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For 18 yeors, chef Suson Spicer hos been serviir.g potrons of Boyono, her New
Orleons restouront, <rrnelrtr thot bomows flovors frorn for beyond the bor"r.nd,ories of
the French Quorter. Yet she still nr,okes this troditionol, Big Eosy recipe foirl.y
often-for custorners ond of hom.e. "It's not o reol foncy d.ish," Spieer soys, *but it
is stil.l sormething peopl.e oror.r,nd here wil,l rnoke for good, friends ond, fonril,y. I
recently got tmorried, ond. ofter not cooking of honr,e for rmost of m,y $O-yeor cq,reer,
I'm, now trying to find, wtrys to rnoke rmeols sirnply."

Servesrc Soakbeansovernightin 3 quartscolduJaterldrain.

2 poundsdried red beans
2 pounds bonelesspork shoulder,
cut into 1-inchchunks(or smoked
2 Heat a lO-quart,heavy-bottomedpot (cast-iron,if you'vegot it) until
a drop of uater sizles in it; addthe pork,Keepingthe burneron
ham-just saut6 for 5 minutes, medium-high, let the porkcook,stirringoccasionally,longenoughto
then proceedrrith the recipe) rendera good bit of the fat out, about30 minutes,
2 mediumonions,chopped
2 red bell peppers,chopped 3 Carefullydiscardmost of the renderedfat, then stir in onions,bell
peppers,celeryandgarlic,Cookfor about5 minutes,until
3 stalkscelery chopped
vegetablesstartto suteat,then addthe drainedred beans,bayleaf
1 heapingTbsp.mincedgarlic
thyme,andcolduaterto cover(about3quarts).Bringto a boil;
I bay leaf
reduceheatto a simmerandcookslouly,stirringoccasionally and
1 Tbsp. fresh thyme leaves,coarsely
addingmore uraterif necessary The beansshouldsimmer
chopped (or 1 tsp. dried)
3 Tbsp.chopped parsley
2 poundsandouillesausage,
cut in
half lengthrlise,then into %-inch 4 l-ljhenbeansaretender;add parsleyand andouille;seasonu,rithsalt,
blackpepper;cayennepepperland hot sauce,Cook until a thick gravy
slices(substituteruith hot or
forms,about 20 minutes.Tasteand adjustseasoning. Serveover
u..rarmrice,uith scallions
andhot sauceon the side,
salt, freshlyground black pepper,
cayennepepper,and hotsauce
3 cupscooked long-grain rice
I bunch scallions,thinly sliced,for
garnish,and hot sauce

# To drink.. .
"Abita Beer.The
Amber brerl has a nice
hoppyfl avorandstands
on its ourn-not too
For dessert...
"Haydel's Famous Chocolate
Doberge Cake is a traditional, Neur
Orleans-style, multilayered cake
that is delicious." (
"Crystol Hot Sor^lee light, nottoo dark. For

is o bit less vinegory such a flavorful dish,

beer uri th a sl i ght
th,on oth,er bronds. backbone is perfect."
At home,'\ re put it on
ever5rthing frorn, moetr,roni

rr8 u tNtE R aooa. o Fr HoHE "Adapted from CrescentCity Cooking(Knopf, 2007)