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Aleks Ponjavic

Ambitious and competent 22 year old engineering student who enjoys challenging
projects. Strives to put strong academic background to use through research.

Education & Qualifications

2005 – 2009 MEng Mechanical Engineering (expected 2:1)
Imperial College London
Areas of study include the design process, application of engineering
to find solutions to technical problems and computer-aided-design.
Specialisation is in mechatronics and computational fluid dynamics.

• Final year thesis:

Currently investing the process of condensation in the porous material of PEM
fuel cells. The project involves two-phase simulation of the Lattice Boltzmann
equation BGK model together with the Van der Waals equation of state in order
to simulate phase separation and condensation of vapour in air.

• Group project for South London Gallery:

Held primary responsibility for the design of a motion controller enabling the
synchronous creation of a large scale labyrinth to a piece of music. The project
included extraction of musical information from the piece as well as creating a
matching optimal labyrinth pattern using C++ and Java.

2002 – 2005 Malmö Borgarskola, Malmö, Sweden

Natural sciences – Mathematics/Computers
Fullständigt slutbetyg, 20 (out of 20)
33 MVG (Equivalent of AAAAA or 40 points in IB)

Captain of Swedish national team in the International Young

Physicists’ Tournament 2004 and 2005, 6th place in the National
informatics competition 2004 and 7th place 2005.

Career Details
2008 Research internship 8th September – 19th October
Lund University (LTH), Lund, Sweden
The department of control required a new method of velocity control
for various experiments as the current response time was too slow
• Study the ATMega16 microcontroller
• Apply a cascade of current and velocity control on an electric motor
driven track bound cart with an inverted pendulum
• Create documentation enabling colleagues to continue the research
• Successfully implemented cascade control on the cart improving the
response time by 10% without affecting transient response.
• Work was praised by the supervisor and documentation and version
control will allow someone to continue the project.

2007 Lab assistant 11th June – 27th July

Tetra Pak Carton Ambient, Lund, Sweden
• Improve current report database management system in Visual Basic
• Assist engineers by producing Matlab scripts for tensile tests analysis
• Conduct various tests such as leakage and durability of Tetra Pak
products and produce reports
• Automated report database input method resulting in tenfold decrease
in time taken to enter reports
• Solved existing problems with database and expanded functionality by
including new functions specified by the supervisor
• Matlab scripts provided instant analysis and presentation of
engineering properties of hundreds of product samples found using
tensile tests which the senior engineer commented positively on

2006 Lab assistant 12th June – 21th July

Tetra Pak Carton Ambient, Lund, Sweden
• Assist consultant engineers by testing their conveyor belt and study the
Mitsubishi alpha controllers and their compiler
• Conduct various tests such as leakage and durability of Tetra Pak
products and produce reports
• Hold presentations and create manuals explaining and simplifying use
of office equipment (Smart Board, printer)
• Rewrote the control scheme for the conveyor belt applying a buffer
system increasing efficiency by 50%. New system solved problems
with the previous scheme such as occasional leakage and it also
included new features requested by consultants
• Presentation increased usage of office’s Smart Board and printer
manuals were posted next to the printer
Computer Skills
• Experienced user of MS Office packages including Excel, Word and PowerPoint
• Engineering and modelling software: Matlab, Mathcad, Solidworks and Blender
• Compilers: MS Visual Studio, Dev-C++ and Mitsubishi Alpha Controller
• Excellent knowledge of C, C++, Java and Visual Basic
• Good knowledge of assembly, SQL and PHP

• Swedish, mother tongue
• Fluent English
• Conversational Serbo-Croatian

Interests and Responsibilities

Basketball Enjoy playing professional basketball in London Metropolitan League
div 1 as well as with Imperial College basketball team
Responsible for creating and following up on the annual budget as well
as carrying out payments for the Imperial College basketball club
International Hall • NC1W 1AS London
07783551206 • +46704525758