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The primary purpose of IWA Penang is to provide a support network for expatriate families living in Penang. IWA Penang offers various social, cultural and sporting activities for its members. In addition, the organisation is very involved in community service projects within Penang, especially those associated with women and children. IWA Penang supports those charities with its fund-raising efforts, and a strong volunteer programme.

Matt Burke - Middletown Virginia. Cover: Times They are A Changin, reproduced by kind permission of the artist. As a child Matt grew up watching his aunt maintain a career in the animation and illustration industry, this introduced Matt into the art world. Matt always made sure he was enrolled in an art class throughout school. He derives most of his inspiration that goes on the canvas from the music he listens to. Matt is young and exploring the world of art, constantly trying new techniques. His most inuencing artists are Tim Bradstreet,David Garibaldi, Richard T. Slone, Stephen Fishwick and Jeanne Kean.

No. 28 Lebuh Lembah Permai 4, Tanjung Bungah, 11200 Penang, Malaysia. Tel : 6 04-898 2540 Email : Website : Ofce Hours Weekdays - 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. Weekends - CLOSED Public Holidays - CLOSED The Ofce will be closed on any day where we hold a General or Annual General Meeting.
Expressions is printed 10 times per year by IWA Penang, International Womens Association. The Editor reserves the right to edit all submissions regarding length, accuracy and clarity. Views and opinions expressed or implied do not necessarily reect those of the Expression staff, IWA Ofcers or the IWA membership. The IWA shall not accept any responsibility for services and/or advertisements appearing in this publication. Our policy is to make a clear distinction between editorial features and paid advertisements. All editorial content is based on its individual merit such as thematic relevance and context, newsworthiness and general interest value to our readers. Please be advised that any names listed in this publication and the IWA Directory are for the exclusive use of IWA members. Any commercial use is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. IWA Penang, Inernational Womens Association 2007 No portion of this publication shall be reprinted without permission. ISSUE DEADLINES Materials are due on the rst day of the month preceding the Month of Issue.

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If you are not receiving our e-newsletter and would like to do so, please call the ofce at 898 2540 to ensure we have your correct contact details.

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Executive Board
President Sandie Lenton First Vice President Ella Schmidt Second Vice President Carol Ashcroft Secretary Judith Ellidge Treasurer Chizuko Nakazato April 1st is known around the world as either April Fools Day or All Fools Day. The origins are a bit unclear but it seems to date back to the sixteenth century in France when the calendar was changed and the New Year moved from the week of March 25th April 1st to what we now celebrate on January 1st. Communications were very slow in those days, unlike our modern internet where news circulates the world in seconds, and especially for those living in rural areas it took a very long time before the new trend was universally observed. For those more sophisticated people, the country folk who still insisted on celebrating New Years Day as April 1st were regarded as fools; they were sent on fools errands, invited to non existent parties and had practical jokes played on them.and that is how the whole thing started! The tradition quickly spread to Scotland and England and on to the colonies. In Rome the holiday is known as the FeHappy April!

April Fool

General Board
Fund Raising Judith Mould Community Services Faye Ong Events & Entertainment Rebecca Marck Membership Charlotte Smart Sunalini Blandford Hospitality Dianne Sidebottom Carol Ashcroft Expressions Editor Frances Wilks Advertising Kate OSullivan Tours & Classes Rohana Turner Shammina Wright Auditor External

We are looking for somebody to offer their services as Ofce Manager NOT to do it on a full time basis but to advise Penny on ofce procedures and admin. Also we are looking for a webmaster for the new website.

Presidents Message

Up the Hill
A couple of Sundays ago I went up Penang Hill. It was a delightful experience in many ways. I rambled along the paths on the hill, and wandered into the grounds of an old bungalow, Convalescent, where I used to stay as a child. Sadly its abandoned now but there are still echoes of its healing past. Theres a new Monkey Cup Garden (no monkeys to the disappointment of some visitors!) a mere mile from the station, but I was shocked to discover that people are no longer expected to walk on the summit but instead are ferried around in golf buggies. It felt slightly surreal to walk along the pleasant hill paths as little carts whistled by with crowds of merrymakers comfortably tucked inside totally insulated from the rich and refreshing jungle experience. I felt a little sad because the cool air of Penang Hill makes exercise such a pleasure. Another thing that surprised me was the absence of foreigners of any kind. The crowd is almost totally Malaysian. Thinking back to the RM30 that was demanded of me as fare (the local price is RM8) I was no longer amazed. Whether consciously or unconsciously, foreigners seem to be boycotting Penang Hill. Even in David Browns Tea Rooms there was not a foreign face to be seen. If you add RM30 per person to the cost of your lunch, it is no longer economic to eat there. Its particularly a shame in view of the fact that David Brown has just opened a new cocktail terrace with spectacular views. I did think about suggesting an IWA sundowner event there but with the mark-up it would be impossibly expensive. How sad! that he decided to enter it into a local touring competition, under the name of Mercedes after his favorite nine year old daughter. Realising the business potential for the new car, he not only placed an order for 36 more, but secured the franchise for selling them in several countries under the name of Mercedes. We all very much enjoyed viewing the new Mercedes on Penangs own mini Riviera at Straits Quay.

