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July - August 2005 volume eighteen number four

I never travel. I’m sitting or I’m walking.

Where do I travel? It is the plane that travels.

m o
M e
e l l er
ry- t
S t o
r i 22
d 20
ey on
d B
a n
r e am
3 17
i shn
r i Kr
a 10
n o v
i n Ge
t a ji
r i Ma
6 Sh
P u ja
h a kti
A d iS
S hri
I was sitting on a chair at the side, close to the front. I watched most of the puja on the big
screen because I was behind the big photo at the corner of the stage and couldn’t see Shri
Mataji. Children placed flowers at Mother’s Feet and then Her Feet were decorated with the
kumkum. It was all very quick and, at the same time, done with meticulous attention and
When the ladies who had been holding the sari went back to their places, I became
aware that there was a clear path in front of me. All the ladies sitting there had moved. There
was a straight line, like a path of moonlight on the ocean. It was the time for everyone to take
photos. I stood up and walked forward, took a step to the left and found myself kneeling
almost at Shri Mataji’s Feet. I had moved without thought, like being drawn by a magnet.
Now I had a full, unimpeded view, so close, so clear. I marvelled at this gift. I was before
the Lotus Feet of God, my Mother. And I could feel She knew I was there. The singing was
raising the roof and She was in joy, hearing the joyful voices of Her children. She wiped tears
from Her cheeks. Behind Her seemingly impassive face, I could feel Her huge loving smile.
As I watched Her, I suddenly felt tremendous compassion. With it came the thought,
“Oh Mother, what you do for us!” And straight away, I knew that the compassion was Hers,
that compassion is one. Instantly that recognition became inexpressible experience. It began
as a sudden feeling of expansion, emanating from Her. I could almost see it, but it wasn’t
seeing. Then it was of me, too. A huge expansion – and I was inside it. My eyes stayed open,
watching Mother, and I knew I was inside, inside the body of the Adi Shakti.
For the first time, I experienced the absolute knowledge of what that meant. At least,
I glimpsed it. I was feeling the oneness, the drop becoming the ocean, where “there is not
the other.” For the first time, after all these years, I touched it. It was a gift from Her to me,
kneeling before Her. I was kneeling at the Feet of God, feeling the power, feeling the vastness
of it. It was not physical. There was no surge of energy. It was pure feeling, deep stillness,
complete peace and a kind of knowingness. One Power, One Whole. And this is what I am.
It was stunning.

The next day, we drove up to the castle, the magnificent front entrance, and looked out
over the valley. It was there.
Then we went down to the river and it was there.
I close my eyes now, as I write, and it’s there. Not like at the puja, but it exists.
It’s come into my experience.
For years I have been asking and hoping for just one more chance to see Mother. Just
once and I’d be satisfied. It happened.
Jai Shri Mataji! Katie Cartmel

S h r i A d i S h a k t i P u j a • C a b e l l a L i g u re • 19 J u n e 20 05

Today when you see the whole world is busy fighting and they are trying to protect

My Dream
people from wars and creating great, huge, protecting instruments, the whole world
You will never get these times again. seems to be in a mad race of killing each other, of destroying each other, of competition,
ambition, leading to fighting and then to greater wars. They’re fighting for a piece of land.
So ignorant they are. Can you carry even a pinch of this land with you when you die?
When you are born, you come with closed fists. And when you die, you go with open
hands. What do you take with you? All right, you may not like to take anything, but do Self knowledge
you enjoy whatever you think is so great, for which you are fighting? Why is this fighting
You never had it in history and you can never get it in the future. going on among all nonsensical people? It’s surprising how people give up their peace, is the key for a
give up their understanding when it comes to a piece of land. And the whole thing has
This is the most important puja because it is the power of Adi Shakti moved into a very wrong direction and is going towards complete destruction. saviour to give
This is the thing that has made human beings so much suffering because of all their
that has given you Self Realization, that has given you the truth, that has ignorance, by which they have all those habits, all those attractions, all those identifica- to people.
given you the power of compassion and love. tions.... They have to take to sense and ... to their self knowledge.
Self knowledge is the key for a saviour to give to people. We have had so many saints.
That’s the power that separated from Sadashiva. And this We have had so many Sufis. We had Tao people. We had Zen people. All kinds of real-
power wanted, Herself, to create this complete universe. ized souls came on this Earth. They all suffered. They were tortured. Nobody understood
Universes after universes, She’s creating and loving. With them. But now the time has come for you to know the truth, but truth which is not dry,
Her love, She did this great creation, creation of this world truth which has compassion, truth that encompasses everyone, that brings the complete
also. view of our existence. Why are we here on this Earth? What is our purpose? What should
we do? Adi Shakti’s powers are such, of love and compassion, that they make you under-
This is a specially selected planet, which was very beauti- stand your Self first.
fully brought in the centre between the sun and the moon for Love, for you, is very, very limited. There’s no awareness of your own being. Just
the creation of, ultimately, the human beings. imagine what a great task it is for you, how much you have to be seriously becoming
This is Her great work, with such love and affection, and aware of your Self first.
with very great hope that Her children will know the truth and That is extremely important. First you have to be aware of your Self. And now you
will get the ultimate knowledge about themselves and about have the light of your spirit. In the light of that spirit, you can see what you are and you
everything else. can see how far you are going, how wrong things you are doing, what harm you are doing
As you have read in the Bible … Adi Shakti came in the to yourself and you have a power to cure it, to improve it and to come to your senses.
form of a snake and told human beings that you have to know These are the most important times. You will never get these times again. You never had
the knowledge, to Adam and Eve – and to Eve specially. And it in history and you can never get it in the future....
they accepted to eat the fruit of knowledge because they would
have remained just like animals – without knowing anything, You’re not to be afraid of Me, but be afraid of yourself. You have to watch yourself
the subtleties of life – little higher animals maybe. Once they and see for yourself what have you been doing so far. What have you done so far because
ate the fruit, they started feeling that there was something you have been enlightened? If the enlightened people cannot give light, what’s the use in
wrong the way they were without any clothes, so they brought having them? Look at these little, little candles. Whatever little light they have, they’re
some leaves of the tree and covered themselves. giving that light. They’re burning themselves to give that light.
So the first knowledge that came was of chastity because If we cannot give that light, what is the use of enlightenment? Enlightened doesn’t
Shri Ganesha was established and His influence brought forth mean the light for yourself only. It is the light of love, compassion, which is divine, which
S h r i A d i S h a k t i P u j a this consciousness that “we have to cover our bodies, we are no is not normal, which is not ordinary as you see in the films. It is a divine love which
more animals.” works….
C a b e l l a L i g u re
With the knowledge of chastity, gradually human beings After getting the highest, why do you want to go so low as that?... You have not real-
3 J u n e 20 01
started growing into beautiful nations, but there are so many ized what you have got and you don’t respect yourself. Still, if you are on the same line and
things which were still to be known, to be aware of it. You may the same level, I must say you have done no justice to Me or to yourself....
be aware of many things, but unless and until you get your Such beautiful birds I have discovered. But you must keep your lustre and work it out.
spiritual awakening, unless and until you get your self knowl- I’ll be very happy to know that Sahaja Yoga is spreading with leaps and bounds, with
edge, all other knowledge is absolutely nothing. great speed and that people are really getting into that realm of peace, joy and happi-
With this self knowledge only, you become powerful. The ness.
real power is of love and compassion. That’s My dream and I hope you all may work it out. • 5
the Queen’s veil
G e n o v a I t a l y • M ay 20 05
I would like to share with you some feelings I had when travelling from Cabella to
Shri Mataji’s new house in Genova. It felt for me like an epic journey, full of subtle
meanings and events.
Shri Mataji was travelling in Her car on the motorway. The car was proceeding
gently along the curves, in the middle of the carriageways. Behind Her, seven cars
full of yogis, luggage, silent amazement, bubbling joy. They were occupying both
lanes of the motorway and were following, flowing behind Her like the queen’s veil.
All other cars that were coming too fast from behind had to slow down, staying in
the queue for some time and, after being allowed to pass, proceed with humility.
The travel went on through some apparent difficulty: lots of traffic, lots of
work on the road, accidents, a huge truck on its side, another car upside down –
something never seen. But Mother’s car was still flowing gently amidst that chaos,
showering divine blessing at Her mere sight.
We reached the town of Genova at about 9 pm. It was a magnificent view as
Mother’s car was going along the seaside road, while on the hills the lights of the
city were beginning to light up. It felt just like a holy day, when rows of tiny lights
are lit as a joyous welcome to the deities. The city of Genova had paid its homage
to Shri Mataji.

