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Kokomo Cafe

7385 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90036 323-933-0773
 - house specialties and popular favorites
omelettes pancakes  waffles  french toast
Made with 3 farm fresh eggs and served with
breakfast potatoes below items not served with cinnamon coffee cake or toast
Create Your Own Three eggs with your choice: mushrooms, onion,
Add one pancake to breakfast order 3.00 - Add any combo of the
6.50 following: cranberry-orange, banana-pecan, swiss cheese, blueberries,
green pepper, garlic, tomato, ham, smoked turkey, strawberries or chocolate chips to your pancakes for a $ 1 more. We
bacon, salsa, and goat, swiss, bleu or cheddar cheese serve real maple syrup
for 50 cents. each
Original Recipe Buttermilk with a little vanilla, they’re the best in 5.95
Pancakes town. (2)
Vegetarian Three eggs, roasted red pepper, green bell 8.95
pepper,mushrooms,tomato,onion,homemade salsa 
A mixture of original recipe &
Pumpkin pureed pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg
 7.95
If you like our kobb salad, you’ll love this omelette.
Pancakes served with cinnamon butter (2)
Kobb Omelette 9.95

three eggs, bleu cheese, tomato, scallions, Our original buttermilk pancakes with a shot of
avocado, diced chicken breast and smoked
Red Eye 6.95
espresso and chocolate chips (2)
bacon Pancakes
Whole Wheat Large whole wheat pancakes served with 6.95
Low Carb Three egg whites, smoked turkey breast, a garnish of slice strawberries on top.(2)
9.25 Pancakes
spinach and goat cheese - served with
sliced tomato 
Swiss Cheese Swiss cheese infused buttermilk pancakes. There 6.95
are delicious. (2)
egg dishes  - house specialties and popular favorites Pancakes
Cranberry-Orange Organic dried cranberries and a dash of orange zest 6.95
added to our delicious pancakes. (2)
Eggs & Sausage Spicy andouille or yucatan chicken sausage with three 8.95 Milk Chocolate Milk chocolate chips mixed with buttermilk pancakes. 6.95
eggs any style, potatoes & toast
Pancakes Topped with whipped cream (2)
Eggs & Bacon Extra thick double smoked bacon with three eggs 7.95 Vanilla Waffle Our vanilla belgium waffle served with
any style, with potatoes and toast powdered sugar, sliced strawberries, topped with
whip cream (cinnamon butter upon request)
Croissantwitch Croissant filled with herb scrambled eggs, tomato, 9.95
cheddar cheese and bacon - served with breakfast Waffle & Hot Our vanilla waffle smothered with a banana,
potatoes (not served with toast) strawberry, blueberry and rum spiked 8.25

Fruit hot compote, topped with whip cream
Breakfast Burrito Three scrambled eggs, potatoes, cheddar cheese 8.25
and double smoked bacon in a flour tortilla, topped
with our fire-roasted tomatillo sauce and sour cream Kokomo Chicken Our vanilla belgium waffle served with 8.95
our marinated fried chicken
and Waffle

10.95 
Catfish & Eggs Farm-raised catfish rolled in flour, cornmeal & cayenne Cinanamon Challah
pepper then pan fried in canola oil and served with three 6.95
French Toast Thick sliced challah dipped in egg with
eggs, breakfast potatoes and toast cinnamon and nutmeg, grilled
and dusted with powdered sugar
Eggs Sardou Two eggs poached and served on artichoke crowns
nestled in creamed spinach topped with our homemade 9.50
hollandaise, with breakfast potatoes (weekdays until
✱ the healthy side