From the

One Year On
Its a year since the Japanese earthquake and tsunami which claimed so many lives. It was marked by festival of remembrance at Straits Quay. There were quite a few ower cards with prayers and personal notes posted. The one on the left of the picture says God bless Japan and I think we all join with our Japanese IWA members in echoing that wish as Japan continues with reconstruction after such a huge disaster.

Times they are a Changin

This April will see a major change for the IWA the opening of the new clubhouse. Its been a fraught time for many of the committee members who were involved with the move, packing, painting, labeling, sorting and all those endless but necessary tasks. (I stayed well out of it, knowing that I would only create more mess!). A big thank you to the new Vice President, Ella, who supervised the move with a team of stalwart helpers. We hope that you will all enjoy the new clubhouse and use it often and for all sorts of events, happenings and gatherings. Another change that weve seen recently is the arrival of younger women joining the IWA. Our new Assistant Editor, Kat Fatland, is in her early twenties, but already has considerable journalistic experience. Shes here for two years with her partner. Its great that were not only inclusive in terms of nationality but also becoming more appealing to a wider age range. Have a great April!

All at Sea
A group of car enthusiasts and yachties (quite a few of them IWA members) gathered together to witness the Penang launch of three new cars from Mercedes Benz. It was a lovely occasion, a great chance to admire the new Benz and also to cruise around Penang Harbour on board the Blue Dolphin (an 80 foot super yacht) quafng champagne. On the boat everything was white which gave a very cool, clean feeling and the cabins were superlative. The owners suite even had its own sauna. Quite a few people were interested in the new cars though not everyone could afford the hefty price tag which Mercedes commands. However, they are in a class of their own where comfort, performance and engineering are concerned. They are also the only brand of car named after an Austrian girl with a Spanish name! In 1897, an Austrian businessman named Emil Jellinek, travelled from his home in Nice in the south of France to buy a car in Germany. On his return to the French Riviera, his new Daimler Phoenix caused such a sensation


New Members of the Board

For the rst time in living memory we will have a full IWA board. We asked each of the new members to provide a picture and a short biography of themselves. Heres what they wrote. Because we have so many, we are doing half the new Board members this month and half next month.

Sunalini Blandford (Membership)

Sunalini Blandford is from India. She moved to Penang in May 2009 from Hongkong, where she worked as a ight attendant with Cathay Pacic airways for 14 years. She is now is learning to be an Iyengar yoga teacher and will stay in Penang for 3 years.

by Charlotte Smart

Anne Gibb moved here in July 2011 with her husband, Stanley. Although they are both originally from Scotland, they have lived in Qatar for ve years and before their move to Penang, they lived in Cairns, Australia, where Anne ran a bakery and her husband worked as a QA Welding Engineer. Anne enjoys swimming, reading and yoga and has joined the IWA Scottish Country Dancing group. She is hoping to become involved with the Craft Group and is interested in Cooking Demonstrations. Anne lives in Tanjung Bungah. Elsie Kennaugh is Annes Aunt, although they moved here quite independently! She will be dividing her time between Dubai and Penang and has only just moved into her new apartment this month. Elsie and her husband, John, have visited Penang several times and he works in Dubai as an airline Simulator Instructor. They are both originally from the UK and have two grown up children

and two grandchildren. Elsie has lived in Australia, Germany and Belgium. She likes yoga, pilates, dancing and cooking. Elsie has already tried the IWA Scottish Country Dancing group and is interested in our yoga classes.


April 11 (Wed.) - 9:30 am to 11 am Sneak-a-Peek at our new digs! Join us for the rst Coffee Morning at our new clubhouse, located at: No. 28 Lebuh Lemah Permai 4, Tanjung Bungah. Its in a small retail complex on the back side facing a childrens park. (Call 04-898-2540 if you get lost.)

