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About BRAC Net

BRAC Net is Bangladeshs premier one-stop ICT (Information & Communication Technology) solution provider. Established in 1996 as BRACs IT/ISP wing, it later formed a Joint Venture company with US investors gNet/DEFTA Partners in 2005. By the end of 2009, BRACNet expanded its broadband internet and intranet (data) services to 51 out of 64 districts of the country. It is poised to cover the remaining six in 2010. Attracted by its pioneering social business model and by the potential to replicate it around the globe, KDDI the second largest cellular operator and Wireless ISP in Japan, entered in to a partnership with BRACNet recently to buy a 50% stake in the company. This investment marks the beginning of a strategic partnership between KDDI and BRACNet to cooperate in the promotion of new technologies and initiatives in Bangladesh. The synergies between KDDI's technological prowess and vast business experience in ICT and BRACNets reach at the grassroots level will enable the creation of a truly effective and sustainable internet broadband environment and social infrastructure across the nation. BRACNet has built its nationwide network utilizing its licensed spectrum at 3.5GHz from BTRC. Its network today is based on WiMax and fiber optics technology to serve hundreds of large corporations and thousands of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and Educational institutions throughout the country. It serves tens of thousands of residential customers directly or indirectly (through resellers) and numerous rural people through its cybercaf franchises, called E-huts. For the first time in Bangladesh, the perennially poor can now avail the various services available online to improve their quality of life. BRAC Nets core mission is to create a knowledge based society in Bangladesh. It is working relentlessly to that end. As broadband internet is only one component of a larger echo-system that must be built and nurtured in order

to turn the country in to an ICT powerhouse, BRAC Net has identified six major areas to focus on. These are: Affordable wired and wireless broadband connectivity, Inexpensive computing devices like laptops and desktops, Financing for the masses, Renewable and affordable energy solutions like solar and wind for off-grid areas and energy-efficient UPSes to supplant unreliable grid-power in other areas, Local language content and Teachers training. To deliver a total solution to this varied need, BRAC Net now offers a diversified portfolio of goods and services to a broad swath of client base. It offers computing hardware from Dell, IBM and Lenovo and is a country distributor for Intels Classmate PC for students. It is a Premiere Partner for CISCO Network and System Integration products. It offers managed services system integration, connectivity and Data Center/Disaster Recovery site solutions. Telehouse, ( a fully owned subsidiary of KDDI, is a global leader in Data Center solutions business. BRAC Net intends to bring this expertise to Bangladesh in 2010.
Our Mission

To bring affordable data communication solutions to entire Bangladesh, by deploying state-of-the-art technology.
Our Management
Abdul-Muyeed Chowdhury Chairperson Mr. Chowdhury was the Executive Director of BRAC from 2000 to 2006. Prior to that, he spent more than three decades in the civil service of Bangladesh. He served as a Secretary to the government from 1994 to 2000 holding charge of various ministries. He also served as an Adviser to the Care Taker Government of Bangladesh in 2001 and was in charge of five Ministries.

Maj. Gen. (retd) Syeed Ahmed BP, awc, psc Chief Executive Officer Maj. Gen. (retd) Syeed Ahmed BP served in Bangladesh Army for thirty five years in various capacities. He was Bangladesh Ambassador to Kuwait and later High Commissioner to Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda during the closing years of his government career. He joined BRAC Net in 2007. Tadaichi Sada Full-time Director / CTO (Chief Technical Officer) Mr. Sada was addressed to BRACNet in 2010 as a full-time Director from KDDI CORPORATION, the second largest telecommunication company in Japan, and a major shareholder of BRACNet. He joined KDDI in 1973, and worked for over thirty seven years. During the career, he has got experiences to serve in Paraguay for ten years in total, once as a JICA expert, and another as a Director of a subsidiary mobile company. Also he has dispatched to Mobicom, the largest mobile company of Mongolia (subsidiary of KDDI), as a Director in 2005-2007. ATsushi Yamazumi Full-time Director / CFA (Chief Finance Advisor) Mr. Yamazumi is a full-time Director of BRACNet, comes from KDDI CORPORATION of Japan. He joined KDDI in 1996, has been in charge of Service development of Satellite Communication services for over ten years. He has been addressed to BRACNet with KDDI invested in this company. He has got an career of dispatching in Inmarsat Ltd., UK 2003, as a primary partner of Sales of Inmarsat satellite business.

