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-Thespes is a playwright and an actor-he stood out formo the course and started reciting lines form Agamemnon

Thespes was called a liar. -Feix Mendelshon- trained virtuoso performers, and he dealt with conservatories. He works with Ferdinand David. -Gamelan is a whole orchestra of percussion instruments. -Gender is one on the percussion instruments. Penny hit them with mallots. -Laudamus te- Mozart wrote this to Constanza for marraige Aristophones- write the first comedic play, wrote The Birds -The Sweet Bird of Youtha play by Tennessee Williams.. it is about aging. About the lady and man talking in the hotel room trying to figure out the age. -ART AND THE COMMITED EYE- most important things 1. We are a very visual culture./advertising is the vehicle in which we see anything that goes on/ looking and understanding of art is just like our exploration of singing./ We are always in a dialogue in a piece of visual art. -Overtones-are what makes each of us different. Every sound in between and above. -Pitch we hear-basic pith is called the fundamental. -Dont need to know THE LAND OF NOD STUFF -DISTINCTION BETWEEN HIGH ANF LOW ART DEUCHAMP MESSED UP THE MONA LISA1950, your computer does not distinguish high and low art Eschelus- andother greek playwright Sophocles, Euripides, ASchules ?? look and notesgreatest playwirghts. Mostly wrote dramas with unhappy endings -Why we go to the theatre-for entertaitnment, to learn about real life -Athenians-exceptionalism I Athens can do what I want because Im Athens. -THE BIG BAMBOO the storm borothers- where the art happenson top of the Met with bamboo, the public could participated by watching, new meaning on public art. -Public art is art that the community works in. Artists are the public. -ballet vs. modern ballet18&19th century, ballets goal was antigravity, ballet was a form of entertainment. Modern ballet///dance was designed In Stravinskys The Rite of Spring--where the movment wer e not fluid but very rough DANCE WEEk Martha Grahham Appalacia Spring Gene Kelly_Singing in the rain, and talks back to himself, he was very athletic.

Fre Astairewas more dancy Fred Astair would do 150 tiemes] Nocolaos Brothers ??Boethius- roman guy Westtr uses pentatonic cscale, Chinese folk song with parents There will be picutsures and isounds. What yo learn in the exertp it that theatre is a roitess undertone COMEDIA DEL ARTEfirst one Shakespeares Taming of the SHreww. Shaakespeares 12th night. A wedding took place, Muse wrote I have now traveled two hours toward my grave teaches so many leasons. Theatre-hurtling threw time towards death. Bubble-up-origins are and trickle down. A stable culture can work sideways.. America began as a trickle down culture Pop culture is more influential. Our biggest export is essentially black culture. Ballet is trickled down Nicolas brother-bubble up These are people from pacific attols. In Polynesia Atolls are form volcanoes and a land in on one side and lagoon on the other. Mika gave a talk about this. They came with a wooden box from. The songs and dances of the people, they do them all the time, whenever a situation calls for it. Tolstoy says art is the relationship between the two things. Andy Warhol is our cut and paste metaphor. Intense commodification of American culture. Commodity Gender bending-andy worhol, like eddie izzard, dressed in drag 6 things on your personal computers. -deuxhamp high and low art -pixeled screen benday printing -collage- roy hamilton -scale oldenburg baseball bat in Chicago/ 6foot tall hamburger -cut and paste

-christoart as process -textmarinetti schhhrabannggg cadence- period to a sentence.. end to a musical piece.. yelping in from the people syncopationcame off the beat and was not systematicun under mikwood- radio play-dillon Thomas- spoke about the pasi of time form evening until dusk