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Eastern Housing Limited (EHL) was established in 1964 with the objectives of development of land for housing in the urban areas of Dhaka. The need for the founding of such an organization in the private sector was felt when the acute shortages of habitable land were found wanting as the citys need was growing as a fast developing metropolis. Emergence of EHL released much pressure from government agencies who were singularly handling the states policies and actions through its own Housing and Settlement Department, C&B Department and Dhaka Improvement Trust (DIT) which was later renamed RAJUK (Rajdhani Unnayan Katripakkha). These organizations were setup for the purpose of planned development of the emerging metropolis. Since its founding, the companys main objective was to offer some solution to the inhabitants of Dhaka in finding a solution to their housing problem. From that time and onwards till now, EHL has been thoroughly and professionally active offering solutions of various choices and options according to affordability of Dhaka people. Eastern Housing Limited is the first company in the private sector in Bangladesh which pioneered concept and technique of development of non value low lands of Dhaka for housing of growing urban population.

**Above Figures are in Million U.S. Dollar Housing needs of lower, middle and upper income group of the population remained unattended and a considerable demand for housing started accumulating in the private sector. To meet this growing demand, EHL started building up a land bank by private purchase of free hold land in seasonal flood free areas on the peripheries of Dhaka City. The first land development project of EHL, the Pallavi Housing of the sixties came to be a

very successful scheme. It was a project of some 1000 villa type independent houses with necessary planned services and requirements where customers could own the house by paying monthly installments on easy terms. Afterwards, housing like Mohammadpur and Mirpur Housing Estates were also developed on similar pattern. After the independence of Bangladesh, with rapidly increasing demand for land for housing, EHL started the development of residential estates in various locations of Dhaka. In this sector also EHL was the pioneering leader completing and selling over 600 acres of land in the last 20 years to its customers in 24 projects. EHL has also made a contributing role in the building and selling of apartments. These apartments both of walk-up type and high-rise residential blocks have been serving a substantial number of city dwellers. In the last 15 years it has completed 1600 units of apartments and have also built some very modern shopping plazas and complexes. GEOTECHNICAL ACTIVITIES IN LAND DEVELOPMENT Eastern Housing Limited has embarked upon large scale land development in some areas with an initial 1000 acres of land involving placement and stabilization of borrowed soil. Filling was done hydraulically bringing soil by dredging from a distance of 3 to 5 km. Wherever necessary, this fill and the soft virgin ground below were

stabilized by vertical drains in the form of sand wicks. To manage all these EHL has foreign trained geotechnical engineers, boring and in-site testing equipment and a full fledged soils laboratory. With the introduction of newer techniques to stabilize and improve the fill after placement and by developing new types of piles and foundations, company is better placed in evolving more economical techniques of land reclamation and thereby opening up of these reclaimed areas for urbanization. In this sector, the role and the pioneering leadership EHL has established in

Bangladesh is second to none. Its market share in this business is over 70 percent, covering both apartment and land for housing. This dominating leadership and market share is unlikely to be challenged in any foreseeable future.

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