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Cameron Whitten for Unity Portland Mayor 2012 Somos la Noventa y Nueve Dear People of Portland, I apologize if my speech is ill-prepared, I spent most of my day in jail for exercising my Constitutional rights. Today we march, because our country was forged to be a catalyst for freedom. But the contradictory truth is that the entire infrastructure of America was built off of the economic enslavement of coloured people. They forced the Negroes to maintain their plantations. They ordered the Chinese to construct their railroads. They sent the Latinos to work their farms. Inherent racism has led to the decay of dignity for the ethnic population. Our homes have been filled with tears. We have lost our dignity, especially to the cause we gather for today. America has selectively declared that being human is illegal. They continue with their Imperialistic ideologies, basking in their ignorance, refusing to admit they themselves are immigrants, that they have colonized land stolen from its native people. The first custodians of this continent understood the rights that belonged to nature and Mother Earth, not the hypocrisy that the American Regime views as natural rights. When I look out at this crowd of people, I dont see any illegal Immigrants. I see family. Your blood is my blood. And my heart is lit on fire for your pain. I feel so strongly for Gustavo, a student, a son, and a friend to this community. He is a 17 year old man that I never grew up with, but whose story I have heard time and time again. But change is happening, right now. I am no longer standing proud for this countrys crimes against humanity. I kneel, because we are a community. A community of equal people with equal rights, and it is my pledge to serve and honour each and every one of you. When we march today, we dont just march for legal recognition. We march for the decolonization of Americas cruel mentality against the ethnic people. We are the diversity that makes this entire world thrive. Please, remember to love your neighbor. We are winning.
Jose on March 20, 2012 at 5:52 pm said:

Cameron, This morning I woke up a little sad and a little beaten down from the struggle we have both been sharing in. As I read this post, I was moved to tears. I was experiencing a new found hope in our world. One that I and many Americans have been given up on or have already done so. This generation of young people are bringing back the youth within me. I have found the strength to stay on course and bear the load. I have lived through a little over half of my allotted time on this earth and only now do I see the possibility that maybe, just maybe I will privy to

seeing the kind of world I desire so deeply in my heart. Yes Cameron. you will make mistakes, but you have within you the love for the people and the will to make things happen. You really are a true leader, one that shares in the suffering of your people. I will stand by you my friend, and if need be, I will fall with you. I love you my dear brother. Keep moving forward, dont allow those who would thwart you to have one single moment of success. My prayer are with you, to the end.

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