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ARTIST CLUB (Action Plan) OBJECTIVES ACTIVITI ES STRATEGI ES - Discussi on of goals - Sharing of insights - Prepara tion of art work

TARGET DATE - August to Decemb er (every last Wednes day and Friday of the month) TARGET POPULA TION RESOUR CES BUDGET PERFORM ANCE INDICATO R presentati on of art work during Foundatio n Day

- To enhance their skills in arts and crafts. - To gain friends among schoolma tes. - To strengthe

Monthly meeting

Student s

Depend s upon the needs of individu al child

n their confidenc e in accompli shing ones work - To give the children a developm entally appropria te and stimulati ng materials towards creative freedom Seminar - Invite an experie nce art guru or an individu al that underst and ad appreci ate art. - January or Februar y EPP or MAPE teacher

- Create
an art or craft that will recogni ze the club - Attend competi tion within the district - School

contest s - Poster making

FILIPINO CLUB (Action Plan) MGA GAWAIN BUWAN NG WIKA Pagbigkas ng Tula (Gr. 1- 2) - Paggawa ng Poster (Gr. 1-4) - Paggawa ng Pamansag (Grade 5-6) - Tagisan ng Talino MGA LAYUNIN PANAHON G LAAN Buong buwan ng Agosto MGA KASANG KOT - Mga Bata - Mga Guro MGA PAGKUKU NAN - Paggami t ng tiket - Solisitas yon INAASAHANG BUNGA - Pagpapahalaga sa sariling wika - Tiwala sa sarili - Pagkamalikhai n - Aktibong partisipasyon ng mga guro at mga mag-aaral

Nahahasa ang kakayahan sa pagbigkas ng tula, paggawa ng sanaysay, pamansag at paggawa ng poster Naipapakita at napahahalagaha n ng mga bata ang pagmamahal sa sariling wika Naipapakita ang

(Quiz bee) Grade 1-6 - Kontes sa Pagsayaw - Pagtatanghal ng Choral Group ng CLSU B. Gawaing Sibiko C. Seminar

partisipasyon ng mga bata sa pagtatanghal Naipakikita ang kakayahan sa pagsayaw

Pakikilhok sa mga gawain sibiko, paglilinis, pagtatanim ng puno atbp. Nakapagsasaga wa ng seminar ukol sa malikhaing pagsulat Pakikisangkot sa

Huling linggo ng bowan Nobye mbre

Mga bata Mga guro

Pondo ng Filipino Club G. Delfin A. Ilaw

Pagpapahalaga sa kalinisan Nakagagawa ng ibat ibang genre mula sa natutunang seminar


Family Day





at Foundation Day

mga gawing pampaaralan

bre at Enero

Opisy ales


sa kulturang Pilipino

ENGLISH CLUB (Action Plan) OBJECTIVE S 1. To make posters ACTIVITI ES English Campai gn STRATE GIES Conte st on sloga ns Categor yA Grade 13 Categor yB Grade 46 TARGET DATE Second Friday of August 2007 TARGET POPULATI ON SSS Communit y RESOURC ES Student s creativi ty English teacher s Registr ation of P50.00 BUDGET P400 for medals PERFORMA NCE INDICATOR Positive Results Posters to be placed in strategi c location s of the school Pupils/st udents are speakin g


2. To join Group Showc in the dancin ase of differen g talents t Role progra Dancin playing ms of g the - Short school play Musical

Every culminatio n of activities in the different subjects Filipin o Sibika Math

SSS Commu nity

Ta ppi ng of tal ent s Re gis tra tio

Each club member is enhance d of his/her potentia ls in dancing and

Englis h

n of P1 0.0 0

3. To have a ReadO

READ-O (Bingo style)

Have a READ_O twice a month in English class

Twice a month during English time (2 Fridays)

SSS Commu nity

From the students (P1.00 each for joining)

P400.00 for gifts

acting Proceed s for the culmina tion of English. Decemb er 3, 2007 Each club member s agility to think of words Have sets of factory word in the element ary -