April 26 (Thurs.) - 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm Quiz Night At The Library Pub in Straits Quay. Relax by the sea with tasty food and bargainpriced potent potables. Then rise to the challenge of a genuine British-style pub quiz. May the best team win! All this fun for a mere RM5 donation towards the quiz prize of course theres a prize! Live music to follow from 9:30 pm May 1 (Mon.) - 11:00 am. to 2:00 pm. Why not spend this national holiday with your family at the ofcial Open Day at our new IWA Clubhouse (address above). Show your hubby where youll be spending happy hours. Let your kids play in the childfriendly park across the way. Explore the food and drink outlets that are our new neighbors. And if you felt like bringing some sort of nibbles to share around, theyd certainly be welcome! May 8 (Tues.) -11:00 am Equatorial Hotel Coffee Garden - Buffet Lunch All you spring chickens come on out to mix & mingle and hear Dr. Neil Solomons explain his meaningful work in the eld of reconstructive surgery. (And hell have some tips on how we, too, might benet from a nip here and a tuck there.) International cuisine and vocal offerings from our own IWA choir will remind us what a delightfully multinational group we are.

The Expat Magazine is targeted at all expatriates living in Malaysia who are interested in reading an English language publication. The purpose of the Magazine is to increase expatriates understanding about Malaysia and all aspects of life here. The Expat magazine believes the more expatriates know about the country they are living in the more they will enjoy it. If you would like to subscribe to this FREE monthly publication, just visit: or e-mail

Frances Wilks drops in on the new clubhouse as the organized chaos starts to give way to a great space to meet, hang out and run the IWA from .. The new clubhouse is up and running but getting there has been anything but an easy ride! As you may remember, the IWA inherited the shoplot in Lembuh Permai from a nail salon which has since moved to Straits Quay. We had to take over all the xtures and ttings, a bit of a mixed blessing as some of them were a little impractical. For example, the board room/games room had a raised platform with three luxurious armchairs and three foot basins. Perfect if you need a pedicure but a little less useful if you want to play mah jong! After a bit of deliberation the Board decided to remove this and put down carpet tiles on the now at oor. The result is a large and beautiful space which is already being very successfully used. There were considerable benets is taking over an already tted out space despite having to make some modications, it was a lot cheaper than starting from scratch. Sterling work was done by some committee members during and after the move to make the place habitable. Ella Schmidt, our; Vice President, masterminded the move with a great deal of help. Its great, more room, more modern and more comfortable. I feel proud to bring a new member here Some areas have been a little more worked on than others. Heres the kitchen which Becky Marck was bravely tackling when I arrived. Much of the kitchen stuff was still in the boxes provided by Crown Relocations who so kindly sponsored our move. Parkings much better. In fact everythings better..
Heres Penny working manfully at her desk amidst the clutter of the front ofce which will become a tea and coffee area. Pennys going to be working upstairs in a breezy ofce overlooking the square gardens.

premises, then wait until you see the upstairs! When the current tenants leave, the IWA will take over the upstairs space which has two separate ofces, one could be sublet and a huge space which could be used for a variety of purposes.


I dont feel the place is about to fall down and I love the pubs and the park nearby Its a great area and very friendly. Its good that our parking wont irritate the neighbours and that theres plenty of it. Were already making good contacts with the businesses locally and Annabelles (a little further up our row with delicious Windsor teas on Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons) has just made the offer of a 10% discount for IWA members. I expect it is the rst of many new Friends of the IWA. So come and see it if you havent yet were open normal IWA times (mornings 9.30 -12.30) and were having a special Open Day (please see Events for details of this). By then the place will look spic and span and youll never believe the effort that it took to get there. Judging by the quotes scattered throughout the article, it would seem that the members whove used the new clubhouse have given it a thumbs up. Whats your view?
Reading Corner

The start of the teapot collection




A (British) Japanese Salarymans Saga

By Rebecca Marck My husband recently whufed off to another country to work, leaving me behind to be a lady who lunches here in Penang. Nothing special about that. Lots of you ladies can say the same. But can you claim to be married to a bona de Japanese salaryman? Well, I can!