Board of Directors
Mr. Abdul - Muyeed Chowdhury Mr. Muhammad A. (Rumee) Ali Mr. George Hara Mr. Stanley P. Sakai Mr. Masaaki Nakanishi Mr. Yasunori Matsuda Mr. Tadaichi Sada Mr. Atsushi Yamazumi Chairperson Director Director Director Director Director Director Director BRAC Net, BRAC BRAC Defta Partners, USA Defta Partners, USA KDDI, Japan KDDI, Japan KDDI,Japan KDDI, Japan

Our Network &Technology

BRAC Net is building its network by deploying WiMAX, state-of-the-art wireless broadband technology. Our last-mile (access) network is based on WiMAX, however the backbone is based on a high capacity fiber-optic network. Our network is connected with the submarine cable (SEA-ME-WE4) and VSAT for 24x7 redundancy. By using our licensed 3.5 GHz radio frequency we ensure interference free and uninterrupted service through our access networks. We currently have robust coverage in Dhaka city, Chittagong, Sylhet we also have our wireless and Fiber optic coverage at many location in Bangladesh.

bracNet has State of the Art Technology that ensures uninterrupted network facilities.

WiMAX is a standards-based wireless technology providing high-speed data and voice services in networks covering long distances and wide ranges. WiMAX can be used for a number of applications including last mile broadband access, hotspot and cellular backhaul for carrier infrastructure, and hispeed enterprise connectivity. WiMAX is designed to provide E1-level bandwidth to businesses and the equivalent of cable/fiber optic access for home users. WiMAX will enable carrier-class solutions to scale to support thousands of users with a single base station, while providing differentiated service levels. For areas poorly served by wired infrastructure, WiMAX is expected to enable service providers to reach new businesses and residential customers, while reducing service costs. Benefits of WiMAX WiMAX has been selected as the bracNet access level technology for its superior quality. Carrying forward all the advantages to our customers in the form of: -Availability Through the global standardization and certification of WiMAX in WiMAX Forum, there are many base station and CPE vendors competing for market share and thus guarantees ample availability of equipment. -Vendor Interoperability Through the standardization and certification, equipment from different vendors can interoperate on the same radio segments, exactly like e.g. GSM systems where e.g. Samsung, Siemens and Sony-Ericsson GSM-phones all work equally well with the base station from Nokia. -Price-performance analysis By large scale production of micro-chips, the manufacturing costs of equipment will be kept really low, creating total low cost of ownership. -Advancement in Microwave Advancements in the usage of technologies like OFDM, smart antennas and diversity all help facilitate true NLOS (Non-line-of-sight) environments for the operators and its customers. -Uninterrupted service during traditional weather condition of Bangladesh e.g. rainy, drizzling, stormy, cloudy weather, etc. All the above will ensure low cost, quick installation as well as dense deployment, high quality and high capacity in bracNets network and all these savings and optimal characteristics will be delivered on to bracNets customers.

WiMAX Powered Network - An infrastructure that optimizes performance and reliability. - Scalability - Scalable speed offerings from 64Kbps to 155Mbps to fit your business needs - Flexibility - Perfect for hosting web sites and LAN connectivity. - Outstanding performance - Cisco powered backbone supports multiple Internet users with proper QoS. - Optical Fiber Network bracNet have a very large coverage of Fiber Optic Network though out Bangladesh including 400KM of carpet coverage only at Dhaka city.

Figure: WiMAX Architecture and Applications

Our WiMAX Coverage Map

BRAC Net strategically deployed all the WiMAX Base Stations using 3.5 GHz licensed frequency to have the maximum coverage for Dhaka city and its adjacent regions. Analyzing our prospective corporate clients requirement, bracNet covers Motijheel, Dhanmondi, Mohakhali, Uttara & Savar (DEPZ) which are located within the 1km radius of our base station. For corporate clients in all the major cities we can provide: - Non Line of Sight (NLoS) coverage in 2km (approx.) from our Base Stations. - Obstructed Line of Sight (OLoS) coverage in 3km(approx.) from our Base Stations. - Line of Sight (LoS) coverage in 25 km from our Base Stations.

State of the Art WiMAX technology WiMAX Forum.

DEPZ Savar Momin Rd., Chittagong

Zindabazar, Sylhet
P P2 W AX iM +

Halishahar, Chittagong

UTTARA Nationwide GP FON

Even the critical sites are within our reach.