Library 4. To install glass case on the bulletin g board 5. To have an English club time every second Friday of the month (twice a month) Trivia READO Have trivia READ -O Solici t funds Practi ce parts of our prese ntatio n for Dec. 3 Practi ce danc e Starts after Buwan ng Wika and ends on Septembe r 30, 2007 Every second Friday of the month (twice a month) SSS Commu nity Registrati on for READ-O (P2.00 each) P400.00 gift for winners A glass cased bulletin g board

Object ives 2,3 and 4

English Club

P5.00 registratio n fee

For the props to be used on Dec. 3, 2007 culmina tion of English Month Glass bulletin near St. Paul

steps Practi ce parts of the prese ntatio n

SCIENCE CLUB (Action Plan) OBJECTIVE S 1. To have an advanc ed study ACTIVITI ES Advance study (selecte d pupils Grade 36) STRATEGIES Teaching every afternoon Research through internet TARGET DATE Twice a week (Tues. & Thurs.) TARGET POPULATI ON Selected pupils from Grade 3-6 RESOUR CES Teach ers Maga zines Resea rches BUDGET P400 for medals PERFORMAN CE INDICATOR Cooperat ion

2. To have remedi al classes 3. To make posters, Culmina tion of Science Elementary Department only Septem ber 17 28, Pupils from Grade 1 Regis tratio n Fee Gold medal (25.00) Skills and reasonin g

slogans and essays about the theme 4. To answer trivias 5. To have quiz bee and science symbo 6. To improv e the box


Poster making Slogan Making Essay Writing


6 Teacher s

(P5.0 0) Trivia (P1.0 0)

Certifica tes Grade 16 P150.00

develop ment Alertness and sportsma nship

Trivia Quiz bee Science SYMBO Planting of Herbal Plants Improvin g the box garden Every 2nd week (Friday)

P200.00 for prizes

Aware ness of enviro nment Immed iate relief

SSS pupils

Pupils Parent Teacher s

garden and make it as a herbal garden

Coopera tion Idled plant box

MATHEMATICS CLUB (Action Plan) OBJECTIVE S 1. To decorat e the Math Bulletin Board in front of Grade 4 classro om 2. To make ACTIVITI ES Decorati ng the bulletin board STRATE GIES TARGE T DATE July TARGET POPULATI ON Selected pupils from Grade 3-6 RESOURCES BUDGET PERFORM ANCE INDICATO R

2 black cartolina donated by the president of Math Club Masking tape and colored paper Math Club fund Prizes for

Math Week

Nove mber

Kinder Grade 6

the pupils aware of the differen t symbol s used in Mathe matics 3. To make learnin g more interest ing. 4. To be able to solve word proble

Quiz bee Trivia Math relay Amazi ng Race Math E Bingo Game

last SY 20062007 (P1,717.4 5 Finance Office) Math E bingo game Trivia

Math E bingo game (P600.0 0) Trivia (school supply P300.0 0) Amazin g Race and Math Relay (materi als and certifica te P300.0 0) Quiz bee

ms involvin g mathe matical operati ons 5. To make the pupils think criticall y and analytic ally. 6. To work cooper atively with the group

medals (P600

7. To finish the tasks within the allotted time 8. To conduct remedi al / tutorial classes for the slow learner s 9. Have an advanc Advance study with the

Peer teachi ng reme dial / tutori al classe s

After first period

Pupils who need more clarificatio ns about the lesson in Math

Math teachers Math club officers Pupils who excel in Math

Every aftern oon

Pupils who will join the

Math teachers Pupils

e lesson for the pupils who will join the quiz bees or other contest outside the school.

