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Echo Fringe

Game Design Document

David Smith
1. Introduction
1.1 Concept
Run from the government, who are trying to kill you.

1.2 Target Demographic

This game's graphics aim to attract teens to adults who play hardcore games.
Est. Rating '18+.

1.3 Target Platform

The target platform is Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 PC computers.
1.4 Purpose
To create a portfolio piece that stands out mostly because of it’s good game design.
1.5 Minimum System Requirements
500MHz Processor
32MB 3D Accelerator Card, nVidia or ATI supported.
500MB Free Hard Drive space

1.6 Project Risks

None known yet, only that the game may get repetitive, although this may be weighed out if the
game is good enough.

1.7 Example of Play

The player loads the game, selects new game and chooses their start abilities. This time
they choose Bulk Up and Pyrokinesis.
The player is first given the option for a tutorial in these powers or he simply, just start.
The player is shown a short skippable cinematic to give him the background.
The player starts to run, he is on a bridge, seeing a metal door, he melts it with
Pyrokinesis and continues with his momentum to go to the top of the bridge, where there is a
The Player uses bulk up to do a long jump and then punches the helicopter, destroying it.
Police boats emerge, the player climbs into one and uses his bulk up again to punch them off the
boat and then drives to a dock in the boat.
At the dock they are surrounded by police and so use Pyrokinesis to melt their bullets as
they get near, they go near them and burn them all.

1.8 Story/Setting
In New York 2015, the government is trying to crack-down on people who have been getting
cybernetic power enhancements.
2. Game Mechanics
2.1 General Mechanics
2.1.a Powers
(described in more detail later While some powers are not acceptable and will cause violence
from enemies such as offensive use ones), some such as teleport may be used, but will bring
some limited attention from guards.

2.1.b Player Death

When the player dies, by falling, or no health, on single player they go to the load screen or can
opt to rewind before things got tense or load a save

2.1.c Saving
The game saves automatically every 5 minutes, quickly. The player can also save manually

2.1.d Hints
When hints are on, the player will receive something like one of these:

By Jumping towards a helicopter you can grab onto it.

Headshots are instant kills

You can melt doors down with the Fire Ability

2.1.e Achievements
Achievements can be earned by certain tasks such as killing [number] with certain gun or
surviving X amount of time.
2.1.f Attachments
Attachments (such as scopes, silencers and laser pointers), are usually attached to a gun.

2.1.g Grab and Run

Grab and run is a technique, which can be used if the player is undetected by the police. They
can grab a sidearm from the target’s holster. This is initiated with the G key

2.1.h Adrenaline
Adrenaline allows the player to use slow-mo, slowing their enemies down to 50% of the player’s
speed, also allowing the player to dodge bullets. However, the player moves at 75% their normal
speed, thus making super speed (combined or on its own) a preferred option. The player, when
not using slow-mo moves at

2.1.h Momentum
Momentum can be built by running without bumping into objects at a rate of 1% of normal speed
every 2 seconds.

2.2 Controls
2.2.a Running
The player sprints when shift is held down, the player cannot fire when sprinting.
2.2.b Walking
The player can walk by pressing the Alt key.
2.2.c Jumping
The player can jump with space, pressing space again will allow them to climb up, if grabbing on
to something.
2.2.d Shooting and grenades
While shooting is the usual left mouse click by default, the grenade is used by pressing Q
2.2.e Grabbing
The G key is used for Grab and run, grabbing onto objects in the world and moves such as
disarm. The player automatically grabs onto object.