To say that working in Japan is the antithesis of toiling in the local Penang workforce is to put it mildly. The difference is really night and day. Heres how my husbands workday typically goes: At 7:50 a.m. everybody is in place and has their computer booting up so itll be ready for the 8:00 a.m. start of the workday. At 8:00 the Big Ben chimes are sounded and the section head strides to the front of the room. He says Ohayo gozaimasu! (Good morning!) and bows to all the assembled employees - and I do mean all! (Nobody comes to work late or lingers around the water cooler gossiping.) The staff all bow even more deeply back to him and return his greeting. Then, according to a predetermined rota, the designated employee rep of the day goes to the front, faces the other staffers, and says (three times), Welcome, welcome, welcome. Then everybody in unison, following the boss prompts, does a call-and-response of the company slogan. Translated, it goes like this: Today we promise to greet each other warmly, respond politely and quickly, and do our best to create quality products. Its a kind of reminder and afrmation of what theyre all about. The designated employee then says, Thank you all for coming to do todays work and nal bows are exchanged. Then everybody goes to work straightaway, no delays, no chatting, no warming up - they just start immediately after the daily ceremony is over. The morning break starts at 10:00. Smokers rush to the exits, ladies to the restroom, etc. A Westminster chime summons everyone back at 10:05, not a minute later. Nobody comes back late, nobody! And lunch hour isnt an hour, but actually 55 minutes, from noon to 12:55. The chime

sounds at 12:50, though, so people can get back to their desks on time. The lights are doused in the whole workspace during the lunch break while everybody is up in the dining hall because this company, like most of Japan, is conserving energy in the aftermath of the nuclear power plant meltdown a year ago. The automatic front doors are no longer automatic for the same reason. And nobody (except the lunch box deliveryman) uses the elevator to get to the third oor staff cafeteria. The fabled Japanese unpaid overtime has been abolished, too. In order to save energy, everybody is out of the ofce by 7:30, a rarity in a country where teachers, ofce workers and others routinely stay on the job (or at least in the workplace) until nine or ten oclock at night. But I digress! The afternoon break is longer - a whopping ten minutes this time. Again, no one returns late. People in Japan, or at least in this company, actually want to work and are happy to be working there. Theres no noise, no shouting, no distractions, just quiet, steady, organized productive activity. Diffrent strokes for diffrent folks, of course, but my British hubby is happy to be a Japanese salaryman, and he wears his blue company jacket with pride. I just hope he washes it once in a while!


Judith Ellidge

Three years ago when dbee came to Penang she was a lost soul. Having given up a high-powered job to accompany her husband she found herself with long lonely days. Even all the IWA activities could not ll the long hours whilst David was at work. Luckily, she was able to join an Art Club (Penangs Creative Art Club) and I have watched her progression from a talented amateur painter to a gifted professional. She works in a variety of mediums, water colour, acrylic, pen and ink and takes her inspiration from both her home in the UK and all the places she has visited during her stay in Southeast Asia. So keen is she that, newly returned from a trip to Australia, she was inspired by Aboriginal Art, one of the paintings was only nished on the afternoon of the Opening. It was still wet! The evening began with a few short speeches from both the gHotel and dbee. Then we were given a live demo by dbee using watercolour on rice paper. After painting an orchid, dbee invited all guests to have a go at painting a ower themselves which some of us enjoyed. The gHotel provided refreshments while we chatted and viewed the paintings. One painting Cat with Bamboo was sold on the night to an American staying at the gHotel while on business here in Penang. Probably best to let the paintings speak for themselves! The exhibition is on from 1st April to 15th May at the gHotel. Note - All the paintings are for sale and are also available as limited edition prints in various sizes. For more information visit dbees web site www.dbeedoodah. com or contact her on dbee.robinson@




Making Chickens Spring!

Frances Wilks The theme for our Spring Brunch is Spring Chickens and members of the Events Team got together to make the centerpieces for the occasion. We thought it would be more fun and a lot cheaper than having the hotel supply us with their idea of a spring chicken table centre. Ours are custom-made please remember that, especially if it comes away in your hand! Oh I cant believe I said that.. So a select group of us gathered at Rohana Turners beautiful apartment to assemble to chickens on a plinth of wood (offcuts from the new clubhouses old platform oor), fasten the fake bird to it, and to place an egg (presumably that the chicken has just laid) on each display. It wasnt easy at rst to work out how the feet of the hens could be attached to the plinth. However, with liberal doses of hot gum from the glue gun and a bit of foot straightening (thank goodness no animal activists were present!) we managed it, artfully massaging some owers over the said feet to hide any glue drips. Then came the egg part. Becky Marck had thoughtfully blown the eggs and washed out the insides of the shells. Otherwise there could be rather a mess if one cracked and the yolk went ying everywhere Once the eggs were safely in place, the chickens were decorated with a necklace (available for one person on each table to take home as a bracelet present for their daughter/friend/signicant other). The only question I have is whether cockerels actually lay eggs. I rather tend towards the belief that they dont but hey, were going to the lunch not only to enjoy ourselves but also to learn about some of the miracles of modern medicine.