Mother’s villa is on top of a hill, which over-
looks the whole city. So when we reached the
bottom of the hill, the veil became suddenly a ser- The city was amazingly silent.
pent of cars spiralling along the hill. At its head,
Shri Adi Kundalini was pushing through the tight
road, with the seven cars behind, in a row.
The city was amazingly silent, as if witness-
ing a historic event: the Mother of the Universe
heading towards the Sahasrara of the city. And Her
advent in Genova had been announced just a few
days before.
After Sahasrara Puja, the main newspaper of
Genova published on three separate pages – front
page, national news page and local news page –
the news about the puja. That article was so visible
that two main news agencies also published news
feeds about the event at a national level. A smaller
TV network came to interview Shri Mataji.
After waiting outside for more than two
hours, apparently restless, but unaware of bathing
in the divine vibrations, they had the opportunity
to have the darshan of Shri Mataji for about one
minute. We were a bit worried about what they
could ask and what would be their attitude, but
the only question they were able to utter was “Shri
Mataji, how do you feel with all the love and affec-
tion of the yogis who come from all over the world
to Your Feet?”
Shri Mataji answered with Her immensely
loving smile, “Very good!” And lo, they went.
Many people saw the interview on television and
told us about it very happily. But no yogis saw it.
After all, the announcement was not for us.
It felt for me as if Shri Mataji’s divine work
was at last becoming more and more evident to
the world. From the top of that hill, in fact, Shri
Mataji sees the whole city and the sea. And She
can be seen from the whole city as well.
And now that silent joy fills up the surround-
ings of the villa in Genova. A gentle breeze sweeps
the hill, day and night.
One day, Shri Mataji walked holy steps in the
garden and then sat for more than an hour, watch-
ing the panorama. The Supreme Queen of the
Sahasrara called only three little children to Her
Lotus Feet. They offered flowers and their pra-
And She smiled with radiant eyes.
Marco Arciglio 9
Shri Krishna Puja
28 August 1973

If I know only My head, that is not sufficient.

If I know only My neck, that is not sufficient.
If I know only My legs, that is not sufficient.
But the more I know about Myself, the more
dynamic I become, the more expansive I become.
And all the great that existed, or all the people
who were called as great, are great because
they lived in many human beings.

That tune of love

Everywhere in
the whole world we
have brothers and
sisters who are on
their inner being.

I feel that warmth in the atmosphere, as you are feeling, because you
know they are not foreigners. They are your brothers and sisters….
Once two brothers met in a jungle, but they thought that they
were enemies and they wanted to fight with each other. And when
they came to blows, they couldn’t hit each other. And then they took
out their arrows. The arrows wouldn’t work. They were quite surprised
at this and when they asked each other, “Who is your mother?” they
found out the mother was the same. And then they realized that they
were not foreigners, neither were they enemies, but they were made of
the same fibre.
What sweetness, what beauty that knowledge has given them.... We
are bound together with that love.