11am, weekends all day) Eat Lean Breakfast Grilled chicken breast, 5 egg whites served 8.95
with brown rice and fresh broccoli.
Eggs Benedict Two eggs poached and served on black forest ham
9.95 
and toasted english muffins with our own Power Breakfast Grilled chicken breast, 5 egg whites served
homemade hollandaise, with breakfast potatoes with sautéed spinach and sliced tomato
(weekdays until 11am, weekends all day)
Buddha Bowl Seasoned tofu with sautéed broccoli, mushrooms
Red Turkey Hash Fresh ground turkey, shredded potatoes, beets, 9.25 zucchini and onion served over brown rice and
onion and herbs - served with two eggs our homemade black beans.
topped with parmesan cheese and basil.
Tofu Scramble Pan scrambled with tomato, green pepper, onion, 8.95
Huevos Rancheros One large flour tortilla topped with our black bean 8.95 trappey’s hot sauce, lemon juice and pesto sauce
chili, two eggs covered with melted cheddar (pesto contains parmesan cheese) served with
cheese and our home-made salsa garnished fresh fruit and sliced tomato.
Fruit & Yogurt 6.95
with cilantro. Our homemade granola piled between layers of
Eggs Lafayette Three scrambled eggs with basil, tomato, green 8.25
Parfait fresh fruit and vanilla yogurt.
pepper, and garlic served with spicy andouille Molasses sweetened whole grains with dried 5.95
cranberries, raisins and nuts served with
non-fat milk, soy milk or vanilla yogurt
Country Fried Served with homemade country gravy with 3
Chicken & Eggs eggs any style, breakfast potatoes and toast. Applewood Smoked Bacon 3.95
Choose country fried skirt steak for 3$ More Yucatan Chicken Sausage 3.95
Louisiana Andouille Sausage 3.75
on the

Lox & Scrambled Lox scrambled with farm fresh eggs and onions 8.25 Hormone Free Chicken Breast 3.95

Eggs with breakfast potatoes and toast. One Pancake 3.00

Toast & Preserves 2.50
NY Water Bagel & Cream Cheese 3.75
Bagel Plate W/ Lox served with a new york water bagel served Biscuits and Country Gravy 3.25
Nova Scotia Lox with cream cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, red Jalapeno Corn Bread 2.00
onions and sprouts Cinnamon Ginger Coffee Cake 2.00
French Fries 2.95
Three eggs, breakfast potatoes, veggies, spicy Sweet Potato Chips 2.95
Big Mess sausage and cheddar cheese served with toast 8.50
Sweet Potato Fries 3.25
Grits 3.95
Eggs scrambled with corn tortillas, ranchero Breakfast Potatoes 2.50
Chilaquiles sauce, diced chicken and cheese served with 8.95 Fresh Fruit Assortment 5.95

sour cream on the side. Sautéed Spinach 2.50

Oatmeal 4.50
 - house specialties and popular favorites  - house specialties and popular favorites

signature salads sandwiches

 Grilled Cheese & Swiss and provolone cheese with tomatillo 8.95
BBQ Chicken Sliced BBQ chicken on chopped romaine, with 11.95 sauce, grilled on sourdough and served
corn, cheddar, tossed with southwest dressing, Tomato Soup
Tortilla Salad with a roasted tomato soup (not served with sweet potato chips or fries)
and topped with tortilla strips and diced tomato
Buffalo Chicken Skinless tangy buffalo style chicken, crumbled bleu 8.95
Chopped iceberg lettuce, red cabbage, wonton Sandwich cheese with bleu cheese on a sesame seed bun
Shanghai 11.95
noodles, bean sprouts, water chestnuts, carrots,
Chicken Salad cilantro, scallions, mandarin oranges, diced chicken Tuna Melt All white albacore tuna mixed with lite mayo and 8.95
tossed with sesame ginger dressing green onion, with cheddar cheese, on thick
wheat slices
 California Reuben Smoked turkey breast sliced thin, cole slaw, 8.95
Buffalo Chopped iceberg lettuce, crumbled bleu cheese, 10.95 swiss-cheese and a 1000 island dressing on rye,
Chicken Salad celery with bleu cheese dressing on the side grilled and served hot
& boneless buffalo style chicken on top 
Pressed Cuban Sliced ham, turkey, swiss cheese, pickles and 9.25
a touch of garlic essence, dijion mustard served on
a french roll
Mediterranean Chopped romaine and red leaf with sliced grilled 12.50
Chicken Salad chicken, hearts of palm, feta, olives, cucumber, Ahi Tuna Sushi grade ahi tuna marinated in sesame-ginger 11.95
& red onion served with feta vinaigrette on the side Sandwich sauce, grilled medium-rare, on a whole wheat bun
with lettuce and tomato

Lime Curry Roasted chicken breast, yellow raisins, mango 11.95 Smokin Steak Blackened skirt steak served with caramelized 10.95
Chicken Salad chutney,cashews: tossed with lime-curry dressing, Sandwich onions, lettuce, tomato, bourbon bbq sauce
served on a bed of romaine lettuce, with sliced served on a rustic ciabatta roll
tomato on the side 
KOBB A towering triple decker with chicken, bacon, 12.95
Sandwich bleu cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato and egg
B.L.T. Salad Iceberg lettuce, thick double smoked bacon, 10.95 between 3 slices of sourdough toast
tomato, avocado & croutons, with ranch dressing Shrimp Po’ Boy Cajun blackened fresh gulf shrimp with lettuce, 11.95
on the side Sandwich tomato,and remoulade served on a french roll

