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Antimony “Annie Carver

“Hello! I like your face!”

“You know my m... mother?”
“Mrs. Tolikna? You are just in time! My da... father said she is leaving tomorrow. She’s kind of old though.
She’s probably asleep right now.”
“Oooh, a doggie.”
“Is he sick?”
“Ahaha hehe!”
‘Noo! I want to help!”
“Passed on what?”
“What’s wrong?”
“Oh, that’s just Mathilda and Dhoo. They won’t hurt you. They just want to help. I want to help too.”
“I’m sorry! I don’t know what happened!”
“Come back! Wha?!”
“I don’t like it.”
“Uagh! Make it stop!”
What... what do I do? I’m supposed to help, but...
This stuff doesn’t come near me... but what is it? Something dangerous, and it moves, and covers
everything... and it grows... And that horrible noise! It’s like an alarm...
“It’s fire! You were playing with fire! And that noise is a fire alarm!”
“What do I do what do I do!”
“Something really bad. But you didn’t mean to. It was an accident.”
“I-I think they are with my friends.”
“It’s okay.”
“I’m sorry... I dropped a glass. And it broke.”
“It’s my fault. I should clean it up.”
“I’ll be just fine.”
My name is Antimony Carver. I would like to share with you the strange events that took place while I
attended school at... Gunnerkrigg Court.
Gunnerkrigg Court does not look much like a school at all. It closer resembles a large industrial complex
than a place of learning. Within the first week of my attendance, I began noticing a number of strange
occurrences. The most prevalent of these oddities being the fact that I seemed to have obtained a second
shadow. At times I would see this creature jump from shadow to shadow. Once in a while hiding in the dark
recesses of the Court. This made difficult my attempts to convey the situation to members of the faculty as
my uninvited guest seemed to shy away from attention. More often than not, however, this grim spectre
matched my every step. I decided to confront this being.
“Hello. Can you understand me?”
“What do you want from me?”
“You want to escape? Where are you trying to go?”
After further questioning, I was able to ascertain that my new friend, whom I had imaginatively titled
Shadow 2, was unable to exist anywhere without shade. It had pointed to Gillitie Wood, which lay across a
bridge that spanned the Annan Waters. I assumed this was its home. Shadow 2 had been struck here for
quite some time. Unfortunately, the bridge is lined with powerful lights that eliminate any shadow and was
also of considerable length. Shadow 2 was scarcely able to venture outside without me providing cover
under foot. And the Annan Waters at the bottom of the ravine posed an impassable obstacle on his own.
Though he could not say why. As I was forbidden from setting foot off school grounds, I could not walk
Shadow 2 to Gillitie Wood myself. There was only one sensible resolution to this problem.
“I must construct a robotic walking device which will provide you with transit across the bridge.”
It soon became clear that I hadn’t the first idea how to build a robot. So I had to prepare for arduous study
in the field of robotics. As well as devise a way of collecting and working raw materials into useable parts
with which to create my little time man. The library seemed like a good place to start.
Or not.
Luck was with me. Snatching a nearby box of spare parts, I hastened back to the study hall. I appeared to
have everything I needed to complete my task. Luckily, piecing together the contraption was relatively easy.
And before long, it was complete. However, I was yet to know if it could accomplish what I had in mind.
“Hello, Robot.”
“You’re welcome. I’m sorry I couldn’t find your other arm.”
Together, the three of us returned to the bridge.
“Shadow 2, you must stay inside a moment. It’s still light outside. Robot, I need you to do something for me.
I need you to walk across this bridge and take my friend home.”
“It is a long way. What if you fall down?”
“Indeed. Tonight then. Before evening classes, you will make your journey.”
Once darkness fell, Shadow 2, Robot and I got ready at the foot of the bridge.
“That’s right.”
“...Only if you want to.”
“Okay Shadow 2, you can finally go home. I hope your journey finds you well.”
“Goodbye Robot. Goodbye Shadow 2.”
“Sorry sir. I got lost.”
“Very well Miss, thank you.”
It was true. As I had been preoccupied with the events that transpired those two weeks, I hadn’t had the time
to get to know my fellow classmates. There was, however, one girl...
“Hello. Katerina, is it?”
“I was just going back to the study hall.”
“Yes. Yes I should. Okay.”
Later that day
“I’d like that.”
“I was thinking of covering the Minotaur. The ancient Greek beast who was part man and part bull. Borne to
Pasiphae, Queen to Minos, the Cretan King.”
“Is this all there is? I expected there to be more books.”
“Then let’s look. I prefer older books.”
“There is a whole section devoted to Greek mythology, it seems.”
“Here we are.”
“It certainly is.”
“Yes, for a Cretan labyrinth, just like the one on Knossos, where the Minotaur lived.”
“That’s right. A man named Theseus went into the labyrinth on Knossos to slay the Minotaur, and used a
thread to find his way back out. But he didn’t really need one, since there is only one path to take.”
“No, but my mother was. She was bedridden after I was born, and we couldn’t bear to be apart. So I lived
with her and she taught me all she could. My father was a surgeon there. She passed on a month ago. It was
her wish that I continue my education here.”
“...So, um... tell me about your parents.”
“Really? How fortunate for you. She seems very nice.”
“Hello, sir. My name is Antimony.”
“It would appear that we have just completed our homework.”
“So we introduce to you, the dreaded Minotaur of Crete.”
“The story of you and Theseus is quite well known. Can you tell us about it?”
“This shows how a myth can be borne of the constant re-telling and misinterpretation of a simple story.”
“I would recommend a round of applause.”
“I hope all our homework is this interesting.”
Games lesson
“I understand, Mr. Eglamore. I’m sorry.”
“Thank you, sir.”
“He comes across as quite the gentleman.”
“It’s a necklace my mother gave me.”
“Sleep well.”
Later that night...
“I can’t get down.”
“What a strange noise...”
“I’m sorry sir, you have me confused with someone else. My name is Antimony.”
“Are you in pain?”
“Who is he?”
“I will. But can I ask who you know by the name Surma?”
“This is... just a toy.”
“Oh... something must have... have hit my head when... when... the... uhh...”
The next morning
“Oh! What happened to the creature on the roof?!”
At the time I was annoyed at myself for having fainted when I’d promised Reynardine I would stay. But,
moreover, I could not stop thinking about something he’d said... ‘Surma.’ At first I tried to shake it off as
mere coincidence. My mother could not be the only person with this name.
‘You look so much like her.’
Before long, however, I realised my mind had already been made up.
“I must find him.”
The only thing I was sure about Gunnerkrigg Court at this point was the vastness of its size. Judging by the
state Reynardine was in, I deduced his prison was somewhere on school grounds. He could not have made it
far, wounded as he was. A childhood spent exploring a hospital made light work of certain obstacles in my
path. However... it was not quite the same.
As easy as it was finding my way around some of the restricted areas of the school, I hadn’t the first clue
where I was going. Thankfully, one of life’s little gifts presented itself to me.
As the train sped silently along the tracks, I was struck by how deserted the Court seemed. I realised for the
first time that I’d barely seen anyone other than the people in my class.
“Mr. Eglamore!”
“Reynardine, I want to help you... and I need to ask you something.”
“W...what happened?”
“So the creature was not who he claimed to be?”
“What happened to Reynardine?”
“Then... you saved my life.”
“Your arm...”
I never got a chance to ask about my mother. Perhaps it was only a coincidence anyway...
“I should get back. Kat will be waiting.”
“Hmm? How odd. There should be a door here.”
“Can I help you?”
“I’m sorry. I can’t say that I am.”
“Well, while I can appreciate your classic look, I don’t think anyone has been scared of the ‘bedsheet
phantasm’ ensemble for a long time.”
“And you came on a little strong. Actually saying ‘wooo’ didn’t help.”
“But... um, you made the door disappear. That was quite clever.”
“Sometimes subtlety works better than trying to get a cheap scare. You don’t need to be so obvious right
“I suppose so. Try and know your audience too. Find out what scares them and take it from there.”
“Well, here’s something you could try next time...”
“Well done, Mort.”
“Nobody likes clowns.”
“Well done, Kat. I had no idea you were no technically minded.”
“Well, at least you fared better than my proposal.”
“I’d like that very much.”
“Is there a problem here?”
“You have an entry in the competition?”
“<That was not very nice.>”
“It would appear that quiet girl is Polish.”
“A little.”
“You have a lovely nose.”
“If you’ll excuse me.”
There are so many people...
“You certainly are confident.”
“This is... an abomination.”
The next morning, tragedy struck. Several of the experiments had been ruined overnight. This continued
each night until only Kat’s and Zimmy’s entries were left.
“I don’t know... Confidence isn’t a crime, no matter how she may come across. There is no proof.”
Later that night, Kat’s motion alarm did indeed go off. We snuck out to the function hall as soon as we
“ stole from me? You are a thief!”
“Reynardine? Mr. Eglamore said you were dead!”
“You tried to kill me!”
“This doesn’t explain why you sabotaged the science fair entries.”
“And yet you didn’t touch Zimmy’s entry?”
“Zimmy, I’m sorry I accused you of...”
Despite Reynardine’s efforts to hinder the competition, the entries were judged fairly and Kat emerged the
winner. Being from a different house, I didn’t know how I would come into contact with Zimmy and Gamma
again, but I was certain I’d not seen the last of them. In the meantime, however, I had a more pressing
“Very well. In that case, you will turn back into a toy and remain in this box while I figure out what to do
with you.”
“No. Reynardine is... exasperating, to say the least. I’m sure he knows something about my mother.”
“You certainly like him, don’t you?”
“I’m not sure. I don’t know what to make of any of this.”
“Where are we going, by the way?”
“How... how is this possible? Are we outside?”
“Shouldn’t those be washed before you eat them?”
“These are very good!”
“My turn then!”
“I’ll save you, little girl!”
“My legs are asleep!”
“We’re done for!”
“Yes! You caught us red-handed!”
“Hahaha! Haha! Hu... Huh...”
“I miss my mummy...”
“Oh! I miss her so much!”
“I couldn’t do anything for her. I could only watch as she... she...”
“I tried not to cry...”
“You’re a good friend, Kat. You’re the only person I have left in the world.”
“I don’t know where he is. The day after Reynardine broke the ceiling in our dorm, I tried to call him at my
hospital. To tell him I’d been hurt. They said he didn’t work there anymore, and they didn’t know how to
contact him. He left and didn’t tell me.”
“He must have his reasons.”
“Perhaps I did something to displease him... or he wants nothing more to do with me.”
“Thank you.”
“Yes. It hurts a lot.”
“Very well, you can stay out of your box for today. But you are not to leave my bunk, or cause trouble, do
you understand?”
“Yes well, we’ll see Reynardine the Great after class. Have fun.”
That morning
“Thank you for inviting me into your home, Mr. And Mrs. Donlan.”
“Oh! I... uh...”
“You knew my parents?”
“That’s right.”
“I understand.”
“It’s okay, Kat.”
“If you don’t mind; I also have something I think you should see.”
“Reynardine, show yourself.”
“Stop! He is no threat.”
“Reynardine, tell them.”
“I will not. I saw how you kept him in that cell. Criminal or not, I won’t allow him to be subjected to that
“Mr. and Mrs. Donlan, I appreciate your help regarding my father. Thank you. Reynardine. Bag.”
“Kat, I’m sorry I caused such a scene this morning. You must apologise to your parents for me.”
“And thank you, again, Kat. You’ve helped me so much.”
“Reynardine! You will hold your tongue until I allow you to speak.”
Could he have come back?
“Let’s go and take a look.”
“It must be Robot. He may need my help.”
“Well, there’s no going back now. Kat, it would be best if you went back. I don’t want you getting into
“And Shadow 2? What are you both doing here?”
Something is wrong. I shouldn’t be here. Reynardine is tugging at my jumper. And... Mr. Eglamore is running
this way. He looks mad. No... he looks... desperate. Something is wrong.
“Robot, you have a new arm?”
“Reynardine! You are being very rude! These are friends of mine.”
Well... now I know how the glass felt.
“Thank you for your help. If it’s not too much trouble, perhaps the other shore would be a better...”
My eyes soon became accustomed to the darkness. Though there was not much to see. In the distance there
was a light, shining dimly from the opposite shore. Despite the river being far too large to cross on my own,
I decided to investigate further. But then... I found something. This strange bird must have been fatally
wounded during my fall. It was such a shame. But, something about it didn’t seem quite right.
“Please excuse me.”
“Well, mechanical or not, you and your friends saved my life. Thank you.”
“So, you’ve come to see if I fell to my death, have you?”
“Well, go away. You did something to poor Robot, and I won’t allow you do to the same to me.”
“As well he should be. It’s because of him that I am down here.”
“So it wasn’t you up there? I’m glad.”
“It’s good to see you again.”
“I wasn’t aware that he could talk.”
“Do you need something?”
“This one?”
“I will do nothing of the sort! Why would you want to die in such a way?”
“Well if you are so eager to take your lives, you can do it yourselves.”
“Oh, hello, Muut. Are you here for the bird?”
“I’m just fine.”
“I don’t recall asking for help from you or the others.”
“I do.”
“I will thank him myself when I return. But before you go. The light on the opposite shore. Does it belong to
any of you?”
“Excuse me?”
“Now that you mention it, I hadn’t realised how cold it was. How will this help?”
“It’s just like a real fire... What a thoughtful gift.”
“Tell me about this test you mentioned.”
“No. What’s wrong with your current bodies?”
“Gunner’s Crag? Do you mean Gunnerkrigg Court?”
“That’s where I come from.”
“Are you saying that some of the students at my school used to be fairies like you?”
“Well, perhaps not exactly the same, but I suppose so.”
“Yes. Yes it is. I hope I can go back soon.”
“Hello Miss... Are you from the other shore? How did you cross the...”
“How did you get down here?!”
“You don’t need to apologise, Kat...”
“I... I think so, yes.”
“Give me a moment.”
“I have to go now. Thank you for keeping me company.”
“Take care of yourselves. Um... or don’t... whichever you prefer.”
“Shadow 2, I may be able to take you back with me if you hide. Do you want to come?”
“Very well. I can take you with me in my shoe.”
“I’m ready now.”
“I’m sorry, Kat. Is everyone mad at me?”
“Got it.”
“...This isn’t just a school, is it?”
“I think we should try and find out what it is.”
“Hello, Mort.”
“Yes. Thanks to my friend, Kat, here.”
“I came by to thank you for this. It was a very thoughtful gift.”
One concise exposition later
“Muut was also under the impression that she wouldn’t be able to cross, yet there she was.”
“I met him while I was still living with my mother in Good Hope. For as long as I could remember, I would
see creatures walking the halls, hidden from the hospital staff. My mother saw them too, and told me not to
be scared. She said they were performing an important duty. Though she didn’t explain what that duty was.
One night I snuck out to meet them. Muut was the first I ever met. Through him I met many others. They let
me accompany them on their visits to patients in the hospital. We would sit and talk for hours, while time
stood still. I learned about their lives, their homes, their languages. It was a game to me. And for the longest
time I never understood why these people were gone the next day.”
“Yes. I’m not sure why I could.”
“Oh come on now, Mort. I know what you meant.”
“Speaking of the school, what happened after I... fell?”
“And you did.”
“Our free period is almost over. I have to go see Mr. Eglamore once classes are over for the day. Thank you
again, Mort.”
At the end of the day
“You wanted to see me, sir?”
“Well I’m sorry I’m not as clever as my mother. I don’t think your advice is very appropriate.”
“You aren’t going to take him away from me?”
“...I won’t. There was... a robot on the bridge. What happened to it?”
“I... no... I don’t. What was wrong with it? Its arm...”
“I’m sure I’m forgetting something.”
“I just can’t remember what...”
“Oh. Now I remember. Reynardine, you may speak now.”
“I must admit I question the educational value of Dr. Disaster’s classes.”