Love is strong
When I talk of love, people think that I am trying to make you weak
people because people think that those who love are weak. But the most
dynamic power in this world is that of love. The most aggressive power
is that of love. Even when we suffer in love, it is out of our strength that
we suffer and not out of our weakness….
The love that I am talking about, the divine love, makes you not
only strong, but dynamic. It is the greatest, luminous power that we
can think of. Only when love is surrounded by gross and is lost in the
Come out with gross, it looks as if it is weak and under chains. At the time it is released,
the dynamic power of love can transcend all the evil powers of the
the sword of world….
When there is any opposition from anywhere, you shun it and sit
love, to win the away from it. You don’t want to face the opposition, any negative oppo-
sition, whether it is by speech or even by evil methods. We run away
whole world. from that, thinking, “Oh my God, how are we going to face this?”
On the contrary, a person who is negative, who has got hatred, is …
a person who talks big…. He thinks he’s above everybody else. He takes
a responsibility upon himself…. By his method, people get impressed
and they all start to fall at his feet, while the realized sits at home qui-
etly, wondering, “What are these fools doing?”
But it is not now for the realized to sit down and to wonder and You are never alone
laugh at the foolishness of the people who are not yet realized, not even You are never alone when you are realized. There have been many people who have been
to take pity on them, but to come out, come out with the sword of love, realized, before even you were born, who exist, who are anxious to help you at every
to win the whole world. It is very, very essential. If the creation has to moment….
be saved, then you are not to keep mum about it. Once we went to the market and there was a problem about something and I had
All the wrong ideas about love, all the falsehood about love has to somebody with Me, a disciple.... I just wanted to see what will be his reaction. He tried
be given up. One must know that it is the dynamic power. And it won’t to argue out with the person, to tell him about something. So he told Me, “Mataji, let us
allow you to sit comfortably with yourself, enjoying the peace and the go now.” When we came out of the shop, I said, “What are you going to do about it?”
bliss, when the rest of the world is not enjoying that and is playing into He said, “I have already told Hanuman to look after that part.” And the work was done.
the hands of these evil geniuses who have come in this world to destroy, It is gross, but it happened.…
to bring the satanic realm on this Earth.… You can leave it to any one of them and they will jolly well have to do it because it
Today is the day to brighten up your understanding about your is you who are on the stage and not them. They’re the background people. They are the
own strength that is with you. Those who are gross should worry about playback. But you must open your mouth, otherwise if they start speaking, what will
their insecurities and their problems and their organizations, but not people say? They are going to help you in every way, but how far are you standing on your
12 for the people who are realized…. security? How far are you standing on your property, on your understanding…?
The great war
It’s a great war going on. You are not aware of it…. For you to be so feeble, you are still
just small children, no doubt, because you got your Realization only a few days back. But
if you want, you can grow very fast. You can grow into big, great giants. All of you can
grow. Only thing is that you have to decide that you have to grow within.
There are so many things that you only have discovered, by which a person grows. I
can give you food, but you have to grow yourself.
Wherever you see the negativity, you have to stand up and say, “This is the negativ-
ity,” and nothing else, whether you like it or not. In that, you love that person…. Only
talking sweetly is not the idea of love. A mother sometimes even scolds the child. It
doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love.
If it is necessary, you have to tell the person that it is negativity. Of course, if there
is a realized person, he won’t mind the correction because he wants the correction. He
knows that it has to be correct. The instrument has to be corrected. But a person who
doesn’t understand, you have to force your love on that person…. Many people have tried
putting love around people who are trying to be mischievous and they have been able to
create great results.
Those people have turned back and come back. Only by putting your hand and put-
ting your attention on that person and moving this hand … the love encircles and the
person comes back.
I am nothing There is no doubt that there is negativity and positivity, nothing in between. This you
must remember. There is no compromise between the two. Either it is light and darkness
but the or it is positive and negative. Definitely there are two things that are fighting….
If you have the will to be a giant that loves, you can be….
embodiment For love, the satisfaction is only love, that you love another person. “You just show You are saints
your love,” I said, “and you will see it will work out.” Just decide “I am going to love.” To be the channels of that divine love, that dynamic power, which is going to transform
of that love. And once you decide that, the whole heaven, the whole power of the heaven will fall at the whole conception of hatred on which all these nations and all these differences are
your feet. created, it looks sometimes, “How? How can it be?”
You believe Me in this. If you see otherwise, I am an ordinary housewife. But now the days are gone of Gopal … when Krishna used to play His flute. Then He
tried His Sahaja Yoga on His gopis and the gopas.
In the hands of God Oh, we tried and tried and tried in different lives. Nothing worked. And now it
Some people say, “Mataji, how can we be like You?” Why not? I am just like you. I have is going to click with a spark. A chain reaction will start. But we have to have strong Now it is
the same problems as you have, but the only thing I know is that I am nothing but the machines to carry it. Otherwise the fuse will be off. Only the strength which is felt in
embodiment of that love of this Divine. And I can’t exist without it. [You should say,] you is to be felt by your attention. That’s the only thing that you have to do…. Feel your going to click
“Every moment of my life let the love flow. Let … every wave of my mind convey the attention and give up all that is falsehood. All that is falsehood, you see within yourself
love.” And that makes you completely powerful…. and you give up all that is falsehood and you drop it. Accept all that is only the truth and with a spark.
They are anxious to be loved. You will be surprised to know that if you really love the truth will give you that power….
them, they themselves come to Me and say, “Give me salvation, Mother.” They come to You cannot be egoistic if you try to be. You cannot harm anyone even if you want
Me only for that…. And if I promise, they take the birth again. to.
The Kali Yuga has laid a beautiful stage and a wonderful drama is to be played in Many of you have expressed that “Mataji, you are giving it to every Dick, Tom and
which the Ravanna has to love Sita as a mother. The Kamsa has to fall at the feet of Harry.” I cannot give it to Dick, Tom and Harry. It has to be a man who has been search-
Radha…. ing for it. It has to be a woman who has been searching in her previous lives. You should
You have to be in the hands of God completely.... When the songs of their strength know, whatever you have got it, you have got it in your own right. So a person may look
and victory are sung … all My chakras, how they start working in you, vibrating…. like a Dick, Tom, Harry, but he’s not. He’s a great saint.
It is going to work through you…. The time when love has to rule, the Satya Yuga, if You’re all saints sitting here. It’s a centre, a nucleus of saintliness where the complete
it has to come, it is going to be through your efforts. divine is flowing. The only thing is let it flow out from you. This power is that of God
Now, before Sahaja Yoga, no efforts, but now all your efforts are divine. Whatever you and it is not your responsibility to worry as to whether it will do good or bad. Even if you
do, whatever sympathetic you activate, you are getting it through the parasympathetic. may think that it may do some bad thing according to the moral sciences of this world,
14 You don’t do anything at all. But you can see yourself what stakes are involved…. ultimately it is going to be all right….
S H R I K R I S H N A P U J A 1973

