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Part-1First Day At School 2. Write true or false, If false, give the correct answers.

(a) This morning Anwar is feeling tensed. (b) Sonapur High School is in a small town. (c) Anwar went to his new school accompanied by his parents. (d) He has been living in Nurpur for a year. (e) Anwar thought that a new school is worthless. (f) Anwar met one person of his new school. (g) Anwars new school is an ill-disposed place. (h) In January Anwar academic session starts. (i) Headmasters words kept Anwars mind pacified. (j) Anwars could not but worry. Answer to the question no-02. (a) True (b) True (c) True (d) False. Correct Information : He has been living in Nurpur for a few days.

(e) False. Correct information : He thought that a new school is a new experience. (f) True (g) False. Correct answer : According to the headmaster, it is a friendly place. (h) True (i) False. Correct answer : Anwar did worry in spite of listening to the nice words of the headmaster. (j) True 3. Answer the following question. (a) Why is Anwar worried? (b) What kind of place is Nurpur? (c) Why is Anwar going to join a new school? (d) Who is Nurul Alam? (e) Did Anwar know anybody? (f) Why do we feel nervous of new experience? (g) Why is Anwar joining a new school? (h) According to the headmaster, who will help Anwar?

(i) Who accompanied him to the school? (j) Did Anwar meet anyone of his school before his first day at school? Answer to the question no-03. (a) He is worried because he is going to join a new school, which is unknown to him. (b) According to the headmaster of the school, it is a friendly place where everybody will help Anwar. (c) He is going to join a new school because his family moved to a new place. (d) Nurul Alam is the headmaster of Nurpur High School. (e) No, he did not know anybody. (f) We feel nervous of new experiences because we dont know what are the persons and environment going to be like. (g) He is joining a new school because his family has moved to a new place.

(h) According to the headmaster, everyone will help Anwar. (i) Anwars father accompanied him to the school. (j) Yes, he met the headmaster Mr. Nurul Alam one week ago. 4. Choose a word from the list and put it in the blank next to it. feel, nervous, new, experience, move, join, thought, family, town, school, a) = shift b) = kin c) = contemplated d) = connect e) = undergo f) = drilling ground g) = big h) = novel i) = municipality j) = uneasy Answer to the question no-04 a) move = shift b) family = kin c) thought = contemplated d) join = connect e) experience = undergo f) school = drilling ground g) huge = big h) new = novel

i) town = municipality j) worried = uneasy