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at renamed wildlife park

with pride
Dance group Delicious on the cultural stage. Photo: Phil Doyle/Fairfax NZ

Its all happening at the Easter Show

Busch gets up close and personal with one of the tigers again. themed into different settings, from where the animals origins is. I am one man doing many things. And all the dreams come from my head. Good things take time . . . it revolves around money and manpower. Before his return, Busch spent time in South Africa, including helping promote conservation attempts to save the white rhino from poachers. He said even while thousands of kilometres away from home, Zions big cats had been ever in his heart. It has been on my mind every second and every minute of every day, he said. Busch thanked staunch supporters for helping him return to the park, including 76,000 fans on his official Facebook page. They have given a lot of support over the time. There are so many people around the world that actually believe in what I do and love what I do. I am very lucky to have that following and I am very grateful.

A KYLIE impersonator, Canadian bushwhackers, fluffy ducklings and acrobats came together this weekend to delight the droves of entertainmentseekers at the Coca-Cola Easter Show. In the popular Zirca Circus tent, a lone woman in a steel cage is surrounded by four whirring motorcycles, a child performs ballet on a mans shoulders and at the Interactive Farm zone, children flock to stroke goats, hold ducklings and watch live sheep shearing. Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety and Sylvester showed up to put on a Looney Toons show, as did SpottyWot and DottyWot from the Weta Workshop-created series, the WotWots. The Canadian Bushwhackers

showed off their daring lumberjack skills and stunts; and Kylie Minogue impersonator, 100% Kylie, put on a Minogue extravaganza with song and dance routines and numerous outfit changes. Promoter Paul Bloomfield said sales were up 30 per cent on previous years with a focus on more free entertainment for the $25 entry fee, and kids under 12 given free entry. Tonight 100% Kylie will perform at 8pm, followed by fireworks at 9pm and rides will run till 10pm closing. Coca-Cola Easter Show, April 5 9, ASB Showgrounds, Greenlane, Auckland. Tickets: Adults $25, teenagers $10, kids under 12 free with a paying adult (limit of three kids per adult).