A perfect flute for my Lord to play that tune of love

So many things one has to learn from a dog.
They are wonderful things.
They’re beautiful. You’d better keep the dog.
I have a dog, too. It’s with My daughter now.
When I go to India, when I have to go to My daughter’s place,
I wear a very ordinary sari because I know he will, as soon as he hears My voice, he’ll come
jumping and jump all over Me, lick Me and also show his anger because I’ve left him.
The fight is within
And his eyes will have tears.
Why was that Kamsa to be killed? Why was Ravanna to be killed? Of course,
Even he may tear My sari out of it.
killing doesn’t help much. That I have realized. All those that are killed are
He is the artist. back again in the saddle. But still, you don’t fight those horrible people. You And when I’m coming and filling My bag with things, it knows.
just fight yourself out. You just watch yourself. Where are you? What are Then it goes and sits and sulks and doesn’t eat food for eight days when I leave. I mean I
But you are the you doing? Are you on the divine or on the gross? Just think about it every go every second year, but he’s not forgotten even My voice.
moment, every moment you are in meditation. Just think of the moment It’s an old dog now, very old. I think for his species, he’s outlived.
instruments. and the dynamism of that moment, the complete power that is filling every
His name is Deepak. It means the light.
moment, just waiting to go inside you. It will flow in your Sahasrara and
He’s absolutely white. He’s the spitz...
inside your being and completely revolve around your whole being and trans-
But it is big for its own breed....
form the inside of you to … a complete divine power. Allow it to come in.
Accept it. Accept it without any fear…. But dogs have a capacity to learn.
It’s a very vicarious time.... I have only two hands. You can see that very I have taught this dog how to do puja.
clearly…. I can do everything, but not to make you do something. Your will He used to touch My Feet and he would never lick My Feet.
will be respected throughout. He would lick My sari, but never My Feet.
Every other thing can be looked after, except for one – that you should be And he knew how to use a w.c., can you believe it?
a perfect machine, a perfect channel, “a perfect flute for my Lord to play that All sorts of things he knew. You can teach him so many things.
tune of love.” It used to discriminate even the footsteps of every person in the house.
It is for you to clear out all your seven holes. It is for you to clear out your And he never liked nudity of any kind.
hollowness and for you to be complete within yourself. And He knows His
One Yugoslav lady came with her short – not very short, but with a frock, you see.
And the legs were showing. And he started barking at her. She wasn’t mannerly like that.
He is the artist. But you are the instruments. And the harmonious music
So I had to give her a towel to cover her legs while she was talking to Me.
from so many souls can fill the ears of these evil people and can penetrate into
their heart and put love into them and maybe that they themselves will give Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, during an informal talk in France
up their evil ways and fall at the feet of love.

Krishna is to be born within you today.

A five year old boy went to kill Kalya.
That Krishna is to be born within you.
He went and sat on the Kalya Sahasrar and was pressing with His Feet
and all the people were seeing this great drama of Krishna’s dancing on the
Kalya Sahasrara.
Krishna is to be born within your being....
Let us now go to the state which is beyond words, beyond thoughts, into
the realm of thoughtless awareness where the Divine is pouring It’s bless-
With this puja you get the Mother’s protection to begin with and My cha-
kras, when they start moving, they give you special powers of love and bless
your chakras and fill them up completely….
16 The blessings of My being will flow to you automatically. • 17
Sleep, Dreams and Beyond
There is a nadi which passes through the left Vishuddhi into the Heart. It
starts from the heart, goes up, passes through the Agnya. It has four petals. It
opens up. This is the one which gives you the state which is called as turya.
We live in three states. In the awakened state, jagruti, our attention goes
to this, that and all that. We spoil our attention.
But the second one is the one that we call ... sleep. When we sleep also
all these things that have happened come to us from our past and things like
But then we go to the deeper sleep called as sushupti. It is a state where
you have deep sleep and you dream of something that is reality also. You may
dream about Me. It’s like the ethereal part of the subconscious where some
It is not the
beautiful information is passed on. Supposing I’ve come, say, to Italy. Italians
might know in their sushupti that I have come....
knowledge of chakras,
But the fourth state is called as thurya.... The fourth state is where you are
in a thoughtless awareness state.... When there is no thought, you have to be not the knowledge
innocent. When there is no thought, you have to have vibrations. When there
is no thought, you cannot be attached to anyone. of vibrations,
So into that thoughtless state you have come now. It is the thurya state.
And in this state, when you are, these four petals, which are within you, have not the knowledge
to open out in your brain. They come from your heart to your brain and that
is when you absolutely understand what is God, absolutely know what is of kundalini,
God. That is the time when one receives the real knowledge....
That’s the real knowledge. It is to know what is God. And if that is God, but the knowledge
then how can you suspect anything? How can you try to analyze anything?
It’s God. It’s God Almighty, which knows everything, which does everything, of God Almighty.
Mahakali ... is the one who relaxes you completely. When you are tired and fed up, which enjoys everything.
In the dream when you don’t know what to do, then She makes you sleep. She’s the one who gives you That is the one, we should say, is the gnyana, is the knowledge, is the true
sleep. knowledge, the pure knowledge. It is not the knowledge of chakras, not the
She guides All the day’s work you do, ultimately the Mahakali power acts on you as sleep. She knowledge of vibrations, not the knowledge of kundalini, but the knowledge
makes you sleep, sleep like a child. You know, at that time, all that wrong we have done to of God Almighty.
you. ourselves and to others is forgiven. In Her lap we sleep nicely, quietly and all our problems And the knowledge of God Almighty is not mental. Again, I tell you, it
are solved. starts from your heart and goes to your brain, something that comes out of
In those dreams, when you are, She brings forth solutions to you. your experience of joy and covers your brain. So your brain cannot deny it
I know so many people who told Me, “Mother, you came in my dream and told me any more....
that ‘this is the medicine you should take.’ You came in my dream and You told me that To know that you know God, itself is so great.
‘this particular type of life will suit you.’” They see Me clearly coming, but there it is not Whatever it is – She may be Mahamaya, She may be anything – but “I
the whole of Me, but I think the Mahakali power acts. know.” It cannot be described in one book. It cannot be described in a hun-
Into very deep sleep you are. It is called as the sushupti. There She appears. dred books. It cannot be described in words, but to know that is God – after
One lady came to Me and she said, “Mother, You came in the dream and you said that all, that’s God, God Almighty. And that gives you that beautiful surrender
‘I’m here in Bombay.’ Nobody told me.…” where you just feel absolutely secure in that ocean of love. I wish you all to
So many things happen like this. In the dream, She guides you and tells you. achieve that state. Shivaratri Puja 1991
18 Mahakali Puja 1993
S ari
“Thousands and thousands, millions of years back, the Mother Earth started
producing Her Ganesha. It was first a huge ocean where the Himalayas stand. The
Himalayas gradually started coming out of that ocean in a flat way, like a shivalinga,
which is the expression as the manifestation of the animals. They have the brains which
are flat.
“But when the Himalayas started coming out of that sea, the Mother Earth was
pushed on the sides. And the Mother Earth started giving folds to Her sari, you can

