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Some battles in the Revolutionary War are very hard to tell what happened.

The Battle of
Kings Mountain is one. But even though it is not known to most people, it is one of the most
amazing battles in English history. Gunshots. Surrenders. Deaths. You will soon know the history
of those gunshots, surrenders, and deaths. The unbelievable story of Patriots and Loyalists
fighting for their freedom.
Even back then, every battle has to have a beginning. That’s why The Battle of King’s
Mountain began when the American Patriots found out the Loyalists were invading the
Carolinas. Outraged, the Patriots decided to fight them. The Americans gathered nine officers to
battle against the Loyalists: Colonel Shelby, Campbell, McDowell, Sevier, Williams, Lacey,
Cleveland, Hambright, and Winston joined. They each detested Major Ferguson, who they later
found out led the British/Loyalist force. The only bad thing was nobody had agreed to pay the
Militia, so they had nothing to motivate them except hatred.
When the militia found out Major Ferguson was at that point invading South Carolina,
their anger was so great that they were determined to rid the country of him forever. But the
militia kept their anger at hand and eventually began searching for more people. Currently, only
eight-hundred people had joined the force. A day before the battle, the Patriots got their wish.
They were joined by Colonel James Williams and four-hundred South Carolinians. Now, the
Patriot’s number was up to 1100. They were finally matched with the Loyalists. But, soon the
militia started to have trouble. Tory spies started to try to track the militia down. The Patriots
ended up pulling through.
At noon on October 7th of 1780, the Patriots had arrived on the battleground at Kings
Mountain, South Carolina. Nothing could stop them now. Since the Loyalists had not arrived
yet, the Patriots were divided into two divisions. The one on the right was led by Colonel
Campbell and the other by Colonel Shelby. Two hours later, the Loyalists had arrived, and the
battle started. “Uh oh” someone mumbled. Uh oh was right. The Tory militia was issued with
muskets and bayonets, while the Patriots only had their hunting weapons, in many cases small
bone rifled muskets..
Someone fired. Nobody knows who, but whoever did was an idiot. The general sweared.
That gunshot started a chain reaction of “booms”. Soon, bullets were whizzing by everyone’s
ears. The Patriots ran up to get closer. They’re battle cry was “Tarleton Quarter!” meaning no
prisoners. One thousand bullets flew from the Patriot force, and one thousand from the other.
Nothing could stop the aggressive battle now. “Aaaah!” Someone fell down with a scream.
The British were slowly backing up, to the back of Kings Mountain. But, soon, they were
met with a big surprise. They were surrounded. “No, stop! I surrender!” Ferguson shouted. But
the Patriots kept shooting. This was now a battle between the Americans, with Major Ferguson
being the only British present. The Patriots were winning! Some loyalists dropped their guns,
and said they were going to surrender. No militia member would stop shooting. Ferguson called
for backup from Cornwallis. “Come on, we’re losing! This is an important battle!” A last gun
fired, and then silence.

Nothing could change the past of us, the story of the Battle of Kings Mountain. Even
though the battle was all packed into 65 minutes, it was amazing! That’s one of the shortest
battles in American history! Since there were no bombs, machine guns, or rocket launchers, The
Battle of Kings Mountain was not very popular as a study of history. But now that has changed.
The true, yet unbelievable, story of Patriots and Loyalists fighting for freedom has been spread.
All in all, the battle was fought with courage, bravery, and effort. They only succeeded
because they persisted. They didn’t stop even when the others surrendered. They wanted to finish
it. I feel that this battle, even if it is only 65 min. long, was still a hard battle to fight. The patriots
won it because the team worked together and never gave up. I think I wouldn’t be able to go
through what the revolutionaries went through. Death. Sacrifice. Pain. It was worth it. It brought
joy and peace.