“How does all this work, Kat? Is it like that room with the cherry tree?”
“Isn’t there always a death ray?”
“Those are the terrible Enigmarons? They don’t even have arms.”
“You can join them if you wish. I’m sure I’ll catch up eventually.”
“I just find it all... a little silly.”
“I suppose you are right, Kat. I’m sorry I... Kat?”
“Well... Kat said I should try and have fun.”
“I know I shouldn’t, but... I can’t help but wonder how creatures without arms could make such a device.
And tie up my friends.”
“Oh well, here I go.”
“Do I have to?”
“Um... I hope you like your... smashed... death ray!”
“It would appear that witty phrases are not my forte.”
“Yes, I did.”
“I suppose some things are better learned away from a text book.”
“Hello again, Zimmy, Gamma.”
“Is everything alright?”
“She’s a good person. You might realise it if you weren’t so hostile towards her.”
“Why is she so tired? Gamma, I mean?”
“You don’t sleep?”
“What kind of ‘stuff’ happens to you?”
“Like what?”
“Zimmy? Zimmy?”
“<How do you feel?>”
“<Why did she do that?>”
“<Well, I’m not sure I understand but... she’s welcome.>”
“Kat, I think I would like to see some of these ‘videogames’ you talk about.”
“Oh, it’s some kind of car game?”
“Oops! Your car blew up! Will you have to buy a new one?”
That night
“I, um... would like to enter, please.”
“Kat, that’s wonderful! He even sounds like you!”
“Yes! On my way over I saw... ROBOTS!”
“Yes, but these were proper robots. They looked just like... Robot. Remember, from the bridge?”
“I wanted to ask them about him, but they ran away when they saw me.”
“There was no handle on the door through which they escaped. Then, suddenly... another robot appeared!”
“He wouldn’t let me in.”
“He wasn’t my robot, Kat. He was his own person. And because of me...”
“I should at least find out what happened to him. He was...”
“Besides, if we can get in and out quickly, no one need ever know. What do you say?”
“Yes, I was... wondering about that.”
“Oh, I think I can put together a clever disguise. And bring some help.”
A short while later
“Don’t think I’ve forgotten about my lockpicks, Reynardine. It’s about time you did something useful.
“Here we are.”
“Hello. I would like to enter, please.”
“These are my antennas, because clearly I am a robot.”
“Also robots never lie.”
“We’re looking for a particular robot. A... fellow robot. Because we are also robots.”
“Hello, sir. We are looking for someone.”
“His name is Robot!”
“Um... number 13?”
“Yes, that’s right.”
“That sounds like him. Can I see him?”
“What is this?”
“Oh no... Poor Robot.”
“What is a CPU?”
“So he is still alive?! Where is this research?”
“This could take some time. It might be better if we ran.”
A disappointingly short time later
“*Huff... Huff... Huff...*”
“Don’t be so cocky. You don’t have any lungs.”
“Well now...”
“And may I...”
“This must be a directory of CPUs being studied. There are a lot of names.”
“Here it is... S13. And this is the date he was brought here.”
“Okay, Reynardine, can you try to use my lockpicks to open...”
“Oh. Well, there you are then.”
“Oh, I do so dislike alarms.”
“Thank you for your help, Sir!”
“Open the door, please, mister door robot!”
“Thank you!”
Back at the lab
“No, Robot, I’m fine. And so are you. In a manner of speaking... Your body was made into paperclips.”
“Robot, can you tell us what happened in the forest?”
“Don’t worry, Robot, it’s all over now.”
“A while back, yes, when I first came here.”
“What is it?”
“Princess Kat?”
“Your cousin, Reynardine?”
“Typical. Just as he was about to say something interesting.”
“Well, now that we have you back, Robot, we should do something about your body.”
“Robot, I’m sorry I caused you all this trouble. I should have told you to come back after you crossed the
“You’ve been very helpful today, Reynardine.”
“Can you assume any other forms?”
“Get back in your box.”
“What did you get for number four?”
10 minutes later
“You seem rather taken with him.”
“Just nice, Kat?”
“I have no idea what you just said.”
“Mr. Eglamore.”
“Pardon me. Alistair.”
“He’s very light. That must be how he can jump so...”
“I-I was only curious...”
“Kat? Kat, are you okay?”
“W-wuh... what are you...”
“I understand. I can help if you like.”
“Okay. Just close your eyes.”
“You can look now. Much better, yes?”
“That’s right. And even I can see Alistair likes you as you are. I don’t think you need to change yourself to
make him like you more. Besides, you don’t need makeup. You’re far too beautiful for that.”
“I-I’m sorry about yesterday, Kat. I wasn’t thinking.”
“There’s the bell. We’ll be late for registration.”
After registration
“Alistair, I apologise for yesterday. I’ll try to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”
“Well then! If you’ll excuse me. I have to... find... a... book.”
“Kat, I’m very sorry.”
“Okay, this has gone on long enough.”
“You will see Alistair before he leaves.”
“I have an idea.”
And she never saw him again.
“Kat... you don’t have to hide your tears.”
“Kat, that’s an ornithological journal.”
Two interesting things happened on this day. The first was the end of the school year. And the second was
when a god emerged from Gillitie Wood. We’ll come to the latter in a moment.
“Thank you. But I’m sure my father will try to contact me now the term has finished. I should be here when
he does.”
“Um, okay.”
“No... I can only use the stone to make fire.”
“What’s all this about?”
“Oh! I didn’t even see you retrieve it.”
“Year 7, Queslett.”
“Antimony Carver.”
“How do you know my mother’s name?”
“Surma was my mother.”
“Are you really the Coyote?”
“I heard a story once where you saw how people were created. And you tried to make some of your own
“And your creations had glass eyes because of it.”
“Excuse me, Coyote. Are the shadow people of the Forest your glass eyed men?”
“That must be why Muut was there that night.”
“Um... actually, sir, that’s mine.”
“My first name is Antimony. And that is a girl’s jumper. Much too small for a grown man.”
“I do not. Those birds saved me as I was the one who fell from the bridge.”
“Bad dog!”
“You will forgive me if I don’t immediately believe the word of the Trickster. At the very least I think I
would have to wear trousers.”
“Yes, sir.”
“...On occasion.”
“In fact, the headmaster said I should meet with Parley and Andrew next year and maybe join them in some
“I’ll be fine. It’s only until my father contacts me. Until then I’ll have Reynardine for company.”
“We’ll see.”
“We’ll be back before we know it.”
“Yes. Just now.”
“In your own time.”
“Be quiet, Reynardine.”
Thus ended my first year at Gunnerkirgg Court. And so did I wait for word from my father. Unaware that I
would not hear from him for over two years.
Throughout the Summer I realised the similarities between Gunnerkrigg Court and Good Hope, the hospital
where I used to live.
“She’ll be here soon!”
“Me neither!”
Sometimes, in the winding, never ending corridors... I could imagine I was at home. A while into the holiday
I was moved to the new dorms. They were situated much farther into the Court and I moved in before
anyone else but even then it did not take me long to feel settled. There was, however, one good thing I never
had in Good Hope.
“N-nothing, why?”
A true friend.
“Oh, Kat, it’s wonderful!”
“It’s a masquerade ball mask.”
“I bet yours has feathers.”
“Here is something for you.”
“Well... about six weeks.”
“I know.”
“At least I wasn’t completely alone.”
“He and Robot are best friends now.”
“Oh, he’s in the naughty zone right now. He’s not allowed to speak. Isn’t that right, Reynardine?”
“You just bought yourself another hour, mister!”
The day before year 8 began, the rest of the students arrived. There was an assembly to welcome us to the
start of a new year.
“That residential sounds interesting.”
“Oh! You’re that fairy from the river!”
“Stop that! Why are you doing that?!”
“Isn’t your friend with you? The, um... blue one?”
“I’m sure your hair isn’t the only reason she’s avoiding you. Perhaps if you calmed down a little...”
“Well, you can always get your hair cut. But I don’t think that...”
“Cut. If it is shorter you can make it stick up... I suppose.”
“You can come with us if you like.”
“These trains are so nice and quiet.”
“So, how have you... been?”
“You mean rooms?”
“Are there a lot of students who used to be fairies?”
“What about the boys?”
“So when did you um... pass your test?”
“Ysengrin was down there?”
“That’s right. Are you sure he saw it?”
“Thank you that is all I need to know!”
“So this means Ysengrin was lying.”
“Do you know much about him?”
“Thank you my dear.”
Very soon
“Very nice, Kat.”
Soon, after what I’m sure would have been a very amusing haircut montage
“Thank you. You as well. Listen, I’m here about your friend...”
“She just wants to talk. Please give her a chance. I can tell she misses you terribly.”
“Look, you can’t expect her to be your friend again just ‘cos you changed your hair.”
“No! You have to be nice to her! Annie and I are friends because we respect each other and enjoy each
other’s company.”
“You don’t even know her name?!”
“...Hello again, Ketrak.”
“There was no need to stop and see me. I’m sure you are immensely busy as always.”
“Kat, do you remember I told you about psychopomps?”
“Yes. Ketrak, the insect guide had payed me a visit. You see, a fly was just killed by a spider in this tree.”
“Do you want to?”
“Yes, I also think it might be best if you left. Goodbye, Ketrak.”
“He’s gone now.”
“Yes, well.”
“They stop by now and then. Usually it’s Ketrak. Since something has to die nearby.”
“I suppose I’m used to their presence. Ever since meeting Muut that first time in Good Hope.”
“No, not at first. I just assumed we were visiting friends.”
“Steady on there, girl!”
“Not always. One night, shortly after meeting Muut...”
“Yes. All because he made a mistake”
“I remember something Dhoo told me after he brought me back to my mother.”
“I’m not sure. Consolation, perhaps? Implying there is another realm of existence? Maybe it was a reference
to this aether he mentioned.”
“If that’s the case then she might not even know why she is down there.”
“I should have tried to help her... Instead I was a fool and became scared when I thought she had cut me. I
should have faced my fear, as I did with Martin...”
“It was something I have always kept in mind...”
“Yes, I’m just going over my answers.”
“That was Miss Jones, from the meeting with Coyote.”
“Perhaps. Now, don’t get too bored without me.”
“Miss Jones.”
“Yes... Lessons in mediation sound interesting.”
“Is this what you teach? How to be a medium?”
“He asked me to visit him in the Forest.”
“He also said I shouldn’t trust anyone in the Court.”
“Are you going to tell me not to believe his lies?”
“I had no idea she worked here. She never mentioned it.”
“Are... are you trying to make me angry?”
“They teach swordsmanship to the students?”
“I’ve noticed at odd duality while I’ve been at the Court. In the subjects taught, the students, and... things...
that happen.”
“In many places. My friend Kat says it’s the alchemical symbol for bismuth.”
“Etheric design?”
“But if the Court has been without a medium since my mother left, why are there now suddenly three
“That seems... highly coincidental.”
“Miss Jones, I notice you never refer to yourself when talking about the Court.”
“Uh... you never say ‘we’ or ‘us’ or ‘them’ when talking about either side. Almost as if you ally yourself
with neither party.”
“Because she is a woman?”
“Yes, thank you.”
“Grabbing a sword by the blade isn’t a valid move, is it?”
“I’m sure the blade glanced her face...”
“And that makes us better suited to mediation than other students?”
“What is it you do, Parley?”
“Your first name is George?”
“Um... the headmaster...”
“Well... the headmaster was acting very rudely. He didn’t seem to care at all about the meeting.”
“I... I’m not really sure.”
“Yes. He is a friend of mine. His name is Mort. Mort, this is Andrew Smith.”
“And this is... um, Parley.”
“Kat and I will stop by soon, Mort.”
“But I already knew Mort. I don’t think it counts.”
“W-when will I be ready?”
“You shouldn’t eavesdrop, Mort.”
“Uncle Jimmy?”
“Has he... has he ever mentioned a woman?”
“I think there might be something going on between him and Miss Jones.”
“You might have some trouble there, dearest, you see, I also think Jones is a robot.”
“We have seen stranger. Remember that cursed teapot?”
“You’re thinking about making one, aren’t you?”
“The human body is essentially a biological machine. It relies on contractile tissue for movement.”
“So their point of locomotion is in their joints? That’s not quite how muscles work.”
“Are you okay, Kat?”
“Perhaps you might scare them away for us.”
“Oh, I sincerely doubt it.”
“Why thank you, Reynardine. And I didn’t even have to issue you a command.”
“Did you find the place okay?”
“Just like the rest of the Court, then.”
“Not many people would get excited by a large, empty room.”
“Perhaps Reynardine...”
“Could pick the lock properly.”
“Tension wrench, rake, then diamond, just as I showed you.
“Hmm, an ominous passage that leads into an inky blackness, sealed behind a lock and chain.”
“We must see where it leads!”
“Perhaps we can use this...”
“Thank you, Shadow 2.”
“This room must be very large. I can’t see the walls or the ceiling.”
“Ah yes, a flood light.”
“If you stay here with Reynardine and Robot, Shadow 2 and I will nip back and plug them in. Won’t be
“Kat are you okay what happened?!”
“Maybe we can put a blanket over it.”
“Oh! Here is one that looks a little like Robot before his body was smashed.”
“What does the S stand for?”
“Perhaps they work through means you are unfamiliar with? You should try Robot’s CPU in one of them.”
“Actually, all I did was put his limbs and head onto his body and switch him on. I don’t have the first idea
how to make a robot.”
“What if you tried his original design?”
“Kat, I think something’s wrong with him!”
“Robot? Robot, who is Jeanne?”
“What is that things?!”
“Noticed what?”
“He’s going into that hole! Let’s follow him.”
“There’s a light up ahead...”
“It’s her. Jeanne is the ghost by the Annan Waters.”
“Her features have withered over time, but it’s definitely her.”
“I didn’t take you for an expert on the human condition, Reynardine. We know nothing of this Diego.”
“What else can you tell us?”
“You called him a coward.”
“I’m not sure. If she died in a simple accident, why is she still down there?”
“But those fairies...”
“Thank you for your help, Kat. We couldn’t do any of this without you. Now we know Jeanne’s name.”
“I am very disappointed in you, Boxbot.”
“Kat... let me go with you...”
“There’s no need to worry, Kat. You and I have snuck out before.”
“You see boys almost every day in class.”
“We don’t have to go if you don’t want to.”
“Reynardine tried to insist on being a chaperone when he heard some of the boys would be there.”
“A big old softie that tried to kill me, yes.”
“It is. We came to look at the power station.”
“No no, it’s okay, Zimmy, nobody’s going to try anything.”
“<Hello, Gamma.> Why are you here, Zimmy?”
“Gamma doesn’t speak English.”
“<No, why you think that?>”
“Zimmy?! What happened?”
“Where are they?”
“Okay, but first we find Kat.”
“First we find Kat.”
“Dong what?”
“Who are all these people?”
“Do you see these people around all the time?”
“But these... things don’t have faces.”
“How interesting.”
“You have a strange gift, Zimmy. Have you thought about controlling it?”
“You care about her a lot, don’t you?”
“Then we leave. Where do we find Gamma?”
“I thought the rain would have helped you, like it did before.”
“J-just me?”
“No, Kat! Don—”
“Yes. More questions as to what this place really is. And I think I might know someone who would be
willing to give some answers.”
“I’m just saying you’re beginning to get a little grubby.”
“You know my mother made that wolf toy for me. You should take better care of it.”
“Okay, how do I look?”
“Because today I am going to visit Coyote in Gillitie Forest.”
“Is there a problem?”
“Then I’ll see you both when I get back. Remember to do whatever Kat tells you.”
“Yes. I don’t think that will be necessary.”
“Is the Forest really so dangerous?”
“Excuse m—”
“Not... not really. I just wanted to pay him a visit.”
“Ah... right.”
“No, she sent the signal up for me.”
“Do you really need all those swords?”
“For a dragon slayer?”
“I don’t think there will be trouble.”
“Thank you.”
“Hello, Mr. Ysengrin.”
“That’s fine. I doubt I will be very long.”
“You. You will take me to Coyote now.”
“Thank you, Coyote, that was very nice.”
“I’m sorry. She told me stories about you, but I did not know you were friends.”
“She told me how you placed the stars in the sky.”
“She also said you were fond of juggling your eyeballs.”
“I hope so too.”
“Coyote, how did you come to be in this forest? Are you not far from home?”
“You made the Annan Waters and the ravine?”
“Of course.”
“W-was that real?”
“You divided the Court and the Forest... but now there is a bridge across the Annan Waters.”
“Is this the test I’ve heard about?”
“Have humans lived here before, then?”
“Why were you looking for Renard in the first place? Why bring him here?”
“But why is Reynardine being held at the Court?”

