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Columbia College Student Council & Columbia Engineering Student Council Alcohol Exchange Policy WHEREAS: Leftover alcohol

must be disposed of after campus events; and WHEREAS: Policies already exist that are reserved for Columbia Queer Alliance and Lerner Pub that enable them to store unused alcohol in the alcohol storage closet in Lerner; and WHEREAS: Large excesses of alcohol are often purchased by student groups; and ACKNOWLEDGING: That individual students themselves cannot keep the alcohol after events; and ACKNOWLEDGING: That the system should not be exploitable by student groups to get excessive quantities of alcohol for free; and ACKNOWLEDGING: That there is no current method of tracking the alcohol that is used and dumped by student groups and that there are no established guidelines for student groups to use in determining how much alcohol to purchase for events; THEREFORE LET IT BE RESOLVED THAT: The Columbia College Student Council and Engineering Student Council support the creation of an alcohol exchange program with the following requirements: 1. Student groups will be able to store excess alcohol from events. 2. This alcohol will be stored in a new space, such as one in the redesigned SGO, but it can temporarily be stored in a separate section of the alcohol closet. 3. Student groups will not be reimbursed for unused excess alcohol, but the excess will be stored rather than drained in the sink. 4. The excess, unused alcohol will be stored in the alcohol storage closet in Lerner and will be available for free to the next student groups to purchase alcohol for events. 5. University Event Management will maintain a digital document that tracks the influx and efflux of alcohol stored in this manner. 6. Student groups cannot use the stored alcohol obtained at no cost as more than 50% of the alcohol at the event. 7. Columbia Queer Alliance and the Senior Class will still be grandfathered into storing their own alcohol in the Lerner alcohol closet, since these groups host First Friday and Lerner Pub, respectively, which are recurring events. LET IT ALSO BE RESOLVED THAT: Records be kept by SDA administrators and student groups of current alcohol usage that can be used to constructively inform future purchases of alcohol to prevent waste; the following are requirements for these records: 1. Student groups will be responsible for recording the attendance at their events containing alcohol, as well as the length of the event and the amount of alcohol that is actually consumed.

2. The amount of alcohol purchased must also be recorded, in order to get a sense of the amount of excess alcohol that would typically be wasted at events. LET IT ALSO BE RESOLVED THAT: SDA will create a model that can be used to advise student groups on how much alcohol to purchase at events that will meet the following requirements: 1. Based on the data for consumed alcohol quantities, event length, and number of attendees, SDA will generate a model for alcohol consumption per person per hour. 2. Student groups will then be advised to use this model and the predicted attendance to assess how much alcohol to purchase. Authors: Steven Castellano, CCSC Policy Committee Logan Donovan, ESC VP Policy Alex Frouman, CCSC Sentator

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