Sandip Coxs bazar Moheshkhali Dadudkandi Moulavibazar Noapara, Jessore

MP P2 ax iM

High Capacity Microwave Access


High Speed Internet Access

WiMax P 2MP

1+1 Path Protected Fiber Optic


Mirpur (Proposed)

WiM ax



High Capacity Microwave Access

1+1 Path Protected Fiber Optic

Network Infrastructure of bracNet

1+1 Path Protected Fiber Optic

bracNets PoP VSAT


Satellite Fixed generator Fiber optic transmitter

P 2M




SEA-ME-WE4 End Point at BTTB GP Fiber Optic network Wireless/WiMAX Clients Office Location

Branch Office

Fiber Optic Network Coverage

BRAC Net has deployed High capacity redundant Fiber Optic Network backbone rings over the Dhaka City. This Fiber Optic Network will be committed to connecting most of the sites within Dhaka City and its adjacent area. The E1-level connectivity has been established through strong Fiber Optic Network by one of the most reputed telecommunication companys backbone network for outside of Dhaka. Recently, bracNet brings most of the major cities of Bangladesh e.g. Chittagong, Sylhet, Bogra, Comilla, etc. into the overall coverage area. Redundant Fiber optic network covering entire Dhaka & Chittagong metropolitan city. High capacity E1 based redundant Fiber Optic Network, covering the entire country.



La lm on irh at Nilphamari






Sherpur Jamalpur Bogra Mymensingh Netrokona Sunamganj Sylhet

Even the remotest sites are within our reach.

Sandip Coxs bazar Moheshkhali Dadudkandi Moulavibazar Noapara, Jessore

Naogaon Chapai Nababgonj

Rajshahi Sirajganj Natore Tangail Gazipur Pabna Kushtia



Hobiganj Habigonj







Munsiganj Faridpur


Narail Jessore

Sariatpur Chandpur Madaripur Gopanganj



Feni Noakhali




Satkhira Khulna


Patuakhali Barguna




Coxs Bazar

Planed Coverage
2010 2011 2012

Service Packages
BRAC Net's network infrastructure that provides the means for enterprises to communicate and collaborate with their employees, customers, and business partners. bracNet offers High-end Data Center that can provide offsite data redundancy as well as redundant network connectivity which can empower enterprises to grow and prosper in todays fast-paced, ever-changing business world. By increasing the resilience and robustness, lowering the cost and complexity, and improving productivity through ubiquitous and homogeneous communication, bracNet Business Connectivity solutions accelerate the success of enterprise companies. To retailers, high street finance and enterprises with global operations, even the smallest, remote branch office is vital to their operations. As a result the enterprises need secured high performance connections to enable their growth to meet fast paced customer requirements. bracNets feature-rich, highperformance switches and routers provide reliable and resilient performance to meet any current and future challenges that an Enterprise may face. Scalability and costeffectiveness has been the prime criteria while expanding network services and data center. In todays business environment, employees, business partners and customers experience telephony, eBusiness and video applications, almost as if they are parcels to be delivered. Security is the sealed environment, the mode of transport if you like, that ensures the packages are delivered to the correct person. bracNets VPN connectivity can ensure and take all the security hassles from your operation so that the enterprise can only focus on doing business as usual without loosing any flexibility or service quality. Business Connectivity is the robust, reliable and flexible passage, the road or track that is used to reach the user in a timely manner. Business Connectivity in the corporate environment is the framework of four primary solutions that come together to create a resilient, scalable, simple and secure business grade network that removes the technological obstacles to overcoming business threats.

A recent survey on our DR customers showed a 95% satisfaction level with our service.
BRAC Net envisions being a one stop communication shop by building a seamless IP network for its large and small business customers as well as online users at home.

bracNet offers Service Level Agreement (SLA) to meet exact requirement that an Enterprise may have as their business needs are changed.

Corporate Bandwidth Package

BRAC Net Dedicated Internet Access delivers seamless access to Internet services such as e-mail, web browsing, file transfer, e-Business and data hosting applications to global businesses. Designed to provide 24-hours connectivity, Dedicated Internet Access provides carrier-class performance and reliability for mission-critical extranets and voice/video applications via maintaining the proper Quality of Service - QoS. It is ideal for businesses that host servers and need guaranteed Internet connections and organizations requiring static IP addresses and Domain Name Services

Direct Residential Internet Access

BRAC Net offers reliable direct Residential internet access for home users. This is Internet Access is low cost solution for any one who needs immediate access to internet with highest performance and guaranteed uptime offered by BRAC Net.

Business/Home LAN & Managed Services

BRAC Net proposes the best, scalable, secured & high performance Business / Home Local Area Network LAN solution for clients. Business LANs are very essential for local intranet, data transfer & resource sharing in an office. Home LANs are the best solution for utilizing the Internet access and resource sharing. bracNet offer includes the installation & configuration of both wired or WiFi LAN and provide the proper maintenance service for it.

Committed Bandwidth
A range of service speeds or bandwidth are available to meet your requirements with Guaranteed Committed Information rate (CIR) and is backed by 24 hour customer support and network monitoring 7 days a week guaranteeing 99.9% uptime.