Seraph “Robot” 13
“Why hello there! Thank you for putting me back together!”
“Not to worry! You did a good job!”
“Sure thing! I’m good at walking!”
“Hmmm... Well, you never know unless you try!”
“So I just walk straight?”
“Do I have to come back?”
“Well, let’s be off!”
“Bye, Mommy!”
“I’m good at walking.”
“Such a nice evening!”
“Never fear, little guy. I have this under control.”
“Oh look! A birdie!”
“Nice birdie!”
“Here you go, little buddy!”
“Hmmm, I should look for a new arm!”
“Hello Antimony Carver!”
“Oh yes! The very nice man gave it to me!”
“Oh! So this is Reynardine? Well now, this makes things much easier!”
“—oor Mommy! How terrible I am! She fell of the bridge! What did I do?!”
“Am... am I in heaven?! I see an angel before me!”
“Mommy?! You’re okay! Oh thank goodness! Unless... unless... you are in heaven too! Oh woe is me!”
“Oh! Well, it’s good to be useful!”
“Yes! I remember. I crossed the bridge and the shadow man joined his family. I went looking for a new arm,
but the forest was so big! I didn’t have much luck. Then one day a man came. He told me he knew where to
get a new arm. He put a tiny seed in my body and the next thing I knew... I had an arm of wood! It felt like
an instant, but my internal chronometer said several months had passed. And then, horror of horrors! A
shadow man took control of my body! I don’t know how, but he had control of my actuators... and made me
walk to the bridge... and I saw you... and the edge... and... and now here I am.”
“Thank you very much!”
“Don’t apologise. You see, you gave me something I’d never had before. You gave me a choice.”
“Mu... Annie! Kat!”
“Yes! Shadow 2 is already inside. There is nobody around for quite a way. The place is fairly deserted.”
“Ah! Thank you so much!”
“Ah! Oh... well...”
“Seraph, as I recall.”
“She died and we did nothing.”
“You will pay for what you did to her. But you will never be forgiven.”
“She died and we did nothing.”
“I... that monster out there. I had such hatred for it I could not... Ah... what a beautiful lady.”
“Nobody. The Court robots have always maintained themselves.”
“Thank you!”

Generic Teachery Person #1

“Miss Carver. What are you doing out here?”
“Yes, well. Come along now. Evening classes are about to begin.”

“Like most schools in the United Kingdom, the students at Gunnerkrigg Court are divided into four houses.
Each year of every house has a North and a South class. This means there are eight classes in each year.
Antimony is in the first year of Queslett North, so her class number is 7QN.”
“Each student in year 7 sleeps in their own individual bunk. These are fully equipped with a bed, wardrobe,
drawer space and communications terminal. Each house has a male and female dorm which hold the 30
students from the North and South classes. The bunks are stacked on top of eachother. As Antimony started
the school year late, the only available bunk was number 30, which is at the very top of the Queslett girls’
dorm. Each year the accommodation changes.”
Regional fairies are closely related to common garden fairies. They live in many different areas in groups
called regions. Their region can be determined by adding up the dots on both arms. At school they learn
how to make wings and other skills that help the area in which they live. Here, Ogee is making metal rusty.
They are born under logs, in empty crisp packets, discarded shoes and many other places. They come of age
when they are able to make their own clothes. Fairies? Faeries? Phayrighies? It doesn’t matter; they all
mean the same thing.
There are many different types of sword.
“A sword is a tool designed to inflict pain or death on a fellow human! Often spiritualised and glorified, they
also serve as a physical metaphor for humanity’s eternal, savage thirst for destruction!”

Anja Donlan
“Ah, I think I never get it! Just to get one of those robots to move. I wish I could see it!”
“Is strange. Such similar designs to certain Court robots, but the technology is very different. What do you
“Oh now! You and me are smart on different things! And when we work together, we are unstoppable!”
“Is so sad. All those figures standing there. Is like they waiting for something.”
“And you are waiting too. You miss him.”
“He does it for you, you know.”
“Hahaha! Those boys, always so close! I think you be right!”
“Ah, Katja! Is nothing, just a little sniffle. I might be getting a cold. Anyway, I have some news! A new girl
will be joining our class on Monday. I think you should get to know her. You can become friends.”
“Okay children. Settle down. Good morning.”
“Registration in 10 minutes. Talk amongst yourselves ‘till then. Antimony, dear, how have you found your
first two weeks at our school?”
“Well good. I hope you have made lots of new friends.”
“There is nothing wrong with getting ahead on your studies. You might do well to follow her example,
“Quickly, girls. We need to evacuate the room!”
“QN line up on the right, QS on the left. Is everyone here?”
“Donald and I are so proud!”
“Oh, we’re not in the classroom anymore, dear. Call me Anja, and this is Donald. First thing’s first,
Antimony. I assume you told Katerina about Reynardine?”
“We’ve all dealt with Reynardine in the past. In fact, Donald and I were both working on a way to extract
him from Sivo.”
“Also, we wanted to show you this.”
“We did. I’m sorry, Antimony, we should have told you sooner.”
“James, please...”
“Antimony... what is that thing? Something is not right about it...”
“He’s telling the truth. Antimony should hold the rights to his actions... but I had no idea he could inhabit a
mere object.”
“You weren’t to know, James. This may even help us in the long run. With Reynardine in that state he won’t
be up to his old tricks.”
“Good morning everyone!”
“Before we start: Alistair here will be joining you for classes this week. I’m sure you’ll all make him feel
welcome. Now, for the morning’s bulletin.”
“You would of course be welcome to come with us over the Summer.”
“Well, if you should change your mind...”
“Oh. Well that’s odd.”
“Um... well, I suppose you two better come with me.”
“It’s a signal from the Forest. We have to reply. Annie, you have a blinker stone around your neck. May I
borrow it?”
“I assume you didn’t know it could do that?”
“Then I will show you how to use it properly some time soon. Oh, and here’s James.”
“Oh that’s not mine. It belongs to Antimony.”
“The people of the Forest are requesting a visit. No doubt concerning your little trip across the bridge. We
can’t really refuse.”
“Don’t forget Parley and Smith. I don’t think they’ve left yet.”
“And Reynardine?”
“Annie, here’s your blinker stone back.”
“There are more important things to focus on for now.”
“She has passed on. Parley and Andrew here are training as her replacements.”
“It’s one of those birds!”
“No, we don’t even know where these birds came from.”
“We’ve wanted to capture one of them for a long time. If we could just study the remains...”
“Katja! Antimony! Hello!”
“Oh... A-a robot? Well, give me a moment.”
“Here we are. This key unlocks my old unit down by the west canals. It’s empty now, but there is plenty of
space. Th-the address is on the keyring. It’s not hard to get to.”
“Oh... I wish I could go with them...”
“No... No... Let them figure it out. Our time has passed.”

William “Willie” Winsbury

“Not likely Miss. She’s always swotting the study hall. Hahaha.”
“Yes Miss.”
“Why should I? It’s mine now. So what are you gonna do about it?”
“Huh? WAAH!”
“Off! What the...?!”
“Hehe. Now she’s for it.”
“Well it was better than yours!”
“Oh yeah, well you can shut up!”
“And... okay, I think they’re gone now...”
“They must be the bad guys!”
“Go on, Carver!”
“Nice one, Carver. Let’s get back to the ship.”
“Here, mate. You’re in the wrong classroom.”
“Yeah, and you forgot to put your uniform on. And get a haircut.”
“Yup. Oy! Are you trying to be smart?!”
“Don’t tell me you don’t have to do games either.”
“And what are you wearing a scarf and gloves inside for, man? Is it cold in here? I might need to wrap up
too! Don’t want my delicate skin gettin’ all chilly!”
“Hey, you made it.”
“This here is Jack, from QS. He found it.”
“Yeah, I’m cool.”
“So, Kat, you’re not going to be telling your mum and dad about this, are you?”
“Oof! Ha!”
“We are here!”