“Now, when that movement started, the sari gave waves of vibrations in such a way
that, at certain points, it rose up to a point becoming like Shri Ganesha....
“But then, still more folds started coming up much later, when the human brain
started developing its ego. So the whole of that land was pushed up and another land
joined it in such a manner that it formed an apex. The superego was pushed in and was
brought to the climax. That synchronizes with the human brain because the whole uni-
verse is represented in our body as well.
“Now, the central axis of the Mother Earth acted as the spinal cord. By this happen-
ing in the Himalayas, again there was a big push onto all the mountains, which were to
be created as Shri Ganesha and they got into their final forms. And the apex was cre-
ated.” Shri Ganesha Puja 1984

Shri Krishna “was an incarnation of the Virata, the master of masters, we should say.
When Draupadi was in trouble – Draupadi was actually Vishnumaya, His sister – She
thought of Shri Krishna.” Her sari was being pulled by Dushasana. She only said, ‘Kri.’
“She wanted to say ‘Krishna,’ but She thought, ‘If I say “Krishna,” it will fall down.’”
As soon as she said, “‘Shna,’ the sari dropped down. Then she described about Shri
Krishna.... That sound went into Dwarika. Now where is Dwarika and where is Asin-
apur? – at least the distance of at least two thousand miles. But the sound went through
the chaitanya and made a big sound there.” Shri Krishna came “to save the chastity of
His sister. Immediately. Spontaneously. That moment. He could have said, ‘All right, let
it be. Let one sari come out, two, then I’ll go later.’
“I’m sure He must have stolen My saris – which you give for My pujas – which are
too many. That’s what I feel, that from where did He get all these saris to give it to Her?
It must be from My own storage. I’m sure and that’s why you have given Me so many
saris, so that He can save the chastity of many women.” Shri Krishna Puja 1991

“Such great women we have had in this Maharastra, where you find them to be so mild.
If it comes to their country, if it comes to their own personality, to their own chastity,
anything, they are tremendous, just like lionesses. So with this sari, lots of things go hand
in hand. It’s not only these saris you are wearing, but you are representing something
20 very dynamic within yourself.” Sangli Puja 1990
You want Me to talk about My life….

Life, it’s so long. I am sixty-two completed and sixty-three started.

I’m an old woman now. It’s a long life….

I am a story teller.
It is something like an autobiography.
I belong to a family of very enlightened people. My father was a linguist and he was
Lebensbilder TV show
master of fourteen languages. He knew about twenty-six languages and he translated even
9 July 1986 the Koran into the Hindi language. My mother was, in those days, an honours in math-
Vienna ematics. So both were very well-educated and enlightened people.

At the time of My birth, My mother dreamed something which she could not explain.
But after that she had a great desire to go and see a tiger in the open field. My father was
a great hunter because tigers were a menace in the area where we were living. It was a
hill-station called Chindwara. So there was a king who was very much interested in My
Somehow or another a letter came that there was a tiger, a very big tiger, and they
were frightened of him, that he might be a man-eater. So My father took My mother and
moved to that place. And they were sitting in what we call as a machan, where they built
something for people to sit on top of a tree, from where they can shoot nicely. And then,
My mother told Me that a big, huge tiger of very big size, very beautifully appeared on
the field and she felt tremendous love for the tiger.
It was a full moon day and she felt extremely compassionate towards the tiger and
when My father raised his gun to shoot, she stopped and she wouldn’t allow him. The
tiger went away and he never came to that forest again.
But that made My father think, because he himself was a realized soul, that this must
be somebody – what we call a goddess Durga, who is fond of the tiger – who must be
born to My mother because the symptoms were rather funny that the lady should like to
see a tiger.
So he told My mother, “Now are you satisfied?” – because they were struggling with
the gun. He said, “Is there a Durga sitting in your womb, that you are trying to protect
the tiger?”
22 She said, “Yes, yes. So stop it now. I won’t allow you.” 23
Like that, there were many incidents in My life... When I was born, My
mother didn’t feel any labour pains or anything. Just I was born. She didn’t
know how. And I had no blood on My body, nothing. I was clean, washed.
That’s why they call My name as Nirmala.
My father, being But My grandmother said that she should be called as Nishkalanka.
That means the one who has no spots on her. But that’s the name of a man.
a realized soul, They said, “All right, we call her Nirmala,” meaning the same – immacu-
he felt tremendous Then My father, being a realized soul, he felt tremendous vibrations
from Me and he felt that this life is great and she will do something great
vibrations from Me. in this life.
I do not know why, but I don’t know if he dreamed or he understood
it, but all the time – if I remember when he talked to Me – he used to say
that “You have to find out the way of giving en masse Realization.”
As I told you, he was a great scholar of so many things and a very widely
read man. So he gave Me a good education in religion, in different religions
and also a good education about human beings. What are their problems?
Why do they react like this? Why don’t they take to God? Why are they
hypocritical? All kind of things he said to Me.
He also knew about kundalini, but not so much. Of course, when I
was born, I knew all about kundalini Myself. I knew all about it from My
very childhood.
So I was a very aware person, extremely aware, but I didn’t know who
to talk to because, you see, people did not have that awareness. You can’t
talk to everyone like that.

