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At the Barbers Len was thirty years old, and he had very long hair. He lived in a big city.

Because of his long hair, he did not find any work. One day he met an old friend, and this man said to him, People in this city dont like long hair. Why dont you go to a barber? He can cut a lot of it off, and then you can get some work At the barbers Len said to the barber, Please cut most of my hair off. The barber began. He cut and cut for a long time and then he said to Len, Were you in the army a few years ago? Yes, I was, Len answered, Why did you ask that? Because I found a cap in your hair. 1. Len was old, so he did not find any work. 2. Len often wash his long hair. 3. Lens hair was short. 4. Len barber found a cap in Lens hair. 5. Len was in the army now. 1.Len met one day. A: his father B: an old man C; his old friend 2.Len was very . A: dirty B: clean C: tidy 3. The cap was in Lens . A: hand B: bag C: hair 4. People in the city dont like . A: straight hair B: long hair C: short hair Buying Tickets Sam is a little boy, and he is only eight years old. One day he goes to the cinema. It is the first time for him to do that. He buys a ticket and then goes in. But after two or three minutes he comes out, buys a second ticket and goes in again. After a few minutes he comes out again and buys a third ticket .Two or three minutes later he asks for another ticket. Then the girl in the ticket office asks him, Why do you buy so many tickets? How many friends do you meet? Sam answers, No, I nave no friend here. But a big boy always stops me at the door and tears my tickets in piece. 1. Sam buys the tickets for himself. 2. Sam doesnt go to the cinema. 3. Sam is too young to make friends. 4. Sam has no friend in the cinema.

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1.Sam wants to buy when the girl asks him. A: the second ticket B: the third ticket C: the fourth ticket D: the fifth ticket 2.The big boy stops Sam at the door because . A: it is the big boys job B: the big boy doesnt like Sam C: the big boy doesnt know Sam D: Sam doesnt buy tickets 3. The big boy is of the cinema at all. A: a bookseller B: a policeman C: a shop keeper D: a worker 4.From the story we know . A: the little boy has a lot of money B: the little boy knows nothing about the cinema C: Sam doesnt like the film D: the girl wants to get more money An Open-book Exam Wang: Boys and girls, well have an open-book exam. You can bring

Miss anything. Billy: Great! Miss Wang: Why are you so happy? Billy: Because I can bring my father.

1. The student will have an exam. ( ) 2. Billy is a good student. ( ) 3. Billy wants to bring his father. ( ) 4. The teacher does not let her students bring their books.

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Where Is My Cat? Mr Black likes fish very much. He often buys some fish in the shop and takes them home for supper. His wife, Mrs Black often asks her friends to their home to have lunch and eat fish.One day, when Mr Black comes home in the evening, he cannot find his fish. And Mrs Black says their cat has eaten the fish. Mr Black is very angry. HE takes the cat to the shop near their house to weigh the cat. HE says, You see, my fish is one kilo, and this cat is one kilo, too. My fish is here. Then where is my cat? 1. Mr Black likes to eat cat very much. 2. Mrs Black often eats fish with her friend. 3. The cat is one kilo. ( ) 4. The cat ate the fish. ( )

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1. What does Mr Black often do? 2. How does Mr Black feel when he cannot find his fish? 3. Who eats the fish? Dont Cry, Miss White Miss White is a teacher .Her home is not far from her school. SO she always walks to school in the morning everyday. One morning it is very cold and windy. Miss White walks to school. The cold wind goes into her eyes, and big tears begin running out her eyes. She gets to the school, opens the door and goes to the classroom. It is warm there and Miss White is very happy. But then a small boy looks at her for a few minutes, puts his arms round her and says kinds, Dont cry, Miss White. School isnt very bad. 1. Miss White usually goes to school . A: on cold morning B: on warm days C: on windy morning D: on foot 2. The small boy thinks that . A: Miss White doesnt like the school. B: Miss White likes cry. C: Miss Whites eyes are not good. D: He does something wrong with his teacher. 3. Which of the four is wrong? A: Miss Whites eyes are full of tears. B: The small boy knows why Jones is crying. C: The small boy loves his teacher. D: Miss White doesnt cry at all. 4. It is that morning. A: very cold outside B: windy outside C: very warm in the classroom D: A, B and C The Tigers Dinner Tiger: Good afternoon. Mrs Goat. Let me eat you. Goat: Dont eat me, Mr Tiger. Im old. That deer is younger than me. (The goat runs away.) Tiger: Miss Deer, Miss Deer, Let me eat you. Deer: Oh, no. Many birds are standing over there. (The deer runs away.) Tiger: Birds, I will eat you. You are my dinner. Birds: (The birds fly away.) You are bad. We can fly, can you? Tiger: No, I cant . But where is my dinner? :

