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The tasks to be carried out consists of the following stages: PHASE 1 (Information/Data Collection Phase) 1. Desk Study Obtain all maps such as geological and topographical maps Obtain all relevant ground survey information Obtain all available as-built plans such as water supply reticulation road networks and systems drainage system solid waste collection systems 2. Future Development Plans Obtain all future development plans on the above including the Cyberjaya Development Plan 3. Liaison with Authority/Utility Organization In order to obtain this information and to supplement available information, liaison with the relevant authority or utility company. The organisations identified are: 4. Alam Flora Sdn Bhd Solid Waste Indah Water Konsortium/Jabatan Perkhidmatan Pembetungan Sewerage Jabatan Bekalan Air Water Supply Jabatan Kerja Raya Roads Jabatan Perparitan dan Saliran Drainage Local Authority having Jurisdiction

Site Inspection/Visit Carry out a detailed ground inspection to observe and record site specific details: Ground terrain, vegetation, swamps, run-off Ground conditions and stratigraphical formations by examining cuttings and excavations Streams, Rivers and associated Flood Risk Confirmation of utilities shown in as built drawings


Liaison with Land Surveyor Discuss with Land Surveyor on the TOR for survey to ensure adequate engineering information is collected during Survey Works


Plan preparation & Records/Report Examine all available data, maps, plans etc available Prepare engineering infrastructure plans indicating as built conditions and also future developments for input into the initial layout plans. Plans would be Scale 1:5,000 where possible. Prepare records and reports on all existing infrastructure for input into initial layout plans

PHASE 2 (Planning Phase) 1. Assist preparation of initial layout plan Assist in the preparation of initial layout plan by providing information on infrastructure requirements including but not limited to: Tap-off and connection points to existing infrastructure Preliminary earthworks plan and approximate quantities of cut and fills Population equivalent estimates Water demand estimates Drainage and Road/Bridges/Culverts requirements and alignments Solid Waste generation estimates 2. Preparation of 1:1,000 scale engineering plans based on Final Layout Plan 3. Earthworks Plans and Sections Road & Bridges alignments Drainage sizes, capacities and preliminary Cross Sections Sewer Mains Reticulation Plan Water Mains Reticulation Plan Solid Waste collection system and Transfer Stations if required

Assist in preparing Cost Estimates Assist in providing preliminary costs estimates on infrastructure component of project

PHASE 3 (Summary) Assist in the summarising all study and planning results Assist in refinement of Phase 2 works based on dialogue Assist in the formulation of Project Management Plan



Data Requirement Topographic Maps Geological Maps Location Plan ( 1 inch to 1 mile) Key Plan ( 1 inch to 4 or 8 chain) Topographical Plans (1:1000) As built/Planned Water Reticulation Plans, (if any) With safe tapping off pressures As built/Planned Sewerage Reticulation Plans (if any) including pipe diameters, gradients and manhole locations Sewerage treatment Plant Plans (if any) Road and Road Reserve Plans Drainage Plans showing Drain Reserves etc. Solid Waste Collection System Adjacent Development Plans

Source Survey Department Geology Department Surveyor Surveyor Surveyor Jabatan Bekalan Air Jabatan Perkhidmatan Pembetungan/ Indah Water Konsortium -dittoJabatan Kerja Raya Jabatan Perparitan dan Saliran Alam Flora Sdn Bhd Jabatan Perancang Bandar dan Desa, Selangor

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BY PAG CONSULT SDN BHD LIST OF REFERENCE REPORTS Drainage Masterplan for Puchong/Selangor if any - JPS Selangor Water Supply Masterplan for Puchong/Selangor -JBA Selangor

System Planning and Development for Soilid Waste management in Central Region Alam Flora Sdn Bhd