BRAC Net Partners

This Package offer the specific small area provider or want to connect who wants to distribute the bandwidth in to his local area , BRAC Net assigned the bandwidth as per mac or in a BULK allocation of bandwidth.

Wherever possible, Internet traffic can be routed via Submarine fiber cable or VSAT Network. bracNet has one of the largest and fastest Internet backbone in Bangladesh with 03 (Three) high capacity VSATs and High speed access to Submarine Fiber cable which has connected Bangladesh with SEA-ME-WE4. Also bracNet offers redundancy in network/power availability & equipment backup facilities with highest performance to meet your best committed uptime of the network

Value Added Services

Connectivity Services

Secure remote connectivity (VPN)

Irrespective of their location, secure remote connectivity enables employees to have all voice, video and data communication functionality available to them as if they were sitting at their desk. As enterprise needs to expand their business coverage they need to expand their network coverage as well. Enterprise needs to connect to remote branch offices, remote work force need to connect to internal network. In todays business environment, enterprises are facing new challenges, threats and opportunities, as legislation attempts to give employees a more balanced life style. The Internet, new technology and services are delivering new solutions that provide robust, resilient, simple and secure networking, enabling flexible working so that employees can work when and where they need to. To accelerate the open to an enterprise you need to expand and give more flexible access to your Customer, Business partners, and remote work forces without loosing security. It enables enterprises to evolve their networks from todays simple connectivity to tomorrows full convergence, delivering collaboration between employees, partners, customers and suppliers where and when it is needed. And these technologies and solutions are available to us today. Even the smallest remotest office can be securely and permanently connected to the corporate network, enabling the enterprise to offer a full suite of telephony features and data applications seamlessly across all offices. Even better, because the secure, resilient, connection is always on, there are no telephony calling costs between these small, remote offices and the rest of the corporate network.

Dedicated Internet Access

BRAC Net Dedicated Internet Access delivers seamless access to Internet services such as e-mail, web browsing, file transfer, e-Business and data hosting applications to global businesses. Designed to provide 24-hours connectivity, Dedicated Internet Access provides carrier-class performance and reliability for mission-critical extranets and voice/video applications via maintaining the proper Quality of Service - QoS. It is ideal for businesses that host servers and need guaranteed Internet connections and organizations requiring static IP addresses and Domain Name Services.

Our value added services

Your easy life

Committed Bandwidth
A range of service speeds or bandwidth are available to meet your requirements with Guaranteed Committed Information rate (CIR) and is backed by 24 hour customer support and network monitoring 7 days a week guaranteeing 99.9% uptime.

VPN infrastructure eliminates the need for dedicated private network connection between branch offices. Rather it enables enterprises to use exiting Public Internet and create a secured tunneled data link. This eliminates huge investment in private network infrastructure deployment and management. bracNet can manage your VPN network giving you the flexibility to concentrate on business expansion without compromising security.

Virtual PBX
Virtual PBX or IP PBX is an open standard PBX system over internet protocol (IP) network. It not only unites a company's many locations - into a single converged network, but also promises cost savings by combining voice and data on one single network that can be centrally maintained, as well as by eliminating toll expenses for calls between its different locations. AGI (Asterisk Gateway Interface) Graphical Call Manager Outbound Call Spooling Predictive Dialer TCP/IP Management Interface

Wherever possible, Internet traffic can be routed via Submarine fiber cable or VSAT Network. bracNet has one of the largest and fastest Internet backbone in Bangladesh with 03 (Three) high capacity VSATs and High speed access to Submarine Fiber cable which is connected Bangladesh with SEA-ME-WE4. Also bracNet offers redundancy in network/power availability & equipment backup facilities with highest performance to meet your best committed uptime of the network. bracNet offers Service Level Agreement (SLA) to meet exact requirement that an Enterprise may have as their business needs are changed.

Business/Home LAN & Managed Services

bracNet proposes the best, scalable, secured & high performance Business / Home Local Area Network LAN solution for clients. Business LANs are very essential for local intranet, data transfer & resource sharing in an office. Home LANs are the best solution for utilizing the Internet access and resource sharing. bracNet offer includes the installation & configuration of both wired or WiFi LAN and provide the proper maintenance service for it.