So see you Tuesday 8th May from 11 onwards at the Equatorial Hotel for a spectacular buffet lunch and talk by Dr Neil Solomons. Dont forget to book rst with Penny at the ofce.



Frances Wilks Over thirty IWA members had a treat on 11th April a double bill coffee morning. As well as coffee and nger snacks, there were two interesting talks on very different subjects. The rst was about the work of Kawan, a faith-based NGO that works with the homeless people of George Town. People end up on the streets because of a complex set of circumstances which may include family breakdown, nancial problems, substance abuse and mental illness. Its essential to reach out to them with love, respect and care, to give food and help and whatever support is appropriate. Befriending without an agenda or judgment is also vital. To support this outreach work, Kawan has a drop-in centre at 37 Love Lane which provides breakfast and lunch on weekdays, shower facilities and a rest area. They will also help with referral to rehabilitation centres. The Kawan shop, at 41 Chulia Street, which sells donated second hand clothes, toys, books and electrical items, raises between RM 2,000 and RM 3,000 a month which goes to the drop-in centre (which actually needs RM 6,000 a month to survive). Donations of second-hand clothing, clean and in good condition, are always needed. Perhaps its something that the IWA could organize sometime? We probably all have unwanted items in our closets and by arranging a group donation of them to Kawan, we could help homeless people to feel a bit less isolated and a bit more cared for. The second talk was by Laurence, who is the manager of the 1881 Chong Tian Hotel. Its a magnicent building, superbly renovated, full of antiques and beautiful historical items. Laurence described the history of the building, constructed in the latter years of the nineteenth century, as a hotel. It looked very different in those days as its clients were the merchants who traded in the nearby port. Called Chong Tian, which means middle sky or middle heaven in Mandarin and looking up at the divine view through the three storied courtyard, its not hard to see why the name was appropriate. After World War 2, the building ceased to be a hotel and became a goldsmiths shop on the ground oor and a brothel on the second oor. Gang warfare was rife in this part of George Town as recently as the 1950s and the area became rather rough and unruly. Happily those days are over as 1881 Chong Tian has become a glorious boutique hotel. Laurence showed us some of the treasures his family has collected: a cupboard that used to belong to the rst Prime Minister of Malaya, and the father of Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman, which has both Arabic and Chinese motifs. He explained the symbolism on some of the gorgeous wedding silk tapestries which adorn the ground oor. The phoenix and the dragon are both very important icons for the Chinese; the former symbolizes the feminine, or yin, principle, the latter, the yang, or masculine principle. In the entrance hall of the hotel there is a pair of wedding cupboards, one with dragon symbols (for the husband) the other with phoenix decoration for the wife. We also saw a mother-of-pearl inlaid wedding bed made for a Peranakan family which several people thought was very uncomfortable looking. The tour was concluded by seeing some of the gorgeous bedrooms of the hotel with rather more comfortable beds! All in all, it was a fascinating morning and a wonderful insight into two very different aspects of George Town.


We all like to look as fresh faced and as unmade up as possible these days but how natural would you allow your furniture to go? Would you be prepared for it to be alive? While stripped pine has been in vogue in Europe since the 1970s, and minimalism since the 1990s, designers have more recently come out with furniture that really goes green. In some cases, quite literally.

The Picnic Chair

Great for sitting on the grass but not having to go all the way down!

The Green Carpet

Dont forget to water the grass, darling!


The Bamboo Bench The Ticklish Sofa

Dont lean back too far on this one! Simple, elegant, unpretentious. Comes in kit form.

The Three piece suite The Salad Bar

No need to worry if you forget to make a side dish. You can pick your own at the table. If you dont want to lounge on this living room set then you could always turn it into a miniature golf course!

The Three piece suite

If you dont want to lounge on this living room set then you could always turn it into a miniature golf course!

