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• Set book questions;

Unit (1)

1. Why do you learn English ??

a) to find good job.
b) to use the internet.
c) To communicate with foreng

2. English his used in many fields. mention some ??

a) education
b) commerce
c) tourism
d) computer industry

3. How can you learn about other cultures?

a) traveling
b) reading literature

4. Why does a business man need English?

a) to communicate with foreign companies
b) it’s a requirement for getting a good job

5.what are the for skills?

a) listening
c) speaking

6. How can you improve your listening skills?

a) watching English film
b) listening and reading short stories

7. How can you improve your speaking skills?

a) getting a pen friend
b) having a summer course
7. What does EFL school stand for?
a) It stands for as foreign language

8. What do stand do in the EFL summer school?

a) learn a lot of English
b) practice English in a real situation

9. What is EFL summer school?

a) its an accredited English language school for children and

10. What is a placement ?

a) it is a test that show your level before joining a course

11. What is a brochure?

a) it’s a small book let with detailed information

12. What must you do before joining the summer course?

a) fill in application form
b) sit for a placement test

13. what do summer courses encourage?

b) fun
c) critical thinking

14. What are the facilities in EFL school?

a) language lab
b) library
c) computer room

15. Why is a learning English important?

a) when we first visit the foreign country
b. when we lost the way to our hotel in foreg
unit (2) are book listed in the library?

They are listed according ;
a) little
b) other writer
c) general subject

3. How are can card cataloged?

a) according to a system classification

4. what does dewy system mean?

a) it means that we can look up words according
other classification

5. When you need to look up at the atlas?

a) when we want to get information about geography

6. What do dictionaries explain?

a) meaning and definitions of words
b) Pronunciation word uses, forms and function

6. How is a dictionary organized?

a) by alphabetical order

7. When do you used the dictionary?

When I cant figure out the meaning of the word form
the context

8. What is the internet?

a) a place to look information

9. What is a search engine?

a) a useful tool to look up information
10. What are the 4 steep to find theinformation on the
a) find a searching
b) key in the information
c) look at the search results
d) get more advanced is internet a valuable supplement for library?

a) Fixed time
b) the internet works 24 hours

11) when do you feel happy?? (Sources of happiness)

a) when I help other
b) when I succeed
c) when I have money

12) How was Nabuchad Nazzer a great builder?

Because he built the hanging garden

13, why did Nabuchad Nazzer built the hanging garden?

a) to please his wife

14. How are the hanging garden irrigated?

a) by water pumped from the Euphrates river

15.mention some of the 7 wonders?

a) Taj Mahal
b) pyramids
c) Hanging garden of Babylon

16.why did the ancient Egyptians build the pyramids?

a) the were built as tombs for the Egyptians pharaohs.