
machine remove negative thoughts and
Raja TCS, Rajan, Sella Elnetcity, improve positive thinking
Karthikeyan Infosys, Magesh Sathya, TCS
Kumar TCS, Pavan SG Infosys,
Praveen CGSL, Manikandan RR I would invent a perpetual
Donnelley motion machine to power the
world forever
My own replica for doing my J Kannu Stephen, Firstsource
Revathy iNautix, Nikhil Krishnadas My Query: From my childhood,
Infosys i wonder what girls really
think in their mind. They
Mobile phone where one can speak something, and they
speak only with boys meant something else.
Arunkumar Raja, CGSL I would like to invent an
I would like to invent time instrument to uncover their
machine because I want to go thoughts ...
back to my past and want to Sunny M from TCS
omit my love life because it
hurts me a lot Yuva Kishore Karamala of Infosys, Mahindra City, nominates his team for
Tapash Biswas, Wipro Technologies Today’s query Partners in Crime

I would love to invent a

machine which clones a
Which pair from
Javid, Cognizant
the Indian film
I would like to invent
industry do you
portable printing machine to
print currencies whenever I
think would match
Praveen Kumar, Allsec Tech, Rajesh
perfectly the
Khanna J Datamark Prodapt “Romeo and Juliet”
I would like to invent
peaceful world with selfless
kind of people Question nominated by Sridher of
Anandbabu N, TCS Perot Systems, one of the regular
contributors for this column. You
I would like to invent a too can suggest a question for this
medicine which would column. Just email us at
increase the life span of with the
human beings subject: Mobile Query suggestion Dhana Balan From HCL Technologies, nominates his team members as
Vinoth Kumar, Allsec and Sundar and if chosen we will credit you for partners in crime. The photo was clicked at Kodaikanal.
Narayan, Polaris it.
Monday, December 15, 2008

Team leads and managers of

4th floor Vela C of Allsec
Belated wishes
Technologies nominates Pi- December 12 Dear Maruthees and Mageshwari,
chu Mani, floor coach of Dear Tiger, Your birthday is a special time to celebrate
their company, as an office A special person like you deserves the best the gift of "YOU" to the world. Wish u a
angel. that each day can bring ... Hope your Special very "Happy Birthday". Wish you an
We would like to nominate
day brings all that your heart’s desires awesome birthday as you are...
From, God bless you both.
Mr.Pichu Mani (Floor Coach –
Uthra,Praveen,Rama Happy Birthday!!
Allsec Technologies Ltd) as our
office angel.
Dear Srihari, Best Regards
He is a wonderful and a
Many more happy returns of the day dotOPaL
fun loving person to be with
With regards, Software Solutions
on the floor. He prefers to be a
Grace Raji S. Scope International.
“MAN OF ACTION” rather
Dear Hema, Dear Chivon,
than a man of words.
“Hope your Birthday gently breezes into Happy Birthday to You & May God Bless
A perfect example of a
your life all the choicest things and all that you.
down to earth person (Because
your heart holds. Have a fun- filled birthday May this day be the beginning of another
From special year ..Let this birthday bring you lot
of his built)
Kumaran, Aravind, Sankar, Gayathri, Nithya, of joy and happiness in your life!
Mythili, Sriram, Srilakshmi, Naresh, RaM, !
Rajkumar, Sindu With love,
ZFS Dev, CDC5, Wipro Tech, Chennai Bhavani Ananthan.
Dear Sangeetha & Muthuvel Team Beacon.
Happy Wedding Anniversary!!! May the GOD HCL Technologies Ltd.
bless you and your family with good health Dear Samata Bhutra
and prosperity. Happy Happy Birthday!!
Regards Have a cheerful life!! God Bless U!
Mrs. Malinisubramanian Hearty Wishes
Dear Hema, Gang 17th December 2007 oracle batch
We both wish you a many more HAPPY Wipro Technologies
returns of d day!!! Hi Venugopal,
May God Bless you with all happiness, good Many more happy returns of the day! May
health and prosperous wealth ... this birthday bring more prosperity in your
With tons of Luv life.
Naren & Mary ... Warm Wishes,
December 13 DATAMARK Prodaptians
Hi Nisha, Dear Pankaj,
Wishing you all the great things in life, hope As you make all your Birthday Wishes...I wish
V.Ramya Devi of this day will bring you an extra share of all they all come true!
Infosys Technologies that makes you happiest. Many more happy Wishing you another wonderful year of
doodled this. returns. happiness and joy.
Your’s Happy Birthday Pankaj!
Bharathiraja.D Loving wife,
First Source Solutions Sivaranjani.C
Maximus Infosys Technologies Ltd
Dear Susil (AKA Susie/Silent Guy) Dear Sangeetha and Muthuvel,
Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday. Happy Wedding Anniversary!! May the love
Many more happy returns of the day and that you share last throughout your lifetime.
may all your dreams come true. With love,
With Loads of Luv Arabi, Balakrishnan, Manigandan
Bp-4 team California Software ltd.
HCL Technologies, NavaloorDearest Vikram,
Dear Anila P, There are very few people with your special
Wishing you a happy birthday. Hope your warmth and understanding, your ability to
birthday holds wonderful hours as pleasant listen and give good advice, and your
as sunshine and as lovely as flowers ... sensitivity to others.
Hearty Wishes And we just wanted you to know how much
Sutherson C we appreciate the difference your friendship
SIPTECH Solutions Limited has made in our life.
From your loving friends,

