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Express Checkout

Written by Arjun Suri and Vivek Bhat

Arjun Suri Productions All rights reserved. +91- 9901727301

2. FADE IN INT. SUPERMARKET - NIGHT G sits at the express-checkout counter. S sits at the regular counter next to his. G hands over GUY1 the bill, who fumbles around trying to find his wallet. In the meanwhile, he casually calls out to S, as GUY1 hands him a 500 rupee note. G (talks loudly to S as he looks for change) Hey, you mind taking tomorrow afternoons shift? I gotta attend this dumb lecture to make up some attendance. S (as she works) Uhh, okay. But be here by 4. G hands GUY1 the change and he begins to exit. G (to Guy1) Thank you! Have a good one. G (CONTD) (Louder, talking to S) Yeah, absolutely. Thanks S! G sees that Ss lane is packed and happens to notice a woman (K) at the end of her que. In her fancy attire and big boots, she appears to be a misfit in the otherwise dull crowd around her. She fidgets with her clutch as she looks at the loaded cart with the lady in front of her, clearly annoyed. G (CONTD) (Waves at K and signals her to join his lane) Excuse me, miss. Please. K points at the Express checkout sign above his lane that says Max. 4 items. Gestures with her hand, 5. G (CONTD) Thats okay. She quickly shifts lanes. G gives her a welcoming smile. She doesnt notice and hurriedly starts to unload her cart. As he rings the items in her cart, he realizes the unusual selection. A few knives, rat poison, a box of pins.

3. He glances at her for a second and she gives him an awkward smile and picks up some packets of gum stacked next to the counter and places them with the other stuff shes buying. He smiles back, confused. G (CONTD) Alright. Thats 370, maam. She takes out exactly Rs.370 from her CLUTCH and hands it over to G, who places it in the cash tray and hands her a bill. As he starts packing the stuff, she intervenes and quickly stuffs it all into the bag, picks it up and exits. {The CLUTCH remains on the counter, not particularly highlighted in the scene} EXT. SUPERMARKET PARKING LOT - NIGHT K walks to her car, opens the rear door and throws the bag in. Opens the front door, enters and shuts the door. G is seen running towards her with something in his hand. He tries to stop her but she doesnt notice and drives away. He thinks for a second and then hastily runs to his bike, kicks it into ignition and starts to chase Ks car. EXT. STREETS - NIGHT -- MONTAGE 1.G flashes his bikes light at Ks car but she doesnt stop. 2.G twining through traffic trying to get to her. 3.XCU of Ks eyes in the central rear view mirror. Shes noticed him. 4.XCU of the cars gearbox as she slips the car into a lower gear. 5.XCU of the accelerator as she pushes it all the way down. 6.K turns the car towards a dark and empty road. G follows. 7.K stops the car under a lamp-post. Doesnt get out. EXT. UNDER THE LAMPPOST - NIGHT G parks his bike and gets off. Starts walking towards Ks car. The car door opens and K gets out. G Miss, you forg---

4. LOUD SOUND OF A GUNSHOT G drops to the ground, revealing K, who stands there with a gun pointed at him. K What a waste. She gets into the car and as she drives away, a few people rush towards G as we .... CUT TO: INT. CAR - NIGHT K puts the gun back. She looks relieved. Checks the rear-view mirror. De-focuses to check herself out in the mirror instead. Smiles, sheepishly. EXT/INT. OLD DILAPIDATED HOUSE - NIGHT Ks car drives in and screeches to a halt. She gets out, grabs the supermarket bag, walks towards the main door and unlocks it. The door opens to reveal 3 half-naked (faces not shown) semiconscious men, tied up in the living room. She enters and places the supermarket bag on a table. Realises shes forgotten her clutch in the car. Walks towards the car. INT. CAR Searches the car for the clutch. Then, it hits her. CUT TO: Flashback- MONTAGE 1. K places the clutch on the counter. 2. Clutch sits on the counter as she leaves. 3. Man(G) in her rear-view mirror signalling to her 4. G falling to the ground, clutch in his hand. INT. CAR Extreme close up of K. Shes in total disbelief. CUT TO: EXT. UNDER THE LAMPPOST

5. A police officer holds Ks clutch in his hand. He opens it to discover her ID card and a strip of medicine (Haloperidol) inside it. Some medics try to revive G in the back ground. Camera slowly moves into the clutch till it covers the entire frame.(Music rises to a peak. And suddenly, stops.) FADE OUT TO WHITE. The End. Characters 1.G 2.K 3.S 4.Guy1 5. Men in rags (3)