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Windows Server 2008. Please note that this printer driver operates on a 32-bit x86-based microprocessor (Intel 80486/25 and above) and an upward-compatible processor (For clock speed and memory of the CPU. Windows Server 2008.) ----------------2. * About driver installation method using plug-and-play (When using Windows 7) 1) Double-click the downloaded compressed file (. 2) Activate the "Add Printer Wizard". Installation 3. * Always reboot the computer after installing an upgraded version of the printer driver. make sure that the system configuration is recommended by the operating system. or Windows 7) * Please refer to the following section of this chapter for installation method using plug-and-play under Windows 7. Re-install as an Administrator. * If you have deleted an older version of the printer driver. Requirements ----------------1. Requirements 2. and Windows 7.This document provides information about the printer driver on the following items: 1. * Please refer to the following section of this chapter for driver deletion method under Windows Vista. . Windows Server 2003 English version. This printer driver operates on a computer running Windows 2000 English version. The procedures may differ if the start menu or folder options have been changed. * The installation procedures are written with the assumption that standard settings have been configured in Windows. * About driver deletion method (When using Windows Vista.Zip format) to decompress. Limitations ----------------1. always reboot the computer before installing the new version. * Installation may not be successful if this driver is not installed using the following procedure. Windows Server 2008 English version and Windows 7 English version. click the "Start" button. 2a) For Windows 2000. Windows Vista English version. Point to "Settings" and click "Printers". Windows XP English version. * You may not be able to install correctly if installation is made using Power User rights. Installation ----------------Important ---------* Close all the running applications before installing the printer driver.

or Windows Server 2003. * Click "Start" button and then click "Devices and Printers". or Windows 7. Proceed to step 11). Click "OK". To change the printer name. Windows XP. Windows Server 2003. 3-1b) For Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. A list of printers is displayed. enter any name in the "Printer name" box. A dialog box for specifying the printer name is displayed. 3-2b) For Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. Select the desired printer. * For a local printer: 3-1a) For Windows 2000. Create a port if there is no output port.3) 4) 5) 6) 7) Double-click the "Add Printer" icon. Specify the printer connection. Windows XP. or Windows 7. If the selected printer is already installed. When installing a new version of the printer driver. * For a network printer: 3-2a) For Windows 2000. select "Replace existing driver" or "Replace the current driver". * Click "Start" button and then click "Control Panel". In this case. select "Network printer" and click the "Browse" button. Specify the desired printer from the network. please click "Add a local printer. . a message asking whether to replace the existing driver is displayed. The older version of the driver cannot be deleted if it is used in an application. Specify the directory containing the uncompressed files in step 1) in the "Copy manufacturer's files from" box. <Caution> If you are using Windows Server 2008. please click "Add a network. close the application. Click the "Add a printer" icon. 2b) For Windows XP. Windows Server 2008. a message asking whether to set this as the default printer is shown." Proceed to step 4). select "Local printer attached to this computer". click the "Start" button. 3-2c) When using Windows Vista. please click "Yes" button if you want to set a printer as default. right-click in "Printers" folder and select "Add Printer" in "Run as administrator". Windows Server 2008. 3-1c) When using Windows Vista. 2e) The following steps are available for use when installing printer under Windows 7. select "A network printer. or a printer attached to another computer". Click "Have Disk" from the "Add Printer Wizard" screen. 7a) When using Windows 2000. 2c) For Windows Server 2003. select "Local printer". click the "Start" button. and Windows Server 2008. Double-click the "Add Printer" icon. Contact the network administrator if you have any queries. The "Install From Disk" screen is displayed. Windows Vista. 2d) The following steps are available for use when installing printer under Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. * Select "Printer" in "Hardware and Sound" then select "Add a Printer". For Windows 2000. * Select "Add a printer" in "Devices and Printers". Specify the port to be used for the printer. if other printers are installed. wireless or Bluetooth printer". Point to "Settings" and click "Printers and Faxes". Point to "Settings" and click "Printers and Faxes".