Katerina “Kat” Donlan

“Hi guys! Some first day, huh?! Wanna get something to eat? I know where the canteen...”
“Huh! Real slick, Donlan.”
“Is this one of those situations where you pretend to be interested and then throw it back in my face? Like
those other times?”
“H-hey, Mum, are you okay? What’s going on?”
“Antimony! Wait for me!”
“Oh, call me Kat! Where are you going?”
“You should come to the playground!”
“Can I call you Annie, by the way?”
“We should work together!”
“Do you have a mythical figure in mind?”
“The what?”
“Oh. Library, then?”
“Well, the rest of the library is taken up with science and technology literature. Science is the school’s
“That’s the old part of the library, I think. I’ve never been there myself.”
“Woww! There should be more than enough here!”
“Hey, Annie! Is this the guy you were talking about?”
“Is that a map?”
“So we won’t get lost if we went in, because there are no dead ends, like in a maze.”
“So where did you go before you came to the Court, Annie?”
“Oh? Were you sick?”
“Oh, Annie, I’m so sorry!”
“*sniff* Oh, Mrs. Donlan is my mum. She’s a science teacher.”
“She is! My dad is a science teacher here too! They... EEEK!”
“For our presentation, Annie and I decided to look at a Greek myth.”
“So what are you doing so far from Greece?”
“Thank you very much, Basil.”
“Hey! Give that back! I had it first!”
“Wow, Annie!”
“Yes, Mr. Eglamore.”
“Mr. Eglamore said you were noble! You’re so lucky!”
“I know! And he’s so handsome!”
“What’s that? It’s lovely.”
“That’s the alchemist’s symbol for antimony. I love that old stuff, it’s so hokey.”
“Time for bed!”
“Night night!”
“Mum! Annie is missing!”
“Annie! How do you feel?”
“Annie, the doctor said you were hit on the head when the ceiling collapsed. You should rest.”
“I have to go to class now. I’ll come back and see you as soon as I can.”
“Annie! They fixed the roof already, so you can come back to your own bed tonight.”
“My experiment is the effects of protein crystal growth in zero gravity.”
“Oh, I was just going to use this anti-grav unit I made...”
“Well... yeah, but that isn’t the focus of the test. You see, protein crystals...”
“Myeah... but everyone’s ignoring my protein crystals. This is important stuff!”
“Ahaha! That was pretty strange, Annie!”
“I know! I’ll make a bunch of cool diagrams! I’ll have pictures of vapour diffusion trays and protein cell
structure and a whole bunch of crazy junk! People will have to love that! Do you want to help?”
“See, the actuator with the sample crystals is inserted into the thermal enclosure system and... Hmm?”
“Eep! Sorry, I didn’t know anyone was back here.”
“Hey! I said sorry!”
“You speak Polish, Annie?”
“I don’t have a big nose, do I?”
“No! Protein!”
“Mr. Eglamore! Mum!”
“Aww, it’s nothing.”
“I reckon it’s that Zimmy. She was so sure she was going to win.”
“Well, I put a bunch of motion detectors in the hall tonight. We’ll know for sure when they go off.”
“I knew it was you two!”
“What’s going on? Mr. Eglamore?”
“I don’t know what you are, but you’re so cute!”
“So he still hasn’t said anything?”
“Say, tell me more about Mr. Eglamore! What was it like being wrapped up in his arms? Hehe.”
“Aw come on, it’s not every day you find out your games teacher is some kinda big, handsome, dragon
slayer guy! He’s a friend of my mum and dad, but they never mentioned anything like that. I guess they
don’t know.”
“What do you think of him? You said he saved your life and all.”
“Right here! I wanted to show you something.”
“It’s an artificial habitat. The whole room is controlled electronically right down to the humidity and wind
speed. No idea what it’s doing here though. But look!”
“I’ve been waiting all year for this to flower.”
“Nah. We all eat a handful of dirt before we die, Annie. Who cares if it tastes like cherries?”
“Okay, here...”
“Haha! You’re better at this than I am!”
“Arr! Wuhh...”
“Oof! Hahaha! Owie!”
“Hah! Mine too!”
“Uh oh! We’ve been rumbled!”
“You caught us, mister!”
“Hahaha! Oh man, that was terrible!”
“Annie, I’m so sorry.”
“I’m lucky. I’ve never lost anyone I loved. I don’t think I could cope with it as well as you. I cry about loads
of stuff. I cry when I read Batman.”
“What do you mean? What about your dad? You should give him a call.”
“What?! That’s terrible! Why didn’t you say anything?”
“I know he’s your dad and all, but that’s an awful thing to do. You don’t just abandon your daughter like
“Don’t talk like that. I’ll talk to my mum. The school’s got to know where your dad is.”
“Do you have pins and needles in your legs?”
“Haha, yeah.”
“Look! I got some toys so you won’t be lonely.”
“Wow! Is this you guys when you were kids?!”
“This girl looks just like you, Annie! She must be your mum.”
“Ooh, and who’s this cute guy here?”
“Uh... oh... So uh... if th-this is my dad, then... this must be Annie’s dad?”
“What? Doesn’t the school keep, like, records, or something?”
“Is that it? That doesn’t help at all!”
“It’s okay, Annie, they don’t blame you for anything. They just feel kinda useless since they couldn’t help.
And they were a little upset about... him.”
“Don’t mention it, Annie. You’re my friend.”
“Hey... there’s something on the bridge...”
“I can’t really tell what it is... Looks like a person, but it’s not moving.”
“What? Who’s Robot?”
“Annie! What are you doing?!”
“Mr. Eglamore!”
“Uh... there was someone on the bridge, so she went to look...”
“I’ll save you, little girl!”
“I knew it! I knew you were still alive! I told them!”
“I made my anti-grav unit into a ship! And I made it small so only you and me can ride it! My dad helped a
little too. I’m really sorry it took me so long, Annie. I spent like the first hour blubbering my eyes out.”
“C’mon, let’s get you home. Are you okay?”
“You’re a big dummy, you know?”
“I bloody well am! You remember that time I told you I’d never lost anyone I cared for?”
“Well, I know what that feels like now, and I don’t want to feel like that again. Got it?”
“Hey Annie, look at that. I guess this is why we hardly ever see any other kids, huh?”
“I’ve been wondering that myself.”
“Wow! A real ghost!”
“That’s okay. It was funny.”
“Yeah! You haven’t even told me yet!”
“Wow! So all that crazy stuff happened?!”
“I wish I could have seen those birds. They must be some kinda monitoring system the school uses.”
“Oh man, I had no idea what was going on. Mr. Eglamore looked pretty angry when he came back... and
Reynardine was just walking along with him. You know, if I didn’t know he was such a butt head, I’d say he
looked kinda upset. But nothing like how I was when I found out what happened. They wanted me to go
back to bed, can you believe that?! But I wasn’t going anywhere. I told them I was going to go down there
and find you one way or another.”
“Aw come on, Annie, just think of it as a drama lesson.”
“Nah, everything in that room except the sky was real. In here everything we see is made with holograms. I
bet we’re able to feel stuff because of some kinda haptic feedback in our suits. But that’s not the point.
You’re supposed to enjoy it!”
“Hurry! The others are going on ahead!”
“Come on, Annie, we only get to do this like, once a month. Everyone is having a good time but you. Why
can’t you just enjoy it?”
“That’s kinda the point! It’s a chance for us to dress up and run around like crazies! It’s a nice change from
the classroom.”
“Now say something witty to the Enigmarons and finish the mission!”
“So, did you have a good time?”
“Special Agent Fox Mulder!”
“But I have homework to do!”
“What about Agent Scully?”
“Will Skinner have his shirt off?”
“Ugh, it’s so hot today. The air is all sticky.”
“What do you guys want?”
“Nose?! Great, this again. You’re such a butt.”
“Cool! Sure, Annie! Let’s Play GTA.”
“Nah, I’ll just steal this guy’s car. And then I’ll run him over! Now I’ll buy a sniper rifle!”
“Hi Annie! Take a look at this! I figured out how Shadow 2 talks! See, it turns out he isn’t really a shadow at
all. He has a very slight mass on the molecular level that is so thin it might as well be a layer of light. Or
dark, in his case. He can make a noise by vibrating on a surface. That’s why the noises he makes are
different depending on what surface he is on. But watch this! Hello, Annie!”
“Yeah, he’s really smart too. He’s remembered a bunch of stuff already. He understands words, but not how
to make the sounds. We could probably teach him English real fast.”
“Oh! Did you need to tell me something? You came rushing in here...”
“We have robots all over the place, Annie. There’s one over there.”
“What are you thinking, Annie? Mr. Eglamore already said your robot was disposed of... I don’t think it’s
worth getting into trouble again.”
“I’d come if I could, Annie, but I made such a mess in here that my mum said I couldn’t leave until I tidy it
“Hah, oh well. You’ll need to think of a way to get past that door-bot.”
“Let’s see. Well, it looks like a normal CPU... But I don’t know what this extra part is. Anyway, I have just
the thing.”
“This docking station has a camera, speaker and microphone, so the robot will be able to see, speak and
“Haha! Aww!”
“I think I can whip something up for him. At least something temporary while I get the parts to make a better
“I wonder who that boy is.”
“Hey! Leave off, Winsbury.”
“I’m Kat, and this is—”
“You want us to show you where our first class is?”
“Yeah, it’s a bit confusing at first.”
“Sorry about Winsbury, by the way. He can be a real jerk.”
“...but people who skip the movie sequences are missing the point entirely.”
“Yeah! It’s a shame not many people got to see it.”
“Aww, he’s just nice is all.”
“Wellll he’s not perfect. I mean, he thinks Prodigy’s Fat of the Land is better than Music for the Jilted
“What’s that you’re working on, Aly?”
“Are you going to a new school?”
“Haha, weird!”
“Oh, don’t start, Willie!”
“That was amazing, Aly! You should be playing!”
“A-annie! What are you doing?!”
“What?! What’s wrong with you?!”
“Oh my Gooood! How embarrassing!”
“Aly, are you okay?!”
“*Sob sniffle*”
“*Sob* Oh, I don’t know what to do! I can’t do this stuff at all!”
“I-I wanted to make myself look nice... for... you know...”
“Oh, could you?! I don’t know how to put on makeup.”
“Hey! I look the same as I always do!”
“Aww, jeez, Annie! What are you doing, makin’ me all blush!”
“Don’t worry about it. I was just embarrassed. I wish I hadn’t yelled at you.”
“Hang on... if I don’t need makeup, why do y—”
“Well, it’s just study right now, so we can go to the library.”
“Say, aren’t you hot wearing all that?”
“When you leave.”
“I’ll miss you too! I w-wish you could have stayed longer.”
“Morning, Aly!”
“What?! Already?! I thought you didn’t have to go ‘til later! Can... Do you have a ph-phone number? And e-
mail address?”
“‘Good to meet me’?!”
“Where are you going? We have karmatron dynamics next.”
“Why’d they make him sleep in a tower room? Nobody ever comes up here!”
“I-I think that’s him, all wrapped up! Oh no! What if he’s sick?! I don’t know what to do!”
“What! What is it?!”
“Y-you tried to leave without a proper goodbye, man.”
“What’s happening to you?”
“Oh my God, Aly!”
“Y-you’re turning into a bird?!”
“Didn’t they give you a choice?!”
“Oh for God’s sake, Aly!”
“Huh... how could I cry after a week like that?”
“Hehe! Check out how cute this guy is!”
“Yeah! Come on Annie it would be great!”
“What’s up, Mum?”
“Wow! What is it?!”
“Mum! That was Annie’s!”
“Where did you come from?!”
“And me!”
“Buh! I keep being surprised like every five minutes today!”
“So you didn’t get into trouble or anything?”
“Well that’s cool. You get to hang out with some older kids. When school starts up again, I mean. Say, are
you gonna be okay here on your own?”
“That’s not very comforting!”
“Hey, you should go see Mort ‘cos he loooooves you!”
“It won’t be any fun without you.”
“Bonjoornay! Ah! Annie, what’s wrong?!”
“People sometimes wear them at parties, Shadow 2. There were so many nice ones! I got one too.”
“And a li’l beak.”
“Ooh, what’s inside? Whaa?! So many tiny paper stars! How long did this take you?!”
“Haha... uh... and he didn’t even call or anything, the whole time?”
“Well, I’m not leaving you here on your own again.”
“Oh yeah. Shadow 2 is sounding much better now.”
“And Reynardine? He’s being pretty quiet.”
“Man, talk about boring!”
“Yeah! A whole week of camping!”
“Annie, this girl is insane!”
“You’re all alone because you’re insane!”
“Yeah, I was gonna get mine done today.”
“Uh... chairs?”
“Hang on a sec, how can you understand magnetic levitation but not know what a chair is?”
“And how come you guys are wearing uniforms already? School doesn’t start properly ‘til tomorrow.”
“You mean you didn’t get a Summer holiday?!”
“Annie, I thought you said Ysengrin didn’t find that bird until months after I picked you up.”
“He doesn’t sound very trustworthy.”
“Here we are!”
“I’ll go first. It’s easy.”
“Huh? Of course not!”
“You know... one of us is going to have to explain to her that she’ll need like a whole can of mousse every
day to keep her hair like that.”
“Wow... what a bitch.”
“Hey, who’re you talkin’ to?”
“Uh, those guys who escorted dead dudes to the afterlife?”
“Say, uh... I don’t see him.”
“Yeah, sure, why no—AIEEEE! Aaah! Ahahaha hahaha! H-how rude of me! N-nice to meet you, sir!”
“Uuhhh! I need new eyes and a new brain!”
“You seemed like you wanted to get rid of him pretty quick.”
“You don’t talk about those guys much. What’s it like? Talking to them.”
“And you didn’t know what you were visiting these people for?”
“And this Muut guy... he ah... has an owl head and doesn’t wear a shirt, you say?”
“So that’s all you guys did? Just visit people?”
“Oh my God, Annie, that boy burned his house down?”
“That’s so... I mean it seems so...”
“What does that even mean?”
“This kinda reminds me of the ghost with the sword you met at the Annan Waters.”
“Yeah, you said her psychopomp friends couldn’t help her, right? So what if she’s stuck too?”
“And she’s probably been there a really long time. It’s kinda sad...”
“What?! Come on, she tried to stab you in the face! Say, what did your mum say to you? How did you know
the fire wouldn’t hurt you?”
“Haha, awesome-o! Come on, Annie. You don’t want to miss the practical!”
“Hey, what’s going on?”
“Oh, cool! Maybe you’ll see those older guys again.”
“Haha! One does not get ‘bored’ in double physics!”
“Hi, Mum! Hi, Dad!”
“I was wonderin’ if you guys... waaait... what’s going on here?”
“I uh... was wondering if you knew someplace I could use as a workshop. I wanna try building a robot.”
“Yeah. It’s annoying that I can’t leave the labs set up how I want.”
“That’s perfect! Thanks, Mum!”
“Yeah, I guess you could say I’ve known him my whole life. Of course, he was Uncle Jimmy before he was
Mr. Eglamore.”
“Haha! I know, right?”
“Huh... you know, I don’t think he has... I don’t remember him every saying anything about a girlfriend, or a
lady he likes or anything.”
“Ha! There better not be, or I’d have to beat her up!”
“Whaaaa... Come on! First off, a human looking robot is called an ‘android’. And second, there is no way
you could make an android that looks that good.”
“Yeahhhhh... but that was... I don’t even know what that was about... But a totally human looking android...
nah... just... nah.”
“Most of our robots have ultra high torque actuators in their joints. That’s how they move.”
“Well, maybe hydraulics are closer to how... how a muscle...”
“Those guys over there are being jerks. Hey! Shut up!”
“Are you allowed to let him do that?!”
“Train’s here.”
“Hahaa! Check this out this is awesome!”
“It may be empty but it’s full of potential! Robot, I’m gonna make you the best new body!”
“Huh! Mum didn’t give me a key for this.”
“You know what this means.”
“Damn straight!”
“Looks like it keeps on going down. I didn’t bring a light.”
“You gotta let me examine that thing one day, Annie. Figure out how it burns some things and not others.”
“That doesn’t explain anything!”
“Ugh! That’s a terrible ethic!”
“Oh, we got to the bottom, finally.”
“I saw a plug on the end of this cable near the entrance. Maybe it leads to...”
“I guess my mum set these up when she still worked here.”
“Heyyy Ren-ar-deeen!
“That was pretty cute how you got all defensive about Annie before. You were all ‘insult you, would
“No, you didn’t.”
“Hehe, okay then. Whatever you say.”
“Woah, woah. Where did all this come from? Are you like her dad in disguise now?”
“This is a set up for another lewd joke, isn’t it? What do you care?”
“Huh! You’re being serious aren’t you?”
“You should stay as a wolf more often, dude. You’re much nicer this way.”
“Hahaha! Look at ‘em all! Have you ever seen anything like it?! I’ve never seen robots as elaborate as these
before! They’re gorgeous! Some of them even look like they might be early designs for existing models.
Here’s an H Model, but look how super fancy it is! And the hands on this one are so delicate! And this
“Very handsome! I bet you got all the girlbots back in the day, huh!”
“You were S13, right, Robot? Looks like this was your original design.”
“Like an angel, huh? I guess this model was pretty important. Anyway, let’s see what makes these guys tick!
You might get a new body sooner than we thought, Robot!”
“No! No no no! Useless! They’re all useless! There’s no drive system! No kinetic alternator! There isn’t
even a power source! There are no electronically driven components at all! All these beautiful, mechanically
sound machines, and they don’t do anything! How disappointing... my mum must have realised they were
useless too and left them down here. Wonder who made them...”
“It wouldn’t work. I mean, there’s a CPU slot, but no power or anything. You made Robot in year 7, right?
So you can see these are pretty much just giant, poseable action figures.”
“See? Nothing.”
“Well, I’ll give it a go. But you shouldn’t get your hopes up.”
“Whaaa?! That’s impossible!”
“I’ll say! He’s runnin’ around when he shouldn’t be!”
“Hey! Watch it, buddy!”
“I dunno what’s goin’ on, but this isn’t a fair fight.”
“Now they’re all moving!”
“Hang on, let me get Robot’s mouse body.”
“Annie, she’s beautiful!”
“This must be the guy who made the robots, ‘Diego’.”
“O-oh my god! That’s the worst thing in the world to say!”
“Oh yeah. Anyway, you make this guy sound kinda crummy, Reynardine. What if... Jeanne’s ghost is by the
river, right? What if she died by falling off the bridge? And Diego made those robot birds to save anyone
else who falls! So he did some good! He might have even saved your life, Annie!”
“Hey, you okay in there?”
“Say, Robot, who looks after you guys? Like, who fixes you when you break?”
“Huh! I guess when Diego died you couldn’t make more of yourselves, so you changed to simpler designs.
And these old models are so complex I can’t figure them out. One thing’s for sure; these things don’t use
servos or hydraulics or anything like that. Some kind of superfast reaction memory polymer?”
“You mean like magic? Come on, man, just because something isn’t explained yet doesn’t make it magic.
Anyway I know I’ll figure it out eventually!”
“Aw I didn’t do anything. We work together, right? We all chipped in. Even you, moody.”
“And now we have a place to work, we can really get started on a new body for Robot! So I was thinking
more about androids...”
“No. This is something I have to do alone. I’ll see you when it’s over.”
“Man... now I really want some eggs.”
“Yeah but now there will be boys there!”
“I know I know, but this is different... seeing them after we’re supposed to be in bed and all...”
“No, no, this has all been planned for ages, and I can get us all past the security system. I mean that’s the
only reason we were invited, right?”
“Ahaha! Aww, really? He can be really sweet sometimes. He’s just a big ol’ softie, isn’t he?”
“Oh yeah...”
“There’s the signal. Let’s do this!”
“The motion detectors at the dorm entrance are digital, so I can change them real easy. All I do is alter the
energy wavelength that sets them off. 1000-1001 micrometers usually does it. Humans only emit between 9
and 10 microns.”
“All clear.”
“What are they doing over there?”
“What kind of experiment?”
“So how did you find this place, Jack?”
“Hey, that’s what I did too.”
“Jeez, Willie, why would I want to do that? I’d get in trouble too.”
“Ugh, don’t worry about it, Margo. Zimmy’s always like this.”
“You jerk ass.”
“You look kinda pale... Are you okay?”
“Oh man, look at the time. We better hit the road.”
“See ya, Jack.”
“Pretty weird night.”
“Super hot! You’ll knock ‘em dead!”
“Guess who’s going in the washing machiiine!”