Solution Offered by bracNet

Converged Communication
Communication channels for voice, video and data can now ride on a single integrated Internet Protocol (IP) network. Various modes of communication and sharing like conventional phone calls, teleconferencing, video conferencing, Instant Messaging (IM), emails and file sharing can now be brought together by powerful new applications, like unified messaging. By harnessing the power of converged communications, your organisation can enjoy the advantages of collaboration and mobility. This opens myriad opportunities that come with being able to connect and work with clients, partners and suppliers more closely Solutions IP Telephony Visual Communications Unified Communications

The corporate network has become strategic to an organizations ability to achieve its business objectives. As your strategic technology and business partner, BracNet helps you add value to your network infrastructure and maximize returns on investment . Invest in a strategic business partnership with BracNetWe offer a range of core business solutions that address your requirements at every phase of the IT life cycle - from consulting to infrastructure and applications - making BracNet your trusted partner for delivering complete IT solutions

Network Integration
The network is at the core of this communication and interaction, providing the fast, secure connectivity that drives business operations. Our network integration solutions and services ensure that your communication networks deliver the performance your business relies on. bracNet understands that networks must be flexible, tailored to meet communication needs, compliant with regulation and corporate governance and also aligned with industry standards. Most importantly, we know that networks should simply work - seamlessly facilitating your organisations' changing communication needs. Through a comprehensive range of services, adaptable scale, and indepth networking expertise, we keep organizations connected and communicating - through their networks.

Contact Center
Contact Centre Integration Our Contact Centre Integration solutions integrate disparate technologies and communication channels in your contact centre, and associated back office systems . Self-service Our Self-service solutions extend across multiple channels: Web, e-mail, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), speech recognition, synthesis and verification, SMS, and self-service terminals. In each instance, the user experience is placed at the centre of our design and development . Workforce Optimization Our Workforce Optimization solutions are focused on how best to ensure agents are correctly allocated and provided with optimal support.

Safeguarding your IT and information assets, as well as protecting the privacy of the people with whom you do business, has become critical with the increased use of shared applications, networks and data brought about by the growth of partnerships and collaboration. To ensure your total security, bracNet offers a range of solutions that addresses three key areas: Protect - ensure that you are protected against unauthorised access or malicious activity Detect - highlight potential security breaches and assess their potential impact Respond - provide meaningful remedial action based on vulnerabilities and their impact

Network Operation & Management

Reduce complexity through a single contract - hardware, software, security and vendor contracts. Turn to a single interface for accountability of the network. Reduce risk based on BracNet's extensive experience managing networks, advanced network and communications technologies, and network transformations .

Data Center & Storage

bracNet's Data Centre and Storage solutions help organizations manage their information lifecycle, while reducing the risk of IT disruptions, and minimizing cost and complexity. Our partnerships with leading technology vendors, coupled with in-depth familiarity with the products, position us as a leading provider of Data Centre and Storage solutions

Services Offered by bracNet


Training Program
Learn and gain the knowledge to stay ahead the competition bracNet offers customized and structured educational programs to meet companies' business objectives in areas of skills development and certification for improved sales, operations, management and business compliance

Our Concentration
FULL RANGE OF PRODUCT : Organizations struggle with IT complexity. We are forging a new path to simplify IT by building a lowtouch uniform infrastructure spanning the desktop to the data center. bracNet is building a methodology by which an organization can measure its operational efficiency, manageability, and flexibility to pinpoint ways to streamline how IT is acquired, maintained, and scaled. Desktop: High Performance Desktop Laptop: Full range of Brand Laptop Servers: Servers are built for enterprise flexibility with Blade, Rack and Tower options. Storage: Storage scales from simple tape backup to complex consolidation. Networking: Switches provide managed and unmanaged connectivity for any infrastructure

Our Mission
To bring affordable data communication & related hardware solutions to entire Bangladesh, by deploying state-of-the-art technology. To establish Intels Intel World Ahead Programme in Bangladesh to facilitate computer in educational sectors. To provide One Stop IT Solutions to corporate users & Educa-

Currently bracNet have taken Sole distributor of Intel Classmate PC , our main concentration to distribute PC in Corporate and Educational sector in a large quantity , who actually looking for product including , manage and after sales services.

bracNet is also a business partner of Dell & IBM to operate full range of Dell & Lenovo IBM product and also the business partner of CISCO & Huwaie to operate full range of network product. .

At The US Trade Show

The introduction of the ClassMate PC was one of the major dynamic project rollouts done by bracNet this year. From the 25th to the 27th of February 2009, bracNet, in collaboration with Intel organized a trade show outlet at Sheraton Hotel Dhaka. The Honorable US Ambasador James F. Moriarky attended the Trade Show and paid a visit to bracNets ClassMate PC stall. He spent valuable moments with bracNets CEO, Mr. Abdur Rab where they discussed the utility aspect of the ClassMate PC in respect to Bangladeshs IT environment. The Ambassador was delighted at bracNets diversified projects in the field of internet and data communications. ... The following visit was made by Mr. , Honorable Minister of Trade & Commerce, Peoples Republic of Bangladesh., Minister for Trade, Bangladesh, Lft. Col. (rtd) Faruq Khan, The Minister scanned the PC and tried out its various features and commended highly on its compact size and portability

Power Solution
bracNet also Provide Long Lasting ,All day UPS Power Backup And solar Solution for rural and Urban area.

