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The ocean is seen in wide shot A character will undertake an emotional

journey. In this case on where he will
seek redemption
Interior location of bedroom. We are Introduces the character of Derek and
confronted with a large flag of the 3rd informs the audience of his neo-nazi
Reich. A swastika prominently displayed ideology as these are common symbols of
on a young mans chest. Shaved head. the neo-nazi movement.
Derek grabs a gun and aggressively Signifies how deeply entrenched in the
attacks black youths who are ‘car jacking’ neo nazi movement Derek is. How
his car, murdering them. This powerful his hate for minority races is.
unnecessary force is symbolic of his hate.
When arrested he stands like Jesus on the Symbolic of Derek’s belief that his
cross. actions have made him a martyr for his
cause- hate and elimination of the black
race. This raises the question in the
narrative “how did Derek become so
involved in such a belief system, how
does one become so consumed with racial
hatred in modern day society.
Derek’s friendship with the black inmate Signifies a change in his ideological