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KDM-640 4x5-inch AMLCD module with LED backlight

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New display module with LED backlight offers improved reliability, longer life, lighter weight, and more
Korrys new-generation KDM-640 display module features backlighting from an array of LEDs, instead of the fluorescent light source of traditional units. This offers significant advantages: Very high reliability Long-life, solid-state LED illumination No risk of backlight hard failure: LED array provides light-source redundancy Reduced weight Compact packaging, the smallest of any 4x5-inch display modules on the market Cooler operating temperature Lowest power consumption, increased power budget for graphics and I/O No high voltage in drive circuitry, eliminating the risk of shock Virtually instant warm-up Full night-vision compliance (NVIS Class B) Vivid primary colors Very wide viewing angle

AMLCD Active area (H x V) Pixel arrangement Pixel format (H x V) Resolution Outline dimensions (max.) Weight (max.) TN-TFT with heater 5.216 x 3.912 inches (132.5 x 99.4 mm) RGB stripe 640 x 480 >122 color groups per inch 6.02 x 4.84 x 1.50 inches (153 x 123 x 38 mm) 1.5 pounds (680 g)

Backlight Display mode Gray shades (colors) Luminance (day max.) Luminance (night min.) Viewing envelope: horizontal Viewing envelope: vertical Contrast ratio: dark ambient Contrast ratio: high ambient Reflectance: specular Reflectance: diffuse RGB LED (NVIS Class B Option) Normally white 262,144 240 fL (820 cd/m2) 0.04 fL (.14 cd/m2) 60 45 >200:1 @ DEP, >8:1 over VE >10:1 @ DEP, >2:1 over VE 1.0% max 0.1% max


KDM-640 4x5-inch AMLCD module with LED backlight

Korry. Control you can trust.

Specifications contd
Display interface Voltage (backlight) Power Response time 6 bit RGB 16.0 31.5 VDC Backlight: 28 VDC: 9 W AMLCD: 5 VDC: 0.85 W (ton + toff) 25ms @ 35C

Environmental MTBF (MIL-STD-217) Operating temperature D0-160E, MIL-STD-810E 37,000 hours, 35C AIC -55C to +55C continuous +71C reduced luminance +85C emergency < 1 minute functional < 5 min. full performance +55,000 ft (+16,900 m) 0.04 g2/Hz 15 1000 Hz > 95C -55C to +85C 20,000 hours AIC

Warm up from -40C Altitude Vibration Clearing point Storage temperature Life (min.)

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