So I was regarded as a very jolly person, at the same time very serious
also, very deep. And then I started My studies as a child. I was not very
much interested in the studies, but I used to do very well. I used to read the
lives of great men and things like that.
At a very young age, I read George Bernard Shaw. When people were
reading Great Expectations, I was reading Bernard Shaw. But as such, I did
not have any interest in particular in reading some textbooks because I
thought they were childish and there was nothing to be read about it.
Then I told My father that I have to do medicine. So he said, “Why?”
I said, “Because I have to talk to doctors.”
He said, “You have to talk to doctors?”
“Yes,” I said.
I was a very aware person, extremely aware,
But it so happened in My childhood, when I was about seven years of
age, My father was a congressman. He had joined congress when I was four but I didn’t know who to talk to because
years of age. He used to live with a style very westernized, you see…. We
had governesses and all that. He threw away everything and he became a
real Indian….
Then he made us study our languages. Sanskrit he made us study in an
people did not have that awareness.
Indian school, not in a missionary school because missionaries were very
They threw us out of the school when My father was in the congress.
24 They were against us completely.
Then at the age of seven years, I happened to go with My father to But with others, he was very strict and I used to tell him that, “Why are
Mahatma Gandhi. He was about seventy miles living from us. But the first you strict with everyone?”
time he took Me down and Mahatma Gandhi liked Me very much. He said, He said, “But you are a little girl. You got up in the morning time. Why
“Leave this child here.” can’t they get up?”
So I had not even taken clothes or anything to stay there and My father I said, “I am little. That’s why I get up. They are big, so they can’t get up.”
Mahatma Gandhi sent to Me everything.... Like that, you see, a little child.
Gandhi was very fond of Me, but I was a little girl. But he understood
liked me very that there was something about Me. He consulted Me on very serious prob- And then My father went to jail. And My mother also went to jail five
lems sometimes, surprisingly. Like one day, he wanted to make the prayer times. My father went to jail twice, once for about two and a half years and he The inner being
much. He said, book so he asked Me, “How should I put these series?” and all that. So I told was the only supporting member of the family.
him how to put the series and he put the series in that way. By the way, we came from a very old royal family, which is called as Shali- was still seeking the
“Leave this I used to go back for My school and again to go back to Gandhiji, every vahans. They have a calendar also in India.
year like that. And he called Me Nepali. He gave Me a name, Nepali. Every- And then, when they took My father to jail, we had to leave our house way and methods
child here.” body used to call Me Nepali at that time…. and we had to live in huts and we had all kind of problems. But also Me, they
pestered a lot because I helped many people there. I joined the ‘42 Movement of giving en masse
Gandhiji was a tremendous man. One had to learn a lot from him. He and in a very serious way and I became a leader of the young people.
was not at all a hypocrite, that’s one thing. And he was not like a modern … I thought, “Unless and until I take a very positive stand, it may not work Realization.
politician who says something and does something wrong. He was very out- out with them.”
spoken and always he put himself on the testing point. And he used to confess It’s not gracious to say how they tortured me, what they did to Me. But
if he made mistakes immediately. they really tortured Me. I was a young girl of nineteen years at that time. It’s
One very great incident I remember when I was a small child. They were over now, so it is finished.
having a meeting together and we girls were there only sitting, giving them And after that, My father went to jail again and then, when he came back,
water and things to all the people. All the big people were there. Like Jawa- he got elected as the member of the Central Assembly, later on as the Con-
harlal Nehru was there also and Mollana Azad. All these people were sitting stituent Assembly and then of the Parliament.
there. They were discussing something and then suddenly Mahatmaji said, My brother was also a member of the Parliament later on, as well as a
“Now it’s very late. We will have lunch here.” minister in the cabinet. Another brother is a high court judge in Bombay.
So they said, “Yes, yes, we will have lunch here.” They’re all doing well despite the fact that our parents neglected us in a way
They had to go to the guest house, which was far away. So Mahatmaji because they gave their lives for the country, but, you see, that never deterred
asked for Bai, his wife. She had gone out. So he got up. He had a key with us from studies and we came up very well.
him, you see, always of the storeroom. He opened the storeroom and he asked
the people who were in charge of cooking to measure everything according to When I was in the ‘42 Movement, My college justiciabled me from the
the people there – properly everything, you see. And then, when they mea- college and threw Me out and I had to go to another college to study far away
sured it out, everything was done, then he put the key back and then he went from My house, in Punjab. But I studied for two years. Science I did. Then I
and sat there nicely. So these people said, “Bapu, we did not know you have did My medical. I didn’t do it fully because just after that the 1947 riots broke
to take so much trouble, you see, to go all the way looking for her.” It didn’t out. So the college was closed and I didn’t want to know more because what I
take much time, about fifteen minutes, but still. wanted to know, I think I knew. So I did not need and I got married.
So he said, “What do you think? This is the blood of My country. I
cannot allow it to be wasted.” You must have heard My husband’s work was the secretary-general of
See, that’s the sign a person who understands the value of public money. the International Maritime Organization. He held very high positions. He
was also secretary to Lal Bahadur Shastri, who was our prime minister, who
I grew up with him very intimately. He was a very, very kind person for was another very great man. But he did not survive long. If he had survived,
children. Otherwise, he was an extremely strict man, with himself and with things would have been different, I think, for our country because he was a
others, very strict – a big disciplinarian. And he would make everybody get Gandhian, an out and out Gandhian, and he lived like it, an ideal Gandhian
up at four o’clock, have your baths, everything, be ready for your morning personality.
prayers at five o’clock, you see. And he used to walk very fast. I also learned
walking fast with him. In his company, I had to walk fast. So that’s how the life went on. But the inner being was still seeking the
And he was extremely loving and a very nice person. And he would listen way and methods of giving en masse Realization.
to Me because I was a child. Supposing I forced him to eat more or something, My father said, “Before you develop this technique of giving en masse
26 then he would have laughed and accepted. He was a very kind person. Realization, don’t talk of religion. Let nobody know that you know anything
about it because they will crucify you” – he was rather worried that people
wouldn’t understand – or “you may write another Bible or Gita – no use.
“First of all, you must give them Realization. If they get their Realiza-
tion, then they will realize that there’s something about it, about this human
He always used to give an analogy. Supposing you are born on the tenth
I felt, “I am lost. storey and everybody’s on the ground. You must at least make them climb
two storeys so they know there’s something above. Otherwise, there is no use
I am no more. talking about it.
And he said, “This is the mistake between the saints and the incarnations.
It’s only the grace They never realized that these people are still on the ground…. So that is
what you have to be, very careful, that first of all you must give Realization
that is there.” to them.”