Generic Teachery Person #2

“And that concludes a brief exposition on the creation of mythology. Before you go, I have some homework
for you. I want you all to go away in pairs and find as much information as you can about a mythical figure
of your choice. Tomorrow you will present your findings to the class.”

“Who dares intrude on the Minotaur’s lair?!”
“Good day.”
“Phew, you girls gave me a fright, sneaking around like that.”
“Oh, uh... I prefer to be called Basil.”
“I have a time share on the labyrinth you found me in.”
“Oh, that, sheesh. See, when I was young, it was hard to meet people my own age, being stuck in the middle
of a giant death maze and all. So my mum (that’s Pasiphae) arranged a party for my birthday. But then that
jerk Theseus showed up. Let me tell you, he got drunk, he broke a sofa, he started a fight. He even tried it on
with my step-sister, Adriadne. Everyone had to leave early. He ruined my whole birthday. No, sir, I didn’t
like it. And now, of course, I turn out to be the bad guy.”
“Oh you are too kind. Come and visit some time!”

Sir James Eglamore

“Carver! Donlan! Get over here!”
“Winsbury! Ten laps!”
“Carver, I hope you realize that wasn’t the best way to handle that situation.”
“Well, just let me know the next time Winsbury gives you grief.”
“But that was a great throw! And very noble to stand up for a friend like that.”
“And Donlan, are you okay?”
“Let’s not have a repeat of last night, eh?”
“Hiding behind a little girl isn’t exactly very sporting.”
“I knew you’d be trouble from the moment I saw you.”
“Reynardine is never to be trusted. He is a demon that steals the bodies of his victims.”
“Not exactly. The body originally belonged to a Rogat Orjak named Sivo. We kept him here while we tried
to find a way to remove Reynardine without killing him. It pained me to see him like this. Sivo was a good
friend of mine.”
“It’s better for him this way. He can finally rest in peace.”
“Without another body to jump in to, he must have died as well. I can’t say I’m sorry. When he leaves a
body it dies. We hoped to find a way to stop this... but it’s been over 5 years.”
“Don’t worry about it.”
“It’s fine. We should get you back.”
“<Goodbye, old friend.>”
“You would do well to keep this under your hat, Carver. I know I can trust you.”
“I see you’re causing quite a stir with your experiment.”
“Quite a chip off the ol’ block, eh Anja?”
“Don’t worry, Carver. It was unreasonable of me to burden you with suck a secret.”
“That... that would be me.”
“It looks like he hasn’t changed.”
“I knew something like this would happen. He’s never thought of anyone but himself. First Surma, and now
his own child...”
“Carver, you would harbour this criminal? Don’t you realise the danger you put yourself in?”
“Carver, you must turn him over to us.”
“This is my fault. I handed her the damn toy after Sivo died. How could I be such a fool?”
“Donlan! What’s going on out here?!”
“Is that Carver? She left the school grounds?!”
“Oh no... From Gillitie Wood? Is Reynardine with her?”
“Come in.”
“Carver, I’m giving you this because I have to. We have rules for a reason. For your safety. And if you’re
going to break them, you should try harder not to get caught. You know, your mother never got a single
day’s detention, but that doesn’t mean she always followed the rules.”
“Hah, look, I realise you have some sort of problem with me. I’m not trying to start a fight.”
“If I did that the contract of ownership you have over him would be void. Then there’s no telling what he
would do. I don’t like it, but for now it’s safer to keep him like this. Just know that I will be keeping a close
eye on him. And you. And don’t let him trick you into going to the bridge again.”
“Oh, it’s been disposed of. Why, do you know something about it?”
“That’s not important. It’s been taken care of.”
“Here you are. Just let go.”
“You need to be more careful, Kersaw. Don’t want to get yourself injured two days before your parents get
“I saw your reply signal, so I hopped on over. You still have your old blinker stone, Anja?”
“I see...”
“I was expecting this a lot sooner, I must admit.”
“Well, I’ll go an gather the usual people in the greeting hall. I’ll see you there. You too, Carver.”
“Of course.”
“...I suppose so. He won’t like this any more than we do. Bring him along, will you, Carver?”
“That happened during an attempt to stop an attack you started.”
“Uh... of course.”
“Alright, pack everything away. Let’s get a move on.”
“Heh. It’s been a while.”
“Ah come on. That wouldn’t be fair.”
“Haha! No, because indoors, and at close range, Jones would flatten me.”
“Ahaha! Them’s fightin’ words, Jones! Now I can’t refuse!”
“Right, right, ‘quick’.”
“Damn, you’re making me look bad, Jo.”
“What are you up to? Trying to make a point for the Carver girl?”
“Are you sure?”
“Okay, well. At least change your tie for a clip-on. No need to walk into the Forest with a noose about your
“Oh... Oh God... I-uh, also need... get... ready...”
“Ugh, haven’t worn this getup in ages. Has Anja shown you how to use your blinker stone yet?”
“I don’t think so.”
“Formal attire. You know how it is.”
“Haha! Well, that’s just an official title. Dragons don’t really need slaying so much these days.”
“Here. Take this. At the first sign of trouble, snap this beacon. Wherever you are, I’ll be able to find you and
be there within five seconds.”
“Humour me.”
“Evening, General.”

“Surma? Is that really you? Oh, how many years it has been...”
“Well, I’ll be. You look so much like her... Ah! But forgive me. My name is Reynardine.”
“I am. Please. I ask that you stay awhile. If you leave, the man on yonder will take me away.”
“The dragon slayer. The shackle from his prison binds my leg. He will not come as long as you are here.
Please stay. I haven’t seen the sky in such a long time.”
“Who is your friend?”
“You are bleeding, child.”
“So... this must be her daughter. And this means... she is gone. My poor Surma.”
“Come, jailor. I know it’s back to prison for me. But take care of the little one first.”
“Heh. It was worth it, to see the look on your face. I almost took you, this time.”
“Antimony, child! I’d hoped you’d come.”
“Yes yes, time for all that later. I do need your help. In fact, what I need is... your body!”
“Argh! Damn it!”
“GAH! Don’t you touch me, you demon!”
“Eglamore is a fool! He had no idea I could take any body with eyes. It needn’t be one of flesh and blood.”
“Oh, don’t be so melodramatic, child. I can do nothing to harm you now. I fact, I can barely do anything at
all, thanks to you and your accursed toy. Look!”
“This symbol means I’m under your control. Just as you own this body I inhabit, so do you now own me. I
can’t even take a new body without your permission.”
“Feh, well. You never told me not to do it. Besides, I hoped I could win your favour if I helped your gypsy
friend win this blasted spectacle.”
“Are you joking? Not even I would go near anything that girl has created.”
“Get off me!”
“You may control me, but you can’t make me talk if I don’t want to.”
“Bah! This is the thanks I get!”
“What?! Reynardine the Great does not play with dolls!”
“I agree, Professor Oswald, the hyacinths have been fairly lethargic this year.”
“Oh Lord strike me down!”
“Damn you, girl! And I had the perfect disguise!”
“Ugh! If I had eyeballs, I assure you, they would be rolling right about now.”
“The girl is right. This stupid toy is hers, so now I can’t do anything without her permission.”
“Don’t blame me for not doing your homework, child! I can take anything with eyes, be they real or not.”
“How my heart bleeds for them.”
“Are you two going to kiss now? Because I’d be interested in watching.”
“Why you good for nothing imbecile girl!”
“And what, exactly, do you need me for?”
“Fine, fine. As long as it gets me out of that blasted box.”
“Your powers of deception and trickery are bewildering, child.”
“Haha! Tired already child?!”
“Fine... Get on.”
“A simple trick. This toy of yours is a wolf, no?”
“I insist.”
“Hold fast now.”
“Heh. Trouble in the ranks, perhaps?”
“Hah! Optimism defined!”
“Wait! Wait! Stop! This is the contraption from the forest?! You sent it there?!
“Argh! Child you have no idea what you’ve started!”
“The people of the forest will be wanting answers! They detest all forms of technology! Why do you think
there is such a divide between the Court and that damned place?! And what’s more, you saw fit to capture
one of their glass-eyed men!”
“It’s a wonder my fool cousin hasn’t already retaliated. He must be up to something...”
“Ah! Uh... uh...”
“Yeah, well.”
“Hmm... Does this excite you, girl?!”
“Bah! You fools are making jackasses of yourselves! What are you planning? What are you trying to play?”
“I’m more wolf than you are now. Look at yourself!”
“I tremble in the presence of your terrifying skills of gardening, Ysengrin.”
“You know how I feel about that. Besides, I broke their laws, remember. I couldn’t leave even if I wanted to.
I didn’t appreciate your attempt at stealing me away on the bridge, either.”
“You don’t know what you’re talking about, Coyote.”
“This is true.”
“Has Katerina left?”
“Aren’t you going to ask me what I did? What law I broke?”
“You stole that from the parents of your closest friend?”
“Bah. Those buffoons! Insult you, would they...”
“My pleasure!”
“Ahahaha! How hilarious it is to watch humans running!”
“Well... one is allowed to defend one’s own honour.”
“Could smash the lock!”
“Haha! Watch, as human technology crumbles before me!”
“It wasn’t so hard. You see, the key was to remain focused.”
“It behaves that way because she wills it so. That’s how a blinker stone works!”
“It explains enough, doesn’t it?”
“What is it?”
“Wh... No I wasn’t! I said ‘us’! ‘Insult us, would they?’”
“Yes I did.”
“...You are a good friend to her, Katerina.”
“How is she doing in her studies? Does she have many other friends? Has anyone been giving her trouble?
Has a boy caught her eye?”
“Ugh. Perish the thought. I was only curious. I assumed you would know her best, since you spend so much
time with her. All she talks about is you.”
“Forget it.”
“I said forget it.”
“Well, the mind is nothing but a plaything of the body, correct?”
“Get back! Get back you two!”
“You noticed it too?”
“This so called ‘fight’ is scripted.”
“A morbid play acted out by these machines.”
“A coward’s shrine. Made in tribute to a woman he loved from afar.”
“Perhaps not, but do you think a woman like that could ever feel anything other than pity for such a runt of a
“Ah, then I must be mistaken, I’m sure.”
“Well, you see how uneasy the girl is in her finery. How she clutches the sword for comfort. A soldier
perhaps? And the mechanical monster outside. A representation of someone involved in her death? For all
his technical wonders, this Diego was unable to save her. So he fabricated this contrivance, this fantasy of
his, and squirreled it away beneath the ground. Look well, girls. Know that this is all that is left of a man’s
heart. This tiny, stone room.”
“He admitted as much himself. When you asked this contraption ‘Who is Jeanne?’, it replied...”
“They could be powered by etheric means.”
“Har har.”
“Oh stop your blithering, child. A little dirt never hurt anyone.”
“Surma made this body?! Hmmm, perhaps I could freshen up a little...”
“Why are you dressed so formally?!”
“What?! So soon?! I... wuh... you...”