If you are installing the driver as a user without administrator rights. 10) A dialog box to confirm the settings is displayed. and select "Properties" from the right-click menu. or Windows Server 2008. Click "Print a test page" button if you want to print a test page. This completes the installation. a message "Windows can't verify the publisher of this driver software" appears. For Windows 7. ignore it. 11) A dialog box to confirm the continuation of installation is displayed. Windows Server 2008. a printer test result confirmation message is displayed. Next. check the checkbox. select a user with administrator rights. enter the password. and click "Finish". If you have printed the test page. Click "Yes". To perform test printing on the print driver. Select "No" and click "Next" if you do not wish to print the test page.7b) When using Windows Vista. 15) Make sharing settings. During the process. 9) A dialog box specifying whether to print the test page after installation is shown. and Windows 7. 16) The driver installation is completed. 17) Right-click the printer icon. Click "Finish" after confirming the settings. Windows Server 2008. and click "OK". a message about the Electronic Signature cannot be found may be displayed but this does not cause functional problem. 11b) For Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. 13) For Windows Vista. when other printers are already installed. 11a) For Windows 2000. As the following steps are slightly different for Windows Vista. Make sharing settings in this dialog and click "Next". this is the start of the driver installation. Click "Continue Anyway". . If you want to set the printer as default. * For Windows 7. if you are asked whether or not to continue installation on the "User Account Control" dialog. 18) Click the "Options" tab. load letter paper to the printer. Make settings when the "Options" tab is displayed. 14) If the pop-up dialogue stating "Windows can't verify the publisher of this software" appears. a message saying that it did not pass the Windows Logo Test may be displayed but this does not cause functional problem. 12) The necessary files are copied and a new printer icon is created. the "Set as the default printer" checkbox is displayed. please check the "Set as the default printer" checkbox if you want to set a printer as default. Please refer to step 9) for the details of test page printing. click "Continue" to proceed the process. 8) Specify whether to share this printer with other network users. If the driver is installed with administrator rights." to continue with the installation. select "Yes" and then "Next". and Windows 7. Click "Install this driver software anyway. please proceed to step 13). we set the installed printer options. a dialog to make sharing settings appears.

* Right-click in "Printers" folder and select "Run as Administrator". and select "Remove device" menu to delete it. reboot the computer and try to delete again. then select "Printer" in "Hardware and Sound" panel. and click the "Update driver" button to open the "Update driver software" dialog. Windows Server 2008>> * Click "Start" and open "Control Panel". * Select this printer in "Device Functions" in the "Hardware" tab. please delete drivers and driver package according to the following steps. Windows Server 2008. * Click the "Change settings" button and open a new "Properties" dialog. Windows Server 2008. * When the "Change Driver Settings" button is displayed. * Restart the computer.About driver deletion method (When using Windows Vista. or Windows 7) ------------------------------------------------------------To remove drivers from system under Windows Vista. * In the "Devices and Printers" folder. * In the new "Properties" dialog. or Windows 7 completely. a message appears and the driver package may not be able to be deleted. * Select a driver to delete from the "Drivers" tab and click the "Remove" button. and click the "Properties" button to open the Properties dialog.". * Select "Browse my computer for driver software" and specify the driver's location under "Search for driver software in this location:". <<Windows 7>> * Click "Start" and select "Devices and Printers". click it. * Select the driver to be deleted from the "Drivers" tab and click "Remove" button. it may not be installed properly. * Delete printer icon in "Printers" folder. * Restart the computer. open the "Drivers" tab. then click "OK" button. * Click any of the icons displayed in "Printers and Faxes" in the "Devices and Printers" folder and select "Print server properties". * Click the printer icon in the "Devices and Printers" folder. follow the steps below to reinstall the driver. *When the icon is disabled and inoperable. * When the driver is in use. In such case. * Select "Remove driver and driver package" and click the "OK" button. reboot the computer and try to delete again. In such case. turn off/on the printer and make sure the printer is connected securely with a cable. . * Select "Remove driver and driver package. * When the driver is in use. Click "Server Properties" then "Printer Server Properties" window is displayed. <<Windows Vista. right-click the icon of this printer and select "Properties". About driver installation method using plug-and-play (When using Windows 7) ------------------------------------------------------------When a driver is installed using plug-and-play under Windows 7. * Click the "Drivers" tab to open it. In such case. * Click "Start" and select "Devices and Printers". a message appears and the driver package may not be able to be deleted.

"Windows". Limitations ---------------* IPP(Internet Printing Protocol) printing over SSL/TLS is not supported when using Windows Vista or later versions.Click "Next". try again on Windows XP. "Windows Vista" and "Windows Server" are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. Now. . ---------------3. ===================================================================== "Microsoft". click "Close" to close the dialog. Other product names and company names stated herein are registered trademarks or trademarks of the respective companies. * Limitations of remote access In the case of driver installation by remote access on Windows Vista or later versions. In such case. the driver has been reinstalled successfully. you need to install the driver on each node in advance. the process may not end normally. * When a message stating that the driver has been updated successfully. *Please refer to the steps for driver installation using "Add Printer Wizard" for how to prepare the driver. * Note for installation in Windows cluster environment When installing a driver in the cluster environment.

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