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Statement of Purpose Some people dream about success...while others wake up and work hard at it.

This quote has motivated me in my life. I believe in working hard at something instead of dreaming it. I take this opportunity to describe my education background and career objective that motivated me to pursue a bachelors career in Business Administration from Kingston University. My graduation has provided me with an international exposure in business studies. It has also provided me with a thorough exposure in marketing so I would like to specialize in marketing. In todays competitive market, marketing is a crucial sector in any firm. I have worked as an marketing intern in a Perfume company and during my graduation studies I developed a keen interest in marketing as all my subjects were marketing based. Since Im so interested and eager to study and gain more knowledge in the field of marketing which would give me opportunity to work across boundaries of industry. I believe that I strictly require a course in management as it will have a major effect in my career. United Kingdom has excellent universities and it provides a platform for all the graduates of the world. Considering all these points I would like to pursue MA Marketing in United Kingdom and also it will be a great experience of studying in UK.