So I was seeking the ways and methods, working it out inside Myself
through My own style of meditation, in the sense that I would work out
all the permutations and combinations. Supposing I met one person, then I
would see what problems that person had, how you can overcome it like that.
I would try to study that person internally.
And I went to many people to find out, but I found they were great hypo-
crites. I saw so many of these gurus. Most of them, when I saw them, I was
surprised they were all hypocrites, money-making….

Somehow or other, I said, “I must open the last chakra.” So the last chakra
was opened and I saw the Kundalini, which is the primordial force within us,
which is the Holy Ghost within us, rising, like a telescope opening out. And
then I saw the whole thing open and a big torrential rain of bliss started flow-
ing through My head, all over.
I felt, “I am lost. I am no more. It’s only the grace that is there. I saw it
completely happening to Me.” In two years, I gave only about fourteen people Realization. Then gradually, when
fourteen people got Realization, then many others started getting Realization. But I
So in 1970 this happened, the 5th of May and just after that we had a very
big lecture in … a very big hall and thousands of people had come and I told
started also curing people because that was helping a lot.
Then My husband got elected to this post and we had to come to London. It was
them very frankly that these [false gurus] are all thugs and hypocrites, some
of them are demonic, some are evil people. I took their names, everything. I So when I came to London, we had one program…. The Indians abroad are not established
told them, “Don’t go near them....” so much interested in God. They are more interested in money. So none of the Indians
And there were so many others [to] whom I told these things very clearly stayed there. They all ran away and only the foreigners who were there. There were about that Sahaja
and they got frightened. They said, “You should not say like this. They will seven hippies and so I had to work on them, seven hippies. For four years, I was working
come and murder you.” I said, “Let them come and murder Me.” But nobody on them to give them the Realization. They were difficult. Their liver was bad, their head Yoga is some-
did anything. Nobody even went to the courts. was off – a terrible time.
And that’s how, you see, they tried to bring a bad name to Me. They paid But in between, I used to go to India. And in India also the work was done. For three thing very
money to the newspapers to publish things against Me because I said, “You month always I would be away. So we started working in the villages – especially, surpris-
cannot pay money.” So they thought that I was just trying to harm them by ingly, where My forefathers were once ruling in that area. There we started moving in a important.
saying such a thing, that you can’t earn money in the name of God. very big way.
Some people came from Australia to India, like that, and the work started moving
If it’s a job, you can do it. But God’s work is not a job. And the struggle in those directions. Then gradually, the work improved and people found that this is the
started from the day I started giving Realization. And I started with one lady way we can transform ourselves. Many people were taking drugs or were alcoholic or they
who got Realization first. Then we got about twelve people who got Realiza- were mad people or cancer people. They felt better and they got cured. And it was estab-
28 tion. lished that Sahaja Yoga is something very important….
We have to understand that life has to be enjoyable. Life should be a blessing.
It’s not to be a misery. We create our own miseries by these false ideas, by our own
conflictions we have in our mind, mental projections we have in our mind or our
own obstinacy, whatever it is.
All these things can be cured if you take to Sahaja Yoga because you become a
balanced person, level-headed, wise person and you become a witness. The whole
thing becomes like a show, like a drama and you become fearless. You start seeing the
When I am whole thing like a drama. And this is what a human being has to achieve.

with myself, We talk of peace. We talk of no war. We talk of many things like this, you see
– atomic bomb, this and that. All that is not going to work out.
I am never Only what is going to work out is the transformation of human beings. If the
human beings are transformed, things will work out absolutely first class. Not only
lonely at all. that, but that they will enjoy the bliss of life.
We are missing the point altogether. This is a very important thing, that human
I enjoy myself beings must say one thing: “What have we achieved out of all this?”
Just for a minute to stop and think.

I was born in a Christian family deliberately because, you see, I personally think
that Protestants are the greatest fanatics. They are very sophisticated. You see, their
fanaticism is in their brain. Nobody can make them out that they’re fanatics, that
they are great fanatics, the greatest of all. But My parents were very enlightened
people. They understood Christ very well….
First time I took the Bible in the hand, I asked My father, “Who is this Paul?”
He said, “It’s an intruder. Forget it. Don’t believe him at all.”
So you see, they understood all these things very well because My father was a
realized soul like Khalil Gibran.
If you read Khalil Gibran, he says the same thing about Paul, the same thing. If
you are an enlightened person, you see the essence of everything. Whatever religion
you are born into, you don’t ignore any other religion. You try to learn about other
religions and then you find the essence is the same in every religion. What is there
to fight?
And that’s how you belong to no religion. You belong to every religion. That’s
what happened. But My parents were very enlightened people, I must say, and I was
very lucky to choose them as My parents....

