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#028 Purok 28, Upper Irisan Baguio City April 12, 2012 The HRMD Officer DILG Regional

Office Baguio City SIR/MAAM: In applying for the position of an Administrative Officer IV, I offer my qualifications for you to consider. I finished Bachelor of Elementary Education at Benguet State University on April 16, 2009 and I passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers given last October 4, 2009. During my college years, I was very active in extra-curricular activities. I became an active member of GEMS (General Education Major Society), LADORA (Ladies Dorm Association), and FES (Future Educator Society). At present, I am taking up Master of Arts in Education major in Administration and Supervision at Benguet State University. I believe that pursuing a degree in the graduate school helps me grow professionally. I was also employed as a pre-school teacher at Baguio City Academy Colleges Inc. At present, I am an English teacher at Baguio English Communication Institute. In fields other than teaching, I am knowledgeable in computer applications and research works. I am quick to learn, dedicated, and very sincere to my work. I am looking forward for an interview at anytime. Respectfully yours,

Ballsy L. Calag

Ballsy Lomas-e Calag

Purok 28, Upper Irisan, Baguio City Mobile Number: 09095398368 or 447-0276 E-mail:

Objectives: 1. To be employed as an Administrative Officer IV 2. To be able to share my knowledge and to work cooperatively and harmoniously with other people Educational Background: Graduate School Master of Arts in Administration and Supervision Benguet State University La Trinidad, Benguet 15 units Cum Laude Bachelor of Elementary Education (2009) Benguet State University La Trinidad, Benguet San Alfonso High School (2005)Sabangan, Mt. Province Sabangan Central School (2001) Sabangan Mt. Province


High School Elementary

Personal Information: Age Date of Birth Place of Birth Gender Civil Status Religious Affiliation Citizenship

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24 years old October 29, 1987 Barlig, Mountain Province Female Single Roman Catholic Filipino

Work Experiences: English Teacher Baguio English Communication Institute April-May, 2010 Greenvalley Village, Baguio City Teacher Baguio City Academy Colleges Inc. School Year 2009-2010 Veterans Cmpd., Camp Allen, B.C. Seminars and Trainings Attended: Intellectual Exchange and Educational Exposure March 7, 2009- BSU, La Trinidad, Benguet Enhancing Everyones Creativity Through Arts Sept. 10, 2008-BSU, La Trinidad, Benguet Answering the Needs of Inclusive Education in Molding the Children of Today Sept. 6, 2008- BSU, La Trinidad, Benguet Building Students Through the Development of Study Habits Oct. 5, 2005- Benguet State University, La Trinidad, Benguet

Character References: 1. Mrs. Alejandra Bagsic Elementary principal Baguio City Academy Colleges Inc. Benitez Cmpd., Magsaysay Avenue,Baguio City Contact Numbers: 09155129008 or 442-2538 2. Mrs. Mary Froline Blancas High School Principal Baguio City Academy Colleges Inc. Benitez Cmpd., Magsaysay Avenue,Baguio City Contact Numbers: 442-2538 3. Prof. Esper Bayao College Instructor Benguet State University La Trinidad, Benguet Contact Number:09183634996