And so to bed..
Have sweet dreams in this romantic tree house bed. Bird is extra.
23 23





Grand Prix or Endurance Test

Judith Ellidge Dianne is not Hospitality Chair without good cause. She had packed a picnic, large, delicious and varied enough to satisfy the entire Formula 1 participants. I brought the appetite! We arrived in ne style and Dianne cleverly discovered the free wine by the pool, we indulged, copiously. Saturday, we devoted to shopping. The Loaf, opposite the Westin in KL has the most wonderful sandwiches and coffee. We accidentally wandered into Amee Philips wonderful jewellery boutique in KL, full of gorgeous things and I accidentally bought some of them. I had taken the precaution of locking into the room safe my laptop, iPad and Kindle. Safety First is my watchword! We arrive back at the hotel and I attempt to open the safe complete failure! I call the Front Desk, a delightful lady attempts to open the safe. Complete failure. She calls for her friend, who tries to open the safe. Complete failure. Maintenance technician is called; he tries to open the safe. Complete failure. He sends for re-enforcements. Two more chaps arrive, still no success but the chambermaid (a man) decides to join in. Much discussion follows and a party atmosphere is happening. Lucky really as I was very bored with all my toys locked in the extremely safe safe! Front Desk lady, taking charge again, calls out the technicians from the safe company. They refuse to come on the grounds that it is Saturday night and they are out having fun. More hotel technicians arrive, bearing a very large drill and an even bigger crowbar! By this time we are almost hysterical. To recap we have; Front Desk lady and friend, Maintenance, about four, one chambermaid (man) two cleaners forgot to mention them, they spotted the fun and joined in, swiftly joined by two more cleaners, one with vacuum cleaner and the other with a brush. Copious amounts of holes drilled in the safe, several attacks with the crowbar and hours later, including a very long wait as the battery in the drill failed success, the door is wrenched off to shouts of joy all round. By this time our tears of hysteria have turned to tears of exhaustion and we fall into bed long after midnight thanking our lucky stars that passports, plane tickets and tight schedules had played no part! Serious stuff now, off to the races. As we had a late booking we could not buy a designated parking place and had to take our luck with the rest of Malaysia, very, very bad move. Having done several laps of the track on the outside, we nally were whistled into a slot in a Palm Oil Plantation (whistles are VERY important at the Malaysian Grand Prix thousands are deployed both inside and outside the track, their use bafes me, but the whistleblowers are very happy and feel very important whilst not actually contributing anything to the smooth running of the show). Our part of the Plantation was clearly marked Parking 10 duly committed to memory by both of us. Out onto the Perimeter road again, this time to pick up the shuttle bus to take us to you thought I was going to say the entrance didnt you to another shuttle bus. Shuttle bus one carried us to a parking area, full of other shuttle buses, as we

had no idea what to do and there was no direction and no signage, we followed the crowd, crammed our way onto shuttle bus two. How can I put this next a less welcoming country the maximum number of passengers would be 50. However, it is deemed unkind to leave anyone behind so 200 is no problem. This is the reason we did another lap of the track on the outside. We had no idea where we were! Yes we did nally achieve our seats and settled down to watch some exciting racing. Oops! To no-ones surprise the monsoon began. We amused ourselves during the hours delay by kicking water botlles, empty beer cans and the like onto the unsuspecting heads of those seated in the cheap seats downstairs (not really but we could have there is nothing to protect those sitting on the ground oor from being bombarded from above you have been warned). We will draw a veil over the outcome of the race which was not at all to my liking. Now we have to get back to our car, Parking lot 10. We lose our natural European politeness, out come the elbows and we get a window to check parking numbers, 1, 2, 3, and 4 y by without a stop by the driver (by the way, all drivers seem to be Trappist Monks moonlighting as drivers, not a single word or even grunt from any of them! Five is a very popular stop and lots of people descend. Six, seven, eight, people get out, nine arrives and Dianne and I are poised to quit the bus. Next stop must be ten but the sign has disappeared but out we get. Never seen it in our lives, it is now pitch dark, it has monsooned so we are up to our knees in mud, panicking, banging into trees and wondering what to do. Back to the bus stop in the hopes that we will get another shuttle. Happily we did, see beginning of article for farce that is bus service. We are now on our sixth outside lap of the track. Alonso did not go around as often as we! We sit there and count, we get out at ten, guess what! Same bl**dy place, by now it is even darker! We are rescued by a totally charming Malay guy and his sons who declare they will not part from us until we are re-united with our car. He then pointed out that we were in a Palm Oil Plantation, all the snakes and scorpions etc would probably be ticked off at having their quiet life disturbed and we needed to take care. Dianne cannot help that she is scared stiff by snakes and scorpions - great fortitude was shown with safe-cracking staff snakes and scorpions are beyond her comfort zone, she leapt on my back screaming, this caused me to fall into the mud, I leave the rest to your imaginations, sufce it to say that I do not think there was a snake or insect within 200 kilometres. The totally lovely guy found our car, I was so happy I asked if I could kiss him, to which he readily agreed, which leaves me wondering as to his eyesight. I was engaged in backing the car out of a Palm Oil Plantation in the dark, trees are everywhere without lights, we spot a very young Malay couple looking lost. Told them to jump in, my grandchildren are coming soon and I have bought a Baby seat, guy has to sit in it, beggars cant be choosers right! They have no idea where they parked, so, off we go on our 500th lap of the circuit on the outside. Sad to say we did not reunite them with their car. I suspect it was illegally parked and towed away. The PR lady at the Shangri La came to our room next morning, mortied about our stay (room in total disarray when we got back from Grand Prix, glad to report Dianne is as messy as me in a hotel room) and has promised us a free weekend next year. Dianne is returning to UK for ever next month, that leaves me with a spare room . . . . . . best answers on a postcard!









