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Starbucks Leticia Martinez MGT 330: Management for Organizations Instructor: Myla Wilson February 20, 2012

Some of the responsibilities and job functions of a baristas include but are not limited to. According to an article from Fortune Magazine. This also includes following Starbucks policies and procedures. Starbucks to me is the best coffee I have had in a long time. A Baristas must have the ability to understand and respond to a diverse group of customers. and the level of education required. Delivering great customer service is a key point to this position. it has to be a Starbucks. maintaining a motivated and composed attitude during peak times where there are high volumes of customers. With this job. maintaining a clean environment by also following the health and safety guidelines. a person will be the face of the company being that they are the first person seen when customers walk in.” (CNN Money. “Starbucks has been named in the 100 best companies to work for. the applicant must be able to stand for a long period of time.Starbucks 2 Starbucks’ On a daily routine to work. but not just any coffee. The job specification for a Baristas would be the job qualification. Question one asked to complete a job description and a job specification for a Starbucks employee. As a Baristas. lift a certain amount of pounds. which would include the special skills. and able to constantly move around. A baristas will also provide quality beverages with speedy service. Within this paper I will discuss and answer the four questions asked from the case student in Chapter three about Starbuck’s structure. The job description that I choose to complete is that of a Baristas. 2012). Starbucks has many job opportunities for people. . which require the right job specifications. amount of experience required. A Baristas will also to have the ability to learn fast and work as a team. I always stop to grab a cup of coffee.

“Geographical departmentalization makes it possible to tailor managerial efforts that address territorial differences. 2012).. D. According to our text. In conclusion..”(Reilly. “Starbucks continues to expand our global . “The benefit of the divisional organization is that it allows the line managers to maintain more control and accountability. M. the structure that Starbucks has been using. 2011). According to an article. From what I see. & Baack. When the increase of competition began to decline the sales of Starbucks. With the leadership being centralized the organization may start making bad decisions because it only allows for two or three leaders to be overwhelmed and start making wrong decisions. The form of organizational configuration that best fits Starbucks would have to be the divisional organization. C. where as if they were to have more ideas from their employees they may be able to come up with a structure that can help them through the decline of sales. According to Howard Schultz. The reason being is that there are Starbucks locations all over the United States. This is because Starbucks has different products and many business units all around the world.Starbucks 3 The type of departmentalization that Starbucks should be using is departmentalization by geographic region.. For example the Starbucks in Arizona during summer season may sale more of the ice coffee and different food items than in New York where it is not as hot. customers to hang out at. Starbucks chairman. The leadership shouldn’t try to centralize power. Starbucks organizations have been a great place for people to work. and overall a great place to have coffee.”(Mindtools. Minnick. This will assist in the menu items that are being sold in different locations. so far has been doing a good job. Mintzberg’s Organizational Configurations.

2011) .Starbucks 4 footprint and accelerate the innovation and momentum in our CPG business” (Financial Release.

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