“Wooooooo! Wooooooo! Woooooooo!”
“I’m a ghost! Aren’t you scared?”
“Ugh, I’m so bad at this. So what was I doing wrong? Is it the way I look?”
“Yeah? I can do all sorts of stuff like that! Look!”
“Hmm... Like, I should try and be indirectly scary.”
“I should try this out!”
“<What lovely eyes you have... Paz. Will you give them to me?>”
“Haw! Did you see her run?!”
“Thanks a bunch, Annie. It’s lucky you know Spanish. And how did you know that girl didn’t like clowns?”
“Okay, this should work!”
Oh no! This girl is really scary! I wish Annie was here.
“Oh boy! Somebody’s in the room!”
“Let’s see now... Oh yes! She’s all alone!”
Hmm, what should I try? Spiders? Mice? I don’t think girls are scared of mice anymore. Maybe a different
approach. You can’t go wrong with a big, old fashioned...
“Ahh... Whaa...”
“Annie! You made it back!”
“Sorry I tried to sneak up on you.”
“Aw, shucks,‘t weren’t no big thing.”
“You gotta tell us what happened last night!”
“That sucks about the ghost with the sword. That isn’t supposed to happen. Crossing the Annan Waters and
“Say, how do you know Muut anyway? He’s an important guy!”
“You mean you could see the guides just like that? That’s pretty rare!”
“Y’know, it’s probably because you are so attractive. I noticed that about you when we first meet.”
“Oh! Ha! I uh... I don’t mean you’re attractive... I mean like a magnet... or a medium... haha... yeah... Ah! B-
but, I don’t mean you aren’t... I mean you look really... I... uh... oh geez.”
“Don’t mention it! Come back and visit whenever!”
“Annie, why is she talking like that?”
“Alright, mate.”
“Well, I scare people. It’s all very important, I assure you. You know, when I first met Annie she gave me
some advice.”
“Like... to be more subtle.”
“Oh, all sorts of stuff! It all depends on the situation, see...”
“No problem, Jones.”
“Alright, mate, see ya.”
“FAREWELL! Hahaha!”
“Shucks, that’d be neat.”
“Ahh! How did you know?!”

“<Oh! But, where is the door?>”
“<Hey hey! A balloon!>”
“<Hello?> Hello?”
“<Oi... that sucks.>”

“Is that all ye got, blaggard? Would thou wert clean enough to spit upon!”
“That is your most ridiculous idea yet!”
“This grows tiresome, Winsbury.”
“Yes, how mature!”
“Oh, dearest William!”
“Then let us away.”
“I’m sure there was never a doubt.”
“Differences can be set aside for one evening, I think.”
“Therefore, I recommend remaining squarely in my good books.”
“We were not doing anything!”

Generic Teachery Person #3

“Yes, um... thank you, Miss Carver.”
“And finally, what do you have for us, young Donlan?”
“I see... and how do you propose to conduct this experiment?”
“WHAT? You made a gravity field generator.”
“A thermos? And... coat hangers?”
“It’s decided then! Class 7QN’s entrant in the year 7 science fair will be Katerina’s zero gravity generator!
Oh my, how exciting!”

Zeta “Zimmy”
No! Not here! We were almost to the library...
“Go away! Go away!”
Come on! Wake uuup!
How do you do that?
“Huh?! What the god-damn... I ain’t going back to no school!”
“What you lookin’ at? You got a problem?!”
“You should keep yer big nose outta where it don’t belong!”
“Hey I know you! Yer that new girl... Amtinomy, right? Yeah, that’s it. Then yer the Donlan kid. I’ll be
seein’ you at the science fair!”
“Yeah! Zimmy and Gamma, that’s us! From Chester South.”
“Huh? Wha? Hey! What did you say to ‘er? I’ll see you and bignose and ‘er crappy invention tomorrow.”
“Hey you, Carver! Wanna see what the winning entry looks like?”
“Heh. Take a look.”
“Bah! You don’t get it. We’re here to find who’s been messing with our stuff. An’ we found ‘im. Come out
you little git. I know yer in there.”
“This woflie ‘ere’s been comin’ here at night and messin’ about. Should’a figured he wus yours.”
“Whatever. I don’t need yer apologies. I’ve ‘ad enough of this.”
“It isn’t dangerous, you prats!”
“That’s ‘cos a storm’s brewin’. A biggun.”
“Nunna yer business, nose! I gotta talk to Carver.”
“You gotta help, Carver! She needs to sleep.”
“It wuz decent of Donlan to bring this stuff over for Gamma.”
“’Cos she tries to stay awake as long as I do. But I don’t sleep.”
“Stuff happens when I’m around, see. An’ Gamma helps put things straight. It’s like... tuning in a radio. All
she has to do is be near me an’ the static gets pushed out. Only it don’t work so well when she’s asleep.
Kinda works with you though. Not as good as Gamma but it helps. Noticed that when we first met.”
“Sometimes I see things that ain’t supposed to be there. When it gets bad, things start to change. Like, for
real. Stuff like... huh...”
“Goddamn storm. Just rain already.”
“Ugh... No, this... already happened. It... It already... This isn’t real! It already happened!”
“Come on.”
“Come on!”
“Come on! Rain! Rain you bastard!”
“Hahaha! Whoop! Haha!”
There, see, my clothes are clean now.
Oh stop your moaning! Let’s go chase rats in the library!
Spiders then. There are plenty of spiders!
“*Huf!* Bloomin’ door. God dammit. Damn iiiiit!”
“They’re what?!”
“Ger off don’t touch ‘er what are you doin’ I-I’ll bust you up real bad!”
“Carver! What’s goin’ on?! I thought it wuz night time!”
“Yuh... yer not uspposed to be up at night! I’s allowed but you en’t! I could get you all in big trouble if you
try anyfing!”
“That... fing out there. It’s screwin’ with my head. Finally found it.”
“She’s 14 but still in year 8 like us, you got a problem with that?!”
“*Huf huf*”
“It... it ain’t working! It ain’t working!”
“Oh, you’s here too? Damn, this was a big one. That power plant sure messed things up good. Thems other
guys is prob’ly stuck here too.”
“I dunno. Around. We just gotta find ‘em.”
“Pfft, no way. First thing we do is look fer Gamma. And some of yer other friends might be closer than
Donlan so...”
“Fine! But yer gonna have ta take Gamma’s place.”
“Gettin’ ridda these guys.”
“They ain’t people, they’re nobodies. An’-an’ I ain’t goin’ nowhere ‘less you clear a path. Jus’... jus’ get
ridda them, like Gamma does.”
“Good. Let’s get goin’.”
“Yeah, it can be hard to tell who’s real and who ain’t.”
“So? Sometimes real people don’t neither.”
“Glad yer havin’ fun.”
“A gift?”
“CONTROLLIN’ IT?! You think I want to be like this?! You think I can’t turn all this off ‘cos I’s lazy?!”
“You think I want to be... l-like this... Ah... huh-huh huuh... Guh-gamma... She’s the only reason I’m still
“Care about ‘er? I love her! I’d kill everyone in the world and then myself if she wanted it!”
“*Snff* Ain’t far.”
“Huh. I guess it didn’t ‘cos the rain was fake. Like a shower. Them’s don’t help neither.”
“That’s ‘cos she’s standin’ right next to me. In real life, I mean. We’s still on that roof.”
“I ain’t never gonna be able to leave this damn place. I’ll die here one day.”
“This used to be a toy shop. Long time ago. Then they came an’ gutted it. Now it’s miniskirts an’ pushup
bras, heh. It took ‘em a while to clear out the stock, see. An’ Gamma an’ me used to sneak in at night. She
always remembers it. So when we get split up, we meet back here.”
“She’s pretty sure nunna yer other friends ended up here. Just you, Carver.”
“It’s only as real as you let it be.”
“What the hell?!”
“Oh. You was there too, huh? Well, sucks to be you, mate.”

Gamma Czarnecki
I don’t know.
What are they saying, Zimmy?
“Ahahehe! Butt! Uh...”
“<The storm is about to break. We must go outside.>”
“<Much better, thank you.>”
“<That bird is the thousand eyes. She cannot stand it looking at her. She can feel its stare.>”
“<She says ‘thanks’. For sitting with us.>”
They aren’t clean, Zimmy. Only wet. But since you mention it... the laundry isn’t far from here...
You know there aren’t any rats here.
“<Hello, Annie.>”
“<Do... do they all think I am stupid and ugly?>”
“<Zimmy translates for me.>”

Nameless Student #1

Nameless Student #2
“Wow! Zero gravity!”

Nameless Student #3
“Oh no! My hydroponics!”

Nameless Student #4
“Oh... my rubberband car. What a shame.”

“Hi, John.”
“Again? We’ll never get our group work done like this. Let’s go somewhere else without them.”
“Hey, all set?”
“Hi, John.”
“So where is it?”
“Wow, I’m surprised you guys aren’t fighting.”
“Oh no!”
“Hi, are you in year 9? I like your hair.”
“It shot some kind of beam into the horizon!”
“I’m soaked!”
“M-me too!”
“Say, where are Willie and Janet?”
“Hey, John. Mind if I come in?”

Sullivan’s John
“Uh... you don’t want to go in there, Margo. Winsbury and Janet are fighting again.”
“H-hi, Margo.”
“Shut it, Matt.”
“There must be a receiving station somewhere farther into the Court!”
“Haha, oh man!”
“What was that about?”
“She’s in Chester, right? I hear they are all a bunch of weirdos.”
“Uh... I—uh, I mean, it was—I had a... a, you know...”
“Course not, Margo.”
“Want me to play a so—”

“What are you kids doing here?!”
“Umm... you kids better be... not here. When I, uh... get back.”
“*Snort* Ahem... ‘scuse me.”

Donald Donlan
“Well now! This must be Antimony. Pleased to meet you.”
“After all these years we’d given up hope. There was nothing we could do for him. But now that chapter of
our lives is closed. Reynardine can’t hurt anyone anymore.”
“Aye. We all went to this very school. That picture was taken when we were a little older than you are now.”
“You see, when we were younger, your father had a habit of taking off on his own. Sometimes for months on
end, without telling anyone.”
“Katerina told us you’ve not been able to contact him?”
“Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing where he is either.”
“We do. But when Anthony wants to disappear, he’ll do so. Antimony, you should know that your father has
made sure everything you need is provided for you. You don’t need to worry.”
“Well, that was unexpected. It’s as if Surma has come back to us.”
“You still carry that thing, Jim?”
“Aye. They appear to be seeds. I’ll have some people look into them.”
“So! Outgrown the science labs already, eh?”
“You could always ask...”
“Well, I think there is some life left in us yet.”

Surma Carver
“You’ll figure it out, Anny.”
“Yikes! Don’t ask me! I’m two short planks compared to you.”
“Yeah, yeah. ‘Im and ‘is stupid training. He’s away so often.”
“He doesn’t hafta do anything. Just be here. ‘Sides, sometimes I think Donny misses Jim more than I do.”
“She is so young. I already allow you to take her on your visits. Does she really need this?”
“You know I would be of no use to you. Not anymore.”
“Antimony. Come up here, poppet.”
“Dearest, this is Mallt-y-Nos and the Moddey Dhoo.”
“They are having a problem, you see. A dispute. Would you like to help them?”
“Then you must always remember one thing... remember I will never send you into danger.”
“Did you cut yourself?”
“Then it’s nothing to be concerned about. Sometimes things fall... and break.”
“You should not be doing that.”
“You might hurt yourself.”