ITOut Sourcing
Customized Solutions for Network Projects (Wan & LAN)
bracNet data centers are specifically designed to meet the technology and security needs of large, data-intensive, enterprise companies. The unique infrastructure architecture allows accommodating any size requirement from a single cabinet up to a fully customized private data-suite installation.

Managed Network Service

Regardless of network complexity or your organization's size. Our expertise and business centric approach will help you maximize the value of your network services, as well as help reduce costs, manage complexity and boost your competitive edge.

Professional Network Services

Our complete network lifecycle management offering includes an as-is state assessment and audit, architecture design and engineering, implementation, and monitoring and manage ment of the solution. We will bundle several network services to build a core network capable of supporting multiple, logically separate wavelength, private line and IP VPN connections at the edge.

Network Design and Engineering Services

We resolve issues affecting the performance and health of your network, prepare for changes in your business, or better manage the costs associated with your communications needs. bracNet performs a variety of assessments, from network performance to costanalysis to asset utilization. We develop end-to end network design plans across all major technologies and vendors to address your specific network objectives and constraints. We deliver a baseline network design recommen dation and documentation to fully support the network design. Network Migration and Implementation ServicesLeverage our proven project management techniques from simple cutovers to major network migrations, conversions and implementation solutions. We can plan and execute an entire deploy ment strategy from start to finish: We identify the goals, define the migration process, develop schedules and checklists, and manage the implementation.

Server Co-location
Client provide the server, we provide everything else - rack space, connection to the internet, IP addresses, switchable power supply, backups, primary and secondary DNS, email; quite simply anything that is needed. It is your responsibility to run the server, alterna tively if you require a managed service.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

In the event of a man-made or natural disaster, bracNet has solutions to enable both network and infrastructure redundancy. With a Mirrored Hot Site in a bracNet Data Center facility, you can be assured your equipment will be safe and operational when the need arises. To ensure network viability, our Redundant Connectivity Capability enables you to implement multi carrier network Links, and enterprise security. bracNet integrates the functional management of routers, firewalls, VPNs, intrusion prevention systems, as well as other security and business continuity components.

Webpage Design, Hosting & Publication

bracNet undertake design work for web sites. We do web hosting at a very cheap and affordable price. bracNet is the one stop shop for web programming, ecommerce solutions and e-business frameworks. You can rely on our world class designing capabilities.

Mirrored Hot Site

bracNet offers flexibility to meet Disaster Recovery needs, whether it be a hot-site, coldsite, mirrored servers or collocation we can deliver a custom-tailored and affordable outsourced data center solution to meet Enterprise Data Requirements and business continuity plans. g business climate presents both challenges and numerous opportunities. Your network can be a key factor in your ability to navigate change effectively. bracNet professional Services offering provide custom solutions that your business needs to address every stage of network growth. We will help you plan, deploy, optimize, manage and run your network infrastructure either using a phased approach or as part of a complete Managed Network Service. implement multi-carrier network Links, and enterprise security. bracNet integrates the functional management of routers, firewalls, VPNs, intrusion prevention systems, as well as other security and business continuity components.

Bandwidth Management
bracNet have a Bandwidth Manager that have full-featured traffic management tool that gives control of its network traffic, increasing the efficiency of network and reducing overall bandwidth requirements. bracNet provide this facility to our special client if they want to manage their own network and their bandwidth.

Network Monitoring and Management

We provide 24x7 proactive monitoring and management of customer networks via our Customer Network Control Center. Our shared environment ensures the most cost-effective services possible.

bracNet gives the customer very secure Firewall support; Firewall is used to prevent unauthorized access to a network. A network can be made up of local area networks, wide area networks, and the Internet, or it can be just a preventing inappropriate access to the files of its customers from any unknown source. The firewall's role is to ensure that all commu nication between an organization's network and the Internet, in both directions, conforms to the organization's security policies.

Tech Services We deliver responsive, on-going network support that includes maintenance, parts logistics, and other services for lifecycle engineering or management and maintenance.


A digital hut for cohessive e-commerce.

Available Services are

Future Services

bracNet Kids
KIDS section objective is to introduce and make-friendly with two main streams of language content. For bangla, we furnish the world-class content with collaboration with famous TV kid show, Sisimpur which is powered by sesameworkshop, USA. We also publish a set of rich content accredited by international brand, GlobeKids. The both streams include interesting stories and interactive games and puzzle for children avails the educational exercises for children as well as instructions for parents and teachers.

