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Positioning Guide

Smarter Switching
Your World, Dynamically Connected.

The Smarter Switching campaign is based on Cisco Catalyst Series Switches. This at-a-glance guide looks at how to position them to your customers.
Which Switch For Which Customer?
Net new customers seeking great affordability: Cisco Catalyst 29xx Series Switches are low-cost, entry-level solutions targeted at small and medium businesses. If your customers are sensitive to price, Cisco Catalyst 29xx Series Switches deliver all the essentials at truly affordable prices.

Get your customers engaged. More discounts, more value.

Incentives applicable to 29xx/35xx/37xx Switches. Up to 12 percent upfront Trade-in Discount This Technology Migration Programme (TMP) discount can be applied directly to the order, not as a rebate. You can trade in equipment from other manufacturers, and its easy to do with automatic approval on Cisco Commerce Workspace. Multi Year Support Discounts Significant discounts on three-year SMARTnet, Smart Care, Unified Computing Warranty Plus, Field Computing Support Service and Tandberg (PC-B Partner Core Bridge) Services contracts. Reseller Support for Customer Finances with EasyLease* A simple way for you to seal the deal by helping customers to spread costs over multiple quarters and budgets. You can even include installation and extra support, bringing initial costs right down. FastTrack With quick quotes, product availability and order processing, you can deliver to the customer hassle free and faster than ever. Whats more, FastTrack ensures you always have access to competitive pricing, dynamically updated as market conditions allow. OIP This programme allows you to actively identify, develop and win new opportunities where Cisco is not already engaged and have their pre-sales effort protected and rewarded.

VIP Express Participating resellers will enjoy quarterly payments of between 3-10 percent for Cisco Small Business and Commercial product sales. Contact your <Cisco Relationship Manager> for more details on how to get started.
*Only Available in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Israel, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and Ireland only.

View all promotions at partners/incentives_and_promotions/index.html

New Lifetime Warranty All C2960-S, C3560-X and C3750-X switches are supported by our new and improved Limited Life Warranty: 90 days Technical Assistance Centre support ext business day advanced hardware replacement N ntitlement to new releases of Cisco IOS E Software Base images elf-service web tools that help cut time to resolution S

Cisco Catalyst 2960

Cisco Catalyst 2960c

Great flexibility for high-bandwidth data: Catalyst 35xx and 37xx Series Switches are more advanced, offering higher network availability, enhanced security features and the ability to meet more demanding application requirements. So they could easily support a sophisticated converged data, voice over IP or video network. They appeal to customers who think more strategically about their network and are looking to support the business with new functionality and applications over the long-term.

Catalyst 3750-X

Catalyst 3560-X


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Smarter Switching
Your World, Dynamically Connected.
Technology Hardware and Software Highlights Description Business Benefit Cisco Catalyst 29xx Series Cisco Catalyst 35xx and 37xx Series

Upgradeable uplink ports Redundant Power Supplies and Fans Hot swappable Power Supplies and Fans Complete support for access Layer 3 Upgradeable Cisco IOS feature sets Possibility to upgrade from LAN Base to IP Base or IP Services as your business evolves to support basic/advanced routing and enhanced troubleshooting and security capabilities

Adapt to increase bandwidth requirements with GbE to 10GbE uplink migration without service interruption An industry first to eliminate downtime due to common power supply or fan failures Enable non-disruptive component replacement

Static routing is supported, 16 routes

Possibility to upgrade from LAN Base to IP Base or IP Services as your business evolves to support basic/advanced routing and enhanced troubleshooting and security capabilities

Initial choice of LAN

Lite or LAN Base doesnt allow a change of software licence

High Availability

StackWise Plus (3750-X)/FlexStack (2960-S)

Build resilient and self-healing stacking

Ensures network service even in the face of common network failures. Add new switches, delete switches, perform software updates, or autoconfigure an entire stack, all without service interruption Ensures network service even in the face of common network failures Guarantee forward traffic path, even when switch in stack fails

FlexStack: Up to 4 Switches in a stack and 40Gbps

(3750-X) (3750-X with IP BASE


StackPower Cross-Stack EtherChannel


Resilient and self-healing power management technology

Media Access Control Security (MACsec) hardware-based encryption Flexible Netflow Role-based access control with SGT
Video and Rich Media Applications

Media Access Control Security (MACsec) hardware-based encryption. All packets are encrypted right at the source using Cisco MACsec

Ensure network data confidentiality. Prevent eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks, and ensure compliance Monitor internal/external attacks in real-time

Security Group TAG support

Enable secure collaboration with contractors, partners, customers (implement authentication policies based on device types, user IDs and their organisational roles via security groups) Automatically configure and optimise the network for video, depending on the application type: Cisco TelePresence conferencing, video surveillance, desktop collaboration, streaming media

Medianet Enhanced Support Mediatrace Medianet Readiness Assessment Network Calibration

PoE Leadeship

Monitor and troubleshoot video calls Ensure network readiness for HD video Run traffic simulations to ensure QoS

Power 48 devices in 1 RU Provide power for next-gen devices Power 48 next-gen devices in 1RU Upgradeable power supplies
Improved Energy Efficiency

Full PoE support (on ALL 48 ports) PoE+ Full PoE+ support (on ALL 48 ports)

Full PoE support in 1 RU Support for PoE+ devices Full PoE+ support in 1 RU Ensure Power flexibility and investment protection

Upgradeable power supplies StackPower Resilient and self-healing power management technology

Ensure Power flexibility and investment protection Enable better power and space utilisation, and HA with power pooling. Minimise the number of power supplies required per switch and eliminate the need for an external redundant power supply. In a simple three-member, non-PoE stack this could result in savings of up to $4000 compared to a stack designed for full power supply redundancy (Network World, June 2010) Off-line PSs when devices are sleeping

Off-line PSs when devices are sleeping




Cisco Catalyst Smart Operations

Allows zero touch setup and quick troubleshooting and includes Cisco Auto Smartports which automatically configures the switch based on the type of device connected to a port For state-of-the-art QoS implementation with just one command EEM

Significantly reduce the time/cost of deploying and maintaining a network by minimising the need for IT experts on call

capable client)

capable client & Director)

Automatic Quality of Service (AutoQoS) EEM (Embedded Event Manager)


Automate tasks and customise the behaviour of the switch. For example EEM will detect unusual traffic patterns at the switchport and alert the Network Administrator Future-proof network to deliver complete IPv6 capabilities

Full IPv6 ready Hardware IPv6 Routing IPv6 Multicast IPv6 QoS

Ensure smooth business operations in congested IPv6 environments

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