Chicken Chopped Chopped greens, diced chicken, red pepper, 11.25 Mahi Mahi B.L.T. Our B.L.T. plus a mahi-mahi filet with garlic & 11.95
garbanzos, zucchini, tomato and provolone cheese spices, grilled and served with lettuce and tomato
garnished with sweet basil and caramelized onion.  on sourdough.
Served with balsamic vinaigrette Applewood Chicken 9.95
Sandwich Marinated, smoked chicken breast grilled and
served on a sesame seed bun with roasted red
Kokomo KOBB Double smoked bacon, diced chicken, avocado, 12.50 peppers, caramelized onions, cilantro and mayo
Salad bleu cheese, tomato, scallions and egg on
chopped greens Tuna Salad All white albacore tuna and diced apples in a lite 8.95
Sandwich canola mayo on multi-grain wheat bread with sprouts
and tomatoes
Montecito Grilled with coho salmon, shrimp, or mahi-mahi 13.95 
Salad on a bed of mixed baby greens, red skinned Foccacia Chicken Hormone-free grilled chicken breast seasoned & 10.95
potatoes, olives and green beans; with our Sandwich served with black olive and garlic tapenade, lettuce,
balsamic vinaigrette tomato, on our homemade parmesan foccacia bread
with roasted red pepper aioli
Grilled Steak USDA prime grilled skirt steak, sliced and served 13.95 Sonoma Chicken Chunks of white hormone-free chicken, celery, red 9.95
Salad on a bed of mixed field greens with bleu cheese, Sandwich grapes and pecans in a lite canola mayo served on
caramelized walnuts, tomato, with red wine vinaigrette a multi-grain wheat w/ sprouts & tomato
on the side
 The Famous Double smoked bacon, vine-ripened tomato,
#1 Ahi Salad Rolled in black and white sesame seeds and pan 13.95 B.L.T butter lettuce on toasted sourdough with our
seared medium-rare served on top of mixed greens homemade basil creole mayo
with bean sprouts, water chestnuts and fried wonton 
tossed in ginger dressing Blackened Catfish Farm-raised catfish- cajun spices, blackened 9.25
Sandwich and served on a toasted sesame seed bun with
Spa Salad Grilled Salmon served with mixed baby 12.95 our homemade tartar sauce, lettuce & tomato
greens,capers, artichoke hearts, lentils, and
cucumber with herb vinaigrette Kokomo Club Shaved turkey, swiss cheese, double smoked 8.95
bacon on toasted sourdough with lettuce, tomato
and mayo
Coconut A spinach salad with bacon, mushrooms, peas, 13.95
Shrimp Salad sliced oranges and 5 large coconut crusted shrimp; 
served with orange cumin dressing Napa Valley Chicken breast grilled with a balsamic glaze served 10.95
Sandwich with gruyere cheese, smoked bacon, thinly sliced
Nicoise Flake tuna with mixed greens, olives, capers, boiled 10.25 red onion and basil aioli on a rustic ciabatta roll
Bourgeoise egg, green beans, and potatoes served with a  10.25
balsamic vinaigrette A.F.S. Oven roasted turkey breast sliced and served
with buffalo mozzarella, thinly sliced red onion, lettuce
 Sandwich
Boulevard Marinated chicken breast sliced and served on a 11.25 and tomato on our homemade parmesan foccacia
bed of frisse, radicchio and endive with crumbled
Salad goat cheese, candied walnuts and dried cranberries Chesapeake Bay Jumbo lump Chesapeake blue crab with old bay 11.95
with balsamic vinaigrette Crab Cake seasoning and italian bread crumbs made into a patty
Sandwich and pan fried until golden brown on two sides served
Caesar Salad Romaine and red leaf lettuce, herb croutons, 8.25 with lettuce, tomato and sliced radish on a country bun
W/Chicken add 2.00 parmesan cheese tossed in a classic caesar
dressing Grilled Ham & Swiss
Sandwich Grilled smoked ham and swiss cheese on marble 8.50
rye. An old American favorite.
Add a cup of soup to any salad for an additional 2.00 All sandwiches are served with your choice of french fries, sweet potato chips, coleslaw, or
sweet potato fries 1.00 garden salad 1.00 - cup of soup 2.00
 - house specialties and popular favorites

