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You know I got to thinking as I typically do.....especially when we talk....

And I thought it might be helpful to run some scenarios to help in future planning....

You know...I love scenarios planning so I applied it to the economy....

I really did this for me last night....but thought I would share it with you guys...

I thought....I dont like to be in reaction I sat and mind mapped 4 scenarios
that might be likely to happen

4 scenarios.....these are over 9-12 months....if at least 50% of these start to happen I
would probably recognize the direction...

A) Super Great
B) Leaning to Good
C) Leaning to Bad
D) Super Bad

A) Super Great

1. Government cuts military budget 50%

2. Government invests $50 BB in zero point energy....electric cars, bullet trains,
hydrogen cars...
3. Gas $2 gallon
4. Gold at $2500 an ounce is important because Gold is
really value below what it is worth right now at $800...
5. Euro to US Dollar. at .70 basically where it is now....give or take
6. Inflation at 4%...3% is cost of living
7. Income Tax and sales tax are postponed. Money kept in peoples hands
8. Dow is at 10,000 .
9. Price of goods reduces...
10. Venezuela and US Sign trade agreement....
11. Pull out troops from Iraq and Afghan.
12. Close 50% of bases in Iraq....thats 7 we currently have 14 bases there
13. Closing of military bases worldwide....25%
14. Unemployment rate 4%

B) Leaning to Good

1. Gold $1200 ounce

2. No more bailouts....companies allowed to fail
3. Committee set up to investigate past presidential administrations
4. Date set to pull out full from Iraq and Afghan with no moving or shifting of
troops to other war zone
5. Trade talks with south American countries
6. Euro to US Dollar. at .60
7. Unemployment rate stays constant at 6.5% for 6 months...does not increase
8. Gas $2.50 gallon
9. Dow 8800
10. Amount of military troops does not increase remains or decreases
11. Inflation steady at 4% for 6 months
12. Decrease in government spending overall.....and elimination of duplicity of
offices to reduce deficit

C) Leaning to Bad

1. Unemployment rate stays constant at 7.5% increases
2. Houses that are defaulting is 1 out of 5....currently 1 out of 10 that is reported....
3. Draft type event like recruiting of 18 to 25 year olds for some mandatory
4. Military increase budget spending 20%
5. Hostage situation in middle east or conflict situation escalates
6. Euro to US Dollar. at ..50
7. Gold at $800 ounce
8. Dow 7200
9. More troops on streets of US in NFL cities like Los Angeles, Chicago
10. Gas $3.25
11. Troops called for any reason
12. Bailouts continue like auto industry
13. Cities are Bailed out like AIG and Fannie Mae
14. Comex defaults on Gold certificates
15. Inflation increases to 6% represents a 60% increase currently at 3.66
16. Unemployment at 8.5%
17. Outages of begin of public sanitation pickup every other week
rather than weekly...
18. Tent cities in every NFL Cities like Los Angeles, Chicago
19. Talks increase of war in Iran
20. Bank holiday called...all banks are access to money

D) Super Bad

1. Bailouts for States

2. Public Services stop
3. Euro to US Dollar. at ..20
4. Gold at $400 ounce price manipulation as US holds 15% gold reserve and
market manipulation of precious metals.
5. Dow 4900
6. Gas $6
7. Tax increases across the board 30% more....such as sales tax in California to
8. Unemployment at 10%
9. Soup lines
10. Riots in NFL Cities
11. War in Iran
12. Martial Law declared
13. Credit ceases.....lines of credit completely unavailable
14. Inflation increases to 15% represents currently at 3.66
15. Houses unable to pay mortgage 1 out of every 2
16. Food and water shortages
17. Rationing of gas
18. Riots in EU Major Cities normal Paris Madrid London
19. US Defaults on all loans from other China...

This is just my take....I would guess.....which this just is....if 50% or more of any of the
above mentioned scenarios might....just maybe worth looking at...and
planning accordingly...

Take care...hope this.helps...

I know you have a family....and we dont have a crystal ball....but we do have scenario