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Name: D-R Long Codename: Boss Man Affiliation: The Company (CEO)\ National Security Agency (Director/Coordinator) Current

Location: Kingshead City

History: D-R was brought into the world in the middle of a severely dark time in America. The doctor in the overcrowded, unsterile hospital commented the child had a look of determination even at birth. As his family was slowly dying off due to disease and lack of financial standing, D-R was getting as much schooling as he could. He took several odd jobs, including on at the new printing press, various stables and innes= across the thirteen colonies, all the while single handedly supporting his starving family. At the age of 16 he took a wife, she died of typhoid before she could bare their only child. Devastated, D-R began roaming across the yet to be traversed landscapes of the new world. At the age of 24, while searching for food in what is now the northwest region of Oklahoma, he stumbled upon a cave system so vast that one could think it lead to the fiery maw of hell itself. After fashioning a long burning torch, that he learned to make from an up and coming inventor named Benjamin Franklin, he searched the beautiful alabaster caves. He had been searching for hours when he came upon an iridescent pool of water. The glowing water scared D-R and he was certain magic was the answer. Being parched and overcome by thirst, he drank handfuls of the liquid. Immediately his organs felt as though they were ablaze. He emerged from the cave the next day a changed man. Since the 6th day of the 4th month of D-Rs 23rd year, he has not aged a single day. Living through historys greatest and worse times his accumulated knowledge is unsurpassed. In the mid-1800s, after decades of financial ach he returned to the cave system and built a large trading post around it, his office being directly over the entrance. The trading post soon sprouted a town around it; D-R deemed it Kingshead City and the town flourished for over a years and years to come. The trading post eventually became larger and larger and eventually adopted the name The Company. He soon took on the title of Boss Man. Always thinking three steps ahead, D-R

survived the stock market crash of the 1920s and The Company became one of the most profitable organizations on the planet. Ranging in everything from toothpaste to WMDs, The Company essentially became its own superpower. D-R had endured countless hardships and had become increasingly cold and ruthless in his endeavors. Weapons trade became the biggest asset of The Company and soon the power of The Company focused more to the governmental ties that had begun at the new nations conception. Starting a new government sanctioned organization, the National Security Agency (NSA). D-R selected only the finest warriors and assassins, bread worldwide and through the various connections made through centuries of travel and families swayed by the suave Mr. Long, to be in his elite group. By the year 2012 this group was narrowed to the four of the greatest assassins in the world: A fierce descendent of Viking warriors; A military genius born and raised to be the ultimate femme fatale with an insatiable urge for merciless killing; a violent drifter with a broad knowledge of Russian attack and torture techniques; and a tall, mysterious beauty with a violent and twisted method of torture and warfareD-R considered this team his pride and joy. He dubbed them Team Takedown, Research had gone to the Chemical/Military Science division of The Company by 2014. That cold winter, the scientists, led by D-R himself, had discovered a new viral strain of aggressive disease that would convert those infected into a sickening animated corpse. The compound was called Strain Y. One night in the facility, days before the virus was being shipped to Nicaragua for field testing, the virus was released by a lone mysterious figure wielding only a katana blade. The result was nearly half of New New Zealand, where the lab was located, being turned into an army of the undead. D-R sent his Team Takedown to control the disaster zone and find this terrorist. What the members didnt know was that they were being sent on a suicide mission of the most treacherous proportion. The devastated warzone inside the containment area of NNZ was so dilapidated that in was barely discernible that this had once been part of a grand, shining metropolis. The Team was attacked by the lone assassin and soon lost his trail, but not before learning that The Company was behind the outbreak. Outraged the team soon went rogue and were planning a massive takedown of The Company, and D-R Long himself. Betrayed by Berserker, the plan reached The Boss Man before it could be carried out and the team was attacked and imprisoned. Each of the captured members escaped one by one. Whereabouts on these fugitives is still unknown.

Berserker, as the only remaining loyal member, now serves as the right hand and confidant of the Boss Man. A new deal is in the works with several warring tribes in Africa and a new test site is being scouted for in South America for the newly developed Strain Z. Unlike its predecessor, Strain Z is an even more aggressive disease that can either be dispersed airborne, through ingestion, or now through contact with an open wound. The product will send The Company into a position of such high power that it will be the uncontested leader of the trade of the world in its entirety. After that, there will be nothing stopping D-R Long, The Boss Man, from becoming the essential leader of the entire world.

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