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SERVICE MANAGEMENT SAMPLE PROJECT (Emphasis more on analysis part : Dr.

Nripendra singh)
Individual company Assigment( 2 members of respective group) (7.5 Marks) Max. 2pages for each company

1. What are the different marketing expenses mentioned by CMIE .( F.e :

rebates and discount, sales promotion expenses etc. Dont show general marketing expenses figures as it is the sum of rebates and discount , sales promotion expenses. Use pie charts if possible) .


BSNL is a govt. owned company due to lack of expertise it does not spend much amount of money on rebates and sales promotion .

Note: do more analysis using directors report . Note: Repeat same for all other companies

2. Comment on the overall performance of one company based on the

expenses it incurred for marketing . Given data below for Bharti airtel ltd.


As we can see over the years as the company increased its marketing expenses it s overall profit increases as it is able to capture to more market share by creating awareness about its brand among the consumers.

Note: Do more analysis using directors report . Note: Repeat same for all other companies .

Group Assignment (7.5 Marks ) Max. 5 pages

1. Name the top 5 or 6 players (depending on the size of the group) in the industry you selected according to year ending .

2. Comment on the data given for each marketing expenses for the companies in your industry set. In which category was it maximum and why (exact data is not required, only reasoning of the same is to be mentioned . use bar graphs if possible )?

Part 1:


Selling and distribution expenses ( advertising expenses+ sales promotion expenses + rebates and discount expenses )

Analysis : as we can see over the given years the selling and distribution expenses are increasing .

Note: Do more analysis using directors report .

Part 2:
In which category was it maximum and why .

ANALYSIS : As we can see above the pie chart clearly indicates that maximum amount of expenses was done in advertising . because with all the firms competing and similar call rates only the one which maximize exposure of their product will be able to grab market share .

Note: do more analysis using directors report .

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