2.2.f Adrenaline
The player can use adrenaline by pressing V
The player can initiate slow mo by pressing B

3.3 Guns
Used for:
• Breaking Materials
o Wood
o Locks
o Pipes
• Prematurely exploding grenades
• Killing people
• Decoys
• Suppressing Fire

3.3.a Swat
SMGs (4 damage per shot)
Shotguns (7 damage per fragment that hits target)
Remmington 870
Assault Rifles (7 damage per shot)
HK G36
Rifles (10 damage per shot)
Remington 700
Handguns (4 damage per shot)

3.3b Police
3.3c Army
Assault (12 damage per shot)
AK 47
Rifles (12 damage per shot)
Pistols (4 damage per shot)
3.3d Terrorists
Assault (12 damage per shot)
AK 47
Rifles (12 damage per shot)
Zastava M76
AW 50
Pistols (4 damage per shot)
SMGs (4 damage per shot)

3.4 Powers
3.4.a Overview
Powers are usually destructive against, but can also directly aid player in movement, some have
same effect as others but different visuals, as each player will have his own certain taste of style.

Powers work by mutation and Mechanical, so different powers can be attained from the mutagen
canisters that have crashed onto the game world while mechanical upgrades are brought from
the alleys which have a red flag hanging on a wire by them.

3.4. b Power list

Wings: Wings have a demoralizing effect on the enemy and also allow the player to fly.

Sword Arm: Sword Extends from arm, allowing player to stab enemy, player can use Mounted
MGs, Sidearms and other blades, or they may have two sword arms, allowing them to

Bulk Up: If used with sprint, allows player to run faster. If used with punch, allows player to hit
harder. The usage makes the muscles involved become larger.

Gas Mask: Allows player to be immune to any gas used against them

Hallucinogen Darts: Makes the targeted enemy panic, panicked enemies do not attack players,
will run and have a 0.175 chance to suicide
Fire: Allows player to shoot fire from their hands burning enemies at 10 hp/second (costs 50

Teleportation: Allows player to teleport short distances.

Super-speed: Increases player speed by 50%

Night Vision

Thermal Vision

Ice: Allows player to shoot ice from their hands, freezing their enemy (costs 50 points)
Release Hallucinogen: Same effect as hallucinogen Darts, but with an area effect.
Lightning: Shoots lightning from hands, can branch off and hurt other enemies.

3.4.c Points
The points are gained by:
Kills: 2 for Policeman
5 for SWAT Member
10 for Army Member
15 for Sniper
15 for Full KGB unit (5 for dogs, 5 for Swat Member)
25 for Tank
20 for Helicopter
30 for Attack Helicopter
You can also get points for Achievements and Mini games

3.5 Enemy factions

3.5.a Police
The first enemy the player comes across. Not very fit, but will record your movements and set up
Policeman 10 HP
Police Car 50 HP
Police Bike 30 HP
3.5.b Swat
Fit, will record your movements, will use helicopters and Vans. They use helicopters to affect you
while you are on the rooftops. They also use battering rams, Tear Gas, Stinger and flash
grenades. They can have KGB units armed with pistols. Use Snipers
Swat Member 20 HP
Helicopter 75 HP or kill pilot
Van 75 HP
3.5.c Army
Fittest, will record your movements, use helicopters, tanks and jeeps. They will attempt to keep
you off roofs. They can use snipers.
Army Member 30 HP
Super Soldier 50 HP
Tank 150 HP
Attack Helicopter 100 HP or kill pilot
3.5.d Terrorists
Only show up in run down buildings marked with an anarchist sign. Will attempt to follow through
building and over roofs, but will not go into streets. Guard their Roofs.
Terrorist 10 HP
Armoured Terrorist 20 HP
Armoured Terrorist W/Powers 50 HP

3.6 Game Objects

3.6.a Doors
Pressing the use key by a door will allow you to open them, holding the shift key will allow you to
slam it open, while whacking the door will have the same effect and animation. They can also be
melted down, froze shut, jammed, blocked and destroyed.

3.6.b Switches
Triggers lights/ other objects, triggered using a default of E.

3.6.c Generators
Can be turned off or permanently destroyed by being shot 3 times. Enemies guard and will
investigate if one is turned off

3.6.d Vehicles
Cars and lorries can be hijacked. This causes some commotion. Cars can also be hotwired to
cause a bit less disturbance.

3.7.e Stashes
Guns and adrenaline can be found stashed in building apartments marked with a red X. Police
also have guns in their Vans