Kangalal Paarthalum puriyathu, Today’s wishes InfORM Team

Infosys Technologies Limited.
Kaigalal yeduthalum theriyaathu, Dear Shiva Kumar M (FSS) Dear Vaibhi,
Yosithu paarthalum Bathil Varathu. Belated Birthday Wishes. Have a fantastic It’s your birthday ... and I’m thinking how
What’s that? year ahead. With lot of love, glad I am that you were born.
"Question Paper" Non-Tandem Testing Team You have given me so much -- supported
Mokai Master: Saravanan.V, Software Engineer, HCL Technologies Dear Deepz, me, encouraged me, cared for me; I didn’t
Ltd Hi Deepa. Very Happy B’day to U, Let this even need to ask.
year give u more reasons to smile!! We need I celebrate your wonderful self!
to see U smiling always From your Best of Best Friend,
Best Regards, Vani.
Gopi Changepond Technologies Ltd. Infosys Technologies Limited.
14 TRAFFIC JAM ERGO Monday, December 15, 2008

Dead wrong
Romanian Gheroghe Stirbu has won a
year-long fight to prove he’s still alive.
The man tried to renew his identity
card but was told by officials he had
been registered as officially dead.


sundaram of
TCS clicked this
photograph in
Scotland with
his Sony
Watching TV,
reading books

So you think you would make a terrific photographer but never really had the
platform? Mail us your best work and we’ll publish it in this space, with credit.

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Monday, December 15, 2008
Brain damage Word’s worth
A Chinese schoolboy has had a lucky escape after "Sachentege" (satch-un-tej) a torture device describe in
he was shot in the eye with an arrow - by his pal. the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle as "fastened to a beam,
The arrow was only stopped by the back of the having a sharp iron to go round the throat and neck, so
11-year-old’s skull. He survived because it narrowly that the person tortured could in no wise sit, lie, or
missed his brain. sleep, but that he must at all times bear all the iron."



You might have to focus a lot on pending work and
take care of social engagements. Ganesha thinks
you will have to do a lot of communication today.
Your work efficiency might turn some eyes green.
Love life might remain uneventful.


You might have to agree on everything your
superiors say. Ganesha thinks you might have to
take a back seat at work, but this is a temporary
phase. Unmarried couples may start planning for
some events like engagement or marriage.


Ganesha does not find this day to be very
BORN LOSER favourable for you. Try not to confront anyone at
your office today or else you might not be able to
prove your point. You might lose your temper on
your beloved for no strong reason.
Ganesha thinks you may lack support at work place.
There may be some events where you will have to
prove your worth. Stress at workplace will surely not
reflect on your personal life. Ganesha feels you will
have a wonderful evening with family and friends.
LEO JULY 21 - AUG 20
It is the right time to look for better opportunities.
Ganesha feels you have a lot of potential which can
be used correctly if you consider a field change.
There will be a lot of support from family. In love
life, it is best to let things be as they are.
There has been an eternal fight between career and
FREE RANGE WORKING IT OUT romantic life. Ganesha feels you may have to go
through something of the same sort. Do not
hesitate to take the help of friends or family.
Ganesha advises you to think of a lot of options.
A brilliant day at work today. All the official
communications will happen smoothly. If you are
leading a team, everyone under you will appreciate
your work today. On the domestic front, it is a
good time for a family dinner or a get together.
Ganesha feels that your domestic life will require
special attention today. Nevertheless, your practical
and logical abilities will help you balance office and
work simultaneously. However, do not enter into
any kind of arguments with your superiors.
The best way to achieve success is to stay calm.
Ganesha feels there may be some problems on the
domestic front; work place will be smooth enough.
There are chances of appraisals happening very
soon. Be ready for happy events.
Hold on to your seat as there may be some events
which take you completely by surprise. Ganesha
feels this is a good day to introspect and observe
your behaviour with family and spouse. On the
relationship front, you need to work on your bond.
PREVIOUS You are in a mood to talk a lot today. Hence you
might feel like giving suggestions to everyone
ISSUE’S around you. However Ganesha wants you to be
careful with your words as everyone might not be
SOLUTIONS able to welcome suggestions.
If you assess things in advance, you will find ease
in dealing with them. Overall, Ganesha finds you to
be very decisive. Try to be very practical when you
are handling issues related to your love life.
However do not ignore your love life.
Predictions by Bhavesh N. Pattni
16 ERGO Monday, December 15, 2008