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The section, thus highlighting their post necessity type functionalities, the portal we conn we connect also details information also includes the up-toprovides online music, health tips, and fashion Some Unique Features we connect we con date course information as well as study fees. and beauty trends. bracNet has content nnect onnect bracNet News: sharing partnership with premier magazines onnect we co Our Clientele we connect NEWS channel contains up-to-date Bangladesh (ICE TODAY, Trends,connec which enriches its onnect we conne Binodon) ect we and world news in collaboration with The Daily Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory entertainment we conne A separate Kids onnect we connect nnect channel. Star and The Daily New Age featuring business, Commission (BTRC) channel hosts games, stories, and other interac- onnect we connect w onnect we conn sports, culture and cricket, weather news. 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However, with a scarcity in online sources of useful information for the Bangladeshi professional, the bracNet directory services and classifieds channels are among our most popular earning the majority of portal hits. music, album reviews, concert reviews, online Nayantara Communication (Sisim antara Commun io (Sisim nta n a a Communication (Sisimpur) ara mu m nicat o on m popular and mainstream music, relationship tbad e Jalalabad Telecomt tde connec abad Telecom L d. elecom Ltd m Ltd. trivia, biographies and success stories, the buzz Sajida Foundation t we conne Foundation oundatio c oun on local and international movie stars and T.V. Hamid Grou nnect we conne Group d Grou up artistes. The online streaming music can be Uttarawe conneediwe College & Hospital a Women Medical Conn Women W m M ct ica colleg ca al listened to without the need for downloading we Group Peninsula connect we conn sula G and consists of 100+ songs of rock, pop, remix, wF chion e onne Liberty Fashion ct we con y Fash solo, contemporary, instrumental and also the onnect nnec Bangladesh Thai Aluminum Ltd t Bangl ng m Ltd. d songs by Nazrul and Rabindranath Tagore. we connecn Mohammad Foundation ctd e co e t onne Ltd Amin Amin ation Ltd. tw ect we conneo HRM Ltd. e c onnect we conne bracNet Lifestyle: E-Zone EZ onnectesheLtd This channel encompasses the different type of t we conne Risk Management Bangladesh Ltd. pe of e Tyser T s Tys angladew Lconnect ad sh h c onnect wetitonnect w c t lifestyle ideas featuring articles related to t we conn ed o e Small Cottage Industries Training I T i i g Institute nne w fashion, beauty, health, mobile and cars t we co Texgen Group, Studio Ray, Nij ctK e connect w cars. e s Nijera Kori, V j i VARD nect we connect w Selected lists and information about fashion t Eon Group of Companies t we connect w houses and boutiques in Dhaka city are Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture i l available here. The page also contains a list of objects of desire provides highlights of those products/brands which are popular or newP O R T A L arrival in market around the city. They range from beauty and skin care products to we connect online electronics and home goods.

nn bracNet Web Portal

Restaurant Guide

Directory Services
BUSINESS DIRECTORY ( The bracNet Business Directory lists over 50,000+ business organizations / companies with new ones being added everyday. PEOPLE FINDER ( The People Finder channel holds data on professionals from all over Bangladesh. Each entry displays the individuals name, business address, phone number, fax and email (if available).

Success Story
Prime Bank Ltd. has signed for a Data Connectivity Service with bracNet
Prime Bank Limited has relied on bracNets extensive secured nationwide network to connect its 63 regional branches with 27 ATM booths. bracNet has enabled Prime Bank to focus on its core business by off loading the huge burden of managing network connectives among their Branch offices which requires secured, dedicated managed services. bracNet is using its High Speed National Fiber Backbone and reliable Wimax links for last mile connectivity. Prime Bank Ltd. is one of the fastest growing financial service providers in Bangladesh. Prime bank has established more than 63 branches all over Bangladesh within very short period of time. The bank has been graded as one of the top class banks in the country. It has already occupied an enviable position among its competitors after achieving success in all areas of financial service domain.

Our exemplary service speaks for our success

Renata Ltd. Aging with us
Renata and bracNet started their long partnership from 2004. With bracNets experienced and professional services the partnership has expanded into multitude of services to facilitate Renata to expand its business operations in different parts of the country. bracNet has interconnected Renatas major factories and branch offices in to a central site with redundant VSAT backup services. Renata Ltd. one of the largest and most successful pharmaceutical companies operating in Bangladesh is also a proud client of them since 2004.

Expanding Network ICDDRB

One of bracNets major success is interconnection of ICDDR,B and its branch office through out the country. ICDDR,B now able to enjoy both internet and intranet facility to its field offices, which allowing emails and files transfer within the ICDDR, B and its field offices. bracNet has enabled ICDDR,B to have seamless operations and connectivity among its 12 branches all over Bangladesh with high speed reliable connections using National Fiber Infrastructure. Currently employess of ICDDR,B can operate from remote locations and read or publish news and journals. Thanks to bracNets extensive network coverage.

