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School Fire Safety Check

Can you obtain a copy of the schools fire safety documents? (If so include a photocopied version in the appendix) How many fire extinguishers did you find in the school? Sixth form room - 2 Where were these fire extinguishers Science block 8 located?

YES 60

Was there a high concentration of fire extinguishers located anywhere in the school? How many fire exits are their in the school? Were all of the fire door open? (i.e. none were locked) Can you find out how long it usually takes to evacuate the school? What are the schools evacuation procedures, for example are pupils registered where do they line up?

Maths block - 3 Sports centre - 7 Behaviour support - 1 LINK - 2 DT - 5 Ground Floor - 15 1st floor - 5 2nd floor - 6 Science block and Ground floor of main block had quite a few which is of a high quantity.

There is a fire exit at the top of the science block which has been locked.

5-6 minutes
Pupils are required to leave their belongings inside the classrooms, line up inside the classroom where a teacher will then lead everyone to the lower playground where everyone will then split into their won tutors, a register is then taken to ensure that everyone is present and not still inside the building. There was a fire in one of the school toilets, one of the pupils from sixth form had set fire to a toilet role which made the toilet roll holder go up in flames causing the whole room to go up in flames. There area; Fire doors, Fire blankets, Fire hoses, Fire alarm (bell). A member of staff has to ring the emergency services, but if the alarms go off in the Science block, the services are

Have there been any recorded fires in the school, if so what happened?

What other fire safety equipment is located within the school?

Are the emergency services contacted automatically or does a member of staff need to phone the emergency services?

warned without call due to chemicals being in the building.

Can you explain how an automatic fire safety system works?

Did you find any fire safety hazards in the school, if so where are they and what do they consist of?

When the glass is smashed on the fire alarms, this breaks the circuit which then sends a voltage/current through to a relay device which activates the School automatic alarm system. 1. No smoke detectors and sprinklers. 2. 1 member of staff has to stay behind to direct emergency services. 3. Some windows locked in rooms with no fire exits (careers office and G4). 4. Open fuse box in the P.E office.

How could these fire safety hazards be remedied?

1. Introduce smoke detectors and sprinklers to buildings/rooms. 2. A use of mobile to help direct emergency services, this allowing everyone to get out of the building. 3. Unbolt these windows, this allows people to get out. 4. Ensure that the fuse box has a cover to hide fuses and wires.

Overall how safe from a fire accident do you think the school is?

I think it is very good, I will give the school safety a 8 out of 10.