Friends of IWA
Many local businesses will give discounts to IWA members. Remember to carry your membership card and show it at the time of purchase or ordering in restuarants
ABT Money Changer (Aboothahir Enterprise Sdn Bhd) Basement Gurney Plaza Tel: 04 227 8787 Special rates for money changing
Amee Philips 109 Kelawei Road. Tel 04 229 5755 Exclusive jewellery. Special discounts Bella Italia Restaurant Belissa Row, Burmah Road. Tel 04 227 2195 Italian restaurant.10% discount Book Zone 1st Floor Penang Plaza, 126 Jalan Burma. 10050 Penang. Tel: 04-2265585. 10% Discount on books. Creative Furnishing Sdn Bhd 416-428, Jalan Dato Keramat. Tel: 2274 980 / 988 Island Plaza Tel: 8908907 Furniture, handicraft & gift items 10 to 20% discounts Crown Jewellers 101 King Street. Tel 04 264 3101 or 012 460 2436 Special discounts Curio Pack Removal specialist. Tel: 04 262 3802 IWA members entitled to 5 free archive boxes when booking your survey packing. Cutting Edge Hairdressing 20 Lorong Burma. By Appointment. Call May Ooi Tel 012 534 0133. 10% discount Denise Wine Shop Pulau Tikus Outlet Only. 425-D Jalan Burma. Tel 04 2280390 Attractive discounts for certain wines throughout the year Flower Series Sdn Bhd 7a, Ground Floor, Weld Quay (opp Tanjung City Marina) Tel 04 2611677. 10% discount

Glamour Nail Spa Straits Quay Tel : 04-890 4363 10% for IWA members
Gorgeous Beauty & Spa 98-1-39 Prima Tanjung. Tel 04 898 2957 Facelift without surgery RM600 on 1st Trial facelift plus other offers. Hisago Modern Japanese Restaurant 3E-1-1, Straits Quay, Jalan Sri Tanjung Pinang, 10470 Penang. 10% discount Hong Kong Homes Decoration 66 Lorong Selamat. Tel: 04-2269199, 013-4307543 Curtains, Wallpapers, Blinds & Upholstery - 20% discount Jantzen Salon (Gurney Plaza) SB 170-04-02 Plaza Gurney, Gurney Drive. Tel 04 227 2700. 20% discount. Kaffa Cafe Straits Quay. 10% off food and wine for IWA members Fiesta Night (Mexican food) every Friday Lao Sher Tea House Jalan Burmah. Tel: 04-227 3139. Open from 11.30 am to 11 pm. Closed on Wednesday. 10% discount for IWA members. Lynn Boutique 124D Burmah Road. Tel 04 2260982. Fashion. 10% discount myTESOL Learn to Teach English. Get Qualied IWA Members RM500 off. HP:017 426 1408 NUSKIN Deep cleansed, skin becoming lighter, rmer, ner pores and reduced wrinkles. RM120 /session or RM300 for 4 sessions. Contact 012-4014316. By appoinment Only. Discount for all IWA members: OE Fine Jewellery Gurney Plaza, Bayan Lepas Factory Store Tel 04 647 1288, 04 228 8908. Special discounts

