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L i n

The Line

Look at the web of the author:

1. How many types of lines do you know? Draw an example of each.

Fine Straight


Broken Open





2. Regarding the visual elements of an image, how can you describe the line?

a. What is a geometric line?

b. Define what a graphic line is.

3. By using lines, divide the space A) below into two parts. Divide the space B) in as many parts as you like.



4. Tension lines are imaginary lines that help us discover the most important areas of an image. Look at the picture below. Find the most important points and join them with a red line to show the tension lines.

Ttulo / Title: Y an dicen que el pescado es caro (1894) / And yet they say that fish is expensive. Descripcin / Description: leo sobre lienzo. 153 x 204 cm. / Oil on canvas. Localizacin / Location: Museo del Prado. Madrid Autor / Author: Joaqun Sorolla (1863-1923)

5. Which of the following images has been created as an abstract illustration of lines? Which as a realistic one? A) . B) ..

Piet Mondrian

Escher 6. Shade the image below with lines to give it a sense of volume.

7. What do you know about this author?

Piet Mondrian

Siglo XX. Vanguardias Histricas/Abstraccin Neoplasticismo Title: Composition with Red, Yellow and Blue 1921. Oil on canvas, 39 x 35 cm

Here you can find more information about him:, in Spanish, in English, in English

8. Remember the lines vocabulary: Match each picture below with the word that corresponds on the left.
Thick line Broken line

Fine/ Thin line

Wavy line Perpendicular lines Geometric lines Lines for shading Vertical line

Horizontal line Contour lines

Parallel lines Coloured lines Oblique lines

Spiral line

9. Create your own composition with lines in your sketchbook. Look at the examples below.

The Farbstudie Quadrate, 60cm x 80cm, Wassliy Kandinsky.

Victor Vasareli

Judy Napangardi Watson, Jukurrpa (Womens Dreaming), 2004

Fernando Zbel. Ornitptero, 1962. Fundacin Juan March

Friedensreich Hundertwasser. 816 SWITCH BOARD, Mixed media, Porquerolles, 1980

10. Copy and paste five paintings by five different artists whose paintwork are made of lines. Do not forget to write the title of the painting, the name of the author and the date of the work.