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Chronicles of the Parallels: The Lightning Games Introduction Space, the final frontier, or so it has been called by scientists

and TV producers alike for years, but what if our space, our final frontier wasnt the only one. What if, in the ever continuous forward flow of time, there is another space. Not a different space, but an identical one, one parallel to ours. This is a parallel world. Now imagine that time is a river, ever flowing, ever moving from the past to the future. Now imagine this river has branches, splits, streamlets created by breaks in the surface of the river. The breaks could well be events, important and drastic, that at the time they were performed they affected enough of the world, enough of the future to create a drastically different future than if the event had never come to pass. If every event, every action, every cause has the two fundamental probabilities of done or not done, then every time a choice is made a parallel world is created in which the other probability occurred. If the choice is small without many consequences it becomes a bump in the stream of time, causing a momentary separation that is not large enough to stay separated and will recombine quickly. The larger the event or choice, the larger the bump is, and the greater the separation becomes. For a parallel world to be formed and to stay permanently formed instead of merging back after a time the event or choice has to be massive, affecting a large amount of the world very quickly. The moment or decision does not have to be large it just has to have large affects. For instance, when Hitler signed off on the Final Solution for the Jews that was created by his top ranking generals, if he had rejected that idea in favor of a less deadly solution such as exiling then the war may have even turned out differently. If he had merely displaced 6 million Jews instead of killing them history and the attitude of the world would be completely different toward him. This is an example of an event large enough to create a permanent split in the time stream. To continue, imagine if you will that travel between these splits in the time stream was possible creating the ability to physically leave your version of history and travel to another. Right next to our stream theoretically is one that is very similar, but just different enough to remain separate. The further you travel from our version the more likely you are to encounter braches of earlier splits. Right next to us for instance might be related to 9/11, whereas two or three streams over, we may encounter a stream dealing with What Ifs related to Hitler. The further away from your stream you get the older the split that created the branch. Now imagine that you find a stream out there where some freak chance created superheroes, or where Magic existed in its powerful non Satan twisted form. The possibilities are endless and the adventures infinite in this field of never ending split possibilities called time. Now for the Chronicles of the Parallels, a recap of someone who did just this, who saw things that shouldnt exist who fought things long dead, and attained a power long forgotten.

Chapter 1