Shadow 2
“*Tweet chrrp*”
“*Gwee gwonk. Tweet*”
“*Bwaah! Fnar!*”
“Hello Annie!”
“No! Annie and Princess Kat help!”
“I can’t wait!”
“What is it, Annie?”
“Annie and I have been practising a lot!”
“Hey, look what I found over here.”
“That’s pretty neat, Reynardine.”
“I felt around a little and it looks like the coast is clear.”
“Haha! Whooo!”
“Hey, see if Robot is okay!”
“Maybe everything that dies down there has to stay?”
“Yeah! Thanks Kat!”

“You are such a big fat meanie! Can’t you see how upset he is?”
“Nuh-uh! He says it was some other shadow guy dat made your friend push you off the bridge.”
“Not very well. He’s just a kid.”
“Shaddap, you! She could help us!”
“Yeah! Pick up dat big rock!”
“Yeah yeah! Now bring it over here! And squash us flat!”
“Hey you big junk! You were supposed to smash us to pieces!”
“It’s for the test, dumbotron! If we don’t finish it, we’re stuck down here!”
“Bah! She’s useless! Let’s ask dis other guy. Hey, mister! Could you, like, step on us or something?”
“Hey! What about us?!”
“So are you gonna use it or what?”
“The blinker stone, tubby. It’s kinda cold out.”
“Oh, we gotta finish it so we can get our new bodies. Why? Didjoo change your mind?”
“Well, we need new ones so we can go to Gunner’s Crag.”
“Yeah, the court at Gunner’s Crag. Something like dat.”
“The rest of our class is already there! We’re the last ones!”
“Yeah! So... dis is what our new bodies will look like, huh?”
“Hmm, maybe we can go on a diet when we get there.”
“So so so! Whassit like there?! Is it a whole buncha fun?!”
“What is dat? Woah! Hey now!”
“Hey! Stop dat!”
“Maybe we’ll see you when we get to Gunner’s Crag! You big fruit cake.”
“I almos’ dint recognise you wid all dat crap on your face!”
“You tricked me! You said dis place was fun, but it ain’t!”
“I used to be soooo beautiful. Now lookit me! Lookit how faaat I am!!”
“And look at my big, stupid face! And my hair! My hair! It don’t stick up no more!”
“I’m all alone! All alone because of my hair!”
“Ahh! Don’t talk about her! There she is! She won’t be my friend anymore!”
“Shaddap, you!”
“No, you go away! Come back! Rraarrghh! I hate her so much! I wish she was my friend! Damn my hair to
hell and back and some other places too!”
“No! It’s my hair! She always loved my hair and now it ain’t all sticky uppy she hates me! I want to die! For
propers this time!”
“What? I can get my hair what?!”
“You can do that? You can cut hair?!”
“Pff, that’s because it’s a maglev. All the trains in the Court are.”
“I’ll tell ya how I bin! I bin junk! Ever since I got here we gotta sit in these big boxes... on these weird sitty-
downy things... and listen to some crumbum who thinks dey know everything but really they don’t know
“Hey alls I know is what dey tells me.”
“Nah. Just us girls in Foley house.”
“Oh they were a bunch of different stuff. One guy was a fish! Haha!”
“Huh? We always wear dem. School hain’t never finished.”
“A what-er what-iday?”
“Oh, a few minutes right after you left. O’l Ysengrin helped us pass.”
“Ayup! He came to look at that metal bird dealie.”
“Sure’s am sure! He went right to it an’ buried dat sucka! Then I guess he was hungry because—”
“Nah. Us guys who take da test live separate from da rest of da Forest. So we can learn how to be human.
And how to talk all proper nice like sorted.”
“Okay so what now?”
“Aah! Didn’t that hurt?!”
“Dis is amazing! I had no idea you could cut stuff off these bodies!”
“I gotta try dis!”
“Yeah! Now me! Do the thing! To the hair!”
“What? Make my hair stick up! Up!”
“Why should I care about that! Make my hair stick up! What is this?!”
“Eeek! I look fantastic again! Stupendous I tells ya! Let’s blow this popsicle stand, I got a friend to make!”
“Yes I can. Now that it sticks up again she’s gonna want to be my friend again straight away. BAM!”
“Yeah well that’s because yer a bunch of weird faces. All that’s too complicated. You mark my words,
Mister, wassername is gonna see me and come crawlin’ right back!”
“My hair!”
“I goes up again!”
“Hahaha! You better do everything I say!”
“Like, all my homework and everything!”
“Hahahaha! So long, jerks!”

“C’mon, let’s gooo!”
“Ooh yeah!”
“Wheee! Finally!”
“That’s cheating! We’re not allowed to cheat!”
“Just out it on the ground and imagine a fire.”
“Aw! Goodbye kisses!”
“Ah! Hello again!”
“Oh, just go away!”
“Ah, hello, hello! It was nice to see you again earlier.”
“Oh, her. She’s not my friend. I don’t want anything to do with her anymore. She’s changed since we passed
the test.”
“Gasp! Your hair!”
“It goes up again!”
“Oooh! I want to be your friend! Oh please!”
“Please oh please let me be your friend!”
“Yes, of course!”
“Yes, yes!”
“Why, thank you. Ah! But you are Surma’s daughter.”
“I do. She is a very gifted individual. I am going to visit a friend in room 426. Would you like to come?”
“Not this night.”
“We do not deal in electrical appliances. I have business nearby. We took a moment to see how you were.”
“Someone who is ‘just fine’ would not be in this place. Of course, we cannot help you.”
“Regardless. Do you know a young spirit called Mort?”
“We appreciate you helping him. He is new and inexperienced. He wanted us to give you this. Something
you may find useful given your... current situation.”
“Someone beyond even our reach. Be thankful she cannot cross the river. Now, I must attend to other
“Sorry, children. I only escort the dead. I do not decide someone’s fate. Antimony... may you fare well.”
“Still such anger...”

Generic Teachery Person #4

“When water freezes, it expands by nine percent. If water enters a crack in a stone and freezes, the pressure
exerted by the ice is enough to widen the crack. Once melted, more water enters the larger crack, and the
cycle is repeated. In areas of frequent temperature change, erosion wears away at rocks relatively quickly.”
“Well, that clears my next 40 minutes.”

Dr. Randy Disaster

“Spacemonauts! The Earth is in peril!
“Hurry along now, Spacemonauts! The rocket awaits!”
“Spacemonauts! The evil Enigmarons are threatening the Earth from their moon base on the moon! They
have a death ray of epic proportions trained on the capital city of every country this very second!”
“Excellent! I will be sending down an elite team to deal with the Enigmaron menace!”
“DISASTER! In their haste, the Spacemonauts were captured by the Enigmarons and taken to their evil lair!
It is up to you, Spacemonaut Carver, to rescue them and complete the mission!”
“You fiends! You’ll never get away with this!”
“Good good. The Earth is safe... until next time...”

Nameless Student #5
“Hey! We got into a space battle!”

Special Agent Fox Mulder

“Kat, I need your help.”
“This is more important than homework. Only you can discover the link between the alien-human hybrids
and the international government conspiracy.”
“She can come too.”

Mysterious Individual #1
“This is unlike the other schools you have attended. There you will have a place to live, and the freedom to
do as you will. And, of course, Miss Czarnecki can come too.”

Mysterious Individual #2
“She will be safe there.”


“Boop-be doo!”

Unknown Seraph
“Hahaa, yeah.”
“Uh oh!”
“Scarper, Montgomery!”

“What?! Whadda you want?!
“Robots only! Go away!”
“What?! Whadda you want?!”
“Robots onl... What’s that on your head?”
“Oh! Well... it’s true that some robots have antennas... hmm...”
“Hey, you’re right! Come on in, friends!”
“Administration is right down that way.”

Central Administrator
“Certainly. Make, model number, serial or name, please.”
“Let me guess. He had tiny little wings on his back.”
“Of course. S13 is quite sought after. Not least for all the trouble he causes. He was returned to us some
weeks ago. Darned fool left the facility grounds.”
“Here you go.”
“It’s a box of paperclips. The fate of the criminally inclined.”
“Meanwhile, as his body begins a career in paper fastening, S13’s CPU has been sent to research.”
“His brain, my dear. Criminal behaviour is to be studied.”
“At the end of corridor three. You realise I could have told you all this in about 1/25th of a second if you’d
had a communications port installed.”
“Oh my, how polite. And such a curious design.”

Guardbot #1
“No, I said ‘halt’, not ‘run away’!”
“Bah! Running! Our one true weakness!”
“That makes sense!”

Guardbot #2
“Maybe they didn’t understand. Say it again!”
“Maybe... maybe they stopped for a rest just up ahead...”
Alistair “Aly” Kersaw
“Oh, aye?”
“Gee, I must be in the wrong place.”
“I didn’t realise this was some sort of fashion advice seminar.”
“I’m Alistair. Uh... I mean, Aly.”
“Haha, yeah, thanks. I can’t find my way around here at all.”
“Oh, haha. No harm done, eh?”
“...that’s a great movie!”
“Haha! Nah. The song is good, but the video is rubbish.”
“Yeah, it’s okay.”
“The third one was much better than the second one, too.”
“I dunno. Their first album was great, but after that it was all downhill. I didn’t even bother with their last
“Well, since I’m only here for a week I don’t have to do much work. This is just something they said I
should do. It’s kinda dumb really.”
“Y’know, I haven’t got a clue.”
“Yeah, thanks, Sir.”
“Nah, I’m not supposed to do anything where I could get hurt.”
“Woah! Hey!”
“Uh, yeah, yeah. It’s no big deal.”
“Haha! Okay. Just give me more warning if it does. So what’s first today, guys?”
“She’s not very subtle, is she?”
“A little, yeah! But I have to wear it. At least until tomorrow when...”
“I-I’m going to miss you, you know.”
“I-I came to say goodbye. I have to go now.”
“No... I won’t have any of those where I’m going. I’m really sorry, Kat. It-it was good to meet you.”
“I didn’t want you to see me like this.”
“Uh, Kat... I’d like you to meet my mum and dad...”
“My parents took some kind of test. And when they passed they were given new bodies.”
“They wanted to take me with them, so I’m changing too.”
“Yeah, yeah, I know. And now we are off to live in Gillitie Forest.”
“Um... you can have my stuff if you want.”
“Ugh! It-it’s happening a lot faster now... I th-think... I...”

Nameless Student #6

Mrs. Kersaw
“Hey, Aly. You want to be a bird?”
George Parley
“Bah! I had all me stuff packed already. I look a mess!”
“Haha! Aww, ain’t you a sweetheart!”
“‘Eya, what year you in, Bab?”
“I’m Parley, year 10, Thornhill. An’ this is Smit. Year 9, Queslett.”
“Jeez! You’re Surma Stibnite’s kid?! All this is your fault!”
“It is! She tried to cross the bridge an’ fell off!”
“She worked here as a medium, right? Me an’ Smitty are...”
“Hello, sir! W-we welcome you to—”
“Get out there, you idiot!”
“Uhh... what the hell just happened?”
“Here, why don’t you an’ Jones spar? You know, to show Carver!”
“Oh snap, sir! Are you gonna take that?!”
“Nah, she never uses ‘em.”
“Hey, Smitty! Just in time, big guy!”
“Eglamore and Jones are having a quickie!”
“Jeez, Eglamore is so hot! Huh? Huh?!”
“It is for Jones! Not something you want to try yourself!”
“Yeah, probably. Oh damn, here’s the next class. I gotta go get changed. Try not to get too excited thinking
about that, Smits!”
“Oh hey! I can show you! I always carry these around so I can show off what he does, haha!”
“Here, g’won!”
“And look! They’re all in order too! Haha! It’s like his super power is to make everything boring!”
“Hey, shut up, man!”
“Pfft, my dad is a certified psychic.”
“That’s when they test your psychical ability in a lab. He won like five million quid ‘cos of it. Put them
suckers right outta business.”
“S-so what if it is?!”
“Wuh—you jerk!”
“Yeah! Ysengrin is a huge, angry jerk. It’s obvious that he hates everyone in the Court.”
“Wow, a ghost! SPECTRAL BEING! Do you mean us harm?!”
“We wish to communicate with you!”
“Yeah, I’m laffin’.”
“So you’re a ghost, huh? What do you do?”
“Advice like what?”
“Subtle? What’s that got to do with... HWAAAGH!”
“FAREWELL! Hahaha!”
“Ah! Time to eat! Let’s go get something.”
“Yeah y’are. Come on.”

Andrew Smith
“You look fine, Parley.”
“Uh, Andrew Smith.”
“Hey. Hello, Carver. What’s going on?”
“Ah. Clever.”
“Good Summer, Carver?”
“At least I can do something.”
“Yeah, he’s so good he predicted his son, George would also be psychic.”
“As a prediction, Mr. Parley filled out the birth certificate for his first born child early. He got the weight,
date, time and everything correct... everything except the gender. They fixed her gender, but left her name as
George because everyone thought it was hilarious.”
“Coyote seemed very pleased to see the demon Renard. Perhaps it was all a ploy to get to him.”
“Ahahaha! What else can you do?!”
“Alright, see ya.”
“I’m not really hungry.”

The Headmaster
“Is that you, General? What the devil have you done to yourself?”
“Where do you wish to begin, General?”
“I have to ask, Ysengrin, why have you taken so long to confront us about this?”
“Not content with that, I assume, Ysengrin.”
“Any words of wisdom, Jones?”
“Coming from you that disturbs me greatly.”
“Miss Carver. It is a pleasure to meet you. My daughter, Janet is in your class.”
“Do you realise how many people could slap a creature like Coyote on the rump and live to tell of it? Tell
me. Do you find strange things seem to happen around you?”