Math teachers

after the last period

quiz bees

who excel in Math

SPORTS CLUB (Action Plan) OBJECTIVES ACTIVITI ES Sports Clinic STRATEGI ES Each pupils will have a sport disciplin e Lecture method Practical TARGET DATE - Augus t 4, 2007 and Augus t 11, 2007 TARGET POPULATI ON 42 50 participan t RESOUR CES - Pupils registr ation fee Finance Office BUDG ET 42 x 50 = P2,100 .00 PERFORM ANCE INDICATO R The pupils are able to follow instructi ons of trainors Practica l evaluati on

1. Understand ing facts and principles of the pupils chosen sports discipline 2. Applies laws and theories the pupils learned in practical

situations 3. To discover the importance of camaraderi e and sportsmans hip through the various activities Element ary Intramur al Pupils will be grouped into three Ballgam es (eliminat ion) Individu al games Parlor games - Augus t 2224, 2007 All kinder, PreElementar y and Elementar y pupils Finance Office P2,165 .00 Pupils are playing togethe r and having fun

ENGLISH CLUB (HIGH SCHOOL) (Action Plan) OBJECTIVES - To enhance themselves artistically. - To enhance their ability to act - To develop selfconfidence - To speak clearly with correct diction and pronunciatio n - To develop harmony and ACTIVITIES English Week Declamation (First yearSecond year) Oration (Third yearFourth year) - Oration - Extempor aneous speech TIMETABLE - Decemb er 3-7, 2007 RESOURCE /KEYPERSON - English teachers - Students RESOURCES Trivia Solicitation EXPECTED OUTPUT - Perform a very creative presentation - 100% students confidence - Variation of presentation/ activities

good relationship - To raise the level of competencie s in English Language


- January March

- English teachers

- Development of 4 macroskills Listening Reading Writing Speaking

MUSIC MINISTRY CLUB (Action Plan) OBJECTIVES - To enhance the singing skills and selfconfidence of the members - To develop ACTIVITIES - Nutrition month - Buwan ng Wika - Intramurals - First Communio TIMETABLE July August August Septem ber Septem ber RESOURCE /KEYPERSON - Students - Students - Students - Students - Students - Students - Students RESOURCES EXPECTED OUTPUT - Foster self confidence and good command of leaders

leadership among member

n - Science Month - UN Celebration - Foundation Day - JS Prom - Recognitio n and Commence ment Exaercises

- October - January - Februar y - March

- Students - Students

FILIPINO CLUB (HIGH SCHOOL) (Action Plan) MGA GAWAIN 1. Pagdiriwan g ng Buwan ng Wika MGA LAYUNIN PANAHON G LAAN - Buong Buwan ng Agosto MGA KASANGKOT - Magaaral - Guro MGA PAGKUKU NAN - Bayad sa Tiket (P20.00 ) bawat magaaral INAASAHANG BUNGA - Nabibigyang halaga ang Pambansang Wikang Filipino

- Maipamala
s ang pagmamah al sa Wikang Filipino sa pamamagit an ng pagdiriwan g ng Buwan ng Wika tuwing buwan ng Agosto.

2. Seminar

- Nakapagsa sagawa ng Seminar ukol sa Malikhaing Pagsulat - Pakikisang kot sa mga gawaing pampaaral an tulad ng Family Day at Foundation Day - Pakikilahok sa mga gawaing sibiko tulad

- Nobye mbre

- G. Delfin Ilao (Tagapag salita)

3. Family Day at Foundation Day

- Disyem bre at Enero

- Mag-aral - Pinuno ng Filipino Club - Mga guro

- Pondo ng Filipino Club - Bayad sa pagtata la - Pondo ng Filipino Club

- Nakagagawa ng ibat ibang genre mula sa natutunang seminar

- Nakagagawa ng pagtulong sa mga gawain at nakapagpapaki ta ng kultura at panitikang Pilipino - Napahahalaga han ang kalinisan at pangangalaga

4. Gawaing Sibiko

- Tuwing huling Linggo ng

- Pinuno ng Samahan - Tagapayo

- Pondo ng Filipino Club

ng paglilinis, pagtatanim ng puno atbp.

huling buwan

sa kapaligiran

SCIENCE CLUB(HIGH SCHOOL) A C T I O N P L A N S.Y. 2007 2008 Objective s 1. To enhance the Multiple Intelligen ce of the students. Activities Culminatio n of Science Month a. essay writing b. poster making c. slogan writing d. quiz bee e. song interpretat ion f. sciStrategies Target Date Populatio n Resources Budget Indicato r

Contests for all the high school students.