Orlene Beauty House 48 Ground Floor Jalan Irrawady 10050 Penang Tel : 04-227 2029 10% discount
Penaga Hotel. Jalan Hutton. Tel: 04-261 1891 Massage 1 hour at RM85.00 nett*. 35% off all other Spa Menu treatments Royal Selangor Pewter 3A-G Straits Quay, Tanjong Tokong, 10470 Penang. Tel 04 891 2016. Pewterware and collectibles. 10% discount Russell Salon (Penang) Sdn Bhd 170-03-61A Plaza Gurney. Gurney Drive Tel - 04 226 9699. 20% discount. Restaurant Palace dIndia 2F-29, 2nd Floor, North Zone. Queensbay Mall, Bayan Lepas Toll Free No: 1800 88 9787. 15% Discount Sams Batik House 183-185 Penang Road. Tel 04 262 1095 Clothing, homeware and accessories. 15% and special promotions Sams Nail Beauty Salon 29 1st Floor, Prangin Mall (behind B+L)) Tel 04 263 3463Manicure, pedicure, nail art. 10% discount Signature Spa 125M, Desa Tanjung, Jalan Tanjung Tokong. Tel: 04-8981286. Children/Elderly Massage. 10% discount Sigis Bar & Grill Golden Sands Resort. Batu Feringgi Beach. 20% off for event nights. Tan Optometry Penang Plaza (Giant Spermarket) 126 Burmah Road Tel 04 227 3959. 20% off eyewear only The Wine Shop 15, Lintang Burmah. Tel: 04 226 0331 Wine. 15% discount

Euro Deli Gurney Plaza Authentic port sausages and draught beer. Special discounts
Four Seasons Resort Langkawi Special rates for IWA members Call Reservations at 04-950-8700 or & quote IWA Rate & IWA ID. *Terms & Conditions apply




8:15am - 10:00am

IWA Ofce. All players are welcomed to join in the fun, from beginner to experienced. Contact Faye Ong 04-890 8271

Do you need to stretch and tone your body? Try Iyengar Yoga at Sri Pangkor. Call Karen 04-229 7494 or 017-469 1325

Come join us, relax, have fun and meet new people. Penang Bowl, 38B Lebuh Farquhar. Contact Rowella Colk 017-405 6442

For a fun & different way to exercise, come trek the beautiful paths of Penang Hill. Walkers of all levels welcome. Just bring good walking shoes, and plenty of water. We meet in the car park on the right just before the entrance to the Botanic Gardens. Experienced trekkers are welcome to teach us new routes. Contact Inge Viermann 012-462-4979.

Love singing? If you can carry a tune and enjoy singing please come along and join us each week at 48E Taman Jesselton; Choir Director - George Swalwell. Contact Marlene 228 5691, 016-491 1658 or email

Enjoy relaxed sewing with a cup of coffee, snacks and good company. From quilting to cross-stitch, tapestry to smocking whatever your craft, bring it along. If you are a beginner, there are plenty of willing helpers to get you started. Barbara Williams:04 890 4079 or 012 560 1208

Meets on the second Tuesday of each month; new members are welcome. Contact Faye Ong 04-890 8271

8:15am - 10:00am
Do you need to stretch and tone your body? Try Iyenger Yoga at Sri Pangkor. Call Karen 04-229 7494 or 017-469 1325

Held the third Thursday of each month, all are welcome.

1:00pm - 4:00pm
like to learn to play bridge? Looking for a regular game? Are you willing to help some less experienced enthusiasts improve their game? Call Karen Gillanders 229 7494

8:00pm - 10:00pm
Have fun and get some exercise! All skill levels are welcome and no need to bring a partner. Please wear soft shoes and bring your own refreshments. 10RM per person to cover hire of the hall. Meet in the hall at St. Nicholas Home for the Blind Contact Hilary Kelland 016-473 7832

8:15am - 10:00am
Do you need to stretch and tone your body? Try Iyenger Yoga at Sri Pangkor. Call Karen 04-229 7494 or 017-469 1325

Every Monday afternoon, venue to be advised Call Judith at 017 578 0965 or email

10.00am - 12.00noon
INTERNATIONAL PLAYGROUP - for babies and toddlers 0-4 years
Held at the IWA ofce. The group is open to 0-4 year olds and their mums but during school holidays children up to 7 years old are welcome to join in. Admission: a donation of RM5 per child per entry to go to a child related charity. Please bring a towel and swimsuit for your child if he/she likes to try our paddle pool. Healthy healthy snacks to share are always welcome.

9:30am - 12 noon
Meets on the last Wednesday of each month. Regular group attendance is not required in order to join a discussion of a particular book. PLEASE RSVP to Rosemary Lee 012-566 2604

8:15am -10:00am
Do you need to stretch and tone your body? Try Iyenger Yoga at Sri Pangkor. Call Karen 04-229 7494 or 017-469 1325

2.00pm - 5.00pm
Played cards but dont know Canasta? No problem, come along to one of our Wednesday afternoon sessions and we will show you how! Beginners and learners are welcomed. Contact: Barbara Williams - 04-899 5889 or 012 560 1208

For mums with young babies and pregnant women to meet at the Botanical Gardens every Tuesday morning for a walk. All nationalities welcome! Contact Liza Faskerty 012-491 0081


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