General Ysengrin
“What is this? Where is your medium?”
“You expect us to talk to children?”
“Can we get a move on?”
“Perhaps with the death of one of our people. At the hands of Sir Eglamore, no less.”
“Well, originally we’d heard one of your own fell to their death that night and we were content to leave it at
that. But we are here today about something far more serious. This was recently found on our side of the
Annan Waters.”
“It had been there several months. By the time I discovered it, it had already rooted itself into the shore and
caused considerable damage to the cliff face. You placed it there in order to infect the Forest. Liar! You
cannot deny this device was made with Court technology.”
“You are in no position to make requests.”
“Furthermore, we have proof that Anthony Carver was the one who planted the device there!”
“We found this garment... which bears the name A. Carver!”
“So... so you admit you planted it there!”
“You dare take the form of a wolf?!”
“You should admire this body Lord Coyote has gifted me with, Renard. Now the very trees of Gillitie are
under my command!”
“M-my Lord...”
“Eglamore stays here. He is not welcome.”
“*Hurff*. Taking orders from a little girl, Sir Eglamore?”
“A masterful performance.”

“What game is this, Surma? Why are they saying you are dead?”
“You look much younger than before.”
“You’re her daughter?! Hahaha! Eglamore you hound!”
“Oh! In that case, how awkward! Hahaha! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”
“Yes! Yes I am! And your mother is really gone? I’m sorry, I forgot how short a time you humans have in
this world. She was a fine, pretty girl.”
“I laughed part way through! Yes, not one of my finer moments!”
“This is Ysengrin. He is very impatient!”
“Indeed they are!”
“Oh, you know Muut? Nice guy! Hell of a poker face!”
“Ah... we are not very good with human clothing!”
“Cousin! It’s so good to see you! You look so well!”
“Won’t you come back to the Forest with us, dearest cousin?”
“Such lame excuses, Renard! I think someone isn’t being honest! Perhaps... this one has something to do
with it...”
“Oh really? You never could resist a pretty girl, could you?!”
“Ay! Ay! Hahaha!”
“My sincerest apologies! Poor Ysengrin is so easy to rile these days!”
“Apologies to you too, Abalone. My nose has a mind of its own.”
“You cannot trust the people of this place. Come visit me in my forest where we may talk. No harm will
come to you, I swear it.”
“It appears this has all been a grand misunderstanding! And so, we shall leave! James, I would appreciate an
escort out of this rabbit warren.”
“See the mighty trees, the strong bones of my body! The Rustling of the leaves is my laughter! The swaying
grass is the hair on my back! The rocks and stones, powerful teeth of mine! My blood the water coursing
through the land! My ever watching eyes, the sun... and the moon!”
“You see, you see?! I told you she would like it, you old grump!”
“Yes, I think so too. Yes. FIRE HEAD GIRL! Welcome to my forest! No doubt your mother has told you
about our time together!”
“Ah, tell me which of these stories you like!”
“Hahahaha! Look how messy they are! It is my fault! I admit it! I came across the Great Spirit placing the
stars in the sky one by one... how boring! So I told him I would help and began to make pictures of all the
great beasts! But I am too wise and clever to be entertained by such a menial task for long! I threw the rest
of the stars in the sky and ran about my business! But look! I forgot to make a picture of myself! I howl at
them all the time in my sadness! AR! AR AR! ARROOOO! Ar! Ay! Ee! Ayay! Ayyy! Ip! Ay!”
“Ahahaha! Yes! The pretty girls all love when I juggle! The lovely Surma would roll and laugh! Twigs in her
hair! Dirt on her bare feet!
“It is sad she is gone. We are all sad. All the people of the Forest, and there are many.”
“Oh! Um, thank you. But now, you are here, and we hope friendship can be born anew!”
“The world is my home! But! I heard a story, swept across the ocean on the wind... A place where powerful
dog creatures rained misery and joy on the humans! One in particular, a trickster like myself!”
“Yes! My dear cousin Renard! I came in search and found him with old Ysengrin. Together we came to this
grand forest. This was to be a place of great power, a place of union! But all we found was a terrible
squabble! The humans sought to tame the powerful creatures! With my might paw I scored the earth and so
the Court and the Forest were divided.”
“Yes! I am very powerful, of course.”
“I’ll show you! Watch as I pluck the moon from the very sky!”
“Haha! You experienced it, didn’t you? What do you think?”
“The Court had done something to the flowing river, and nothing could cross. Eventually a bridge was
made, on their terms. You see, humans sometimes grow weary of their life. They yearn for something
different. A new life. With new bodies. And, when they shun their humanity, we welcome them here.”
“There is a test, yes. Some creatures of the Forest wish to be human, also.”
“Haha, it was Ysengrin’s idea to no longer allow humans into the Forest. Not without giving up their bodies
“Oh yes! When I first divided the Forest and Court there were some humans and creatures living on both
sides. Many of the current inhabitants are descended from those humans.”
“I sought to make him in to a powerful being such as myself. I sought to give him my powers, but he would
refuse. He didn’t want anything that would widen the gap between himself and the friends he had made
amongst the humans.”
“Why, he killed that young man, of course!”

“A fairly transparent ruse. Ysengrin dropped something during his attack.”
“Ysengrin is drawing closer to the brink of insanity. The way he has distorted his body... I’ve seen similar,
but nothing quite like that.”
“Collect your things and come with me, please, Antimony.”
“Just Jones will do. Have you given any thought to the headmaster’s offer?”
“Very good. We will begin today.”
“Currently, amongst other things.”
“Before Coyote left, he said something to you. What was it?”
“He said that? He specifically invited you?”
“Very well, you should take him up on his offer.”
“That sounds like something he would say.”
“Coyote is no liar. Therein lies the danger. Just be careful how you handle his advice.”
“Your mother was the last medium employed by the Court. And the last member of the Court allowed into
Gillitie Wood.”
“Oh? That was your father’s influence, I expect. Yes, he never had patience for matters that didn’t fall into a
scientific category. I also hear he has disappeared without a trace. Effectively abandoning you. It is not a
surprise, considering how devoid of emotion he is.”
“Yes. It helps me assess your character.”
“Parley’s lesson is almost over. We will sit and watch.”
“Yes. It instils a sense of awareness and how to read an opponent’s body language. You can soon take stock
of a person when you give them a blade. Parley in particular is fairly skilled at liechtenauer. It matches her
personality well.”
“For a school of science, there is much that science does not explain.”
“In the glass there. Have you ever seen that symbol before?”
“It serves as a reminder that the Court was founded on a union between technological and etheric design.”
“Processes unexplained by the sciences of man. The Court first took root in what was once the heart of
Gillitie Wood. A group of humans were offered refuge by the creatures of the Forest and they worked
together to create a place where they could live in peace. But man’s lust for explanation saw him grow tired
of ethereal tenet. So concerned were they with the workings of the universe, some of the humans were
driven to question their very surroundings. There was a great division which saw the Court and the Wood
separated. Nature on one side. Technology on the other. And this is where you come in. Or people like you.
Usually, individuals who can remain unbiased and objective are chosen as mediums. In the interests of
diplomacy they undertake a negotiative role when the need arises.”
“There has been virtually no dialogue with Gillitie Forest for a long time. No new medium has been search
for until recently, just as the creatures of the Forest grow restless.”
“The Court has its way of making decisions. Ah, a deft manoeuvre.”
“A keen observation, Antimony. However, irrelevant.”
“Growing it out again, James?”
“It has.”
“It won’t be a real match, James. I can make it quick.”
“Thank you, Parley.”
“Your mind is elsewhere, I think, James.”
“‘The Carver girl’? Is that how you think of her?”
“You need to watch your step, James.”
“Yes. You may find that many students here have skills that are extra normal in nature. Some of these skills
lend themselves well to those in a mediative position. For example, you have a special empathy with etheric
beings, as we saw when you met Coyote. Andrew’s abilities, on the other hand...”
“It would be more diplomatic to say Andrew can subconsciously create order where there was none.”
“Parley Senior is the only person to have ‘officially’ completed the Eugene Gould psychic challenge.”
“Parley’s abilities haven’t exactly manifested yet, but chances are good. She’s shown some promise.”
“Now, would any of you care to share your thoughts about the meeting with Coyote?”
“Be as candid as you wish, Antimony.”
“Yes, very good. That’s exactly the sort of observation you need to keep in mind.”
“The truth is, both sides are as bad as each other. Creatures of the Forest try to assert their importance by
posturing and baring their teeth, because that is the way of the animal kingdom. The Court, on the other
hand, sees them as nothing more than dull minded animals trying to create a nuisance. So, as a lesson in
interplanar communication, I have arranged a meeting with a being of the etherium.”
“Antimony, you know this boy?”
“Thank you again, Mortimer.”
“Well done, Antimony. Through you, Parley, Andrew, and Mortimer were able to get along amicably.”
“The fact you were able to befriend him on your own certainly does count. The next time might not be so
easy, but it was a good first step, I feel. When you want to go into the Forest let me know.”
“While I will continue to instruct you, I will not be making your decisions. I leave the choice up to you. If
Coyote promised no harm would come to you, you can be certain he will make sure of it. It should only be a
casual meeting anyway, and it will do you good to hear their side of the story. Until then you will have
lessons with Parley and Andrew each week. Goodbye.”
“Ahem. Try not to undress the female students, James.”
“No, but he worries about you. He wishes he could protect you himself.”
“Do you know what you will talk to Coyote about?”
“Very well. Though it may be a good opportunity to ask him any questions you might have about the Court.
In case you were wondering, that is.”
“Well, no need to keep them waiting.”

“...Infernal noise! War seemed a civil game to this uproar; horrid confusion heaped upon confusion rose: and
now all heaven...”
“...and in whose hand what by decree I do, Second Omnipotence! Two days are past, two days, as we
compute the days of heaven...”
“...suffered, that the glory may be thine of ending this great war, since none but thou can end it. Into thee
such virtue and grace...”
“ angels armed; this day from battle rest: Faithful hath been your warfare, and of God accepted, fearless
in his...”
“Here will I wait and wish your dreams are fulfilled.”

“How long would you like it?”
“But how long do you want it?”
“Very well.”

“Perchance she is not coming back?”
“If so then this makes me happy.”
“Too happy to wang tomatoes at them?”

“Hmm. Maybe she has reconciled with her old friend?”
“Yes. I, also, am happy.”
“Well now, I did not say that...”

“Come now, you knew it was inevitable. Sooner rather than later, yes, dear?”
“Child, there is a boy here in the hospital who has lost his way. He should be coming with me but this
mangy mutt here is also trying to claim him.”
“Not anymore. But now he’s stuck.”
“His pappy was my friend, and the woman belonged to the Moddey Dhoo, here. The boy’s sister chose to
stay beside her mother. Therefore it is only fair that the boy himself come with me. Ow!”
“She isn’t even listening! Surma was right, she’s too young!”
“Then pay attention! We have arrived.”
“Well done, child.”

The Moddey Dhoo

“If you was to come the matter would be settled right quick.”
“All she got to do is be there. The rest will sort itself out.”
“So good of yeh to come, pup. Time wears thin.”
“Quit yer noise, yeh old bat! The boy has every right to choose twixt you’er I. There were a most disforunate
accident. His family was taken right away but the boy was brought here to Good ‘Ope.”
“One more thing, pup. The boy doesn’t know he has passed on.”
“Martin. What’s done is done. And now you must choose which of us will take yeh into the aether.”
“The world continues to spin, pup. The boy and his family will ensure it.”

“Quick! Hide!”
“There’s a scary witch and a big dog outside my room! They keep trying to get in.”
“Aahh! What are you doing?!”
“Get away from me! Get... get away...”
“Hey, look. Wanna see something cool?”
“Come on, I think it’s great!”
“Ow! Hey!”
“Ow, ow, jeez!”
“Oh no oh no oh no Mum and Dad are gonna be so mad!”
“What did I do?”
“My family...”

The Internet
I think swords are neat do you think swords are neat!!

Nameless Student #7
“Uh oh, watch out.”
“Her mom is our form teacher, and I hear her dad is a teacher too!”

Nameless Student #8
“Who is she? She’s in our class, right?”
“Ugh, both her parents are teachers? She could get us into trouble like whenever.”

Nameless Student #9
“Hey, what’d you get?”
“She got an A Star!”

Nameless Student #10


Nameless Student #11

“Haw! Look at that!”
“Carrot top!”

Nameless Student #12

“Hey! Nice teddy! Are you off to the nursery?”
“Hey you!”
“Ahhh! I absolutely did not expect thiiiiiis!”

Nameless Student #13



“Easy now, Romeo.”
“Yeah man, besides, don’t forget who Janet’s dad is.”
“Hey! Uh...”
“Hey look, the water in the lake is going down. I bet that’s how the clouds are forming.”
“Jeez, what a freak.”

“Right this way.”
“There’s a wall around the whole compound. This building has the best view ‘cos it’s right next to the
artificial lake.”
“They’re gearin’ up for an experiment.”
“You’ll know as much as I do when you see it.”
“Aw, there’s way too much stuff to see around the Court. I go out exploring all the time. I fiddle with the
dorm’s motion detectors and it’s easy to slip away.”
“Oh aye?”
“Hate to break up this laugh riot, ladies, but we’re about to get started.”
“Oh, by the way, guys. There’s something else I probably should have mentioned...”
“Say. Your friend over there doesn’t look too well.”
“Yeah... yeah.”

“That’s pretty sweet. Except for the part where you kill everyone.”
“Hey. I heard you guys miles away. Despite my silky smooth entrance, I’m like five minutes from flippin’
out if we don’t get out of here, Annie.”
“You seem okay right now. Considering Gamma isn’t around.”

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