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Higher Blackley News Bulletin

Weekly Updates 16th April 2012 (10)

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Dear Residents, Officers from the Higher Blackley Policing Team have been out into the Community all week conducting quarterly confidence surveys. These surveys are very important to us. The results are published locally and they offer an insight into how the local Community perceive us and our efforts. The reception and feedback I personally got tonight was fantastic. Thank you so much for your kind comments and valued feedback. Any issues raised will be addressed. The surveys are sent away for analysis and the results will be published next quarter. The results for the surveys conducted last quarter have just been announced and I must say the results are outstanding. Local residents in the Higher Blackley area really seem to value our efforts. Local Police Community Support Officers, Angela Boughey and Graham Leck have organised three more Bob-in Bobby events. The previous events were a huge success. I have attached a leaflet which contains details of these events which include date, time and location. These events are an opportunity for you to come and have a chat and receive some valuable crime prevention advice. All last week, officers from our team have worked alongside the Off-Road Bikes Unit in an attempt to tackle motor-cycle nuisance in the area. Officers started off the week by attending several local addresses where information indicated the occupants of these addresses are riding these bikes illegally. They were told under no uncertain terms that they are being monitored and should they be tempted to use these bikes illegally, we would take robust action. Officers have some good legislation at their disposal. Should somebody be caught using a bike anti-socially, they would potentially be formally warned. This warning would be documented on our police systems. If this person was caught a second time using bikes anti-socially within a short period of time, we could seize and destroy the bike. Alternatively, the officer may even decide to arrest or summons the rider to court for these offences. The results so far speak for themselves. Three more bikes seized this week. Do you know who is using motor-cycles illegally in your area? Kind Regards Dave Fenton & Steve Etchells GMP NON EMERGENCY NUMBER 101 (872 5050) Crimestoppers (anonymous) 0800 555 111

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