✣ drink selections
small bites Orange

Mozarella Stix What is better than cheese? Fried cheese 6.95 Cranberry
with marinara sauce you can combine any two juice selections

Towering Onion
Beer battered O-rings piled high, with
ranch dressing on the side
6.95 coffee / warm drinks / teas
Regular / Decaf 3.00

Grilled Chicken Grilled chicken breast with fire-roasted Cappuccino 3.50

red pepper, sliced avocado and cheddar cheese 7.95 Espresso / Double Espresso 3.00 / 4.00
Quesadilla Latte 3.75
Vanilla latte 3.75

Hot Wings The best in town; fresh hormone free chicken 7.95 Soy latte 3.75

wings marinated in our own tangy sauce with bleu Mocha 3.75

cheese dressing Red eye 3.50

Macchiato 3.50

Spinach & Our take on the old favorite - Served with 7.95 Vanilla Coffee 3.50
Artichoke Dip homemade corn tortilla chips Hot Chocolate

Chicken Tortilla Mildly spicy chicken soup with black beans, corn 6.95 2.95
dices chicken; topped with fresh avocado, sour
Soup 4.95
Cup Earl Greyer, British Breakfast, Ginger Peach (decaf), Acai
cream, cheddar cheese.
Superfruit (green tea), Chamomile Lemon, Good Hope
Roasted Tomato Our creamy, delicious homemade roasted 5.95 Vanilla, Mint Fields Organic, Orange Blossom 100% White
tomato and garlic soup 4.00
Soup Cup

ice blended / smoothies

 Orange Cream Cooler - Lowfat milk, O.J, vanilla, ice topped 3.95

with whipped cream
 Kokomo Fruit Smoothie - Mixed berries, bananas, O.J 4.25
and ice, topped with whipped cream
Blueberry Banana Smoothie - Fruit blended with ice and 3.75

soy milk topped with whipped cream 3.50

The Regular 100% hormone-free fresh ground black angus, 8.95 Frozen blended Mocha Soy Latte
lettuce, tomato and thousand island dressing. Frozen blended Vanilla Soy Latte
Frozen blended Chai Soy Latte
BBQ Bacon Thick BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, and 10.95
Burger double smoked bacon with lettuce & tomato.
cold drinks
Mushroom & Sliced, sautéed button mushrooms and 100% fresh squeezed lemonade 3.00
10.95 Freshly brewed iced tea 2.50
Swiss melted swiss cheese with lettuce and tomato
Freshly brewed raspberry quince iced tea 2.50

Bacon Bleu Arnold Palmer 2.95

Melted bleu cheese, our special double 10.95 Coke 2.95

Burger smoked bacon with lettuce & tomato Diet Coke 2.95

 Sprite 2.95

Avocado Bacon Sliced avocado,double smoked bacon and Hershey's chocolate milk 2.50
10.95 Pellegrino Sparkling water 3,25
& Swiss Burger melted swiss cheese with lettuce & tomato
Bottled Flat water 2.95
Iced coffee
Turkey Burger Fresh ground turkey with lettuce, tomato, sliced 9.95
onion, pickles & mayo on a wheat bun

The Melt 100% hormone-free fresh ground black angus, 9.75
grilled with onions and topped with melted cheddar Virtual Buddha For Creativity & Balance
cheese on marble rye Liquid Yoga For Relaxation & Serenity
Tame the Elements A Fight the Good Fight Tonic
The Portobello Burger Power Plant A Revitalizing Jump Start Tonic
Large Portobello Mushroom grilled with a balsamic 9.95 Mind Over Muttle For Mental Clarity & Focus
glaze, goat cheese, and roasted red peppers Depth Recharger A Deep Replenishing Tonic
Morning After A Hangover Reprieve

Veggie Burger Traditional veggie burger on a wheat bun with
all the fixings 8.95

Burger Extras…… $ 1.00 each

bacon, mushrooms, cheddar cheese, swiss,
bleu cheese, feta cheese, avocado Kokomo Cafe

ask you server for details regarding our wine,

All sandwiches are served with your choice of french fries, sweet potato chips, coleslaw, or 323-933-0773 beer, and champagne menu
sweet potato fries 1.00 garden salad 1.00 - cup of soup 2.00 catering for business, studio, and private events available-ask manager for details