I was like a mother to [the other children] from My very childhood. When My
father and mother went to jail, I was about ... five and a half years of age, so I had
all the keys of the house in My little frock and I used to carry all the duties like the
grandmother. I never felt lost.
My life is on the whole is very collective. By temperament, I am extremely col-
lective. I can live anywhere. I can sleep anywhere. I can live in the jungles. I have no
problems in that. I am extremely collective.
I am not exclusive by temperament. From very childhood, I was very friendly
with all the people in that area where we were living and My mother was known as
“Nirmala’s mother.” My father was known as “Nirmala’s father.” So they said, “We
have lost our identity because of her.”
So I was a very friendly person. I never felt lonely and when I am with Myself, I
30 am never lonely at all. I enjoy Myself very much. •
time in Shri Mataji’s pres- we visited on the India tour
ence and I was looking in 1980-81. These pictures
forward to the India tour where the light is coming THE DIVINE COOL BREEZE
of 1990-1991 immensely. down in a shaft on Shri
We were met in Bombay Mataji were taken there. I
and were taken by bus up was sitting next to Cheryl
to Pune, far up in the hills Bradshaw, who took the
where Shri Mataji had pictures, so I can vouch for
bought some land. We were the fact that it was com-
to camp there on a high hill pletely open, no cover. It
overlooking a valley and it was an overcast day. There
was really lovely. We caught was no sunlight. Cheryl
all the breezes and had this actually took seven pictures.
wonderful view. I took some of the pictures
Later that day, we were to London and showed
to meet Shri Mataji. It had them to Shri Mataji. I said,
been arranged for Her to “These amazing pictures
arrive in a Jeep, all deco- have come out, Mother.”
rated in flowers and banana I said, “There’s another
leaves by the local villagers. picture, Mother, in the
Among many others, I series, in the negatives. It’s
was with Elizabeth, who was also from South Africa, and the last one and You have Your hand up over Your head
Patricia, who was from New Zealand, and we were all like You’re saying, ‘It’s enough now.’” And She laughed.
lining ourselves along the sides of the country road below I found out afterwards that She said this light was because
Front cover: Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Contents pages quote: Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Hamsa
the hill, waiting for the Jeep to arrive. Anticipation was a saint was buried in that village and he was pouring grace Puja 1991 (“Before typing you just say ‘namaskar’ to that work that you have to do, just like that. And then you
in the air. We could hear the drums being beaten and the down upon Her. I remember now that afterwards, after start doing the work as if you are not doing it. You are just doing it – typing. You are just typing, that’s all. You’re
school children danced around the Jeep as it slowly wound the talk, She asked us to go down to where he was buried not doing it. You’re not doing anything. Some people say, ‘Mother, you travel so much.’ I never travel. I’m sitting or
I’m walking. Where do I travel? It is the plane that travels. I’m just sitting in the plane. I never travel like a Super-
its way along the road toward us. Love flowed along that and walk around his tomb clockwise. Kay McHugh man. I am sitting very nicely. Where do I travel? If I start thinking, ‘I travel very much, I do this work, I do that
road and I was holding out my hands towards Shri Mataji, work,” somebody would say, ‘Mother, you do so much work.’ I mean I don’t do anything. I tell you, really, I don’t
hoping to feel the cool breeze flowing. On the 14th of 1982, Shri Mataji told us about the nature do anything.”) Contents pages photograph: Shri Mataji departs Vienna, 7 September 1984 (Gregoire de Kalber-
matten) Page 2: Shri Mataji’s Feet, Shri Adi Shakti Puja, 19 June 2005 (Alexey Cherepanov) Page 4: Shri Mataji
As the Jeep drew nearer, I was surprised to feel the cool of the camera and this special series of photographs: “There Nirmala Devi, Shri Adi Shakti Puja 2001 (Michael Markl) Page 6 and 7: Genova, Italy Page 8 and 9: Shri Mataji’s
breeze, not only on my hands, but on my feet as well. Shri are so many things the camera has caught, which human house in Genova, Italy Page 10-11, 13 and 15: Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Page 16: watercolour painting of a flute
Mataji looked so cool and loving, smiling so beautifully beings cannot catch. Like one day, I was sitting in a village, (Shreya Payment) Page 17: a dog on the stage, Guru Puja weekend 1995 (Michael Markl) Page 18, 20-1, 23, 25,
29 and 31: Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Page 32 and above: Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, India tour circa 1990 (Cheryl
for Her children. giving a lecture, in a place where a realized soul had died, Bradshaw) Back cover quote: Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, from an undated letter translated from Marathi (“We are
The Jeep passed us and continued on the road, turn- a great realized soul.... I can feel it, but you people do not Sahaja Yogis. God has chosen us. How can we work if we remain weak? Shri Adi Shakti has given us the power to
ing onto a smaller track to wind its way slowly up the hill. see it with your eyes. A great flood of light was falling on redeem all of mankind. We can do it and we will do it. In your heart, you should pray, ‘How deep is God’s love for
us. He has given us Realization. He is the ocean of mercy. Ignoring all our mistakes, He is working hard day and
As the Jeep drove up this hill, the track zig-zagged and we My head, a flood of light. And the camera caught it.... The night for our welfare and, instead of praying for His forgiveness of our mistakes, we are making complaints against
started to follow behind it, but we did not have to follow camera caught it six times. And the seventh time, I just Him and blaming Him.’ The following thoughts will please your hearts: ‘O God, please give us the power of Your
the track, instead we could make a straight line up the hill did like this and it stopped…. The camera is so sensitive love. May I be the drop in the ocean of Your love, that is enveloping the whole universe, so that its loving pulsation
is vibrated through my life and I remain engrossed in that bliss.’ May your life be flooded by the waves of divine
and therefore see Shri Mataji at every bend in the road. and so honest and so deep…. It could be a person loves love. Always loving you, much more than Myself. Your Mother, Nirmala”)
But then something unusual happened. Elizabeth, you very much that even a photograph of Hers can love
Patricia and I all had this tremendous feeling of déjà-vu, you so much.... We cannot think of someone who is just
like it was the Sermon on the Mount and we were all love. And the photograph has that love within itself…. The Divine Cool Breeze is published six times a year by Vishwa Nirmala Dharma (w ww. sahaj ayoga.or g)
climbing the Mount to listen to Lord Jesus. It was just like None of the people before Me were photographed. Christ Subscriptions are available worldwide at $28 US per year or $5 for each back issue ($11 for special issues), with cheques or money orders payable to
that, with all the yogis and yoginis in their saris and kurtas was never photographed. Buddha was not photographed. “The Divine Cool Breeze” and sent to Sarvesh Singh, 2042 Capstone Circle, Herndon, Virginia 20170 USA (703 471-8484,
walking up this hill in small groups, here and there, with Even Muhammed was not photographed. This is the The Divine Cool Breeze can also be purchased at at $30 US per year and $5.50 per issue.
the local villagers mixing with us and following our Holy first time you have developed this wonderful thing called Stories, photos and artwork can be sent to
The Divine Cool Breeze, 881 Frederick Road, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V7K 2Y5 or to
Mother as well. Margaret Fry camera. And there’s My photograph. What to do?”
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Your Mother