Our Client
When we undertake a project, we do it with the intention of becoming partnerspartners in the quest for Data solution. In all kinds of industries, we help our clients to really, deeply understand their Communication businesses and data services, and to manage their connectivity in the most productive ways possible. And we stick with our clients over the long term, providing necessary customize services in terms of the specific client requirements. Here are some examples of valuable company of Bangladesh, whom bracNet is proud to call clients.

22. Al-Arafah Islami Bank Ltd. (16 Branches) 23. Janata Bank (26 branches)

1. BGC Trust Medical College & BGC University 2. (BGC)Ibrahim Memorial Medical Hospital 3. BSA Group 4. Chittagong Club 5. Daffodil Institute of IT 6. Excelsior Shoes Ltd 7. Lea Group 8. Leadership University & College 9. Neo Concept Pvt. Ltd 10. Nemsan Fashion Management Ltd 11. Ocean Containers Ltd 12. Papella Ltd 13. Regent Textiles Mills Ltd 14. Sanzi Textile Mills Ltd. (Well Group) 15. Sunman Group of Companies 16. Saad Musa Group 17. Western Marine Shipward Ltd. 18. Selection Fashion Ltd.

These are some of the large bracNet partners

1. Starnet, (Uttara) 2. Cyber Edge, (Monipuripara) 3. Apon Enterprise, (Kataban, Dhanmondi) 4. Confident Net, (Shiddeswari) 5. 6. 7. 8. Cyber Link, (Nikunjo) Systech, (Mohakhali) Link Online, (Moghbazar) Gardenia, (Wari)

24. North South University (NSU) 25. IUB 26.Naripokkho NGO. 27. Renata Ltd. 28. SABINCO 29. UNDP, CDMP 30. Uttara Club 31. Western Union Money Transfer 32. ZIA International Airport 33. Honda-DHS Motors Ltd 34. Morimoto Singapore Pvt Ltd 35. Novo Tell 36. DESCO 37. DESA-01DHK Link 38. Ministry of Defense 39. Brummers & Partners Ltd 40. CAD International 41. ISD School 42. UNHCR 43. AK Khan Group

9. Fair Broadband, (Nikunjo) 10. MS Technology, (Kafrul)

Our Valuable Subscribers National & Multinational Organization

01. Asiatic Marketing MCL 02. Aarong 03. BRAC 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. Brac University BTRC Cell Bazar Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh Bombay Sweets & Co., Ltd. Dhaka Electric Supply Company Ltd. Dhaka Electric Supply Authority (DESA) Grameen Phone Gulshan Shooting Club Grameen Software Ltd. Gulf Air Gonosahajjo Sangstha Hamid Group ICDDR,B International Labor Organization (ILO) IFAD Autos Ltd. Kohinoor Chemical Bangladesh Ltd. Marubeni Corporation Ministry of Defense Novista

1. A-One 2. Atomic Energy 3. Biswas Group 4. Eurotex Appreals Ltd 5. Fuwang Group 6. Grameen Knitwear 7. HSBC 8. Mark Terry 9. Oven Tex 10. R & R Fashion Ltd 11. Radial 12. Scandex 13. Shezads Group 14. Sinsin(Dhaka)Ltd 15. Sydne Ehsan group 16. International classic composite 17. Bitopi Group 18. Bureau Varitas 19. Star Knitwear 20. Unitech product (BD)Ltd. 21. LiBAS Textile 22. Ministry of Labor 23. Abdul Momen group 24. New Tex Group

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Brac Bank (64 Branches & ATM are connected) Prime Bank (68 Branches & ATM are connected) Basic Bank (5 Branches are connected) Exim Bank (21 Branches are connected) Southeast Bank (12 Branches & ATM connected) Bank Asia (12 Branches & ATM are connected) Eastern Bank (1 Branch is connected) Mercantile Bank (15 Branches is connected) Dutch Bangla Bank (25 Branches & ATM are connected) IFIC Bank (23 Branch is connected) NCC Bank (20 Branches are connected) UCBL Bank (35 Branches & ATM are connected) Dhaka Bank (5 Branches are connected) City Bank (29 Branches & ATM are connected) National Bank (37 Branches are connected) Mutual Trust (3 Bracnhes are connected) Standard Bank ( 20 Branches are connected) Habib Bank AG (1 Branch is connected) Premier Bank Ltd. ( 10 Branches) Uttara Bank Ltd. Islami Bank Limited (40 branches)

10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21.