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December 12, 2008

H.E. Ban Ki-moon

Secretary General
United Nations
New York, N.Y

Your Excellency,

We are writing to you on a matter of grave concern: the ongoing imprisonment of over 2,100
political prisoners, unfair trials and sentencing of political prisoners in Burma/Myanmar in light of
60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The United Nations Security Council, General Assembly, and International Human Rights
Organizations have all called on Burma's military regime to immediately release all political prisoners
in Burma.

This year, the military regime arrested more human rights activists and almost doubled the
number of political prisoners to more than 2,100 in Burma in direct defiance of the international
community and United Nations.

Burma's military regime has used tricks such as releasing a handful of political prisoners during
and after visits by UN envoys while avoiding a true national reconciliation. The release of only a
limited number of political prisoners represents a continuation of the same games the military
regime has used to extend its power for decades. More arrests and unfair trials always continue
after UN envoys leave Burma.

Furthermore, a true national reconciliation will not happen while the killing and persecution is
going on every day in ethnic territories. We demand a nation wide cease-fire and a stop to the killing
of Karen and other ethnic minorities in Burma.

We understand that you received the unprecedented and historic letters from over 110 former
world leaders and more than 240 duly elected Asian lawmakers in regard to your visit to Burma
and your direct involvement to obtain release of all political prisoners in Burma.

The release of all political prisoners would pave the way for true national reconciliation, which will
contribute prosperity and stability not only for Burma but also for the region.

Your personal engagement with the highest level of the military regime and regional leaders is a
key to fulfilling the numerous calls from UN and the International Community to release all
political prisoners in Burma.

It is important that your direct involvements include travel to the region and Burma, and serious
dialogue with the military regime to achieve tangible results.

No effort should be spared in the endeavor to end the suffering of the people of Burma that has
been going on for several decades.

We trust in you and your good offices to work to achieve this important benchmark "the release
of all political prisoners in Burma", and we urge you to spare no effort in this noble cause.

Please contact Zaw Kyaw at phone 1-416-358-2318 email or Hon. Larry
Bagnell at phone 1-613-995-9368 email for questions and additional info.

Ven. Ashin Kawwida
International Burmese Monks Organization (Canada)

Hon. Larry Bagnell, P.C., M.P

Parliamentary Friends of Burma
House of Commons, Ottawa

Htun Htun Oo
Burmese Students Democratic Organization, Toronto

Aung Tin
National League for Democracy (LA Canada)

Than Aung
Burma Forum Canada

Dr. Khin Saw Win

Burma Watch International

Paul Copeland
Canadian Campaign for Free Burma

Tin Maung Htoo

Executive Director
Canadian Friends of Burma

Mahn Kyaw Swe

Karen Canadian Community

Win Maung
Burmese Muslim Association (Canada)

Right Hon. Stephen Harper
Prime Minister
Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa K1A 0A2

Hon. Lawrence Cannon

Minister of Foreign Affairs
House of Commons
Ottawa K1A 0A6