Septem ber 2428, 2007

All high school students

Science Teachers and Science Club Officers

P 4,000.oo

Knowle dge, skills and talents of the students will be develop ed.

dama competitio n g. symbol game h. envirophoto 2. To develop their skills on how to play Scidama and Damath. Sci-Math Workshop Interested students from other schools will be invited. Septem ber 26, 2007 Selected students from SSS, MNHS, USHS, CLSU Palusapis, ASTS, and SCM Teachers from UNIVERSI TY Science High School P 660.oo Skills of students in playing scidama and Damath will be enhance d. Awaren ess of

3. To extend

All Science


A barangay


help outside the school and to rehabilita te our mother earth. 4. To maintain the cleanline ss of classroo ms and surroundi ngs. 5. To inculcate the value

Tree planting

Club Officers are required to join.

21, 2007

within Muoz {note: the exact place is not yet identified. }

Science Club Officers together with their club advisers

P 1,000.oo

the importa nce of trees.

Clean and Green Contest

Regular inspection of classrooms . All year levels are required to join this contest. Contest for all year

October 2007 to March 2008

All High School sections


P 1,250.oo

Waste Manage ment


October 2007 to

All High School


P 1,250.oo

Awaren ess of environ

of use, re-use and recycle.


March 2008



STUDENT SUPREME COUNCIL A C T I O N P L A N S.Y. 2007 2008 Objectives 1. To maintain the cleanliness of the student park. Activitie s General cleaning Strategies - planting of some nonflowering plants. eradication of weeds dried leaves and plastics. - sweeping the whole area. - watering the plants. Target Date July 7, 2007 Populati on All SSC Officers Resources Budget Indicator

All newly elected SSC Officers and club adviser

P 250.oo

Clean park and healthy plants.

2. To earn some funds in order to finance some projects.

Selling of foods during intramur als

Selling of clean, palatable and nutritious foods.

August 22-24, 2007

All student s inside the school campus

SSC Officers and club adviser

P 1,000.o o

Skills of students about entrepre neurship will be enhance d.

3. To clean and give a






Odor-free comfort

new view of comfort room.

n Linis CR

Officers are required to join.

ber 21, 2007


Officers together with their club adviser

1,500.o o

room. Clean floor {tiles} and toilet bowl. Effective leader and functiona l clubs.

4. To know the role/respon sibilities of a leader. To acquire new knowledge through seminars. 5. To enhance the knowledge

Leadersh ip Seminar

Seminar and group dynamics

October 20, 2007

All Academ ic and NonAcadem ic Club Officers

Mr. Ernesto Jimenez CLSU-SO Adviser

P 1,000.o o

Field Trip

Going to the educationa l places

Novemb er 29, 2007

Element ary pupils and

Facilitators and tour guides of the different

No idea

Awarenes s of the different educatio nal

of the students outside the normal school setting.

High School student s

educational places Advisers

places. Enhancin g of pupils and students knowledg e.

6. To improve the SSC park.

Operatio n Linis

- cleaning of lagoon and putting some fishes and water plants. - painting of the parks fence/wall.

Decem ber 5, 2007

All SSC Officers and club adviser

Fund from the field trip

P 20,000. oo

Paintedclean park. More pupils and students will spend their leisure time in

the park. 7. To experience the role of the teacher. Student Day Each SSC officer will assume the position or responsibilit y of the high school teachers for one whole day. Students may use the study hall especially if the library is not available or cannot accommoda te the Januar y 11, 2007 All High School sections All SSC Officers with the guidance of the high school teachers None Students will give more importan ce to the role and effort of their teachers More place to study aside from the library and their classroo ms.

8. To have a special place of study for every student aside from library.

Build-up a study hall inside the SSC park

Januar y 2008 Februa ry 2008

All Sebasti nians

Fund from the field trip Carpenters SSC Officers

P 25,000. oo

9. To maintain the cleanliness of classrooms and surroundin gs.

Clean and Green Contest

students. Regular inspection of classrooms. All year levels are required to join this contest.

Octobe r 2007 March 2008

All High School sections

Advisers and Judges

P 1,250.o o

Waste Manage ment