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What is mind mapping?

It is a non-linear diagram representing the words, ideas, tasks and other items that are arranged around the central key word or the main topic which is associated with some images or pictures is known as mind mapping. In other words, it is a graphical representation of ideas and the concepts that can structure the information about how the brain actually works. In simple term it is a short cut way of note taking or writing the flow of thoughts with pictures for easy learning or to recall. How to make a mind map? Mind map is created around a single word or text, placed in center, to which associated ideas, words and concepts are added. 1. put a central image or the key word that represents the topic about which we think 2. connect the subtopics to the central image on the main branches that can show their relative importance
3. repeat the same process for the sub topics, generating lower-level subtopics connecting

each of those to the corresponding subtopic

4. Add some image with words or topics for better recall and creative thinking

5. Make mind map beautiful, artistic, colorful and imaginative Benefits of mind mapping are; 1. Avoid linear thinking 2. Quick note taking 3. Quicker way to study and memorizing
4. Enable to gain insight on complex subjects

5. Help to connect concepts without a tendency to begin Uses of mind mapping: 1. For note taking 2. To form outline of that particular topic

3. For associating the words with images for structuring the information 4. For expressing the ones creativity 5. Planning and studying Conclusion (what I learn about mind mapping after doing this assignment) Firstly, I came to know the concept of mind mapping. Mind mapping is short cut and effective method of note taking and to express ones creativity where the diagrams and words are associated to represent the ideas and concepts about what we think or write. Mind Maps show not only facts, but also the overall structure of a subject and the relative importance of individual parts of it. The shape of mind map is always non linear form which is like family tree or limbs and a head attach to a main body. For example, to form a mind map, firstly it is very important to think of some topic and then putting that topic in center with some images. After that, then joining the subtopics all around that image that are related to a selected topic and finally making the mind map attractive, colourful, and beautiful so that people can easily learn and recall about that particular topic. I also came to know about some benefits and uses of mind mapping. Mind mapping prevent one from linear thinking and let him/her to think creatively. Through mind map, people can quickly study and memorize something that they learn and it also enables the people to gain insight on complex subject. Mind map can be used to generate, visualize, structure and classifying ideas and concepts. The use of mind map is not just limited to inspiration and creativity. It can also used to make better decisions, learn effective time management and manage information efficiently. It very easy to express ones creativity with the help of mind map and also to understand the selected topic.