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1. The tiger is . A: full B: hungry C: scared 2.The tiger doesnt eat the goat, because there is a over there. A: deer B: bird C: rabbit 3.Can the bird fly? A: No, they can B: Yes ,they can. C: No, they cant. 4.The tiger cant fly. He at last. A: eat dinner B: eat the goat C: doesnt have dinner A Foolish Dog A dog has large piece of meat in his mouth. When he is walking on a small bridge, he looks down and sees himself in the water. He thinks it is another dog. That dog has also a large piece of meat in his mouth. He says to himself, I want to get his meat. Then I can have two pieces of meat. He opens his mouth to bark the dog in the water ,and his meat falls into water. : 1.The dog has a small piece of meat. 2.He wants to get two pieces of meat. 3.He finds another dog in the water. 4.The dog is standing on the grass. 5.He has no meat at last. ( )

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: 1.There is a of meat in the dogs mouth. A: piece B: bottle C: glass D: cup 2.The dog looks down and sees in the water. A: yourself B: myself C: himself D: herself 3.He opens his mouth to . A: laugh B: cry C: eat D: dark meat walk bark fall bridge Mr Pig and Mr Cow Mr. Cow: Hello, Mr. Pig. Why are you sad? Mr. Pig: Everybody likes you, but nobody likes me. They always say, How nice the cow is! Mr. Cow: Yes. Maybe I give milk and cream. Mr. Pig: I give more. Bacon,pork,ham and But they dont like me, why? Mr. Cow: Maybe youre too fat. You should do morning exercises everyday. Mr. Pig: Oh, no 1. Mr. Pig is .

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A. happy B. angry C: sad 2. The cow give us and cream. A: milk B: grass C: pork 3. The pigs give us bacon, pork and . A: cream B: milk C: ham 4. Mr. Pig cant do everyday. A: his homework B: morning exercises C: the washing 5. Mr. Pig is too . A: big B: thin C: fat The Cats Family My family is not very large. There are only three cats. Im a white cat. People call me Snowwhite. My husband is a black cat. People call him Captain Black Cat.() We have a beautiful daughter. Her name is Lily. She is black and white. Shes only two years old. We live a happy life. From now on, we will work harder to catch the mice. We must let people live in a happy life in this house. 1There are people in the cats family. A: two B: three C: four 2. Mother Cat is . A: white B: black C: black and white 3. Mother Cat and Father Cat have a . A: son B: sister C: daughter 4. All the will work hard to . A: catch the mice B: catch people C: eat good food 5. Lily is years old. A: three B: one C: two 6. The black cat is Lilys . A. mother B: father C: uncle large people beautiful catch husband house The Dogs Dirty Feet Its a rainy day. A woman with a dog gets on a bus. Its a big dog and its feet are not clean. The conductor doesnt want the dog to sit on the chair. But the woman says to the conductor, Oh, I pay for my dog. Can he sit here like the other people? The conductor looks at the dog and says, Yes, Madam ,but like the other people, he must not put his feet on the chair. 1. Its a day. A: sunny B; fine C: rainy D: cloudy 2. A woman with a dog gets on the bus. A: big B: small C: short D: thin

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3. The dog wants to sit on the . A: floor B: chair C: desk D: table 4. The woman pays for her in the bus. A: friend B: cat C: dog D: son

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